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RICBMOltD, VA. %iU9 


DUL^ 936-1212 


Serving and Promoting Our City's Future 

Vol. 4, No. 1 

\0i • copy 

Virginia Beach. Virginia. January 8. 1970 

Dreclging Question Council Race Witt 
Added to Problem 

Witb the passing of the filing 
deadline Tuesctoy for the April 
7 tity Council Democratic pri- 
mary ttie field 9pnttUns a re- 

cord 34 candidates for the U 
seats at stake. 

In addition there are three 
other candidates already in the 

race. Two from the Bayside 
area, Harry Hann and Catl 
Ruett, are running only in Bift 
general election in June tt !»• 

dtpendKHtt. And already (me 
Ri^tibllcan, Israel Steingold, 
bi0 noted his Intention of seek-' 
l&C bli pftHy's nomination. The 

Ui^l last week it appeared to 
lie t{gregontcoBCl|fisiontt^ae 
city was going to spend about 
$166,OQO to dredge the sand trap 
to 18 feet inside Rudee Inlet. 
Now ttere may be some reason 
to dotibt. 

Ati^ty Council's 1 a is f meet- 
ing, untetlve, agreement vns 
given to a Vir(finlaBeadi Eros- 
ion Commission resolution 
trhidi jitited the <»mmlssi<Ni 
would spend that amount to Ure 

Ch^sa^ii^e to do the Job if 
the cify would guarantee rein- 
Inisement In thfr future whoi 
the cobmission needed mcaey 
for a new pumping station and a 
new dredge. 

But another resolution whldi 
said the commission declined 
to take tibe eventual responsi- 
bility for maintaining the trap 
and inlet caused some conster- 
nation. A meeting between a 
City Council commltljee and 
members of the commission 
was set up by City Managef 
Roger Scott to settle ttie matter. 
The Commission had earlier 
said It wiMiUl continue to handle 
malnte'nancf work in the inlet. 

The Friday meeting resulted 
in ttie clearing of mw^ tMnk^ 
ing o^ the matter ».biitli»i 
some Couodlmen (o <iW!i!ttOn 
tfie IS^IHty 61 birttv Ok com- 
mercial dredge. The o>mmlss- 
ion assured Council it iA»dd 
coi^e to optriUe Its smajQ 
santeucker dredge in tiM chan- 
nel after ttie trw> ««« dmrei^ 
but steted 14^ It oookl not 

accept full responsiblity for the 
entire projectadded to itspriin- 
ary objedlveof sand replenish- 

The estimated $166,000 figure 

also Junq)ed to about $180,000/ 

according to an engineering 

consultant, inda^ng the ca$t 

/of supervision of the operation. 

Commission chairman E.H. 
Church said h^ told the CouncU 
committee it was his feeling 
the commission dredge could 
still clear the trap eventually 
if given enou^ time to do it. 
He added that be feels Coundl 
is being pr^sured at present 
by charter fishing boat oper- 
ators ^ the inlet that asx get 
in and (Hit of the clujinel now 
except at fliU low tide. 

He said also that the time^ 
of year will cause the dredg- 
ing bill to be higher and that 
if time could be bought it could 
be dc»e chewier. 

Councilroen Dewey Sinuncms, 
Jdm McCombs, MiorayHalbon 
and Curtis Payne attended ttie 
two-hour meeting, which 
Churdi said w«s a Vlriendly 

Arroedwitii the new Infor- 
mation and new doubts Uie com- 

mittee is ei^ected to report 
l^ck to Coimcil in informal 
s'essibn lifen&y afternoon. Then 
it will be decided if the com- 
lAercial dredge will be hired 
or If the commission will con- 
tinue its work. 

The dnhnel has beendeared. 
several times, but sa^ drifts 
bade iQto it because the pro- 
posed traphas never been 
Glared to Its desired depQu 
The tfQgineerli« stwli«i saytbe 
trap wiU flU with about 90,000 
cubic yards of new material 
each year after dredging, but 
will keep the diannel open. It 
is esmiated ttiere are about 
100,000 ciibic yards of sand In 
the trap now. 

Development of the Rudee 
Inlet area has been hampered 
by the inability to keep the 
channel totally open and the 
reluctance of lenders to fin- 
ance projeds around an un- 
tied oic^ering fe^t. It is 
the feeling of City Coundl uid 
iqnnrantly all concerned that 
^e trap must be dredged as 
soon as possible and the chan- 
nel fflaintedned if future de- 
veI(q;JmeiA is to be accomplish- 
ed tb«re. 

Font Seeks Chairmanship 


Jim Fant announced that he 
wiU seek the City Committee 
Chairmanship for the Virginia 
Beach Republican Party at Ito 
convention to be held Saturday, 
Jan. 10, in the Princess Anne 
Hi{^ School Auditorim at 9 

Fant is a long-time activist 


Eepltes to last week's SUN 
SURVEY questioBgaveal^iffaNi 
ed victory to those ' 
in seflaf parl-mutoel 
Vtrglhta P*^<* . - 

Of tbose irtw replied, 91 per 
cent said "Yea" to the quest- 
ion, "Should clttens of Vir- 
ginia Beach be aUowed to vote 
on loeM option lari-mutuel 
horse racing for this resort 
-HB^ir ^Bty-J^e^per eeirt were 

Most ofthefavorablecom- 
ments sliced that cittsens of an 
area should be aUowed to vote 
on ttiis question, just as they 
were AMUy given the right to 
do 00 toe Uquor-by«*the drink 
question. In additicm (be bpon 
to tlK economy and help wittx 
the tax burden in Virginia Beach 
were noted. 

niose (^KK>sed c m m e n t e d 
mostly upon to moral aspecto 
of gambling and racing in gen- 
eral. Some sakl that racing 
w(»iM not bring in toe grrat 
amoucto of money expected,bat 
would taring uodesireiible ele- 
mente trfte dty. 

While toe public opinion poll 
does a(A nrdl^s to represeitf 
tot ttM^ of aai residento of 
Vfar0nla B«ich, it does r^>- 
resent toe thinking of a cross 
secttm (rf those who took time 
to dip It and return it to us. 

Y(Mir ttteittion is called also 
to this week's SUN SURVEY 
questtoB, lAicb an^ears be- 
low to toe box at toe lower 
left <»mer of UUs page. The 
resulto will be piAilished here, 
next week. 

Eft^ week a new, timely 
qiwMito will be asked, and you 
are ^tted to partldpate. The 
more r^ll« received the more 
reQWBstole toe opinion. 

City decals for mxjtor vehicles are on saiefrvm f-5^tnhe Bayside 
police precinct, Woodstock Schoolandat City Hall Annex on Arctic 
Ave. Tiie deadlinje Is Jan. 31.. 

Ocean City Copies Beach Plan 

Virginia Beach's successful 
plan to stop eroston along toe 
coast line is servtog as a model 
for planners in Ocean City, N.J. 

The New Jersey city has 
been unsuccessful so W in 
try tog to save its eroding shore. 
Officials from there firirt <»me 
to Virginia Beach last year In 
search of a solution. 

They consulted the Virginia 
Beach Erosion Commission, 
headed by Edward "Red" 
Church, because that Commis- 
sion has been so successful 
in dealing with the problem of 
erosion locally. 

The commission was ^tab- 
lished in 1954 as a state Com- 
mission wito members appoint- 
ed by toe governor. 

The Commission implement- 
ed the sand rqilenlshment prb- 
gram. Since then toe accom- 
plishments of the program have 
been easily recognizable. It has 
saved the beach from washing 
out to sea. 

The process is actially a 
simtple one. Citable sand is 

dredged and pumped out of Owl's 
Creek and ROdee Inlet where 
It is unwanted. Fipeltoes and 
pumping stotlons move toe sand 
norto where it to pumped onto 

The pipeline now extends to 
16to Street but a new stotlon 
to pump toe sand furtoer nojfto 

seems inevitaJ)le in the mae. 
Representatives from otoer 
cities have come to study toe 
sand replenishment plani Miami 
Beach is a city to trouble over 
erosion. Santo Barbara, Calif., 
has implemented a slmiliar plan 
but toey atoo have a harbour 
to keq> dredged. 

State Claims Laync 


question: Should the City of 
^rginia Beach continue lo par- 
ticipate In studies for a four- 
city stadium in south Hampton 
Hoa6$, now that the sites have 
been narrowed to ones In Nor- 
folk and In Chesapeake. 

Ytir ctsMiti iN »^i^ Ittttri «a«H N 

¥is a M n 

Clip md fWra Msf MM^ MACI SUN, 

Boyce Linwood Layne, Jr., 
was transferred from the Vir- 
gins Beach City Jail to toe 
State Penitentiary in Riclunond 
on Moni&y after being held in 
the City Jail since Nov. 18, 

One week hetore his transfer 
Layne's attorney, A. Joseph 
Canada, Jr., had petitioned Cir- 
cuit Court for the transfer on 
ground^ that he received ^'crud 
and unusual punishment" durii^ 
the more than 40 days he spent 
in solitary confinement to toe 

Ciroiit C<Hirt Judge George 
W, VakM last Nov. 18 sen- 
tenced Layne to two years in 
priskw foUowtog his escape 
from toe City Jail.. He was 
bei^ Iwld to custody at toe 
time d his «icape in c^ned- 
ion wtto A number of (Aarfes 
relating to a burglary rtog o^ 
erating to the resort city. He 
was eveduaily deared of theM 
charge after beingi^^et^tod 
and r^umed to Virf^itoBMCIi. 

City Sgt. John Marr »kl 
tlai. Uyne's "rei»litko of 
'mcx^l^ from tor«i ^ttBCflit 
ptocK ciwsed me to pnt^Mbie 
security m him." b al^o!i 
to ttae Vtri^ Bn<A i^pe 
L^ie tel viMsmAf eM^ 
from m WfiUam^wg ^ uid 
toe SvA Can^nsta^ p«- 

b tos petition fbr transfer 
Layiffi, 37, of Mediterranean 
Avenue, claimed that he was 
being denied privileges of vis- 
itors or phone calls, that be 
was not provided wito proper 
hygenic facilities and Qiat his 
cell had not been cleaned since 
he was placed in solitary con- 

lAarr affirmed ttu^ Layne 
was nd given toe privilege d 
visitors or phone calls, Init 
this was routine procedure for 
toe handling of inn^ates under 
"double security". Regarding 
hygiene fadlities Marr said 
that Layne was given the oppor- 
tunity of a we^ly shower, as 
to ^utltoed unier regulations 
governing ttie tendling of in- 
mates in soUtary ccMifinement, 
and that he was provided wito 
soap 9md towels, that his cell 
codained a wash basto in work- 
ing order, and toat he was per- 
mitted to shave under super- 
vtoion d Jailers. Marr also 
said that when toe areas ad- 
jaced to Layne's cell were 
clewed he was offered abroom 
to speq) (xit his cell but de- 
cltoed U» (^er. 

karr also said ttat ttc 
"necessary papers requiting 
he (IdL]^) be. moved to Rich- 
maid were <»mplded and tor- 

(see *L^i»», p,2) 

in toe Virginia Beach Republi- 
can Party, contribding hto ef- 
forts especially to toe success- 
es to Virgida Beach of the Re- 
publican Party for President 
Nixon in 1968, and that dGov- 
enor-Eled Holton In 1969. 

In announcing his candidacy 
Fant said, "The Republican vic- 
tories b Virgida Beach b '68 
and '69 Indicate a great vder 
toterest b the Republican 
Party. It is my hope thd as 
City Committee Chairman tor 
toe next two years I can be 
effective in chrystallzlng this 
broad base of Republican appeal 
to Virgida Beach toto an ef- 
fective organization tor toe el- 
Itctioa d competent and c^pdde 
men to Qie public offices that 
will be filled to toe City d 
Virgida Beach during t)^ per- 

"I believe the F(e; 

ieedi to edering tlie 70% and 
that Clfy Coundl elections, and 
toe congressional elections, and 
toe local constitatlonal officer 
elections, and in Hie various 
legislative elections which will 
occur during the time of toe 
Ci ty Commi tte e Chdrman tod 

to toe^RepubllcanJ>arty con- 
strudi6n,^ed^Convention is 
the basic vdce d to^ members 
of toe party. It to at toe am* " 
vention tod tor a twe-yeu? Wm 
a City Committee wito aChalr- 
man is elected to govern toe 
party to thd toterlm between 
conventions. Not ody will a 
City Committee Chdrmfln be 
elected, bd atoo a 54 man 
City Committee, and 30 dele- 
gate alternates to toe first dto- 
trid R^bllcan Convention. 

to commeding on the forto- 
comlng City Conventton, Pad 
said^ "This Convention shdl 
be qpen to all persons interest- 
ed b seeing that toe city d 
Virginia B^ch will be effed- 
Ively and efficiently governed 
by ( ampd entapd skilled to- 
dividuato elected from toe broad 
spectrum of the character d 
our City. We want to bdld an 
all inclusive city-wide Republi- 
can structure wito -strong rooto 

in toe people of thecity,pWjg*: 
Ing an efficient and efficwe 
orgadzation to promote toe m* 
terests d toe citisens d ti!^ 
ginia Beach and d toe la*- 
pubUcan Party." 

Fant to opposing Senryvfi^ 
Clarke for toe position. Clitf% 
who announced for the pdirtjto 
soqn as it was known thej^l^ 
sent chairman E. L. 

Republicans are expeded to 
field at least a partial sU^ 
for toe June eledion, and a few 
more Independeds are also ex- 
peded to announce. 

Meanwhile all attention to 
turned to toe Democratto Pri- 
mary now that the torge scociie 
card can be mile i?>^ t^ 
voters recognise the play^s. 

A flurry d tote edries swell* 
ed the ranks to the uB|»reced«at-r 
ed number, wito at l0utfiiv^\ 
filinK on the last *iy. Two « 
toose, J. Hu^ies Barnes and 
Walter G. Btodc are seenm 
the Lyittihav«i Borough seat. 
That race has five mferadSt 
making it toe most crowded. 

Donald Rhodes aimouiced 
Tuesday for toe Ken«fVtBe 
seat; and Jobn D. Hollttd and 
Osle Gay, Jr. anuMinced tor tt- 
large seats, swelling toe toMl 
in toe four-sed at-large nee 

to 15. 

Barnes to a dtotrid saanat« 
of the Nationwide InsoraBce 
Comi«des. He to marrlKriD 
Mary Barnes, for 25 years a 
scboolteaclker to Prbc^iAJne 
Cotmty and Vfrgtoto BMC& and 
now siqpervtoor d secondary 
EngUsh for toe dty sdiodB. 

His ody otoer veddrelato 
Dolitici wasanunsiiceesstoiraB 
tor sheriff of Prtocen Asm 
County to 1955. He is B0« ft 
Democratto committeeman 

Mondaf s meeting dVlrglnto 
Ctty Cornell may prove to be 
Aorter than toe usual meeting 
Whffe zmdng to dtocussed. The^ from Lymdaven Bormi^ 
woddndseek re-ey|{KM^pi(^^«id^^'<v&toh^bei^d2p.n.^^^^^^^^.^^ retired JUral 

been acttve in GOP poHlla far , to CdAdl diambers has fewo- 
sometime. ~ H^Meitfdt to consider than 

b 1967 Clarke ran t^Mftsceiaih has tNNii toe case to reced 

fully for t^ House dtxa^jst 
and has since gatoed toe s^fpl^ 
of toe older and more c^stir- 
^ative wtog d toe party to Vir- 
ginia Beadi. 

The race, which will be cd* 
minated Saturday d toe .dty 
medbg d Prtoccss tatmWfii 
School beglndng d 9 a» m«| 
• oonf^eredatosf: 

chairman, 54 d^ CI 
man wUl be picked byfcefe* 
publicans as well as delefdes 
and alternates to toe First Dto- 
trid Convention^ 

Second DisfrlctCo^essman 

WUIbm Whitehurst to schedul- 

^ed-to a t ten d toe m eeting a n d wfl l 

^peak to those asseffllded. 


An extra hour d lepl dUtk- 
ing tor Vfrginto Beadi im li>^ 
proved by toe Virgtato Alco* 
hollc Beverage Contrd BoiUd. 

LlQuor, beer and wtoe lic#i^ 
ses may now stay (Qten tuittt' 
1 a.m. Previously to<v closed 
at mldni^^t. 

Norfolk, Hamptdn, Newpcot- 
News, Falrtox City asA Falto 
Church were also graded an 
extended drtokbg time. 

This board ajn>rov«d & pk^ 
eral extension of driddftg time 
for license in the stato Dec* 
23. The six localities ]ad Ap- 
proved plus six appre^wd Dec 
31 operate under spedal ABC 
board permito and raqufrctf 
special approval. 

Sonfiis^ aiid most of those to 
r diddered are non-onitro- 
vefttoL Ody U Items <Nitoe 
lontot dockd as newmattws. 
Several detotred matten are 
also to be (to$G«ssed. 

V6t permito for two dty 
^Bite wis 1»e Beard. One to to 
^blflt (yWoods area, near 
tdcdi Valtoy Road, t^ otoer, 

itootd nor Owl's Creek hmm* 
^ftito to one ot toe parks rec- 
oflimended to toe Inunedide 
Action Pltti, being exsa^ to 
toe Seatod^. area. Boto parks 
ii9 retottvely small and wlU. 
be classlfled as ndghborhood 

officer and to presided d tood 
brdcerage bittlness beaikiaart- 
ered to Virginia Beadu Re to 
a newcomer to local pdltics 
and said he Is nd tllgiHed wito 
any toctlc|i. 

Barnes nld he to totore^^ 
b attoai^ more todastrylif' 
toe dty ud to syjqMllqr jdSi 
support d toe resort buiriness. 
He atoo advocates easing of 
stote Idtery laws so Vir^bto 
Beach may prepare fd: toarse 

UmaA i^otf ^Bfress, to^new 
dty gomnraed rebrgariatlon 
pbui, ontrol d poUdtw ud 
tocreasM recrdrflonal todH- 


I New Year Baby Is Late 

The first baby born in Vir- 
gida Beach in 1970 took hto 
time abod arriving. 

Jefferto I^rell Harris<m was 
born d 9:29 a.m. on New Year's 
Day to toe Stork Room d The 
General Hospital d Virginia 
Beach. The baby, weighing 8 

pounds 15 ounces and toeasurinf 
21 1/2 toches in length, was 
delivered by Dr. W. L. Taylor* 

The proud par«)to 'are Mr. 
ami Mrs. Thomas Harrtton Jr. 
of Potters Road. Th^ liave 
three dher boys. 

Jefferie and Mrs. Harbison 

Altoougfh toedockd to short, 
a total d 558 apartmente and 
townbdses will be coim ktered. 
Tte Iwgw applicatioe to by W. 
It. KeWI^ t:ompafly and sedA 
t^odqg <^anprimft^iise pern^ 
for 404apartinento(»itoenorto- 
east oQnuf of Norto Blrdnedc 
ito«l and Hqpe Aveniw. 

The dtm: for 154towdHHBes 
and gardoi apartmeris woddbe 
bttUt ntat DiamoBA Sfsris^ 
tl<aa and HadenRoadtotbelte- 
ffiood parings Homes area. Tbe 
appUcatton has been made by 
Olamoni l^rtogs Apartmeds 
be., toe a coning diange and 
use perttlt. 

An appHcatIro wiU atoo be 
heard i(a' a use permit kx toe 
consfrudloii of a new post office 
boUdi^ on Prtocess Anne Road 
notr liMidstown itoftd. 

Pembrdce Meadows Assoda- 
fioo to sertdng a »>nlng claa«e 
and use-'permit for a lIS^-beA 
Qursl^ home off bdep«xl«ice 
Blvd. near Okl Donation Churdi 
on Witdidudc Hoad. 

Council began toe new year 
by not holding its usual Infor- 
mal bediag last Monday. City 
Manager Rohr Scott saldtoere 
were no processing items tod 
needed dbcusslon at Uie time. 
Coimdl will hold an Informal 
ifieetbg firior to toe regular 
toeetbj Mooday. Thd begins d 
12:30 p.m. b toe cmference 
room d toe Administration 

FoUowbg the ctoiceofeitoer 
Creeidariar Farms or toe 
Horfolk stodum site near toe 
airport by eonsuUanb Ua a 
DtHir-city stadtam C(moicI1 may 
be asked Monday to aipri^itrtte 
oiore tasmf for furto«r stody 
Vlrgtato &«a participated to 
the flrd site study. The ««- 
saltanto now recommend idd- 
ffioitti study for ri^to-d-w^, 
eot^rtidlaa etats and tbe like, 
'^dbre aiiy fixal determinatton 
to made. • 

FImI action regardli^ Om 
o^mmerclal dred{^ of Rodee 
told may alM wme before 

Cltv Coundl MiMday. 

On toe tolfowtog Mcmday, Jsw 
It, CoomU will h«r a detepi- 
1$m from te Vlrgtato Beadi 
^^UrndLM Federafion Womn's 
Clds on toe drag prdArai to 
Vir^tfa Bewft. 1^ Wmms^s 
CMBdl has adopted toe torug 
prolUem as a ^eetoi pro^ct. 

married to 
Rho e d ei^ 

Anna Margaret 

Elementary Sdiod andVfr- 
ginto's Teacher (rf toe Twr to 
1967, atoo nid be smporto tte 
r eor gattit«tli>«a»l 1^ te 
irodd m^ tx^ooMaaei Im- 

itoodes has been a^ve to a 
Bofdwr d poUttcd organt- 
tdtotf to tile pas^ dlaaK»«t- 
ed wito toe Oargadntion. 

He nid W oad^uv (toes 
nd represenl "a toraalc wtttte 
Orgadsattoo/* He iM Mtie- 
Ueved thd Albert Bon^ "todt 
needs sonw mniMtttlco." 

Holland, vrtiose imdems Hie 

(see 'Ccrau^', pj) 

1st Storm 
Is Harmless 

Ttx t&sari my fiured vtry 
well wito OBif mlmr toc<xnnw- 
lei»es as toe flrat malordam 
d toe i^ar raenwd flnreoghllie 
resort city Tnoday d|^ 

There were aojtifefte d 
flooding d any eoasogwoco or 
power tollores as toe nmltt 
of Ito^ bdng VUmm do«a. 

Mdoristo toavelled the rain 
swed roadw^rs wttomA too 
much difficulty. R^^orto from 
die police Traf^ IXftotonsbow 
a total d 18 t^^o^ daring 
toe dgbt, all d nMdnMre of 
a intoor la^ire wttht^ wb$, im- 
ports d serlovs to^e&^- 
ficials also «Atod tUs mnAer 
d acddeato ^Mared to be 
usttl for tt^ drlvtag anttttoos 
whldi Ffei^ed Tues^ nlgd. 

City HliJway D<S. S^ Art 
Christian told toe vmcaiOA 
BEACH SIW bto (lepetmed 
took dqis to lareved a^ cr- 
uras taaards oa toe i^eno^Slh 
tUfa d tttt re»»le%t)etore 
tb^ oc^ r»«tt taMB te 

Ciffisttan sMid ba bMi wsk 
• crews <a stand-by TmOsg 
1^ b toe eved tod «r 
roadwaj^ reqdred sandlnf 
down because d duic^as 
(jbridng t , HaifflioBa . Be adSed 
^ wortterewmovrt^^h- 
;od toe »«t WedwudiVt m 
^ec^Mattm eoatoniMd nd 
tempwdttfis ^w«l um 


daq^row avvts m 
ggurd kptod tetr 1^ 





Inia Beach Sun 

■*** .*-,j.3l'^' 

ginia Beach-winter resortl The weather was balmy on New 
tt^sEve, and ball-pUying on ttie teach was the order of the day. 

Season Ends with Tradition 

: ceremcHiial "burning of the 

i" took place at tbe nth 

ntury A(tein Thorouf^good 

^"use Jan. 7 marking ttie «id 

th« traditional Ml2 da^s of 


Sev«ateentfa centary Virgin- 

■■i considered Christmas 

. jireenety sacred and to discani 

.■^ a sin. Hence the custom 

lag Omnings 

,t%t Mar^ Corps Air Re- 
'^^^rve has ope^s for qualified 
<ng men between ttie agesfdf 
and 20. 

Uiterested persons shouldsee 
rWrniltei- at Building LP-T4; 
Air Station, Norfolk, or 

Madripd singers from Prin- 
cess Anne High School per- 
formed during the public Xxax- 
fire, outside tbe l^oroug^good 
House in Virginia Beach Tues- 
day nlgjrt. 

Mrs. Martha Lindemann, 

curator of the nation's oldest 
brick twme, said boldiay at- 
tendance was extremely h«ivy. 
More Otan 3,000 visitors troe^ 
throught tbe little building be- 
tween Dee. 15 ami Dec. 30. 

M^m^rialJServi^e H^W 


(Continued from p. I) 

fi^st, mayor of Virginia B^ch, 
lives in Pungo. He said te 
supporte split shifts in Vir- 
ginia Beach schools to ^tse ^e 
tax iwrden. He added he is a- 
gainst asalaryraiseforCoun- 
cilmen, already voted, 

uay, another political newp 
comer airf an attornery, said 
he supports parir mutuel tacing 
In the city and an indepeirf^t 
water system for Virginia 
Beach. He also advocates in- 
reased dforts to get city fin- 
ances from federal and other 

In the past week ttiere has 
been aflurryof anoouneemeAts, 
probably the most surprising 
from Mayor Frank Dusch, who 
will vm again for an at-large 
seat. The Mayor had kfipt 
everyone gu^sing until the last 
minute. As mudi as a year ago 
he said he would pr^MMy not 
run again, but said tiiis week 
that so many people had urged 
him to reconsider that he rould 

Dusch has been a member cS. 
Council for 18 years and Btoyor 
for 16. He pointed out tlot he 
has always been aA>le to vote 
on every matter before^Ctmndl 
and has never been excused 
from voting because of anyper- 
sona l Involvf P>ent In a mi^er 

Ttotdqy, Jgmwg^ J, JflTO 

Broad Changes Maie 
In Auxiliary Fdiice 

wamamBs^ ' «^ ■ •^^i^^rtlfe'-^fa 

AdcA Thrmoing Charged 

A 14 -year -old Juvenile is 
schudeled to appear in Virginia 
Beach Juvenile Court on the 20tti 
of this month on charges of 
throwing objects at a moving 
vehicle aixl petty larcency. 
According to police the boy last 
Sunday ttirew rodcs at t^e car 
of Mrs. Loretta M. Brown of 
puter Drive as she was travel- 
ing along Southern Blvd. forcing 
her to stop her auto. The 
juvenile then reportedly tooAc 
her purse from the car, re- 
moved $7 and ttrew the ^rse 

tadc into the vehicle. A lassing 
motorist stoK»d to inv^pite 
and aspr^ndftl ttie youth as 
he attempt^i to flee. 

Inn Enttna 

A search continues for thieve 
who broke into the Pine Tree 
Inn Restaurant at VirgbUaBeach 
Blvd. and Lynnhaven Road Stm- 
day night and made off with an 
undetermined amcwnt of money. 
Investigators said a door vi& 
forced after an alarm control 
system h^ been ringed off a 
safe. According to investi^tors 
a large amount of cash was taken 
during the breakin. 

Guy Resigns From Board 

A memortol service for two 
Virginia Beach killed in a jet 
crash off the coast of Vietnam 
was held li^t week at Oceana 
Naval Air Stetion. 

Lt. Q,g.) Dttstln C. Trow- 
bridge, 25, bombadier-navlg- 
ator, and Lt. (j.g.) Walter H. 
K(^ky Jr., 26, pilot. Were killed 
when teeir A6 Intruder jet 
crashed into the sea on a rou- 
li^^^U^ firom ttie carrier 
Coral S», 

The cause of the crash is 
being ^ught 

Lt. Kosky was the husband 
of Mrs. Carol Anne Kosky of 
Rose Croft Road. 

Lt. Trowbridge was tiie hus- 
band of Mrs. Claudia Gomne 
Trowbridge of Hill Ridge Court. 

Boitii officers were Attack 
Squadron 35 (VA-35), based at 


AnneuncM tb* rtmevit of Itiittffiea 
H«ygood Shopiiinq CtnUr 


-» iiWii^'»Tii fci 

fer tti* praetiet et gtnirai dtntittry 

Hours by 


Sgt.xariry w. Ken isamem- 
ber ojf a unit th^ Ins earned 
the U. S. kir Force Outstand- 
ing Unit Award, 

Sgt. Kell, a radar operator 
In the 4?80th Air Defense Wing 
at Perrin AFB, Tex., will wear 
the distinctive service ribbon 
to mark his affiliation with the 
unit. His wife , Judy, is the 
dau^ter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Georgrf . DaShl^l of Rittman 

comine before CouniS. 

Otiiers to announce in the 
last week were BeQ|amln 
Wroton, Ipbuming comihissiai 
chairman, seeking an at-large 
seatj contractor ReidIrvin,wlK) 
ran aiped^t Incumbent Council- 
man Dewey Simmons (also 
seeking re-election) inl9^,for 
tiie Lynnhaven Borou^ seat;Tr 
Lewis Johnson, af sistaitf pUiot 
maiager of tiie Ford Motor Co., 
another iiewcoraer, who stys he 
is not aliped with any faction 
and whorls also sedcing flie 
Lynnhaven seat; newcomer bm 
Jones, Creeds ^ocery store 
q)erator, seddng tiie Po^ 
seat; Incumbo^ Slmm(»is and 
Murray Malbon, Malbon seek- 
ing re-electl(»i to an at-large 
seat; Nayy U. Trands C<*an, 

who Is iyxNi^ to >retire after 
30 years in ^e Navy seeldng 
an at-large seat; Dr« John Pool, 

In a letter to Dr. M. E, 
Alford, chairman of the TUe- 
water Community College 
Board, Rldiard Guy, newly- 
elected General Asselnblyr^- 
resen^ve, tendered his reslg- 
niitli»L to tie effective immed- 

Members of the General As- 
sembly are not eligible to serve 
MHiomiBunity col l e g e boards. 

Guy went on to explain how 
he felt the area needed an 

Kempsville dentist, an^er 
newco'ber to politics, seddng 
an at-large sei^; attorfiey 
Robert Kendall, who ran as an 
ind^Ddent unsuccessfully in 
the 1966 Council maticrace, 
sed^e thejBeadhBorouchseat: 
and Mrs. Emma Halrsbn^ a 
Negro and retired editor, 
seektog an at-large seat. 

Thlis ttie primary shapes vp 
this way: 

Lynnhaven: Simmons, Ervln, 
Johnson, Barnes and Blsek. 
Kemitsvllle: Bonney and 

Bayside: iBCumbentLawr- 
ence M^rslaU aiidl^.Clarence 

expanded college wlfli a new 
VirgUdi B^^ cafflpoSf l^otti 
of whi<A are ftoded by 4he 
General Assembly. He gaidttiat 
he regreted severing Us re- 
lationship witt the bMird but 
that he would closely follow 
t^ General Ai^elnWy swaw^ 
riatioD in those areas. 

He had served almost a year 
of his four-year term on the 

Men (rf tlw Vir^ia B&an^ 
Aoittlary Ptdlce began ^- 
atUm i6^7 luder a niwly i^ 
prov^ piss <tf r^>rginiattoii 
whidi for ttie first time pbu^ 
the AuxiUtfy under te dlreet 
resp<»sfi)illty (rf theCldef tf 

AuxUIary PoUce CM^WUl- 
lam McFarlanl sald> "All ctf 
the men in the Auxiliary wel- 
come thto," McFarluKi also 
Indicatedthe rettrpuolii^cn 
now cl^rly defines liaw (tf 
commaiKl and clearly indicates 
the respoiisibiliti^s of ^cbman 
In the Auxiliary. Accpnttng to 
McFarlaM ttte reorpfldizailon 
also establishes more rigid re- 
quiremente for^tranceintotl^ 

The reorgaiiizationplan, 
which was drawn up by Poll(^ 
Chief Col. W.W. Davis m his 
Inspeettons Aide Cjqtt. 6, JS. 
Payne with tbe assistance of Mc- 
Farlan^ j^ only establishes 
strict entrance irequirerneitfs 
including rigid m^ttcal re- 
quiremmts, butftlso establish- 
es a wider age range for ap- 
pUcai^ with mlflimumageofZS 
and marimum age of 45 and ex- 
tend compulsory retirement 
^e t6 60; Tbe new (q)enitional 
plan also require neir appli- 
cants to live within Virginia 
Beach, ' 

TTiree other fea^tur^joljaie 
Auxiliary, which makes Oiem 

oafape fimn <^er ism lav m- 
forcemot apa^s, Is tte a- 
vsllditlity at full tfme servi<» 
of mn ante vm lepA oScfir, 
m^eal <rf6c«r and iAi^Aq^ 
These scOTJo^ 9X9 p&f»mA 
by lndl»M(als ftiUy qutflfled, 
and eap^e, In their 
gpedive ptt^mbm ^me 
also Au^ary Polfoe (dfi^i^. 

Police CWef Col. W.W.l^ 
expressed bis sattsficapn mv 
me new reorppafsMm by UfU- 
teg tbe SUN "I thtok tte te- 
orgaks^cHttl chart fin- t|te 
AuxUtery is mu<9i more tatA- 
tonal now. tt was sopei#i 
confoslog pre^owly» Wm ips 
eertafisly dear cut «W o&t^ 
soimd tasis and well defli^ 
Now everj^Mdy lamis hto J^ 
and where be stands, and thef^ 
no questtoB as to who is ttie 
cUef and irtat the other posit- 
ions are." 

Col. Davis also eiprcssed 
<»radiBi« to wen frf-tte*^ 
Ulary by adding, "We Inteii 
find new ways of using^e 
meByihiiS 4einr»Kay vithsQfoi 
of the tifhe (xmsunlm dutl^ ol 
the regular poMee ol^cfari." 

As for the curreht i^SEe^f^e 
AuxiUsury, Chief MCFarUuad 
pointed out tte unit Is oureirt- 
ly q^to ftaU auUtorlied^aii^ 
of 150 men. He added, however^ 
"We are still getting an>li- 
cations fi-om men who want to 


Use of FacilitiesJncreases 

The Department of Parks and 
Recreation pr^^ded Itsinntal 
report for i9«9 at a meeting 
Tuesday Ih the set^l admin- 

llie report featured many of 
the iKoillnrt^e activities dose 
by file d^partm^it last year as 
jxrell as i^iowing ttie svl»tantlal 
growtti In i»rk atMl recreation 

A few of the non-routine act- 
ivities were the "First Annual 
Easter E^Hunt" in Redwing 
park wbldi drew over 2,000 
and file o^&Bixm of the jdkly 
oper^ed Vln^hia Bea^ Act^ 
Ivity Center - Armed Ser^ce 
Hos^iteUty House. 


■' ' ' i -■- ' ■ ■ ^'i'- . ■ ■ 

XtessTs Starling 



ed 37 classes with 920 register- 
ed and 5,520 served. . 

Tweirty-ttree |sltes for after- 
school idaygrounds were offer- 
ed witti 143,612 total attendance. 
Summer playgroundsltesofter- 
«} n elementary sites aDd:8ix 
high schodl sites. 

A r^rt on existing faculties 
showed the great growth in 
areas open to Qie pidsllc. 

There are currently 24 gym- 
nasiums, 162 ^letlc fields,~92 
teiuiij^ courts and U plcnicbici- 
llttes. Also 28 nel^borhood 
parks, t(to pid)Uc parks (1 un- 
der cons'trttction)^ and om 
pnWlc golf course (under eoB- 

Apart from tte annual rq»rt 

s field. Levy WhitehurstaadBmij^f^mj^ |* 



Beach: Kendall, 
Tarrall and J. Roy Alphln. 

Princess Anne; jtocuntjoit 
Cu rt is Pa y n e and Russell 

: Brown. 

YJrlinki. H#y & Craft 

tm AtiMtio Av€. 


{^■•■•••■•■■■■■■* •••■•■■••■■••• 


21 throuqh 31 

ary 18 

iw Time 3-00 P.M. 




24 Hr. Wrecker Service 

Phone 428-6403 

Nites After 11 PM 420-2957 

Wrecker Service 

Road Calls 
Major Or Minor 

Tune-UpsA Brake Jobs 

Free Pick Up And Delivery 

Manager Terry Langhorne 

301 Laskifi Road Virginia Beach, Va. 

Blackwater: Earl Tebault. 

At-large: Walloon, Dusch, 
Pool, C ohan. W ro t on, Mrs. 
Hairstcm, HoUand, Gay, Incumfr' 
ente jR^rt CjrfiMselUaDd. 
George Ferrell, Otis Darden, 
Walter J. Leyeridge.Dr. Solo- 
mon Parker, Thomas Deitrich 
and Rev. Harry Butts. 

new packs' ar^(Seen Run Par^ 
Lakeview Park and Seateck 
Park. The nfew sbdters and 
pait^ areas were added to 
Redwing Parle witt ex&anded 
pai'M^ an d ne w r e s troo as b u i lt 
at Little Island Park. 

b Ihe Adult Classes 249 
classy were offered and 3,670 
registered. Fall adult reeist- 
ratton was tte highest ever 
Witt MS2 registei-ed. 

nicTe were eight ^tes offer- 
ed Im^ Friday Gamen^rtr Witt 
25 me^n^ each and 32,S00 

Snimmer Teen Classes offer- 

ainv. Beach Blvd.? 

^^ THfATRi 


RATlMteS: 2-4<6-t-10 

Poromoont Pictuw Presents 

An AbnjFbWjb Production 

A Poromount Picture 


WW wn innnifiii mn. ^^ 

/^^lT^-V%xyi Burton -ImMclrire 

tnceM k^^ttne Every Sstarday 9:15 a.m. I^lly. Tats 
ftk "Tta Fttlh^ Perils of l^n-el k Hardy." 

■•w ym can SEE 
aaytntaif yra want 

MA ^^••* 



QOU» by Deluxe Umted Artists 


KATMB: 2-4-«-a.10 

May M^ 

During 1969 traffic on tbe 
Virginia Beach -Norfolk Ex- 
pressway incr^ised substan- 
tlally. This Is tte second year 
^ q^ation foi: ttf toll road 

Director of toll facilities, 
E. H. Orange said 13,290,668 
vehicles used tte e}4)re8sway 
in 1969 compared to tte pre- 
vious year's figure of 10,056, 
096. i 

Revenue from tolls Incrieased 
from $1,941,000 in 1968 to 
$2,540,791 In 1969. 

Because more vehicles are 
using tte expressway tten es- 
tl mated in preconstnicUmi 
studies, it is anticipated that 
certain improvements will have 
to be made. 

The State Highway Commis- 
sion is considering wldenli^ 
tte expressway between New- 
towi Road and Independence 
Blvd. llie main toll ptua near 
Rosemont Road may be wide- 
ned from its present eight lanes 
to 10 or 12. 

a resolotton was made by Rich- 
ard WeUKm aflddng tat an area 
in Princess Anne Plaza for a 
Little League park, lie re- 
solati<m iras unanimously 4>- 

Dir«fllG» "HurOd-AVhitelHtrst 
pointed otat WTAR^TV's pro- 
gram featuring tteVlr^nia 
Beach Concert Orchestrt, 
Beadi Singers and work d in- 
structors and students of tte 
D^Artment Instructional 

Tb« oarrent bad weatter has 
slowed down maintenance intfk ^ 
ft<^^(tt« to Richard BrwA^ ▼ 
supe^Btendent ctf BddntoilBoaw^ ■ 
Work is being done on Green 
Run Park and Oceana Jet Gb- 
servatoi7. ^lemenkry sdbc^^ ^ 
«re%ll oMiitlete* • <> 'i 00 

In Seatack, off \ Bird Neck 
Hoad a new pkrk is b^ ^ 
vdbped on fiVe acr«s ol cd^- 
owned land. The area is cur- 
rently vnder tte anttority of 
tt e ■ Er o s i o B Comm is sion. ^- 
IndTviaiU ^ylng fleld'and two 
small playgrounds are planned. 

WMteiunt caUed attoittonto 
tte fact ttat tte Virginii^ Psirk 
and RecreaticHial Society wmild 
hold ttdr 16tt annual stttecbn- 
ferjnce at tte Cavalier Hotel (m 




The Compact Cars With 
The BIG Advantages . . . 



BEHilliE M859i 

FOR 1170 








(Coi^ from page 1) 

warded to Richmond tte day 
after he was sentencedby Judge 
*Vakos." When asked why Layne 
had not Iteea transferred earl- 
ier, Marr said, "It's nc^ un- 
usual for one man to stay h^e 
that long. Hie penitentiary has 
one trud£ to m^e tte rowds, 
and ttey just hadn't gotten here. 
Why tte truck didn't get here 
I don't know except they h^e 
tteir own scbednle." 

IrcN^cally, Marr badrec^tty 
received a report from tte 
Sfate Department of Welfare 
aiKi tastituUons ottfUnlng tte 
results of an unamiounOed Im 
tte spot inspecticn of tte Ctty 
Jail. Hie report praised Marr 
Vsfor his operation c^ tte jaU, 
-^ondittons witUn the jail and 
even quoted inmates who com- 
plimented tte food. 

Following Layne's tranter 
to RlctmiCKid tbe SUN asked his 
attorney, Canada for his oplijui 
of tte matter. He said, "fte 
sheriff (Marr) has done every- 
tting te was supposed to (to, 
ai^ tte fuilt lies witt officials 
in RlchnMMd in notconrtngddwn 
to get Layne. The Jail is xxk 
desiped to detain men for ex- 
tended periods of time; it doesn't 
have adeqiate work facllitla5 
or po-oper exercise ar^is." 


FOR 1S70 

Im 0R Displiy And It No Increase In Price! 

MA 7-1321 



Warto ani caused by 

vinnM. llMiioved by 

Miwtifig CofiHKNHMl W! 

Compound W* contains two 
medicines widely used tsy 
'doctors in treating virus- 
caused warts. A few color- 
less drops of dpompouNd W, 
used a^ directed, can dis- 
solve eway ,warts in Just 
days. No cutting, no burning, 
no pain. itememtMr: warts 
are cat^M by viruses-r|- 
moved by ^t-actmg Corli- 
pound W. 


ThMtrscNiy^ ^nuat^ |^ J9T0 

Virfllnia B^ch Sun 


Raccoon Is *Stay- at- Home^ 

Noiiimalidiis Are So 


Ifoit fiuiOIles bave tegs or 
eate or laiaries tor pete, but 

(rf ^g<a ST. Tbey bave a racoon 
named ^edtaw "Utttttli^/' 

Brwitta aod Jme, a racooa 
ma$nika ^fia bu aloee re* 
tooMtttoltie voodi, vnelmBid 
Iqr S^ the fm^^ mftn 

mm9 (mssm ^^f>o^ ^^ 

motfui a|b. ttMB raoMva «ere 
abort live weriBB cW and 
bid (0 be fed kptnvii n&nf 
(ev bours.BirtttieysdoDleftroed 

Now Bredta eate almoft 
everytU^b tat oookteiud can- 
dy are b«r lavortUs. 

Tbe racoons, wbo bott bad 
r|bies sbots, loved to play witb 
Moore's collie. Tbey also Uked 
rlBngln ffie 1^"during ^ 

Bredta is allowed torunfree 
and bas never .stayed away 
longer ttum two days, altinui^ 
Moore's are afraid she mi^t 
Ittve in tbe afKiag, 

> By Lcs Lthigh < 

Brecita accompanies herself on the piano. 

Alvin L. "Sally" Rodgers, 
CUef Justice of ttie Peace fwF 
Virginia Botch, says be is sUU 
ovffihilidmed by asurpriseN«w 
Year's Evebousewurmingparty 
given him by fri«nds lU bis' 
borne. "Sally" says Oie party, 
which was arranged througlithe 
efforts of tbe Jack D. Pyle's 
and Tommy Pharr, was attended 
by nearly 75 invited gueste. 
He added there was enmq^ 
food on hand "to feed an Army", 
wbA arrangements were com- 
Idete to tbe point of providing 
shuttle service from the Prin- 
cess Anne CourUiouse Complex 
parking lots to his home in order 
that guests had no difficulty In 
parking ttieir auto's. 

Sgt M. E. Beane of the Police 
Personnel & Training Division 
is in Nev York City attending 
a specUl six week course at 
tbe MatiiMial TnMng Center of 
Lie Detection. ..._ 

Several new names havebeen 
added to the Pplice Depert- 
m«it's duty roster. They in- 
clude Forrest P. Capps, David 
J.. 011«^ {^ S. Beamqn,Der- 
wayne R. Helmer, Robert N. 
Pritchard, and Grady D. 
Roland. We understand Capps 
aiul OUer are attending the 
Tidewater Police Academy at 
Old Dominion University, with 
the remainder of the new off- 
icers scheduled to attend the 

aoad^ny when a new class goes 
into braining next mondw 

The latest report of good luck 
on recent deer hunting eiqpedi- 
Uons comes from 3rd Police 
Precinct Dispatcher A. R. 
Swoboda • who says his son 
Jimmy Lee downed a good sized 
buck while on leave from his 
military service. Several of 
Swoboda's hunting partners tell 
us that while he haj;r>'t been 
having good luck this season, 
Swoboda certainly knows where 
tbe best hunting locations are 
and "how to scout the site for 
a definite kill." 

Reliable sources tell us that 
Juvenile Division Detectives J. 
E. Haslinger and D. C. Watson 
were fortunate to escape tte 
dreary weather which settled 
over Virginia Beach We<toesday 
morning by flybig to the more 
enjoyable climate of Fort Laud- 
erdale, Fla. Our same source 
fells us that while the trip was 
nec^sary to return two sub- 
jects to the r«sort city that 
"the urge to get away from the 
weather" played an important 
part in the tripbeing made when 
it was. 

The Virginia Bead) Jaycees 
First Citisai Committee has 
announced that ttiey are now 
acc^ng nominations for the 
highly coveted . First CitlMa 
Award for the year 1969. 

The selection of toe First 
Citizen will be based on the 
city of Virginia Beach and its 
civic improvement. The an- 
nouncement of nominations was 
made by Donald p. Wiseman, 
Jr., this year's First Citizen 
Committee Chairman. 

Since 1950, the Virginia 
Beach Jaycees have been pre- 
senting the First Citizens a- 
ward. The former recipients 
are: James G. Kontapanos, 
1950; E. B. Bayne, 1951; J.,. 
Peter Holland, m, 1952; Woody 
Seamans, 1953; Mrs. Gilmore 
Lee Tilbrook, 1954; Dr. Rob- 
ert Woodhouse, 1955; R. Lee 
Page, 1956; Sidney S. Kellam, 
1957; Rhae Adams, 1958;Fraidc 
D. Tarrall, 1959; Mrs. Louis 
B. Wilson, 1960; George D. 
Brooke, 1961; C. R. Bryant, 
1962; Richard R. Absalom, 1963; 
Hugh Lynn Caq^, 1964; Frank 
W. Cox, 1965; Dr. Waller! E. 
Taylor, 1966; Mrs. Wallace T. 
Clark, 1967; Hunter C. Phelen, 

In making the announcement. 

Wizeman stated tiiat ttw no|Q- 
inatibns are opoi to: Any res- 
ident oi Virginta Beach, male 
or female, and ttere te no age 
llmltt^Alttiough primary con** 
sideration Is given totheyeu* 
1969, services rendered inpre- 
vious years will t>e considered 
very important. All individuals 
and organizations are urged to 
siibmit the nominations of their 
choice accompanied by sui^rt- 
ing documents if possible. The 
deadline for nominations is Feb. 
6. ' 

Ail nominations should be 
sent to the First Citizen Com- 
mittee, Post Office Box 4115, 
iVirginia Beach, Va. 23454. 

Sgt. Louis T. Self, son of 
Mrs. W. D. Stocks, Clover 
Street, is a member of a unit 
that las eame<Hhe If. S. Air 
Force Outstanding Unit Award. 
Sgt. Self, a radar repairman 
in the 640th Aircraft Control 
and Waning Squadron at Ste- 
phenville Air Station, New- 
foundland, will wear a dis- 
tinctive service ribbon to mark 
his affiliation with the unit. 


On Tuesday, Jan. 13, tteVtr 
glnta Beadi PliJtftikg Ow- 
missloD vffl told a pjMlebe a r - 
log an p.rnnn ttte Coondl 
Chambers (rfQieAdmiRtatalk» 
Biiil<ttng,,Mtt<:«ks AnwCont- 

Tbe nweting promises to be 
short » there are only IS Items 
on ttie agenda. 

Powell and HvHUer, loe^win 
apply lor a change of ta^ to 
build a 37-unit motal at Ardle 
Avenue and 27ttS^eet. 

Application for ausepenolt 
to extend a runway at Vvt^m 
Road near Princess AflDt Road 
will be mffile by Virginia Beadi 
Aviation Sales, Ltd. A snail 
general aviation nirpott bas 
been previously i^iprovad. 

E. V. wiHlaffls wis ijp^ier 
a change ctf zMngfof rtHaciC* 
ial and commercial law on a 
large tract in the Diamond LbIm 
Estates and Lawion Fwest 
area, ' 

Ajq^llcatlon to build Maputo 
meht unite near Greenwell Road 
will be made by Juam C. 
Wright and Ronald R. 


to Speak 

A 33-year-old W in daorlflOds 

residMt is sdieduled to appear 
in Virginia Bnch Juvenile 
Court today, Jan.a, on a number 
of charges InvolvingtwoU-year 
old girls. 

According to officials dthe 
police Juvenile Divtelcm they 
havi.cha!X<^ Frpds X. Janes 
of Htetorylaad Drive wlta en- 
dangering die welfare ai^ mor- 


Davy Crockett never had it SO good With raccoon ww^ "* ^^''* ^^^^^ 

doe^s. •'■:.::..,:,:. , ^^^^^^ E^^-Puiyeiir ^ 
Obscentty Bearing1§et to Lecture 

Dr. Herbert B. Puryear,dir- 
jBctor of edwatio n for theAssQ- 
dation toTUaeardi aariEnsf 
lightenment, 67tb Street and 
Atlantic Avenue, will lecture on 
"A Model for Understanding 
Man" at the weekly Sunday 
Forum on Jan. U at 3 p.m. 
Following the lecture a social 
hour In ^e pceanscope Lounge 
of The Marshalls wffl ^e^ 

als of minor jdilld ren, ^ttem^- 
Ing to hitve^v^HlSii'lill^ Ibi' 
obscene lectures, attempting to 
hire two JuvenUes to pose for 
nude idiotos iuid showing db- 
scene pictures to juveniles. 

Investigators said the 
clmrf es resulted from an in- 
vestigadon ^ comptaihts from 
parente of the girls involved. 

J. Fraink Alspaugh, director" 
of the division of Industrial 
Development for the state of 
Virginta, will be the prtadpal 

speaker at the annual Virginia, 

Beach Chaml)er of Commerce-— .4—™ 
dinner meettag to be held Wed- 
nesttay, Jan. 14, at the Fort 
Story Officers Club. 

Albin Mailhes, executive vice 
president of the Virginta Beach 
Chamber, said he was pleased 
that Alspaugh, whowass^qpoint- 
ed to the position in 1967 by 
retiring Gov. Mills E. Godwin, 
Jr., would be the guest spiak- 
er, particularly In light of the 
growtag taterest.^ln Virginta 
Beach In industrial dev^lop- 
mei^ • • ' . *''^ 

James P. Sadler will be in*^ 
stalled as tbe new president 
of tbe Chamber at the meet- 
ing, succeeding Frank W. 
Keltam, who held tbe positton 
for two consecutive terms. , . 

Corporate Finance 

Many financial options are open to senior ex- 
ecutives in planning for 'corporate financial 
growth: underwrltlngs. acquisitions, mergers, 
private placements. The Wheat Corporate 
Finance Team of specialists will explore your 
company's needs and suggest appropriate 
moves to enhance Its develdpment and 

Wheat & Conine. 




Black & Decker 
Power Tools 

Lorge stock bf Bolso Wood 
SpeciolizJng in Wood Fence Moteriol 

VlierNIA lEACN LUMMI t sumY CO. 

"HMdquerter* For Lumber and nyweod Cut to tlsa" 
For Reputable Contractor* and Carpontaf t 


Mailhes said some tidcets 
are still available for the meet- 
ing, which begins at 6:30 p.m. 
wi^ a social ihour. He said the 
tickets may be reserved at the 
Chamber of Commerce office at 
25th Street and Pacific Avenue 
or^ljjr'calling the-Chamber at" 

rtr' ,-. 


> >« 




December 31. 1969 

Accotmte Insnredl Up to $20,000 


. - 

' ^"B 

' '. 


^ "■ "; 


= -* 



.^> . 1 

First Mortgage Loans $6,707,567.12 

SKaitLoans ..;. 88.192.13 

Stodc in FRLB. 67.000.00 

U.S. Government BonA .... 524,766.67 

Cash In Banks 415.602.98 

Bodcbng and Equtpment .... 71.869.51 

Other Assets 104.795J.54 

Total Assets $7,979,790.95 

Savings Capital $7,207,121.48 

Other Uatllitles 6.992.43 

Specific Reserves 1 .419.68 

General Reserves 638.433.41 

Sinplos 105.823.93 

Capital and UabillHes . . $7,979,790.95 


W. H. Teny. h.. Pmldail 
' R. S. W^t Jr.. Vke Presklent & Secretary 
R. B. Taylor. Vkse Picsiileiit 
Mary Biriget, Tieawaw 

210 TwtfityRWi Strttt, Vk^w Bwch, Vir^la 

Uumkm Mtral Horn* Iww %»k Sy«Nm 

P/W. Mdu 
Dr. W. L Taylor 
Sidney S. Kellam 

E. H. Orardi 

C. R. Bryant 

FWytf E Kdhm. h. 




^toa ttttfti* OMiid MMNIvr 
B. ImMi Ltmiitlud, Jt.. MwMgNr E<lit<»r 
Cu^wn MeAUen. WtnM'i Blll«f DiM^ Rtper, Produetion Foremin 
Olft B. Edwftrds. A4vcrtiiiiiff Manftger 

si^nwi Mil isio m tm • mivnY iy lun Ant camii • simii copy w 

MAIN OFFICE SMS Pfecill« Avcniie. VlrginU Beach, Virginia 23451 

MMH 4l8.t4«l 

AiMitAMf % BmcH Fmmtkii^ CmfMration 

34 Hats in the Ring 

TN numbdr of camUilotes for 
City Dnmcll inthe DertK^rotlc 
piflm#'y is wnpreceiM^ecl. A 
totcrf of 34 persons are ieeklng 
the seven borough seott and four 
at large seats. Only in Block- 
water js the secrt unconte^ed. 

So far tickets and factlonol 
ailegi^Ke is being corefully 
avoided, but politicoiobservers 
do not expect this to last. But 
just how much support foK ony 
candidates wli I be forthcoming 
from either major political 
camp of the Democratic Party 
is Imird to speculate on. 

{Recently voters have shown 
their Increased interest in inde- 
pemlent voting, Independent 
thinkers and inctependent-type 
candidates. And without except- 
ion the announced candickites 
have called themselves inde- 
perKient-thinking Democrats. 

This is certoinly a good thing. 

and the voters are right to look 
for this type of candidate, but 
let us remember tNt out of 
choos of 34 Democrats must 
be found a concensus of 11 to 
run In the general election. Then 
the wliyiers must work together 
in the best interests of the city. 
From the very beginning then 
it behooves the voters to iook 
for and vote for the candidates 
who insist on keeping the 
government of our city as close 
to the people as possible. 

If factional support does de- 
velop, as it most likely will, 
this is not a bad thing. It will 
help the voters tell the players 
without a scorecard. Actually 
the candidates should be willing 
and proud to stand on their 
records and let their alleglence 
be known. At any rate, with 34 
in the race, it's going to be 



By H. Joseph Lowers- 

§he sounded somewhat embar. 
teillntt me In her raetaUic tones that it was going to be parUy 
cloudy all aftsrnooD. FlmUy m hour later steidmltted we m^ 
hate a little light sooir'. 

MOW I ioww the weather bureau owns or leases a lot of hlgblj 
sensitive e^ment that keeps the folks out there right up on 
ttie latst date, tat looking out of the office wlotow, (Thete's 
only OM. The r^t are covered with i>anelling)big flakes o^ llg^t 
siww are blowing almost directly sideways down PacUlc Avenue, 
one Wo<* from the ocean, where acoording to the weather 

Where's the Stadium 

it comes as no surprise that 
cimsultants have picked two 
sites for the proposed fbur- 
city south Tidewater football 
stadium. The two S^ites, the 
first near the cjirpbrt 

ball stadiu(S^;<i|!li t1>e other at 
Greenbriar Farms, were the 
obvious choices. 
Both iMve been ciiscu|sedbe- 
^r tlMs^ use. ^ whot 
is disturbing is that neither 
those two nor any others fill 
all the prerequisites set up 

by the consultants. In fact both 
scored rather low on the quol- 
ification scale, it certainly 
would seem that In an area 
this large and with as much 

.ton b# found. 

We ore all for the stadium 

and for as much study as may 

be necessary to determine the 

needs, etc, but we are not 


eliminate the pusher. 

The ottier main prdblem that 
enforcement offictels are run- 
ning Uito is the gresA hesitancy 
of Juries to bring in "guilty" 
verdids in cases where a fir^ 
offense ci possession of mari- 
juana is diarged. This is part- 
icularly true where young 
people 1^ have not prevlmisly 
been in serious trotd>le are In- 
volved. The reason is that tiie 
iviy esmoit find the individual 
"guilty" without imposing ttie 
muidat(»7 tioree-year penitent" 
ary which the law now requires 
in cases (rf possession of mari- 
juana. VirgiiUa Beach Jurors 
have told me Qiat they have 
been very reluctant to send a 
boy who is doli^ well in college 
or at work and who seems tobe 
leading a normal home life to 
be witti terdened crimim^ in 
ttie penitotiaryforthreeyears. 
Hence, no conviction. 
Judges themselves, ^ere 
■aetreBMadtottito-r^we te* no Jury involved, have 
itiB« oAltt^fiaaalma mi^ pt^^m^tbt^ also 

Drug tow 

I have nrfed in your Dec. 24 

edition iM letter of Nornan F. 

IXivisoD ocMic«rniBg myprqpos- 

al to amend ttie law rdatii« 

to the poBseadon of marijuana. 
Hie oariJuaDa iffoblem is an 

extremely^ vital matter in our 



the consultants have only served 
to add that doubt. 

That Other 


The year 1970 should see the 
stai^ of Virginia Beach's long- 
awaited vocationai-technical 
high school. Delays have come 
mostly from the unavailability 
of federal money, which has 
been promised. 

The financial woes ore still 
not entirely settled, but the 
school must be built now. it 
is on absolute necessity In 
meeting the occupational chal- 
lenges facing^ us In the years 

Too often today a high school 
diploma is merely a ticket to 
an unskilled Job. This school 
can help prepare those persons 
to moke a significant contri- 
bution. With so much emphasis 
on colleges and college pre- 
paration in the regular high 
school curriculum, this ^type 
of curriculum in a highly spec- 
ialized shool is a must for the 

A great deal of behind-the- 
scenes planning has gone into 
Beach's vo-tech school for 
sometime. The proposed cur- 
riculum will not only meet the 
vocational and technical de- 
mands of almost any pierce but 
it ha% also been designed to 
complement the particular and 
teKwIiar needs of Tidewater and 
"Virginia B«ich. 

Tiw cooperation with the 
#»©l officials by Industry has 
m es^vltot al^« All that is 

awaited now is the final go- 
ahead sign. And how the federal 
government can hojd up such 
an important project for the 
future is lieyond comprehension, 
especially at a time when that 
same government is tryng to 
deal withtheunemployment 

Our vo-tech high school will 
be a happy addition to the school 
sysem. Hopefully it will be 
built on the land awaiting it as 
soonos possile. 

Atrocities at Home 

We ore oil deeply concerned 
with the mounting casualty list 
in southeast Asia. That num- 
ber has increased each year 
and is likely to continue. The 
atrocities in the newl^^are also 
causing grave concern. Pickets 
and protesters of all types ore 
making much noise about all 
this, deploring the situation. 

Yet In 1969, 7,000 more per- 
sons-men, womenandchildren- 
wer0 the victims of atrocities 
In the United States than died 
in Vietnam in the some period. 

They died In automobile ac- 
cidents, mony caused by drink^ 
Ing drivers, and thrill seekers. 
Where ore the pickets and pro- 
testers? V^here Is all the de- 
ploring of this situation? 

S99m§ odd ctoesn't it, that 
we con so readily accept this 
unnecessary killing? 

law must assume certain re- 
p<»sO>ilities. The police must 
vigorously raforce the law — 
and Oey nmst be badced uplqr 
the community to the fullest 
possTOfce ejieht. 

Before ^e police can be ef- 
fective, ttiey must have laws to 
work with which have tell com- 
munity stqv»rt, including that 
of ttie Courts and prospective 
jurors. Otherwise, the laws are 
not enforceable. It is at this 
poii^ flat we in Virginia have a 

At the present time the Vir- 
ginia Code provides that for a 

first conviction for any pos- under the watchful eyes of ttie 
session of marijuana the of- prdt>ati(»i department when he is 
fender shall be punished by 'released. 

imprisonment in the penitenti> 

ary for not less than Quree 
years nor more tlon five. For 
a second violation, not less 
than five iior more ttian ten 
yea». For a third vtolation 
years. For a third violatton, 
not less than ten years nor 
more ttan 20. Conviction 
of sale to a minor carries a 
penalty of not less than 10 
nor more than 30 years. In that 
event, the sentence shall not be 
suspended. Possession of a 
qhantity greater than 25 grains 
is punisb^le by imprisonment 
for not less ttian 20 iror more 
than 40 yoLrs. In each instance 
fines are also allowed. 

There are problems with ttie 
above provisions that have been 
brought to my attention, prim- 
arily by the police, Uie courts, 
heads of some our state in- 
stitotions aod through my own 
(&ly work as well. First and 
foremost is tl^t the existing law 
absolutely fails \o make any 
distinction between simple or 
casual possession and the sale 
or possession with intent to sell. 

With the exception of selling 
to a minor, the professional 
pusher and the first time user 
are treated alike in the Code. 
Judges report that ttey have no 
auttrarity to treat the seller ai^ 
differently t^ the user. This 
must be cimiged! Possesion of 
a stated amount must cr^ a 
presumption of the intent tosell 
aM either sale or possessicm 
Kj^l.the Intent to sell must be 

evetTttisg Id our power to 

" The inq^rtant things in the 
(ase of ^e first oUenler is that 
the possessor be convicted so 
ttiat his activities become a 
matter of record. After ttiat, 
he can l)e watched closely and 
he can be properly penalized for 
any subsequent illegal actions. 
Juries have much l^s hesitancy 
when faced with a seconxi 

This is a very difficult matter 
to set out briefly. However, I 
hope th^ my comments might 
clarify some of the facts as 
they exist at the present time. 
It will certainly be helpfUl to 
each of the Delegates and State 
Senators if the interested citi- 
zens and organizations wUl con- 
tinue to make known their views 
(m this m(ffit important matter. 

Richard Guy Delegate-Elect 

Inlet Is Outlet 

T%e City Council had in hand 
at its informal meting Moxlby, 
the following letter relative to 
the circumstances snrroipUng 

There are at least three kinds 
of Bayers: Cteeof c(Hirse,must 
fomlliarlze himself with finan- 
ces, aiwttier must . kiMw the 
intricacies involved in cod fish- 
ing on the Newfoundland baAs; 
the tiUrd (and perhai^ the least) 
might kmw the traito and ctor- 
acteristics ctf agitated uid drift- 
ing Kinds. 

To ^e the articles ani edUor- 
lals r^ in the iffiw^|)er, 
have t)een very affliuiii^ 

1 am a very tx&y man, ttiere- 

in p^H^ifaanh ki|^^«^e' - wfgtte ^ in cases (^ biyolilBt-. 

of greaf Offlcern and alw-m a- ary MaiKlaaghter; AhjWi^ftffl^ 

mcmg att parents and others who Uidawfiil Wowd^ witti the In- 

are intere^ed in theweU-being t«rt to Maim, Disfigure, Dis- 

of oar young db&lren. Obvious- ^^^ or Kill; Shooting another 

ly eduotion is the only liHig- ^bU^ Committing a Ftikmy; 

C0nvinced-yet^»f4he4eaeil>ility^ rwm answer. Int he meart lme. Grand 

of either proposed lOCdtiOnl And ^^"'^ ^'"^ "^ involved with the Ei^erlng wltti Intent to Conunit 
^ ^^ makii% and enforcement of the 

Larcaqr, they, or fiiejurytf one 
is sitting have die rj^ to 
decline to impose apenitentiary 
soitence. In such cas^, where 
ttey UA it appxit^Rlate, tiiey 
may inqjose a soitence to ttie 
local laU^br a ttailtod period 
or, in their discretion may 
impose no Jail time whatso- 
ever. They feel Uiat their re- 
sponsibility require tha^ tiiey 
have similar discretion in mar- 
ijuana possession cases. 

Witti a wider range of dis- 
cretton, harsh penalties can he 
given vrtiere warranted or a 
lesser penalty can be given wltti 
the individual being brought 

fore 1 am afraid I am a Itttle 
m Me coittriiiing my l^ 
in view of file pending coi^acts 
relative to the ,l^ach erosion 
juid tlie so caU#'liudee hil^ 
So caUed Inlets al<mg beadies 
is a misnomer. The (h^et is 
not created by inundation but 
is the result of recedii^ wkies 
and tides. 

hi my qtdnion some blunders 
have been made. Of course, we 
are all able to benefit by ttie 
mistakes of others. 

To beg^ with the SoiiAh Jetty 
is poorly constructed and ill- 
placed. There is atedge of rocks 
deposited off shore from a groin 
wbidi Is cut down below tt>e 
sur&ce of most tides. Ttds 
leige of rocks and groin does 
not parallel the nortti Jetty. 
This, 1 understand, was pur- 
posely constructed in Ms mui- 
ner so as to create a S0iKltrq>. 
Now, wttf a sand trap ik desired 
in any ^vigable likimel is 
entirely 4»^pt«d^«my oms^e^ 
hensieQ,>«i^^ tt^wat te-diKB^ 
the project to failure, ixi,ia 
create a long-iufferli% dredQs- 
ing (^eratton. The sand trap Is 
appropriately named, but its 
purpose is absurd. 

Those in autiwrity seem to 

which is continuously settling 
in ttie diasnel is coming^oaw 

Please taJce iH)tice: The large 
rocks and iMulders of wMchttie 
Jetties are constructed, make 
- a very poor filter for tiie fine 
said to this area. Aliso tile ocean 
waves are ccmfinueusly^wasUng 
sand over the groin into ttie 
blessed sand trap. 

Tliere is a fkir and concrete 
sample of bow to build efficient 
Jetttes near s^ hand for ai^one 
to see. Tluit is the steel dUdng 
at ttie inshore end of one of the 
JetUes terminating attheU^t- 

Until there is a sandtig^t 
Jetty on either side of the 
channel, the channel will very 
likely never be maintained to 
the depth desired by the charter 
Ixiats captains. The jetties 
should parallel each other, 
starting abreast the Lighthouse. 

A great asset toward keeping 
the channel open will be the 
completion of the canal, now 
held in abeyance at the Malbon 
brottiers' farms. The currents 
and tides rushing through this 
canal when completed would 
keep the channel open at Rudee, 
if and when its jetties are 
properly constructed. 

1 sincerely hc^e that dredging 
operations will be resumed for 
the canal and that it will event- 
ually be connected to Rudee. 

An attempt was made by tele- 
phone, Saturday afternoon, Dec. 
27tii, to have the foregoing pub- 
lished in a Norfolk newspaper, 
but was informed that it would 
have to be typed and mailed in 
to the Editors Office. Having 
&iled in thi% ^empt-I gave it 
to a Councilman Mot»iay morn- 
ing to be presented to the 
council men at that day's meet- 

llius far there has be^ n no 
comment to me-either pro or 
con; not even from the council- 
man to whom I gave it to. How- 
ever, some published repuirks 
which were made at the meeting 
do^ indicate that the City Man- 
ager axxisomeofthecoundlmen 
did read the letter. Notwito- 
staMUng-4 am mindfiil ^ flue 
writteb, information was txee^ 
awi tti^dore assumed by these 
wto r»d it to Be valueless. 
But aside from all that^J irould 
s^qprec^ ^eiqgttdsiwIiUsted 
in your Mwsinper. 



som^w or ottwr I 


Durewi, it wont snow at au. 

This tas been going m iiace 
jm^HVt and I'm begttdqg 
to g^ ^ feettQCttawflilw- - 
man dooot issBmim »9§mf^ 
<m any toae ttauk iUqfMf ^pe*^'- 
Take yetterd^ for titsis^,- 

He said it flnrt irowDnli!ii*t 
get ai^ snow. Alter tt sttl^'^ '< 
showing he sildirt'd |rt a'lSt- 
ile snow, and tt sfaurtodia^bi^ ^ ; 

„ <an'tBiakeup my miMlfli^Berto|iit^^ 

on snow tires an4 gato^es ot get ont my^ batting trunks aod^^^i 
surfboard, tt mi^t be 95 (tograes tqr twnorrow. ,^ , 

Please Mr, WeaUierman, doni get me wroig, but flils is the 
picture I g^ of yirar ofH<%: 
"Hey, am. Does y<wr «irn hurt?" 
«R sure dxm.** "How bad?'? 
"Pretty bad*?, ' ^ i 

"Hmmmmmt firviag, is ttie wttdi out of ttie houBt?" 
"Almost, but I can stm see the i«p Btttebcqr and glrU** , 
"Hmmmmmi Sylvlester, is ttie little warther Wrdie porplir ' 
or pink?" 
"Sort (rf in betwe«i, boss." 
"Hmmnunm. What's ttie barometer say, Rodney?" 
"The barom^er'8 brrtten. Has been for six mcHiflis." 
"Yeah, I forgot. Requlsitioo Uie repairman again, will yoo. 
What's ttie radar look Itte, Milton?" ^L 

"tt*s not working loo well, cUef, It's got a lot of snow in it.»» ' 
"Brommmm. That's it. It's going to snow." 
that's not really as fiur^fetdied as tt sounds. I rentembfr we 
time a couple of years ago he predicted partly cloudy wMtbi^, 
and I had to shovel about four indies of partly doudy off i^y 
A<vMe driveway. TTiat partly dottdy is hiavy stuff. 1^ back hwt 

Then ttiere's ttie time It was snowing IIke...wdl, tt sure was 
snowing, and ttie weattier Iwreau was for doudir sUm. I refU ft 
on our tel^etji^ nuuddne. I waited, and be never M change it; 
So I finally called him to tell Idm tt was snowing. . '; 

"What do you mean, if s snowing?" be asked. S doesnH Aot 
up on our riubr." 
"Lode oat the window," I suggested. 
"If s sooiirinigit" he said. 

iUxrat five mtnites later, after consultingttedtywltoh doctor, 
his horoscq;^ and ttie Fanner's Almsuac he pot a 'Ugltf ^wf 
forecast <m tt^e teletype nueUne. T1«HI sattsfied me. 

He was rlf^ too. Hat snow, all 14 inch^ of it, was so light, 
tt was a 0if wiiite covering all Vbe streete, trees, people and 
cars. " ■" "" 

Just in case, I've ordered a St. Bernard wttta a cask of amak 
Juice. d»^t like brandy). The new forecastis fat 'raia,.pOB'^ 
silry m^GBd lib some snow before eoding'. And you diould see 
tiia irtdte aiiniitt out here. Anybody seen my oMsled? 




"y W« ■■/!«. ItfBipB, 

Tfive you ever wonted tot AiMBf people in Oe U. i 
manage to beat ttie odds and live to be 100 or more years 
of age? Most ppvqple guess ttie totai to be somewhere betw«is 
100 and 1,000. The actucal number of cent«iarians, as ttwy 
are called in the coui^ is aixwt 3,200. 

This is according to Charlotte E. Cr«ns(Hi, press t^leer 
for ttie tJ. S. So^il Securtty office, in a f eeot bboidet ibRit' 
Security red^o^. 

This booidet also had «MBe ottier iirterestiag informatim 
about living to be 100. yor instance, the states of Vermont, 
New Banqpshire and ottier sectfons of New Englsmd lave the 
most centenarians. New Mexico, Louisiana and Utah have 
the least, tt must have something to do wUh the coM withers 
in New England or tt could be the quiet ways of the pe<iple. 
One person I tattced with said the New England people talk 
so little that tt Just todc them a long life time to say what 
they had to say about tiling. I can believe that. 

The oldest person on ttie Social Security rolls is Cfaadie 
Smith of Bartow, Fla. Charlie is 127. He can remember be- 
ing captured in Africa when he was Just a boy and later being 
sold ii^ slavery in New Orleans. In fact, proof of his age 
is esteblished by the New Orleans slave-market records of 
that time. 

While nwst centenarians live with their childreh or grand 
children, many still^ keep hmise with their wives <»r husbanlB. 

CAly one of this year's over 100 group is a bachelor and 
not a single old maid is in ttM Iwnch. If no^ii% else,marrtage 
has something going for it. Religion seems to be a fiaictof u tte 
majority <a those over 100 are devout and manage to attend 
cfaurdi regularly. 

Most manage to ke^ busy. They not (»ly get around al- 
r^t, tttey do chores. One South Carolina num well past 1^ 
still works as a surveyor. I 

Just about everj person over 100 is in pretty good hMl&. 
The only common complainte are poor hearing, failing eye- 
sight and riteumatism. Only one in nine is in a nurdag ium^. 
Only one in 60 is l>edriddai and nc^ a single one is consider- 
ed senile. 

Almost all centerarians say they seldom if ever vistt fiw 
doctor. Many say they haven't seen a doi^a- in years. How 
abotrt ^tt? Understand now tt^t I am nd saving teetoTs 
cause early de^ or bad h«dtti bat you willtevetoadmtt 
it does seem strange xttat all ttiese over 100 pemde have 
lltUe to do witii doctors. ~ 

, In answer to ttie ^^esticm: "To what do ^xi attribute ytwr 
longevity?", many say they have no ofddra. Some say: "Not; 
worrying". One said: "KeepLng my !u»e out of dlier people's 
bustti^." Anc^t^r said: '/Baven't done any m«ainMS and wmt 
pledy of warm clotI»." I (kw't know about warm ck^ but ac^ 
worrying, Iw^ing out of e^er people's busii^K and not doli^ 
any mauuiKs seems like good suivice for anyone, any a^, 

C^e of tttt best anst^rs comes from a man in Oltnois idio 
said: "l%e Lord isn't r^uiy for me yet, and Oe devil wouMtat 
have me! 

Jiet ttiink many of ttieie peqde faaved lived 6ssU^ ttie ttme 
when s^es were sdd in ttiis country, befwe dectridty was 
arcMud and even before tte mli^ antomdatte v«s apsH ^ 
our life. 

I don't l^w. Is it werttmUle to live to bejL (00? Hm tr^ I 
feel somdlmei 1 (ton't ttiiak ft wodd be a Measi^ I ate not 
too sure ^nne d our over 100 grw^ dn'tfeelbettvaan 
I do. 

The bo(^et bf tiw Soetad^cBrity <a^<H<bkH i^mmnBy- 
mag about bow ma^ <rf (wr erat«»riui tad ^m pitt^lns. 
Lets tejpe DOM d o^ gk^tois lenderi 4»ittne Upd^s 
if ttwy nuke ^ ma^c *^. 

Good plefl TM Is a fri^teni^ nu^A, S«nf WaAi^ton 
"Flock" itei^ad to Uve to be 100 and sttU raB^Nd oa^ 
Job, t^ mvM mean ^y mm sMll be mesdM ttUai m, 
rjiBhknt^ttteeottlrrdlddiMndttirt. ^^r* 


Thurt^y, Jafmory g, ^970 

Vir-glnla Beach Sun 

^Mmiey Expected to Affect A II Phases 

VfomacbB for 1970 In Vir- 
gin^ BWc& are generally good, 
bat U) 9bi|ie ^es, it's going to 
1>e yeaf t6t tightening the purse 
strloi^ and {Mdling in the econ- 
omy belt buckle, 

Ahi n's gdlng to be an in- 
teresting year in politics too. 
Witb ^11 City CouncU seats 
iQ for iprate in June following 
ttie gUin^ Democratic primary in 
April, statewide races in July 
and November are destined to 
take ^jNu^ seat. 

Construction is expected to 
move ahead at a rapid pace, 
wittt fat^els, apartn^ents and 
towib^es far exceeding the 
lagging single-family home 
maitlt. Tight money and hi^ 
Inter^t lUtes continue, but that 
did i|j;|t stop Virginia Bead) 
firom' setting a new record for 
construction on 1969. the total 
figure iras $72,864,114., or about 
$9.3 iQillion over the previous 
record In 1965. _ 

The next city budget will try 
diligently to keep taxes on an 
even keel, and City Manager 
Roger Scott, admits this will be 
difficult, but he says he anti- 
cipates no major new expendi- 

His new reorganization of city 
goverl^nnent will begin in 1970 
and noticeable changes should 
be msule by thil end of the year. 
Most likely there willbealarge 
^ schoqil bond issue in the tall, as 
ttie n^ed for schools continues 
to Bount. Just how large that 
isstt^ will be is the only question 
at present. Then it wilt be left 
to the 1^71 budget td pay for the 

Public improvements areal- 
so taking a back seat in the high 
money market, but may ease 
somewhat by later In the year, 
if fu^ become availatde from 
the state and other sources. 

F(a the most part 1970 should 
be apntinuation of 1869*s caut- 
ious .progress and de^ delving 
into all phas» of city operation 
to pppovlde more efficiency and 

Also in spite or the money 
situtation tiie industry looks 
forward to aiu}ther record year, 
with nearly 1,000 new rooms a- 
vailatite this s u m 91 e r . The 
city's p)lf course will also move 
closer to completion, and the 
dredging in the western branch 
of ttie Lynnhaven River will soon 
provide another boating mecca 

Road projects on Holland 
road, in Kempsville and on 
Shore Drive will be finished 
and will cer&inly ease som'e 
major traffic problems. The 
always eramped General Hosp- 
ital of Virginia Beach will open 
another new wing. The long-a- 
waited vocational-technical 
high school should be started in 
1970, as well as a new home for 
the Little Theatre of Virginia 
Beach. And with luck the city's 
<K)mmunlfy^ college wiU start 
construction in 1970 also. 

New sbol^ing centers are in 
the planidng stages, and others 
are nearing completion, as the 
popuiaticn continues to grow 
and demand new services at a 
record cl^p. The population has 
doubled and redoubled in ttie 
past decade, and as in the game 
of bridge, that has provided 
quite a strain on the players. 

Showing theeconomicJEd curt)s 
mosf clearly is the lack of any 
construction at the City Hall 
Complex, which has seen so 
many new building^ in recent 

And as 1970 is only a week old 
there are a already 37 can- 
didates for City Council, 34 of 
those in the Democratic pri- 
mary. As the GOP meets and 
independents declare the num- 
ber will grow. And no dout)t 
the races will be heated ones. 
, It jboufai.)^ «BQ^r Merest- 
ing year for the World's larg- 
est Resort City, to say the very 
least as the metropolis mov^ 
ever closer to taktog its place 
at the top of the list in Vir- 
ginia size and pop- 
ulation and 1^ influence. 

This is the new Bay side school scheduled for opening in September. 

The GeneralHospltal of Virginia Beach new wing will be finished 
in afew months. 


One of the new resort motels scheduled to open by summer on the 
oceanfront is the high-rise Holiday Inn at 25th Street. *> 

Road construction in Kempsville should ease the congestion there. 

The fong-awaited completion of the foUr-laning of Shore Drive from 
Fo^i Story to Atlantic Avenue is scheduled for completion in 1970. 

The city dredge is working hard in the west- 
ern bran^chpf the Lynnhaven River to clear 
a channel by summer. 

One^thedsm^ierous curves on Holland Road will soon be eliminateil 

by the new road at left. 

Panned - one planned community at Prov- 
idence and Kempsvill^ Roads. 

New homes are under construction at Green Run planned unit de- 
velopment on Holland Road. 

The field in the foreground is the site of the new Pembroke East 
Mall due to be started this spring. 

The city's vocationainecnnicai high^chooi witi rise ontnis sue on 
North Landing Road. 

Photos by: 
Les Lehigh 

Text by: 

H. Joseph LoweiUhH, Jr. 

The city's golf course shows much construction activity as 1970 

^ ■■■■■■■iiimiuiiiiimiiy iwfiim 




■ wnn n nr i nn n 





Thursday, JaiuMiry 8, 1970 

lV>......>..>>#y»«it»it«*t«ttttttAA AAJUUtJt* t«i .t .Mtlt< t «Mtt«>« . Mt tilUttltt tt««>""< *" 

t tttnfifiP**»****"***"'*"*'^ 

Spring Fashions Allow WonnenaChoiceof Role 


"nkert^ nuore dKdce ttao 
ever la £irtiM»Jr«* less eoo- 
teshn. He lodes are<teflidte... 
t|te ^ii% '70 wpman is *'to- 
IMm^, fc^somewbere, 
d^Aif ^nettilnf , eonfiig todc 
SlM^s §mp, ^ terself ; htt vtew 
Is d^r-oit, super-fenbine, 
FMcWiV fur ae« ^teess of 
M^^niiMoD, iie«s<^rMtaiGS 
aad mxe feninine s!ives. 
1^'^ ed^lc, reveUtag in Art 
B009 gerai^rljes or Apache 

Dresses take on "Blithe 
Spriits" in flcmty Noel Coward 
tnidi lengU)s, in fltiny "garden 
party" shirtdresses andshep- 
herd^s locdcs. But even drift- 
ing fabrics hug the body with 
smocking, faggoting and puck- 
ering. Lraiger dresses have 
Ic^ xA top interest with t^ter 
bodices, «sheernMS and diall- 
ing. The "little old lady" dress 
in Uny flcval prints becomes 
a young look this year, while 

FromOriginala for Spring 70. . .a bright 
green coatdress with patch pockets is 
margined In stark white and accented with 
a scarf. A thin white belt zips around the 
waist trimming a siim bodice. 

m^ifs; shI ajoys w^uring dif- 
t§i&A sUH U ngt 118.60^160- 
g^, aKidriniiw the oM with^ 
tt» Mw la a^^ssories/ being 
(^^ttvt, betag free. 

Her moods are many. Ste 
reaves for stri^ read suits, 
for i^en party crepes, for 
^xu^ classic THBhirts, for 
drofHdead f^our. S^ trira 
aldl-^pats with pants aod wldi 
loi^r sUrte; she reaves tte 
demise look; she sets the mood 
wUh blg^taie u:cessories. B\A 
letter sbi daooBes to play 
^m or ingarae, tbe Uxk will 
W a total "lle"M.relevant and 

He s<dt t(weli is on ^ii^ 
10 stapes. Un-c(mstrueted is 
the word, not a harsh texture 
CHT line in si|^ bstead, the 
eKH£structi(» is Ui the tshrie, 
ii leafiMrwi^l^ body-cUogii^ 
katts, io sheer wools, in drift- 
ing orpnzas. The s^qpe is the 
body, wlih turn es^ihaste on the 
oilural tKisom, "No-Bra" is 
almost taken for granted witti 
these new un-constructed 


Tkt wardi^M of lai^iis us 
beoon^ a r«kU^...aiiy look tat 
liilitoi is avaiUUe ior any len- 
1^ f^m mini to maxi. De- 
siipers see the tonger len^ 
t^uMsf into ^tag in ligbt- 
Htf gH liM<s iis (taqr, in |^- 
18^ looks tot after ^ve, in 
all i^rftar uid evoiing o^ts. 

Dresses ei^Mdy tte »rft 
i^M and move hack into tte 
umm apett^ 4Ws ^ing, 
k^^ tte ta# tardear itfi. 
T^ ^mm liwlsv^ur wltt 
mm^ &o4r-Aspttf T-dresses, 

tte bathrobe wrap^ress comes 
around again as a &shi(« class- 

Separates are more "to- 
gether" this sinring, more care- 
fully tbot^^t out. The tocdi is 
classic, imdated in dfitterent 
fabrics; Oie lo(^ of jeiuis and 
T-shirt m endless variations 
goes from day into evo^^ 
Inspiration comes from baby- 
land to battlefields. 

Pants are here to stay, a 
basic look with all the new tops, 
with ubiviitous tunic, P^aats 
come in idAlei^[ths,wittsbwts, 
from Bermuda on uqp, gaining 
momer^m. Watch theBeroi^ 
shorts»Jn for another fuddon 
go-rcKtod as a real "hoi item". 
Below ttie knee "midway^^pnis 
are a new daytime look. Hie 
strati^ leg is the iKwest 1% 
for Spring, but plenty ol flares 
stiU in evidence. G^erally Vhb 
fabric determines the pants- 
shapes....the widest pu& in 
the lightest fabrics, Qecorgtive 
fly closings, rolled ob^ wide 
elastidted waiste and InqnTt- 
ant seaming are details to nrte. 
The Jean locdc goes from day 
into eventog in ftncy fabrics, 
satins and velvets <«: tie-dyed, 
patchwwked aiKl embrdbil^ed. 

Jackets take the short cut 
following tQ> list summer's wet- 
look slickers* llie r etun of the 
battle jad( looios eipially 
great with^loi^ pants imdddrts 
m with shorts. Short jackels 
^« jnist or^.|r* 
bldmed. Long Jadcets foilsf 
tbrilazer route or take a^JW* 
swe^ers in easy cardigan 

It's m surprise, w Mi ttls 
^^ihi^s jppE-^yomelT^^totrther 
tr «)d, die real suit is bidE..„ 
ahd like everything else ttiis 
season, wttb new sex iatorest. 
The all-white "Casal^^uucafV 
lode and the Marlene Dietri<^' 
IdoK are two standouts. The. 
short-sleeved jacket is anoflier 
re«m Irom/ffie forQe5...tbey 
tend to be long and car^taUy 
shaped, over tollored skicts. 
Shirt jadcets and long cardigan 
s h a p e s are more relaxed, Iwt- 

m, uA %^a 6^ l0(*s, 
■^■r bMNM newlv finniidiw 

to litntlnr *^V* ^^^ ^ 

Ooing soft — in Celara knits of Celanese 
Acetate. College Town (Pant-Her Divi- 
sion), combines a junlpsult in a mini-rib 
with long, sleeveless coat In striped dou- 
ble knit of C e I a n e s e Fortrel polyester. 
Jumpsuit in new neutral called beeswax, 
coat in brown with beeswax strlpfng. 

toned or sashedover low pliMted 

Maxi or MiiU? That is ttie 
question in the cowtnark^ For 
daytime, ttie Midi seems to be 
wlnib^ Thot^ ilie liaxi took 
the sp(^(^thispa8tFaU« most 
designers fed the Midi, viUbi 
mcnre praotlcal £oir Sj^rtog. ft's 
b^bq; shown mostly iriBi jpaite 
or iidfli shorter skirt for era- 
trast. Hie Maxi is «m mwe 
of a basic than a ISul and win 
als9 continue tbrqii||^%nii%&i 
all-wMiiiMr coah^ or- even^ 

Cardigans wtU be Qie moat 
vopvkx coat daype, in naiiraw 
sw^vtor tools. The robe «Mt, 
fh^ high sraaU fitting coat, ttai 
Um and Qares, and the short 
teitt-Uke raincoat are xjtha 
choices wiQiin readu Notice 
fewer collars. 

The poncho CTiMtes c(nr«r^ 
exdteiaeot ti^ ieiuMa i^ Ai- 
siinen t^hipt 8ds jnootti trend to 
high fiiUoB. It goes loroialas 
a sheer veil-like cov«r-up,or 
casual In fringed wool orer 

ChooM yonr r(de^.evrainii 
are solt, wucHi^nictedaod tmr 
gUe or dnv-dead i^amoroosr 
Eiflier wa:^ ttelrfll^ptdiveBds 
(m yoan. Sb»& cUOiHii btoose 
low OB tte hip or U^ on U» 
bodice wifli no ^gn xtf mktm 
eeratfvottin. iMg idUkievfln* 
jag tateiL wtth no (bffls. and' 
taok-ti9 crepes eome<»80130|^ 
Itore's grei^ ejqposoreinhatli- 
taig-toit tops, hUtir necks tmd 
8tnq» ndbiing across ban 

eaotte je«el-euQlBe$ priniB, 
"Justine" oftans, or Apa<W 
Seminole Inqilrtation. 

Evening pmto are softer, less 
ObvioDB ttd have taken thdr 
pmsM^ ]d«s..JKL JflOgBr the 
raised eyctffows iriMu m&,.joa 
tile waytobecipming a "Class- 
ic". Hm focu^ is on the long 
floi^ overibirts ol- sheer nidi- 
er is tte eveni^ skirt, paired 
witti selUy eon#aeted ^irts. 

■ ■ X " ■ ■ 

F^ic is everytbingiUB 
i^ii«, draping andsbaidngus 
the new soft looks. Knits ding 
on into ttie YCs with new fiues, 
new textures, new blends, 
feather-weight sjnthetics, 
sheer tadte and nidM9y bondes. 

l^ieer wools, silk Jersey and 
milined gabardines are otter 
cUq;«re. Wool show a ^w, 
super-soft fitce. The old favor- 
ites — rasdiels, biirhq>» text- 
ured crepeandcrodtot-lm^-- 
ct«ite nev surface interest. 
C(rftoia show new fiices witti 
clo<pie texture, fibbing and 
silk-lite polyester lAeods. 
Evening fabrics are senraoos, 
body-coBscimB; crepe de chin- 
es, organaa, pongee, diiffon, 
fluid crepes and matte Jers^, 

Patterns keep bdsy in tiqr 
geometric prii^, in Art Deco 
influences and in "old lady" 
florals, flasUi^ bade to ttte 
tiiirties. The Far East influe- 
nce dwws up in "Ming vue" 
prints, in firecracker colors cm 
bladE backpotmds. Co-ordinat- 
ed compaaiffli patterns, Itedian^ 
influences and updUUed pi^ch- 
work are (rfher nei» to ^i^ 

Pastels bloom to dusky gard- 
en tills Spring, b^»somli« to 
soft "powdered" pales and 
ftinky greyed tones. Ulac, iwi- 
ve, shrill, aUiaster and grey 
are flie Ug colors. Hardy p«r- 
ennials reton: red, w^ and 
navy. BrUliut blooms: eltnis 
green, smuy ^Uow, lacqo«r 

A whde gamut (rf lodes and 
Iei^ti»...^ttrs forthechoos- 
ii^ ft*s ttM tiiM to r^ 00^ 
exi«rimaL tif mw ttl^, en- 
Joy the nft Iwlidne qirit of 
^fag '^....dont limit rm- 
sdC to one lnM« a dual 
P«soaaU^« FttUon shows yoa 


A. S. Costucnes Ltd., a division of the Abe 
Schrader Corp., used Trevira polyester 
knit for this enchanting dotted dress and 
jacket costume in blacJic^atwltWhite ,with|..a 
paie lime scarf tie. 

A refreshing streak 
of white re-embroid- 
ered cot|on lace lined 
with nude from the 
Caryte collection. 

By Curolyn McAHsn; 

Tkmk Goodness 

I dont 
last one 

Go the minimum length in this delight 
from London Fog's Junior Line. Shaped 
anjd single-breasted with clover leaf col- 
lar, saddle stitching and contrast conver- 
tible leatherette belt and buckle. The 
wash-wear Commodore Cloth elastlque 
twill (50% polyester-50% combed cotton) 
and full harmony if ntng (80% polyester- 
20% cotton)areexclusively LONDON FOG. 

Extension Agent to Speak 

Miss Wanda Ferrell, an Ex- 
tension A^tf to home ecnwm- 
ics at Virginto IH^^rtoefatoe to- 
stt^, wUl be gin^ speaker 
at tte llr^ meeting ctftttt new 
jmi of tte Womtt's Chi^ <rf 
Chen^iHdce ^idu 

He ttm^M meeiiQg will 
be a| Store I^ive Urn on Toes- 
(feiy, Am. 11. IU» Ferrtil's 
to]^e «ffl be "The Un<^a^e- 
alAe Taarions and Atx^ptame 
of llitafi Joday.'f The Borne 
Ltti I^wte^ mtto tte 
irf Mrs. H. M. 

Rieley, will present toe pro- 

Tlw CoMicU of "Garden Clds 
of Virgtoto B^^ toe wffl 
nmit at 10 a.ffl. Wedm^by, 
Jan. 14 ai Thalia Unltwt Mett- 
odtot Cburdu 

R. F. Branich ot ttc Paite 
9M Recr^iw De^trtm^wtU 
dMolbe i^tt for ttw p^o 
Hri 1^ ftomrj^eMrre^MA 
fr#te ^tddisbed to Redwtog 

For Schools 

ttiink I could stand anotiier "kmg" ved^idiThe 
was almost too mudu ft was tiie first time stoce 
I have been wwktog that I Bad i^ur strait days off. 


lUngs got off to a bad start when I had to get up early 
FrtOay to fix l^rrakfast for my In^iand so he ooold eat to 
work. 1 let tiie dog out and turned cm tiie I^ to ttie fish 
tank— and discovered tiiat ttie dog luid otteo ill ttie fisb food. 

By 8 a.m. ttie brats w^re all bored, and U was too e4rly to 
turn tiiem loose on tiie neighbors. So we decided ti work 
"daddy's" new rounl puzzle he had g(^en for CUistnias. 
Ever try to votk a round imule? T^'re maddedng. Be- 
sides, ttito one was a copy of a Chinise porcelato^i^. Tbe 
whole tiiiidc is Uue and green. 

After t^vtog up on ttiat, ttie sevra-year-old suggested tint 
we eat lunch. It was only 9:30. 

So the eight -hear-old decided to try out ter new cocridMiok. 
She lo^ IMerest tost wboi she found Mt ste hid to let ttie 
margartoe s<^en befbre she amid make coddes. to tocL 
the margarine was stm sitting to a bowl fbur houri latm 

"Ut's go to flie roller rink." 

"Ymi cton't kiM)w tu>w to dote." 

"Why can't we watch tv?" 

"There's nottiiag for children to watch now. Wlai Inppai- 
«itoall your Chrtotmas tc^?" 

"We're tired of ttiem." 

to d«perati(» w all w«rt grocery shqi^^ so 1 woohtot 
have-to go Saturcby. That was a mistake. Ftortw« had, « finir-^ 
way fliJit over who was going to pish ttie cart. I wrtu Then 
fliere mm a fi^ between ttM girls ore whomsii^to 
watch tti^ to(Aher to ttie store. We lidded itwiMUtoke 
botti of ^m. That was greiA urtU wetettottewmftugtytoc 
oat iMsap slm^a. t finally steeed ttrai away i^^ 
began giving me dirty lo^ over tt^r bw&. 

B took three btnin to b^ a we^s g»>e»les. Ilw Uaei 
were torttde, b(^ for pt^urles and ptmtsts^am, W« ttil 
home ^ k) ttne to worry dmnt s^ipe. 1^ iMi-yaar-dd 
virtatteerfld to oMke Mwate. There r^» ims Mq^ to 
be fto M Irfscnlte. Oie p^sev^ FU tty one ^ngMte^wwe 

,J^uZ ^^^ ^ ^^* to *^ toandteUmel 
loetadteed. ';why (Mn*t yon git Mme reM toftv?" 

Thai* goodn^s stAocd fHsfimsA Ifaad^. 

wrgdqy, ^tamwry 8, 1970 

Vlrginjq Beach Sun 

* * W<l> tf ■^ IBUlll*'* ' ■" -"S 

ama Has Homework Too 

"Every woman who can should 
go back to school after a fev 
years of marriap." Mrs. Al- 
bert Grimes of 84fli street 
practices what she preaches 
as a full-time stt^ent at Old 
Dominion University. 

Mrs. Grimes is Ae motta* 
of two children, Sfaiart (11' 
and All}ert (8), and best frie&i 
tQ a cockw spaniel, FrecU^ 
She is quite active In tiM com- 
munity as past-president and 
active member of ttie VirgiQia 
deach- princess Amie Junior 
Woman's Club. She is also 
Assistant Junior IMrector of 
tt« tUewater District Feder- 
tHon of Women's Clubs. 

. llr^jJlrimes is not new to the 
l^e ol a eOUege student. Before 
9^f9& married she attended 
BoUiins College for two years 
ind last year she was a part* 
ttme student at Virginia Wes- 

This year she is taking five 
fti»demie courses - EooaomicSp 
i^ vdA U>cal G(»f£Bmeitf» 
IL S. Diplomatic 1teUttions» 
C|mmunity and Personal Healtti 
aimPrinc^les of Secondary 
E^iktlon - plus ballet. 

/"t find it so mudi easier 
\k ^bidy now. But I coukhit 
do, it without my family. They 
larire bf^jnQi)d0rfUii-And-a& 

Chili Is Made for Football 

i»i . 

iMrs. Grimes, has a 99% in 
Eooapmics. Ilie first time she 
s^red j>erfedly on a Ustory 
t^ her husband broitfl^ her 
a iold pa^uld pencil set as 
a f eward. 

ghe loves to make clothes 
for^^ herself and her daui^r 
as , well as cook for her fam- 
ily^ But she has found it dif- 
ficiMlt to ke^ up family life 
pli^ lu»asework plus studying. 
"Irs also inrd to ^ve up iny 

^er daughter Stuart has her 
own ideas. "I'm not sure I 

Mrs. Grimes can take 
part ^ her "*liel#fu4^ 

like it. She has to work so 
hard. She has so many bodes!" 

Mrs. Grimes is working^for 
a degree insecondary e^cation. 
She must ttave one m<ae year 
after tids to fill all her ed- 
ucation requireihente. Unfor- 
tunalely, she lost almost a year 
of credits when She started 
back. . 

Althou^ she finds it easier 
to study, Mrs. Grimes is sur- 
pi ised by the quantity of work 
she has. "I stwiied tord at 

some time off with 
fam44y7-- Mbert^nd 

Holllns but hot nearly as hard 
as now." 

She is impressed with the 
students as hard-working, stu- 
dious, clean-cut and polite. "I 
think the mood of today's stu- 
dent and campus is good." 

Anyway, Mrs. Grimes' mood 
is great. 

Series Planned 

A course in Parliameirtary 
Procedure and Practice will 
be conducted by Mrs. George 
Overby, MatiooaL Association 
of Parliamentarians Registered 
ProfessifMial Parliamentarian 
in the Fri^iidship Rooi^ Nor- 
folk Federal Savhigs aqd Loan 
Afsdciation, Wards Comer. 

Mrs. Overbr W pr«iM«»%l^ 
the Norfblk Gaveliers Unit of 
the National Assoclatito of Par- 
liamentarians. This: will be an 
ei|^t-we^ course to begin Jan^ 
16. Ai]yone interested in taking 
this course should contact Mrs. 
Oyerl^^t 5M-7282^ifter $p^ 

Phibbmt Offken' Wio€$ 

A (Ur FashionShowpresented 
by Lowenthal will be ttie 
program when the Phlblant Of- 
ficers* Wives Club meet for a 
iuac£eon at the Little Creek 
Officers' Club on Jan.i4. 

Social Hour will begin at 

Notice the Citco station at 
Princess Anne Plaza. It his 
recei^y t>een rebuilt and added 
to. The prc^erty is now a model 
in good desi^ and modern con- 

There are several things 
about this Citco station worth 
noticing. Air^eceKirriips 
are incorporated in one large, 
segmeirt of the firontar«u Thus, 
pertinent information about new 
services fs together in onespot 
instead of a hodge podge of 
little signs placed all over the 
lot. Another improvement is a 
new type of ^ove lifting ttiat 
gives a bright but not ^arhig 
effect, lliese new ideas vp^al 
to the public— the busiiiesis is 
really thrivtag. 

Notice, too, the spotless ap- 
pearance fA thepr(^rty. There 
is no trash anywhere^Hteland- 
scapii% is excellent; the shrubs 
are well chosen, and several 
small tr^s add^ig^ty. Hiere 
is no u0y "back area"; the 
rear of the station is also 
landscaped. This is a smart 
idea because the "back" of 

the property becomes the 
"front" when you spot Citco 
from the Virginia Beach- Nor- 
folk Expressway. 

There wlUbe something more 
to notice about this Citco station 
next spring when the Princess 
Anne Plaza Garden Club starts 
its project to plant seasonal 
flowers around the building, 

"Beauty Is good business." 


The December meeting of the 
Kempsville Garden Club was 
held in the honie of Mrs. J. W. 
Moore. The theme of the ex- 
hibits was "Ring in the New", a 
table or buffet arrangement 
suitable for New Years. 

Blue ribbons were awarded 
to Mrs. C. A. Bamforth, Mrs. 
Moore, Mrs. W. A. Stalllngs, 
Mrs. P. W. Fogle and Mrs, 
H. R. Mc Cord. A blue ribbon 
for horticulture was given to 
Mrs. Fogle. 

Cotton corduroy now 
com^ in ribless versions. 

This month, as the world Itec 
quietly In the dead of winter, 
your touse may resound with 
bloodcurdling yells. Now is Iht 
peak of the foptl^il season ud^^ 
that may mean gangs of nwn 
Joining your husband in front 
of Uie television. SoiAthow it 
seems twice as excitir^ when 
all the ^mchalr Joe Namatto 
get togeUier. 

An afternoon of football and 
friendship is one of the happiest 
of weekend happenings. But 
football is a sport which works- 
up manly appetites, even If 
the appetites are whetted while 
they're sitting in armchairs. 
You may l>e stuck for some 
good hearty fare for your team, 
and this Quickie Chill is made 
to order for the afternoon hos- 
tess. Mix all its wonderful In- 
gredients long before the kick- 
off. Then leave It on the back 
of the stove and at half time 
simply fill up the bowls. 

(Xir Quickie Chill uses 
the good things: browned beef 
and kidneybeans^vith condensed 
tomato soi^ , and an envelope 
of something really handy— 
Lawry's Chili Seasoning Mix. 
Coffee is the subtle embellish- 
ment. Together they make a 
taste combination that's sure to 

To complete the menu, serve 
good-sized hunks of cornbread 
and slices of cheeses likeMun- 
ster and Canadian cheddar with 
crisp aisles. Coffee, freshly 

Coffeean() chili scorewith armchair Quar- 

brewed, hot and fragrant, should 
be served Jn man-sized mugs, 
easily haiodled by any aspiring 


1 lb. ground beef 

Vegetable oil 
1 can (10 3/4 oz.) condensed 

tomato soiQ) 

1 cm fleshly brewed eoifee 
1 eqvelope (1 S/8 oO Umrfs 

Chili Se8S(»dng Mix 
1 can (1 lb,) red kidney beans 

In large skUlet, brown b^ 
in oU until crumbly. Add tom^ 
soup, coffee and chili nix; mix 
thoroughly. Cotdc sloiMy for 10 
minutes. Addkhineyb^ais;oook 
tti^ beans are hotted throi^ 


The Linkhorhr Park Garden 
Club met informally at a coffee 
last week at the Golf Ranch 
Motel and learned ttiat the gold 
ribbon for the best decoraSied 
doorway during the Christmas 
season was awarded to Mrs. 
P. C. Hartman 45th %-eet. Mrs. 
Hartman was presented a silver 
bowl by the second vice-presi- 
dent, Mrs. J. James Davis. 

Mrs. James Kontapanos, lArs. 
George Vako& Mrs, Jade 
Harvey, Mrs. WiUiam PhUUpi, 
Mrs. H.WadellWatersandlbs. 
R. K. Molloy. 

The Bti> viU observe its an- 
nual HtBbands' Nigitf Valeotbie 
Buffet at 7 p. m. Feb. 6 at tte 
home (rf Mrs. F. B. WUhoU. 

The valentine arrai%eia«3te 
thrcHighmit the home wlU be 
Judged by tte m^u 

,W^w Year's celebrants watch theilo or show aLtheJfl^hlie Sands. The 
scene w^s the same at clubs throughout Virginia Beach. 

11 a.m and luncheon at noon. 

--- -1 '— 

Reservations may be made 
through key callers. Free Nur- 
sery fticilities will be provfiied 
at the Protestot Sunday Sdiool 
Bldg. on 6th Street, Amphibious 

^ Mr. and Mrs. Purvis. 

AA/afB-Eurvis Wedding 

ms, flazemt; War« <A Vir- 
ginia Beach and Grace Wesley 
Purvis of Norfolk were mar- 
ried at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 18 at' 
the home of Us. and Mrs. 
Charles Bart<»i with the Rev. 
"fii^hard Woodard officiating. 

Mrs. Purvis wa? given in 
marriage l^ her son, Jos^ 
S. Ward, Jr. 

Mrs. Annetta Barton was her 
mother's matron of honor. Ben 
Bade was best man. 

Following a reception, the 
couple left on a wedding trip 
to Florida. They are living in 

he only 
cure for some 
birthdays is a 


hwe\tr$ cmd Silversmithj 

)JOI Atlantic Avcmm 

229 Onnby Smtt 



^teom to Sew the ProfeteUmai W^-^ 
Biehop Method Sewing SchooU 
Vot Beoeh' iHomidon - N^wpoHN^oo - 

New Spring Cimeee Storting Jan. 12th 
Penonal Fating and Pattern Making 
Small CUuiet - Individnai Attention 

10 weekly leteone • 20 haan • $20.00 

For Information and Regtotratkn 

eaU: Mre. Mabel Twiford, Dtrwtor 
425-5266 428-6797 



S^rve a hearty luncheon of 
Oriental scrand>led eggs to ttie 
youagedera coming home from 
school. Add a cup of weU- 
drtoed La Choy bean sproids 
and a, lalf cup of grated cheese 
to the eggs. Just before eggs are 
set. Cheese helps make this 
quit^ protein dish more sub- 
stantial, wUle the bean ^outs 
1^ ^^ising teidure. 







KJOOI* aOolt 



Dainty ruffled lace 



Calypso sleeves andl hem. 



k Mott. -&t 10 A.M. -6 RM. 

7 7i 


^ Mob. & Fri. 10 AM - P.M. 



cT^^^ »«« HftU 


> flHp^^H 3133 Va. Bm^ BM. 





Holf- Yearly 

Thousands of pain of wobseii't Waam 
in the newest stste ooloa waA su^ 
rials in dress, caraal and «fcad»d )»d& 
^E^endoiis selection and lizo langa. 

WMiM^itaafHfi,fftall,Drait 4 tl«to<Miil i 

$iL97 $097 



Values To $1BJOO 

Womm'aPampui iMn* in Draw. Uedmi 



Good taate needn't be expensive. 
Our beautiful Flower Wedding line 
proves this with the most exquisite 
papers, type fac« and workmanship 
you could wish for! It features fenutne 
hami-crafted Copperplate Engraving 
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costing so little! Come see our unusud 
•elMtton-one perfect for you! 

r Call 42#-2401 

• ■iiiilllBn • 


r ^ ^ 




Vrrgijilg Beach Sun 

Thurs<tay, Jarajarv 8. \970_ 

W$9k HHay Brlnf Surprises 

As ttie Ei^ra District B&- 
ketball r«»l»i^totelcestaape 
fDUovlng tin Cbrfstmas break, 
tbe leaders aad tbe expected 
leaders lave provMed Uttle 
surprise, m^ ttrnt is std}|ect 
to diange wlttiiB the next week. 

Tbe five t(q> teuEus in ttie 
District saw action against Vir- 
Kt^ BMch teams Tu^day 
nl^ Four won» and (me lost. 
The wins went to Prtaicess Anne» 
CcBc^ Bodcer T. and Maury. 
CUy Ncanrlew lost, and that 
was eh»e, 

Nwrvltw makes tnoUier s^ 
To^dayai^anst Kellun. Bocdcer 
T. meets another Virginia 
Bead^ t^Ai, First Colonial, 

Btrt ttiel)^ game in the coming 
week will be the clash l)etween 
Prini^ss Aue and Cox nejd 
Tves^y evening. This will 
mark^ tte se(»nd meeting of 
the tw) teams aiMl ttie areas 
two ti^ scoring leaders, Ricky 
MichwiMn and Keith Soddtith. 
PA w(mjhe first one narrowly, 
iHit tttit vras not a conference 
tilt. The one Tue«Iay is, and , 
will coiutf in tbe stancUngs. 



Lidia KhkhaiR WNlerstands 

Ml of a sudden ^u might 
feel you're changing-not a 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edg^, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkhftm 

A long. time ago, when 
ladies MuMn't be as frank as 
we can today, lydia Pinkham 
recc^nized the problem and 
set about finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was ot>v'iousty a 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a remedy. She developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
women she knew. Because it 
ii a nj^ural answer to your 
iiaU)||R piiMenHbit can tucn 

Tu@day night Ifichaelsen 
dumped in 35 points te> cooie 
firom tiebind in the fourtti quar- 
ter andwhipadeterminedCraO' 
by five, 73-62. Micbaelsen went 
in to tiw game with a 40.7 
average, but bis 35 pofats a- 
gainst the Comets dropped tbat 
average by nearly a point. Ttie 
Cavaliers, however, remain un- 
beaten in seven outings. Friday 
night the Cavaliers meert First 

Cox's Sudduth scored 23 
points Tuesday night against 
Norview to break the coveted 
1,000 points in his career. Nor-: 
view got a late start in tbe 
season and had only played 
tw& games prior to meeting 
Cm. The Pilot five had won 
botii of those first butin^ de- 
cisively, and sports liuH^ were 
beginning to sit up and ^e 
notice. That notice is bound 
to continue, in spite of tbe 
75-73 loss to Cox. Cox meets 
Lake Taylor Friday nie^t. 

Rob Ebron of Bogkcr T. t jro p- 
ped in 42 points Tuesday nipit 
against Kellam in the 80^51 
victory Dver tteCblefS. Kemps- 
ville was far outcUussed in Oie 
match that a confident relai^d 
Booker T. team won easily. 
Kempsville takes on Bayside 
Friday nl^t and Norfolk Cath- 
olic Tuesday night. 

Maury romped over the Kel- 
lam Knigbts Tuesday night, 113- 

67, as five Commodores scored 
in (toiAile flares. Charlie Carr 
has tbe mc^t, 22. The Knights 
put on a rally in the second 
qtnrter and outscored the Com- 
modores, but that did not last. 
The larger, moire e3q)erlenced 
team went on to an easy win. 
Kellam plaj^ Barry Robinson 
Friday night before the Tuesday 
game with Nor view. 

In the only other game Tues- 
day night involving a Tirginia 
Beach team Lake Taylor out- 
distanced First Colonfal 68-59, 
with the Patriots seeming to 
run out of steam in the fourth 
quarter. First Colonial meets 
Princess Anne Friday night 
before next Wednesday's meet- 
ing with Booker T. 

This Wednesday night Bay- 
side took its winless streak 
that extended over three sea- 
sons to the courts against Deep 
Creek, another loser. While 
Bayside had lost 32 in a row, 
the Hornets had dropped 36 of 
the last 41. 

Bayside has beendolngbetter 
in track. Jimmy Witt set one 
record ami tied another tor the 
Marlins Monday in a meet a- 
gainst Booker T., won by the 
Marlins, 74-43. In other meets 
First Colonial literally outran 
Princess Anne 90-29, ami Kel- 
lam won another lopsided vic- 
tory over Granby, 92-25, 

Sellout Crowd Apjilauils Sportsitien 

The Virginia Beach Sports 
Club presented its 18tb amiual 
Jamboree In customary grand 
style Monday night at the Fort 
Story Officers Club. 

A sellout crowd applauded the 
presentation of awar(te, no^Med 

Carl Summerell Signed 

Try, Lydia Pinkham's root 
^Mfmbtmmdijf^to tiefp-you 
"^feel better, more tike yourself. 

LyiUff J|.IHiikliMn 


Kellam High School football 
star Carl Summerell has sijf^ed 
with Wofford College for next 
SNuson. Jim Brakefleld, Wof- 
ford head coach sipied Sum- 
merell to a grant-ln-fdd. 

The college only awards four 
or five grants a year. "When 
we sign a boy he has to be 
good and he has to {day Im- 
mediately." said Br^kefield. 
Wofford finished the season 9-2, 

Summerell was seventh in 
pass completion with 67 of 146 
throws completed successfully 
for 921 yards and 12 toudi- 
downs. He was also ninth in 


the area in total offense with 
1,049 yartb. 

Next wason at Wofford, Sum- 
merell will back up their senior 
quarter back. Brakefield ex- 
pects him to be in the starting 
linetq) as a sophomore. 

At Kellam be played only one 
year as quarterback. He also 
played reserve defensive back 
and starting defensive badc- 

Sammerell's passing skill 
brougbt him to Wofford's at- 
tention but Brakefield exjwets 
him to be a running threat as 

iiiiinam»a»mm»»»inni l 


J. L.' Ogden 

State Game Warden 

This past deer season in 
Tidewater was better than the 
previous year. There were 23 
bucks taken In Virginia Beach 
compared to 21 last year, while 
Chesapeake had a kiU of 218 
to last year's 201. The number 
killed in the swamp portion of 
Nansemond County will not be 
known for some time, but is 
beMeved to be higher than last 

There were also three bears 
killed in the swamp this year, 
are seeing plenty of deer but 
all seem to be does. In the 
coming seasons the kill should 
be a steady increase because 
the does which were harvested 
before are now left to pro- 
duce offspring. The second 
breeding usually produces 
twins, and each bffeedingthere- 
after until she has some age 
on her. So when a hunter kills 
a doe, you can say he has killed 
three with one shot. 

If there is a plentiful siq^y 
of dora, then a percentage 
sb(Mild be killed to keep tte 
benl from qver browsli^ and 
also to control infection and 

WUdlife is like a large for- 
est. A certain amouirt can be 
taken safely, but if a forei^ 
is overout, it takes a Icmg 
time before it c^ be cut agidn. 
This has been so with tti^deer 
herd in tbe swamp. The kill 
in Chesapeake alone went as 
Ugh as 1^, JMit dQ«5 were 
legal game, and the herd was 
almost wiped out. Only time 
and the deer can correct &is 

ed that next ymx his Tlg^s 
will play Notre Dame in &)utb 
Bend for tte first meeting of toe 
two teams. 

The emcee was again Cajim 
story teller Justin Wilson who 
smoothly b^led his chor^, 
then lamcbed into an oitirefy 
different set of sto*ies ii-om 
ttie on^ he told last year in 
the same role. 

The coveted Sportsman of the 
Year award was given to 


appreciatelvely at the remarks 
of the gu^t. speaker and laugh- 
ed Xovig and hard at the tales of 
toe emcee, t 

Charlie M<£lend(m, bead 
foothaU c(Mich at Louisiana State 
University, was toe principal 
speaker of toe evening. He de- 
plored toe present rating sy" 
stem of teams, said pollsters 
irked him, said he did favor a 
college playoff and attempted to 
e^lain why LSU was not invited 
to partlcii»te In,a major post- 
sMSon bowl game, after finish- 
•4ng wito a 9-1 record. 

The flamboyant coach, part of 
strategy Is to useas manyidi^- 
ers as possible in a i^e, 
admitted be was miffed ai not 
being in a bowl game. He add- 

Beacb's Ou^tanding city hi{^ 
school fiK^Mll piayer to Pete 
Striffler of Cox hl^J sclwoU Be- 
sides his fine two-way perfor- 
mance on toe football fitSA 
Striffler is an "A" shrfent. 

The award for toe CMitetend- 
Ing Cm.&L in Vir^ia Bach 
went to Cox head l^k^ball 
coach Sttard Holland Jr., whose 
team record is 93-53. He has 
had only one losingseason,and 
toat (ame in Cox's Itret y^r in 
Gro»v 1-vA competition. 

The Outstanding Athlete from 
Tidewater award went to Carl 
Ragland, Jr., an ODU civil «i- 
gineerlng student. Tills Is toe 
first time toe award ha& beoi 

not itf^ert, TTie UniveM^ ol 
Riehmrtd All-Ameriian split 
end was ^ed for his fine work 
15 a lass receiver. The twwd 
was acc<^ed by Frai* Soden, 
sports Inlormatton dire^or ol 
toe coUege, GlUette is prepar- 
ing for ttls we^s Hula BowU 

Jav^ees jnr^dent WUlIam 
^^erd pr^^tedtoeL.Cur- 
tfs Hall, Jr. Memorial Trophy a- 
ward to Keito SuAhith of Cox 
High SchooL The award, pre- 
sented annually in memory of 
Dr. toll who was stricken with 
cancer am! died to 1965 at toe 
age of 31, reoopiaes athlatie, 
ability combined wito acadamle 
excellence. Sudduto has *i "A" 
avenge and has excdled in 
football, track and espectolty 

Oirtgoii^ presideot (tfihecltii 
Riduird Klii» relio^MMd toe 
^vel to toe new president, Al 
Wilson, at the JambQree. 


Leonard Dombrowski. who has 
spent most of his five years in 

Virginia Beach promoting 
sporte to children. He has been 
highly active in Little League 
and otoer ccacblng work. 

George F, Darden, Jr. re- 
ceived toe Josei^ Healy Mem- 
orial Award, given to the out- 
standing sports club member. 
Darden was cited for untirfhg 
work during toe year. 

CMber awards were also ixre- 
sented to at toe all-stag steak 
dinner affair. 

Tbe award for Virginia 

20% mm^ Mm fwitai 1 iipilr 



ACC Games 

Forum Backs Center 

By Nancy Chevalier 

WTAR RADIO is broadcast- 
tog Atlantic Coasft Ccmference 
Indcetotll games leacbSahirday 
ni^t. According to Jack B. 
Prtoce, vice president andgen- 
endi manager. 


fo all holders of Mutual Federal 


You may now have the earnings on your savings certificate credited di- 
rectly to your account and left with the Association to compound at the 
rate currently being paid. This will result in increasing the earnings 
on your certificate account from 5.25% to 5.35% per annum at our 
present rate. 

Recent regulations also make it possible for yoL 'o add to your Savings 
Certificate account at anytime in the amount of $1000. and upward in 
multiples of $100. Ple?se call our Savings Department if you have any 
questions about theoe new provisions. 

$ IHePirincessAhnHl^Sc^lbal 
student Co-operative Associat- 
ion took part to tke latest youto 
forum; '.'We have no place to 
gb, nothing to do." was the cry 
of stttd^rts at toe secwid youto 

Teenaprs" ianprg Tn aga 
from 15 to 18 have no place 
to call toeir own. It Is toe hope 
of toe studente who attended 
tols meettog to start legislation 
movli% to grant land and mater- 
ials tor building a youto center, 
— "■•'Don't worry about trans- 
portation, we'll get toere," said 
Pam Lehnve, representative of 
Kellam High School while ad- 
dressing Mayor Frank Dusch. 
Mayor Dusch was discussing the 
money problems in getttog toe 
teens to toe center. 

A r^resentatlve from Prin- 
cess Anne brought out tbe fiict 
that toe students would like to 
help build the center and toen 
have toe auttrority to supervise 
It after it opened. 

Mr, Co(^, associatedwito 
STOEj said that many youto 
centers using s tud ent super- 
vision that he knew of were 
successful in their endeavors. 

Also present at toe meeting 
were Walter Carroll, director 
of secondary education, and 
Paul Peter, advisor of toe Youto 
Forum. The next meeting will 
be held Jan. 8, in the Hospital- 
ity House. 

The Sadie Hawkins Dpice, 
spcmsorfejl ^ ^ Stud«^ db-^ 
operafivK ^odBltioii, wilF br' 
held on Satorday, Jan. 10. A- 
long wito tbe toeme of Sadie 
Hawkins, girls must ask toe 
l>oy8 and toe dress will be of 
Dogpatdi, UJS.A. 
_ Recently Navy WlUlams and 
Ron Hawkins were crowned 
Queen and King of tbe Candy 
Cane Ball held in toe Prtacess 
Amie gym. Tbe dance was spon- 
sored by toeinter-ClubCoundl. 
Ace of Spades was toe featored 

Rev. Gimenez 
To Be Speaker 

R^v. J(^ GImenez, director 
of Proclaim, will speak at Vir- 
ginia Wesleyan College on Jan. 
13 at 11 a.m. for the regular 
chapel program. 

Sudduth. ..and emcee 

given to a wrestler, but Al 
Rothenberg, who presented toe 
awards, pointed out toat Ragland 
was truly a remarkable athlete, 
winntog 82 of his matdies In 
high school against six l(»ses 
and con$Iling a 97-8 record 
in colieij^. Re is also nation- 
ally ranked-to4be NCAA.- 

The Outstai^ng Virginia 
college footl»ll player award 
went to Walker GiHette, who was 


Otoer new officers are; fUllt 
vice president. Claries Hayes; 
seemd vtee presictei^ Robot 
Wbitley; secretary, Gein-ge 
Darden; ti^asurer, James 
tJorry; and sergetot-atrarms, 
H. P. L«tfy.' 


Gnftiri Will 2ihl Tbimi^ 

The Aiiu*lbIous Force At- 
laiiic Gators won toeir second 
basketball tournament of toe 
season last week by beating toe 
Stdsotrtoft J:orce Atlantic, tS- 
90, to toe final game of toe 
first annual PhlbLant New 
Year's Tournament, 

PhlbLant's victory over Sub- 
Lant was toe Q^r*s second 
win over toe Sea Raiders tois 
season, and revenged an upset 
loss to Stfl)Lant earlier this 
monto to a third-plaee battle 
in PhlbLant's Holiday Tourn- 
ament here. Tbe Gators also 
won toe West Virginia Tedi 
Warm-iq> Tournament to Nov- 

Chesapeake Colle^ won toird 
place here last night by whip- 
ping Eastern Baptist College 

of St. David's, Pa., wito l2 
potots to toe last three min^ 

The All-Tournament berjjhs 
voted to PhlbLant players by 
toe four oiacbes Indicated toe 
Gators' dominance to toeir in^mi 
tournament, which was watdied 
by nearly 2,000 fans eachniglit. 

AH Ibumament team mem- 
bers are 6-6 Bill Rowsef^Pl^ 
Lant; 6-3 Charles Hatcjier, 
Phlblant; 5-10 Rick Owens, 
PhibLantf 6-4 Ed WUsoo, East- 
em Bai:^; and 6-1 Earl 
Brown, Cbess4>eake, Brown (Mso 
reaped scoring honors by net- 
ting 74 points. 

Caning night ai^n saw 
PhlbLant beat Ch^apeake 114- 
96, and SubLant b^t Eastern 
Baptist 114-84. 

Commencement Plans Begin ney^lrtt^^oSSn^ 

Beckley College reported toe 

The Marshal of the Com- 
mencement Exercises will be 
Robert E. Tucker, assistant 
professor of history and a re- 
tired Army colonel. He has 
served In a slmHar capacity 
whUe teacUng at toe Univer- 
sity of Kentocky and at one time 
served as secretary of toe 
Armed Forces Staff College to 

This will be Wesleyan's first 
graduating class and college 
officials e:q}ect approximately 
35-40 graduates. 

Virginia Wesleyan College 
has token a first step in plan- 
ning for toe college's first com- 
mencement exercises on June 

A committee of three faculty 
members, toree students and 
toree members of .toe admini- 
stration has been selected and 
a Faculty Marshal has been 

Eagles were grounded 1^ 30 
inches of West Virginia snow. 

Galilee Elects 
Vestry Memters 


Swfff«r Many TroubiM 

After 21, common Kidney or Bladder 
Irriutioni affect twice as many women 
at men and may make you time and 
nervous from too frequent, bui^nins or 
dchint urination both day and ni|hl. 
Secondarily. »ou may l<»e sleep and 
wffer from Headaches. Backache and 
feel old, tired, deprened. In such irri- 
latiott. CYSTEX usually brings fast, 
reiaung comfort by curbini irrilatini 
■erms in strong, acid wine and by anal- 
gesic Mm relief. Get CYSTEX at dnig- 
antt. See how fast It can help you. 

Youth Skit 
Is Program 

First Colonial High School 
students will present a skit 
en^tled "A View of Youth," 
at tbe school's Parents* Assoc- 
iation meeting at 8 p.m. Jan.14 
at toe school. 

The sldt was first presented 
at toedlstrict President's Youth 
Council meeting in December 
at Kempsville High School. 
Norman Field, assistant prtoci- 
pal, will introduce toe skit. 

The public Is invited. 






///(///.'/ RENT ^// 

Faculty Art 

The Village Gallery will dis- 
play works of toe EllzabetoCity 
Stole University Art Faculty, 
featuring artists: A. A. Wlel- 
borskl, J. Gralg Greene and 
Dr. Vtocent J. deGregorio. 

The exhibition opens on Sat- 
urday, Jan. 10 and will be 
shoving through Jan, 25. Mcst 
of the p^ntmp will be offered 
for sale. The public is tovited. 

At toe annual Congregational 
Meeting of Galilee Episcopal 
Church toe followtog men were 
elected to the vestry for a three 
year term: 

Capt, S. L, Corner, Bernard 
F. McCray, Dawson TJtytor, 
Richard Tayloe, John Syer and 
J. B. Witoers Jr. Otoer mem- 
bers include M,^ B, Jadoscm. 
(Senior Warden), A. L, Wood, 
^Junior Warden), P. H, AUen, 
Frank B. Bragg, William G. 
Bruce, Robert H, CalUs, Jr., 
F. Reid Erwin, Irvto Gentry, 
Mrs. Landon Hilllard, Jam^ 
R. McKeniy, E. Page PreStwi 
and William Rueger HI. 

Retiring members from toe 
rotattog vestry include Melvta 
E. Crusen Jr., Mrs, JcAn C. 
Dlnsmore, WUliam L, Gtillkp, 
Dr. John Matv and Scott Taylor. 

We offer COMPLETf rental service 





TtJtphontJ03^99. 0)41 

^**^" 1 ItftUBMBBBiBBB 


For thit "LIkt Ntw" Ltek 

is onr Mo^ 


CALL 428-2801 

inio Baach Sun 



New Name 
Is Tented 

ar» to soiAeatefft Vb%^ 
flat feat taen«tf«^tf I7 At- 
lairtlc Ri^bOrid Co.ln- tariff 

Royal Named Johnson Gets New Post 
To Council 



Walter Royal, vice-presWent 
of Thompson -Royal Dodge of 

Irglnia Beach, has been elec- 
ted to a one-year term on the 
Dodge Dealer's Council for the 
Washington, D. C. Sales Area. 

Royal was elected by the 
Dodge dealers of Tidewater to 
represent them on the Council, 
which presents the dealers' 
views and ideas on business 
matters to corporate manage- 
m ent in Detroit. Royal has been 
associated with the Dodge Div- 
ision of Chrysler Corporation 
for 20 vears. 

R. Burke J(^nson las been 
named director of Marketing 
and Customer Relations for 

New McDonald's to Open in February 

C^i|8faru(^oB^l9«ow underway 
at H||good Sluqtping Center for 
& wp McDonald's R«staurairt, 
ttie ||varth in the Tidewater 
ari .; 

design dF the new Mc- 
DoQUp's Restaurant conforns 
wVSi pe company's most re- 
cent jbodern faculties. The ex- 
terlol design of Colonial bric& 
reidales the familiar red and 
white tile exterior. Inside wtai- 
dow service remains, however, 
and the new McDonald'^ Rest- 
aunut at Haygood will be car- 
petec^ox! furnished for interior 

(ad» Group 

A. Duscb, Jr. was 
elected president of 
Una Yarn Association 
year 1970. The Asso- 
headquarters Is in 
Charlotte, N.C. 

Dmch is the son of Mayor 
Fraidc DiKCh of Virginia Beadi« 


Announcement of the con- 
struction was released by Bert 
N. Shipp, area supervisor fbr 
the Chicago-based national 
comapny that now has toat^ 
than 1,^)0 restaurants thrcwg^- 
out the country. 

Thanksgiving Day of this year 

marked the tenth anniversary 
of Norfolk's first McDonald's 
Restaurant located at 7448 Mil- 
itary Highway. Shipp revealed 
that future plians for the Tide- 
water area call for several 
other McDonald's Restaurant 
Nationally, the chain has sold 

five billion hamburgers and is 
now selling hamburgers at the 
rate of two million a day. 

The Haygood McDonald's 
Restaurant will be located at 
the intersection of Haygood 
Road and Independence Blvd. 
McDonald's expects an (^ning 
In mid-February. 

Sem Byrd to Speak Here 


"The outlook for the savings 
and housing markets in 1970 
is at best uncertain," W. H. 
Terry, president of the Vir- 
ginia Beach Federal Savings 
and Loan Association, said to- 
day. Terry commented on the 
coming year as he issued the 
institution's annual report. 

"In this connection," he said, 
"much depends on the progress 
made in the fight agsdnst inr 
flation, and all of us hope that 
the antl -inflation measures 
prove much more effective in 
1970 than they did in 1969." 

Terry reported that as of 
Dec. 31, 1969, total savings 
deposits of the association a- 
mounted to $7,207,121,00; 
mortgage loans on the bocdcs 
totaled $6,707,567.00. Assets 
of tite institution stood at 

He said that while 1969 was 
not as good a savings year 
as 1968, it was better than 
1966 when tight money was at 
its worst. 

Laranm Realty Corporati(Hi at 
Virginia B^tch. The ajppolnt- 

ment was elective Jan. 5. 

J(duis(»i will coordinate pro- 
mottonal and service activities 
^^flxnxafs residential, com- 
mercial and insurance divis- 

Prior to Joining Larasan, 
Johnson was an accoimt execu- 
tive with Uwler-Ballard-UtUe 
Advertising of Norfolk. He has 
also been associated with the 
building inhistry In Uie mid- 
Tidewater region (A Virginia, 
and has beoi engaged in res- 
idential and commercial con- 
struction for several vears. 

Navy Airman Apja-en, Larry 
C. Hayes, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Ernest R. Hayes of Maharis 
Road, is serving aboard the 
aircraft carrier USS Midway. 
The ship ik sdieduled to be 
recommissioned Ui San Fran- 
cisco in January next year. 

Coast Guard Ensign Ronald 
J. Spence, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Wayne J. Spence of Westerfleld 
Road, and Ensign John T.Okoai, 
son of Mrs. Alice N. CAcon of 
Brinson Arch, recently par- 
ticipated in ceremonies a)mm- 
emorating ttie Wrii^t brothers 
first flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C. 

of ttidr new natlMal t»ind 
name giHK>liM, AIK:0, 

Easteri mark^m idcei^M. 
M. G. Davis said ttds te & 
"final t^ 'f<ff an aU-oit i^'o- 
gram to be lannch^ Onw^bfMt 
the coratry in Jme to O^o^ 
estabUab Atlaotlc Riefefidd as 
a nu^r new force in thenat- 
iond automotive service n^- 

AtlantieRlehfield has attained 

its new posttion ttomma^Ts 
of the AUaattc Refl^ Co^ 
Ridiflehl CMl Corp. andStedalr 
'HI Corp. 

^Legal Hoticet 

to the Clerk's Ofllee of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beadi on tbe2nddayof 
January, 1^0. 

Thbmasina Glenn Foreman, 

David Lee Foreman, Defend- 
The object <A this suit Is fax 
said plaintiff to obtain adivorce 
A Vinculo Matrimonii from the 
said defendant, iqion the grounds 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit having be«i 
made and filed th^ the defendant 
is not a resident of the State of 
Virghiia, the last known poiA 
office address being, New Ycoic, 
New York. 

Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr., 
will address the 14th annual 
meeting of the Tidewater Better 
Business Bureau Wednesday, 
Jan. 14tii, 12:30 p.m. at the 
Dobbs House Restaurai^, Lake 
Wright Motel, 6280 Northampton 
Blvd. ^ 

Arthur L. Cherry, Chairman 
of ttie Bureau's Anntnl Meeting 
Committee, in making the an- 
nouncemrat, said in deference 
to tiie speaker, other business 
at the meeting will be curtailed 
wherever possible. 

Election of directors for 
three-y^ur terms is on die 
agenda, (^cers wiU be elected 
Mer at a meefing drtheneWly- 
elected Board. 

Sen* Byrd's app^ance be- 
fore the Bureau wiU come as 
;tt tojjBfl^^ ^y^lMilVAW^l 
^vsimymi. wT -pi, • -..- I 

Charles A. Martak, TBBB 

manager, said the Bureau im- 
doubtly will set new records 
in inquiries, services and other 
categories this year. 

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VNB Re po rts Earnings 

ttm column of questions and 
answers on Federal tax miners 
iiB proved by the local office 
of ^ U. S. Internal Revenue 
Service and is published as a 
piddle a«rvJce to ta^aiayexs. The 
coAiiAn answers questions most 
freqiratly asked by taxpayers. 

Question: I paid someone to 
help me with a holiday party. Is 
what I paid subject to Social 
Security tax on household em- 

Answer: Probably not. TTie 
tax Off household employees only 
ai^es when cash wages of $50 
or mdre are paid to a person 
for household services during a 
Uiree-month calendar quarter. 

If vliat you paid the person 
you hired to help out at the 
party -came to $50 or more, 
then you would t^ liable. You 
^0 would be liable if you had 
employed the same person other 
times this fall and your total 
payments amounted to $50 or 
moi^ during Octc^r, Novem- 
ber and December. 

Use Form 942, Employer's. 
Quarterly Tax Return for 
Housjehold Employees, to re- 
port, and pay this tax by Feb. 
2, 1170. The tax rate is 4.8 
percent for the employer and 
4.8 percent for the employee. 

Questto): Does inherited pro- 
perty have to be rqwrtedonmy 
income tax return? 

Answer: No, this do^ uA 
hai^e to be rqxjrted. However, 
, if j^ ^(^rty is sold later 
for more ^m its fair market 
vatae when Uie decedent died, 
th«i the gain on the sale has to 
l>e reported. 

Qmstt<M): Some of my income 

is f»m a liftle farm, thoue^ 

V^^td it com^ from c^er 

*jMlidess, Do I lave to file my 

*l^ime to. retorn in February 

IdiAead of April? 

^kUwer: "rte F^ruary re- 
<;^«Mnt only applies to Qiose 
w& re^ve ^ least two-thirds 
<tf:tt^ gr(»s income from 
fttmii^ or fishing atMj who did 
Mt ffle^^larattoDsolestimat- 
etf^nGOine tuc ud itty tte tax 
d^ by Jan. 15th. 
. "now ^mezs or flstern^ 
Ham to^fllt ^fr InecMne let 
r^ims and p^ ttie talucetee 
l| Ml ^ FM). IM^ to wM 
^ MMta to their tox tat 

Virginia National Bank re- 
cently rqwrted its earnings for 
the calendar year 1969. Chair- 
man of the board W. Wrl(^ 
Harrison gave the figures vbA 
compared ttiem in this report. 

In 1969 the net operating in- 
come after taxes was $7,9(n,354 
as compared to the 1968 figure of 
$7,067,439. That is an 11.8% in- 
crease. Individual shares In 
1969 were $2.11 as compared to 
$1.89 in 1968. 

Year end resources for 1969 
were $941,069,994. At the end 
of 1968 the bank's r^ources 
were $861,450,374. 

As the state's largest bank, 
Virginia National currently 
operates 98 offices in 49 (im- 
munities across the state. 

The bank also has peikllng 
mergers with First National 
Bank of HarrisoiA)urg and Mer- 
chants and Farmers Bank of 

In June 1969, V i r g i n i a Nat- ^ 
ional ranked 77th in sizeamone 

more tiu^ 13,000 commercial 
banks in the United States. 


George E. Hatmaker, presi- 
dent of The Franklin Life In- 
suraqce Company, Springfteld, 
ni. ahd J. Victor Herd, chair- 
man of The Continentel Corp- 
oration, New York announced 
that on New Year's Day Mr. 
Herd prqposed that an offer 
be submitted to Franklin stock- 
holders of one share of Con- 
tinental common stock for eadt 
two shares of Franklin Life 
capital stock. As of Dec, 31, 
1969 Continental owned 5,711,624 
shares, or 27.2% of the 20,993, 
335 Franklin Life shares oirt- 

Any offer will be made by a 
prospectus after the shares to 
be offered have been register- 
ed with the Securities and Ex- 
change Commission and will be 
subject to ^propriate action 
by the regulatory authorities 
having jurisdiction. 








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le io 

9m\ Hsuiewt 

*Legol MMcet 

Virginia B^ch Sun 

*Ltgai Notlc9t 

* Ltgai Notice 

"Legal Notice 

* L^jolNoti^ 

iwe<hMickiy, Pecennber 31, 1969 j 
•Legal Notice • LeiK»< Notice 

It is oriMaradttiAteAi^npar 
here trttlita 10 ^)4ta^ after 
due piAdiQ^ii tere<tf, ud do 
wbat my In M^Msury to i»ro- 
tect Ms MifMt in tUs 8i)it. 
A copy-Terti! 

PbyUss N. S^on, 0. C. 
Mr. WUUin E. Culverhouse 
P.O. Box 5933 



Tin Virgb^ Buudi Planning 
Commteaim wiU told a PubUo 
H^rt^ OD Tuaaday, January 
13,1910, at 1.-00 P.M. > the 
Ciwncfi Ciainbars oi the Ad- 
mtidstration Bidlding, Prin- 
(^M Anne Cmii^ouse, Virgin- 
ia Beachi Virginia. The follow- 
ing ajppUoftibns will ai4>ear «i 


I^ Aliplicatlon of Powell and 
Hunttey, bic. for a change of 
sonlog txom Mult4>le Family 
Rasldance District (R-3) to 
MotetHotelDistrict(MfH) anda 
Use Permit to construct a 37- 
unit motel on certain itroperty 
located on the Nortt side 6t 
27tt Stre^ beginning at ip(M 
190 faet East of Arctic Avenue, 
running a distance of 150 feet 
al(mg the North side of 27th 
Stre^, running a distance of 
140 feet along the Eastern pro- 
perty line, running a distance 
of ISO feet along theNocUtern 
pri^rty line, and running a 
di^ce of 140 feet al(mg the 
Wibtern pr(^rty line. 

n. Application of Mr. and 
Mrs. Shelby R. PartetteTsr'^a 
change of zoning f^om Two- 
Family Residence DistrictjR- 
2} to Mtdt^e Family Residence 
District (B-3} hnd a Use .Per- 
mit to construct 11 apartment 
untts on certain property lo- 
cated on the East side of Cy- 
press Avenue l>eginnli% at a 
point 55 feet North of 13th 
Street, running a distance of 
100 feet along the East side 
of Cypress Avenue, rumiing a 
distance of 125 feet along the 
Norttiem property line and 
running a distance of 100 feet 
along the Eastern property line 
and ruantng i distance ot 125 
feet along the Southern pro- 
perty line. 


in. Aif>Ucatlon of Virginia 
Beach Aviatton Sales, Ltd. for 
a Us» Permit Ibr the extension 
of runway on certain prqperty 
]g^s0Bi on th^ East Hide of 
Vs^ibs Road, bc^l^nli^; at n 
l>6lnt 5830 feet Nortti (tf Prin- 
cess Anne Road, rumiic a dls- 
tancif of ,355 fe^ along ttie East 
side of Vaughan Road, running 
a distance of 2000 feet along 
the Northern pr6|ft]^ffl*; 
running a distance of 1^ feet 
along thf Eastern property linl^^ 
running a diistance of 1810 feet 
along Ok Southern property 


IV. AppUoittoa^ BMd^ In- 
terstate lind Company fur a 
change OF zoning fi*om Agri- 
culture District (A-41) to Re- 
sldrace Sidxirban District 4 
(R-S 4) (H) certain property lo- 
cated on the South side of North 
Landing Road beginning at a 
point 4270 feet West of West 
Neck Road running a distance 
of 2742 feet along the South 
slite ot North Landing Road, 
running a distance of 7479 feet 
along the Eastern property line, 
running a distance of 1438 feet 
along the North side of bidian 
River Road and running a dis- 
tance of 4717 feet along the 
Western property line. 


V. j^Uo^ion of 3<Am E. 
Sirlne and Associates for Carlo 
Corporation for a Use Permit 
to construct a sewage pumping 
statton on certain property lo- 
ayted on the South side of Bon- 
ney RoaA and 28 feet East of 
HiAber Lane. (Holluid Terrace 


VL Application of A. C. De- 
SontA for a Use Permit to op- 
erate a used car sales on cer- 
tain property located on die 
SoiA side of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard beginning at a point 
750 feet West of Witchdudc 
Road, ruming a distance of 104 
fe^ along ttie South side of 
Virginia B«idi Boulevard, run- 
Biag a distance of 412 feet 
a^igtte Eastern property line, 
rmotog a distance of 104 feet 
al(M% the Southern vaeopettf 
line and naming a distance at 
412 feet alaag the Western ib-o- 
perty line. (Chinese Comer 

Vn. AppUcationof E.V.Wil- 
Uiois C(»ipany and Associates 
ftir a dtange of khiIi^ from 
Residtiice ^tmrban District 3 
(R-S 3} to Mdttide Family Re- 
sittence EHstrid (R-4i0 and 
GeMral Commercial Uabeki 1 
0-4i 1} oi certain pr(9erty lo- 
cated 00 9» East tide <^ Jteker 
9mA mtm ttd South of 
Itoore's Pwd Road. 

Parcel A to be Multiple 
Fiwily Resldaice CMstriet (R- 
MQ: B4;iitffli at a poM m tte 
M Sid* fli taker Read sm 
f*7 Soitt of Moore's Pond 

Rotd and rmei^ a (UiteMe o» 
408 fMt tlong flM EaMsidebf 
BtUM Rotd, routfiv A <Uttance 
of 87CT feet along ttie fimttiem 
propmrty line, roonii^ a die* 
tance of 434 feet aloi« the 
Eastern isi^^ Una and run- 
ning a distance of S839 feet 
along ttie Norttiern property 

I^cel B to be Mult^de Fa- 
rally Residence Distrid (R-M): 
Beginning at a point m the 
Northeast comer ofBalcerRoad 
and Moores Pond Road and 
running a distance of 715 feet 
along ttie East side of Baker 
Road, running a, distance of 
1432 feet along the Nortti side 
of Moore's Pond Road and run- 
ning a distance of 1494. feet 
fttoHg ttie Eastern property line 
and running a distance of 458 
feet along ttie Norttiern pro- 
perty line. 

Parcel C to be General 
Commcrciai District 1 (C-G 
1): Btglni^g at a point on ttw 
East side of Baker Road 715 
feet North of Moore's P(md 
Road, running a distance of 
200 feet along the East side 
of Baker Roui,jrunning a dis- 
tance of 200 feet' atong ttie 
Northern property line, running 
a distance of 200 f6et along ttie 
Eastern prc^rty line and run- 
ning adistence (tf 210 feet along 
ttie Souttiern property Une. 

Parcel D to be General 
Commercial District 1 (C-G 
1): Beginning at a point on the 
East side of Baker Road 995 
feet Nortti of Moore's Pond 
Hload Taming a distance (tf 140 
feet along ttie East side of 
Baker Road, running a distance 
of 295 feet along ttie Northern 
property line, running a dis- 
tance of ^40 feet along ttie 
Eastern prcqiierty line and run- 
ning a distence of 330 feet 
along the Southern pnqperty 
line. (Diamond Lake Estates 
and Lawson Forest Area). 

vm. Application of James 
C. Wright and Ronald R. Relter 
for a Vse Permit to construct 
64 apartm«it units on certain 
property located on the Nortti 
side of Shore Drive begliming 
at a point 375 feet East of 
Greenwell Road and running a 
. .distance of 250 feet along ^ 
Souttiern property line td whidi 
30 feet Is ttie Norttiern pro- 
perty line (tf Store Drtve, run- 
ning a distance d 400 feet 
along ttie Western prqperty 
tafT- run^ a distutce of 250 
feet ato^ the NorthenL^ro- 
' ^^rtjT UB,'^aod running a dte- 
tance of 420 feet al(Mig ttie 
Eastern property line. (Chesa- 
peake Beach and Bayyllle Park 

« K. Applicatton^ of Michael 
L. Childreas for flie discon- 
tinuance, dosure and abandon- 
ment of a portion of Ocean 
View Avenue beginning on the 
East side of ttie Chesapeake 
Bay Bridge Tunnel and ruming 
in an Easterlydkectlon a dis- 
tance of STfeet l>etween Lots 
29 and 30, Block 5 andapor- 
tipn of Lots 9 and 10, BkHk 
16, Plat of Ch^apeake Park. 
Said street being 70 feet in 
width. (Chesapeake Beach 

X. Application of Clyde L. 
CoUier for a Use Per;nit to 
construct a gasoline supply 
statton on certain property lo- 
cated on toe Souttiwest corner 
of Ind^ndence Boulevard and 
Tulip Drive, running a distance 
of 178 feet along ttie West side 
of Independence Boulevard, run- 
ning a distance of 134 feet 
along ttie Southern property 
line, running a distance of 200 
feet along ttie Western propertjr 
line, running a distance of 119 
feet along ttie Soutti side of 
Tul^ Drive. (Robblns Corner 


XI. Application of J.W. Mur- 
phy Estate for a change oS 
zoning from General Commer- 
cial District 2 (C-G 2) to Gen- 
eral Commercial District 3 
(C-G 3) on certain property lo- 
cated on the Southwest comer 
of Virginia Beach Boulevard 
and Nortti Birdneck Road, run- 
ning a distance of 205 feet 
along ttie West side of Nortti 
Birdneck Road, runntag a dis- 
tance of 1925 fe^ along ttie 
Soutti side of VIrginta Beach 
Boulevard, running a distance 
of 328 feet along the Western 
property line and running a 
distance of 1851 feet along the 
Southern pn^erty line. (Sea- 
tack Area). 

xn. Apfdicatton of James C. 
Wright, Ronald R. Relter, Ster- 
ling Decker, and H. Garrtaon 
for a change of zoni^ from 
kesidence Sitfwrban District 3 
(R-S 8) to Multiple Family Re- 
sUenee District (R-M) and a 
Use ^rmit to oxistract 30 
^wrtmoit imtts on eertalnfuro- 
party locs^ mi the N(»1h side 
of 24tti %>eet beginnli^ H a 
point 405 feet East (rf Barber- 
ton Drive, running a di^n(% 
of 244 feet along ttie Nortti 
side <d tm Street, ramtara 
A^Dce of 250 fe^ alQi« the 
Vatl»n ptopatf Um, vmiBg 
1 tt^anee of 215 feet ak»g 

ttie Nistt^ern piwperty lb» and 
running a dlitance of 252 f&H 
alongttieEastem-prf^rty lim. 
(Woodland Am). 

xm. Application of Warren 
Corporatton by Richard F. 
Brody, Attorney, for a Use 
Permit for « parking lot on 
certain pri^rty located on ttie 
Soutti side of 32nd Street be- 
ginning at a point 481 feet 
West of Holly Road, miming a 
dtatance of 200 feet almg ttie 
South side of 32nd Street nm- 
nix^ a dtatance of 157 feet 
almgttie Eastern property line, 
running a distance of 200 feet 
along ttie Souttiern property 
line, running a dtatance of 157 
feet along the Western property 
line. (LInldiorn Park Arm). . 

Xnf. Anilicatlon of Joyce J. 
Snyder for a Use Permit for a 
nursery on certain pr^rty 
located on the East side of 
Little Neck Road beginning at 
a point 490 feet North of Kings 
Grant Road, running a distance 
of 199 feet along the East side 
of Littte Neck Road, running a 
dtatance of 166 feet along ttie 
Souttiern property lihe, running 
a dtatance qf 203 feet along 
Wi Eastern jptoperty line, mn- 
nlng a dtatance of 172 feet 
along the Northern property 
line. Said lot ta designated as 
Lot 312, ^Section 4, of Kings 
Grant. (Kings Grant Area). 

XV. Anilication of Abby's 
' Oceana Restaurant, Inc. T/A 
Abby's by H. Calvin Spain, At- 
torney, for a Use Permit for 
dancing atti live entertainmeirt 
on certain property located on 
the Souttiwest corner of Vir- 
glnta B«ich Boulevard and 
First Colonial Road, runntag a 
distance of 67 feet along ttie 
Soutti side of VIrginta Beach 
Boulevard and running a dta- 
tance of 126 feet aloi% ttie West 
side of First Colonial Road, 
running a distance of 100 feet 
alcmg ttie Souttiern prcqierty 
line, runnii^ a distance oT 126 
feet along the Western property 
line, ^ceana Area). 

All taterested persons are 
invited to attend., I 

Patrick L. Standing 
Director of Planning 


In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 

Circuit Court of VirgintaBeach. 
Commonwealtti of Vfrgintti^ 

PlaiBtifl, -; -^-- ' " " ' -^— 

.V. .'., . ■,, :■ 

Ttomas Edward CamjMl, 
436 Bernice Ptace, VIrginta 

Beach, Virginta,Defendai^ 

The object of thta suit ta to 
adjudicate wh^er said defend- 
ant ta an Habitual Offender 
whose privilege to t^rate a 
mo^ vehicle mi ttie highways 
of ttita State stoUld be wltti- 
drawn for a period of ten years 
in accordance with the VIrginta 
Haldtial^tfrader Act? 

And an affidavit having beoi 
made and filed that tiie plun- 
ti£F has used due diligence to 
ascertata ttie said defendant's 
whereabouta, and that the affiant 
ta informed and believes that 
the defendant ta not a resident 
of ttie State of Virginia, It ta 
Ordered that he do appear here 
witUn 10 days after due public- 
ation hereof, and do what may 
be necessary to protect hta ta- 
terest ta ttita suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

By: Richard R. Garrtott,D.C. 
Andre Evans - p.q. 
Commonwealth's Attorney 



The regular meeting of the 
Council of the City of Virginia 
Beach will be held in the Cou- 
ncil Chambers of the Admta- 
istration Building, City Hall, 
Prtacess Anne Station, VIrginta 
Beachi VIrginta on Monday, 
January 12, 1970, at 2:00 P. M. 
at which time Uie followtag 
'changes of zoning, usepermita, 
etc. will be heard: 

L Application of ttie City of 
VIrginta Beach, Departm«it of 
Parks and Recreation, for a 
Use Permit to constmct a park 
on certain property located 110 
feet Nortti of Chicken Valley 
Rosul, running a dtatance of 312 
feet along ttie Western property 
line, runntag a dtatance of 462 
feet alcmg ttie Northern prqterty 
Une, running a dtatance of 444 
feet along ttie Eastern property 
line and running a dtatance of 
392 feet along the Southern pro- 
perty line. (Point 0* Woods 

• n. Application of ttie City of 
VIrginta Beach, Departmei^ of 
Parks and Recreation, for a 
Use Permtt to constmct a parte 
<» certata iff^ierty located on 
ttie East side of Soutti Birdneck 
R<Md beginning at a^ poii4 350 
feet mwe or lest N<n^of Owta 
Cred( Lam, rannlng a dtatance 
of 561 feet along the East skle 
(^ Soott Bintaeck Road, miming 
t distance (tf 479 f^ akmettie 

Norttiern property Une, rwning 
a dtitenee of 488 f ert al(^ iM 
Eastant ^^erty line ud run- 
ntag a distance oi 454 f e^ along 
ttie &>iittierttpK9ertylii»^Sea- 
taek Area). LYNIlHAVEN BOR- 

. nL Application of B. L. Flid; 
by H. Calvin ^n. Attoi«er^ 
for a Use Permit to craiilruct 
a Post OSDce on certata pro- 
perty lo(»ted on ttEie North side 
of Princess Anne Rcttdbeginn- 
tag at a potat 3700 fert more or 
less West of Lamtatown Road, 
mnning a dtatance of 139 feet 
along ttie Nortti side of Prta- 
cess Anne Road, rannlng a dta- 
tance of 496.92 feet along ttie 
Eastern property line, running 
a distance of 170.47 feet along 
the Northern property line and 
running a dtatance of 545.89 
feet along the Wiestern property 
line. (Prtacess Anne Court- 
house Area). PRINCESS ANNE 

IV. AppUattan of Windsor- 
Holland Com|»ny for a change 
of zoning fromResidence Diq>- 
lex Dtatrictl(R-D)to Residence 
Suburban Dtatrlct 4 (R-S 4), 
Multiple Family Residence Dta- 
IrTct (R-M), L 1 m t e d Commer- 
cial Dtatrlct 1 (C-L 1) and 
General Commercial Dtatrlct 3 
(C-G 3) on certain property 
located on ttie North si$le of 
Holland Road beginning at a 
point 1600 feet West of Rosemont 
Road toUnded on tiie East by 
Pecan Gardens and Windsor 
Woo(ta, BouiKled on theNortoby 

toe Western inri^rty Une of 
whi(^ 4^ feet ta toe Eastorn 
profMirty Use oi Diamond 
Sprlnp Road, runhl^s a dta- 
tance of 555 feet iSong toe 
Nortoern property line, rum- 
tag a distance of 840 feet along 
the Eastern prcqierty Une, nm- 
biwg a (ttstaaceof 908feetal<Hig 
toe Soutoern lotqwrty line. 
(Dlamoi^ Springs Hom^ Area). 

X. Ap|AlciUi<m of GiMttava 
Corporatioi for a Use Permit 
to construct a sanitary sewer 
pumi^g slatton on certata pro- 
perty located 30 feet Norto of 
SheU Road and 1985 feet Eastof 
Norttiampton Boulevard. (like- 
view Park Area). BAYSIDE 

XL-^UcatioD of PembrcA^e 
Meadows Assoctates for a 
chuige (tf zoning from Re- 
sidence Suburban District 1 
(R-S) to Limited Commercial 
Dtatrlct (C-L 2) and from 
Residence Suburban Dtatrlct I 
(R-S 1) and Limited Commercial 
Dtatrict 2 (C-L 2) to Multiple 
Family Residence District 
R-M) and a Use Permit to c(m- 
struct a 120 bed nursing home. 

Parcel 1: Change of zradng 
form R-S 1 flndC-L2toR-Mand 
a Use Permit for a 120 Bed 
Nursing Home: Beginntag at a 
potat on the Souttiwest corner of 
Wichduck Road and Catoedral 
Drive, running a dtatance of 180 
feet along the souto side of 
Witchduck Road, mnning a dta- 
tance of 460 feet along the West 

Windsor Woods and runntag a ^Wetrf Catoedral Drive,runnfag 
dtatance of 2668 feet along toe » dtatance of 244 feet along toe 

Western property line, pi^ 
wito more detailed information 
are available ta Uie Office of 
toe Department of C ity Plann- 
ing.(Wlndsor Woods - Pecan 
Garden Area). KEMPSVILLE 

V. AppUcationof Double Delta 
Corporatton T/A Royal Cltaper 
Molor Lodge for a Use Permit 
to ^mistract nine additional 
motel unite on certata priH>erty 
locited on toe Soutowest comer 
of Atlantic Avenue and 36to 
Street and running a distance (rf 
140 feet along toe West side of 
AtlanUe Avenue, running a dta- 
tance of 150 feet along toe Soc^ 
side of 36to Sfreet, rannlng a 
distan<» of 140 feet al<mg toe 
Western property line and run- 
ning a dtatance of 150 feetalmg 
toe So^raproperty line. VIR- 

VL Application pf W. R. 
1tetl0H3)»n|^y fsr- a.«ittBge«l 

Soutoern property line andnm- 
ntag a distance of 522 feet along 
toe Western pr(H;>erty line. 

Parcel 2: Change' of zcmtag 
from R-S 1 to C-L 2: Beginning 
at a potat on toe Southeast cor- 
ner of Witchduck Road and ta- 
dependence Boulevard, running 
a dtatance of 20Q feet along toe 
East side of Independence Bou- 
levard, ninningadtatanceof 220 
feet al<mg toe Sonth side of 
Witchdudc Road, miming a dta- 
tance of 200 feet along toe East- 
ern property ltae,mmilngadta' 
tance of 220feetalongttieSouto- 
ern prop^ Une. (Pembroke- 
Old Donation Church Area). 

Richard J. Webton 
City Clerk 


to toe Clrcait CourtrofTfie 

zontag from. General todustrW W ^^ oFcSmnaTKIN 

DOCKET Ifl2966 

Dtatrict 2 (M-I 2) to Multiple 
Family Reisidence District 
(R-lO^and a Use Permit to con- 
strad 404 sypartment unite on 
certain property located on tto 
Nortoeast corner of Norto Bird- 
nedc Road and Hope Avenue and 
mnning a distance of 200 feet 
aloi« toe East side of Norto 
Bfrdnedc Road, running a dta- 
tance of 2575 feet along ttie 
Soutoern prqperty line, Norto- 
-;«mHproperty Itoe of JBope Ave- 
nue and toeNorfolkandSoutoera 
RaUway Co., Right of Way, run- 
ning a dtatance of 1900 f^t a- 
long toe Northern propertv line. 
Plate and more detailed infor- 
matiim are avaUable ta toe 
Ofllce of toe Department of City 
Planning. (Seatack Area), 

vn. An>lication of H. Lynn 
Womack lay Grbver C. Wrig^, 
Jr., Attornery, for a diange 
of ^ning from Residence Sub- 
urbu^ Disfrlct 2 (R-S 2) to 
Multiple Family Residence Dta- 
trict (R-M) and a Use Permit 
for professional offices on cer- 
tata property located on toe East 
side of First Colonial Road be- 
ginning at a point 2068 feet Norto 
of WUl-0-Wtap Drive and runn- 
ing a dtatance of 238 feet along 
the East side of First Colonial 
Road, running a distance of 390 
feet along toe Northern property 
Itae, runntaf^a dtatance of 181 
feet along the Easterta property 
line, running a distance of 385 
feet along toe Southern property 
Une. (General Hospital) of Vir- 
ginia Beach A r e a). LYNNHAV- 

vm. AppUcation of UeSmito 
Conduff by Garland M. Layton, 
Attorney, for a change of zoning 
from Residence Suburban Dta- 
trict 4 (R-S 4) to Residence 
Duplex District 2 (R-D2) on 
certain property located on toe 
Norto and South sides of Souto 
Sfreamline Drive and toe Souto 
side of Ego Drive. Said iota 
are designated as Lota 26,27, 







32, 41, 42, 43. 
, 48, and 51 as 
sho«-n on the Plat of Oceaia 
VUlage. (Oceana Vlltage Area). 

K. Application of Diamcmd 
Sprtogs ^artmente, tac. for a 
change <d zontag from Limited 
Commercial District 2 (C-L Z) 
and Residence Sutairtnn Dta- 
trict 4 (R-S 4) to Multiple 
FamUy Residence District ^- 
M) and a l^e Permit to c(a- 
stmct 154 townhoises and gar- 
den ^lartma^ on certain pro- 
perty located tm toe East side 
of Dtamcmd livings Road Norto 
and Soitfh of Itaden Ro»i, runn- 
tag a (flstance of 840 fe^alor^ 


vs. J 

E. K. Sloane, Single, 7637 
North Store Road,Norfolk,Vfr- 
glnia 23505, and TO WHOM IT 
MAY CONCERN, and all per- 
sons, and classes of persons, 
(toelr heirs, devtaees, etc.) 
whetoer toe names are known 
or unknown, owning or may 
having «i Interest to«retatatoe 
lands or pqsstoly owntag or 
having some right, taterest, 
titie, estate, or ctaim ta or 
to toe land or any part toerecrf, 
or to toe proceeds artsing un- 
der toe Condemnation of toe 
hereinafter described lands, and 
all otoer persons womsoever, 
such property or properties 
wiU or mi|^ be damaged byttie 
taking of toe herein described 
tands whose names are known or 
unknown, and who are proceeded 
against by toe general descrip- 
tion of "parties unknown", and 
68 acr^ more or less of land, 
in toe City of Virginia Beach, 
VIrginta, Defendante. 
Pursuairt to an order of toe 
Court in this case, thta notice 
ta herel)y given: 

ta ttita suit, toe Petittoner 
seeks to acquire, by condem- 
nation for its uses, and for 
use as a public park and for 
public park purposed, a fee 
simide title to a tract of 68 
acres of land, more or less, 
situated in toe City of VIrginta 
Beach, and described as fol- 

All that certun tract, piece 
or parcel of land, wito toe 
improvementa thereon and toe 
appurtenances thereunto be- 
longing, situate, lying, and 
being to Pungo Borough (for- 
merly Pungo Magisterial Dta- 
trict, Prtacess Anne County) 
City of Virginia Beach, de- 
scribed according to a certdn 
ptat and survey marked 'Pur- 
vey of John C. Waterfield E 
tate", dated March 25, 1957, 
made by D. D. Springier, Sr., 
Surveyor, and toereto attadied 
and made a part of ttita deed, 
(»ntaining 68 acres, more or 
less, tait being c(mveyed ta 
gross and not by toe acre, 
reference being made to said 
ptat for a more particular de- 
scrifAIra of said property; said 
tiraet oi land being bounded on 
toe Souto 1^ toe prt^erty of 
J. C. Biggins; on toe West by 
toe mazvh of Back Bay; on 
ttie Norto by toe pr(^rty of 
SdK)^ and otoers; and cm toe 
East by ttie property now ot 

tormer^r Wdodhouse. 

tt tofaig te same^n^ierty 
conveyed to E. K. Staana, by 
deM dated March 27,1969f^m 
Richard. B. Keltam, Special 
Commissimier; and said tract 
of land bdng further described 
as set {(»rto 1^ a more ree»t 
plat made t^ Frank D. iteraU, 
Jr., and Aasoeii^Mj Surveyors 
and Em^eers, Virt^ Beach, 
VIrginta ^cale 1" - 280'), said 
plat and murvey bettv natSu and 
designated as Fatae Capa State 
Park, and styled plft showing 
property to be aeqafrad by toe 
Department ofCcmservationand 
Economic Development, Div- 
ision Gl Parks, Ben H. Btden, 
Commissioner, from E. K. 
Sloane, said plat being filed 
wito and mad? a part of ttita 
petition by reference, said plat 
more parttculairly describing 
toe Unds which are toe siibject 
matter of this petition, said 
lands oommenctag at a point 
in Back 1^, said point beii« 
marked "Old fron" and being 
the point ta toe dividing Une 
of the lands hereto described 
and ttiose stovm on said plat 
as now or formerly Edwta A. 
Schoen and Peggy L. Sdio^ 
and from said point of begta- 
ntag N83 58' 39" E a dtatance 
of 356.27 feet to an old iron; 
toence N 85 48' 41" E a JH§- 
tance of 223.27 feet to an old 
iron; toence N 81 36' 50" E 
a dtatance of 81.88 feet to an 
oak free; toence N 82 02' 14" 
E a Jtatance of; 116,36 feet 
to a potat marked old iron; 
toence N 71 53' 20" E a dta- 
tance oi 275.39 feet to a potat 
marked old fron; toence N 71 
52' 33" E a dtatance of 289.76 
feet to a point marked old 
fron; ttience N 71 49' 81" E 
a dtatance of 245.52 feet to 
a point marked old frpn; ttience 
N71 53' 00" E a dtataAce of 
299.77 feet to a point marked 
old fron; toence N 71 49' |9" 
E a distsmce of 199.94 feet 
to a potat marked old fron; 
toence N 71 55' 33" E a dta- 
tance of 599.8 2 feet to an oU 
frraaf tto norttieastern comer 
of ttie property torcon describ- 
ed; ttience turning S 06 24' 
35" W a dtatance of 1140.58 
feet to a point marked old inm, 
said poiirt totag to ttie souto- 
eastern corner of toe property 
hereto described; toence turn- 
tag _ta a westerly dfredlon S 
73 32' 11" ,W i dtatance, of 
Z396.25 feet to a poiirt 0i| BmJc 
Bt^ said pdnt being tto souto^ 
western comer of toe lands 
hereto described and from thta 
point meandering along toe 
waters of Back Bay to toe poiat 
of beginning; it totag toe express 
tatentions to aoqoire toe land 
torttering Back Bay and extend- 
ta tato Back Bay so far as 
the laws of the Commonwealto 
wiU permit same to to owned 
by toe petitioner herdn; toe 
property above described be^ 
all toe land enclosed wlttita tto 
taterior of toe toundary Itaes 
^et -forto, ^iidto idlTr^partan 
righta and all buildings and 
improvementa toereon and air 
otoer righta, known or unknown, 
and apixirtenancffi toereunto 
tolmiinig; said ptat and survey 
as above descrtbed being filed 
wito ttita petition and marked 
Exhibtt "A" and made a part 
hereof by reference. 

The complete description and 
plat of said land, by metes and 
tounds ta on file in toe Clerk's 
Office of toe Circuit Court of 
toe City of Vfrginta Beach, Vfr- 
ginta, as a part of toe petition 
for condemnation in this case, 
and toe same ta hereby and 
herein referred to for fliUer' 
or more accurate descrtptton. 

the value of said^ laiMl aa 
stated or charged In said pe- 
tition ta as follows, viz: 
LARS ($12,000.00). 

And It appearing that toe toU 
lowing persons aiMi classes of 
persons own or claim or pos- 
sibly own 0^ have or claim 
some right, titie, estate or 
interest in or to toe land or 
some part or parta of toe land 
sought to to condemned or ta 
or to toe proceeds arising upon 
a condemnation toereof, vta: 
E. K. Sloane, Single and To 
Whom tt May Concem, all per- 
sons, and classes of persons 
(toelr heirs, devtaees, etc.) 
whetoer toe names are known 
or unknown, owning or may 
havtag an interest toerein ta 
toe lancta or possibly owning 
or tovtag some right, Interest, 
titie, estate, or claim ta or to 
toe land or any part toereof, 
or to toeproceedsartatag under 
toe condemnation of the cte- 
scrtoed tands, and aU otoer 
persons whomsoever, wh(»e 
property or prqperti« wiU or 
mi|^ to danu^ by toe takii% 
of toe twrdn describe] tands 
whose nunes are unknown or 
Imown, and viio are proceeded 
against by toe gmeral descrip- 
tion of "Parties Uiflmown". 

Thta, tbertfore, ta to nottiy 
and to warn ^ wtaua tt may 
concern and aU ctfsati person, 
and toe toirs, or devtaees and 
toe personal rem-esentattves of 

sud^ <d saM persons as are 
dead, and aU of toe person 
> oonraMiMng memteridiiptasaid 
class® of persons atf each and 
every oi ttiem, and aU persomt 
wtomsoever owntag or clidffling 
any ri(^ titie, estate or ta- 
terest to or ta said land or 
ai^ part of same, or ta or to 
tol iffoceeds arisi^ iqx» a 
cond^ai^ton toereof, and aU 
otoer persons wtomsMv^, 
whose property tor pnqparttte 
WiU to damaged by toe taking 
of toe hereto referred to tand 
or ty toe use of same fbr toe 
punwsw and ^Jecta hereto 
stated by tto petitioner, beyond 
toe particnitar beneftta ttiat wiU 
accraeto such prc^erty of such 
persons trom acqidsltion of toe 
land sou^t to be condemned 
and toe use of same t6t toe 
purpose and object stown, to 
aigiear btiTore toe said Circuit 
Court of toe Oity of Vfrginta 
Beach, Vfrginta, or before toe 
Clerk of said Court, at toe 
Courthouse in toe City of Vfr- 
ginta Beaoh, Virginia, on or 
before toe 30to (tay of Jan- 
uary, nineteen hundredandsev- 
enty (1970), and assert and 
present, by apprqjrtate plead- 
ings toelr several Of respective 
claims or demands; and tmon 
toe failure of any of such per- 
sons to so aK>ear and assert 
and presoit toiefr claims or 
demands, ttie statemente and 
charges in toe petition wUl to 
considered ty toe Court or 
Judge upon toe hearing of the 
peUtioninid toe notice or no- 
tices ta tota, case, as admitted 
^ such p^-sons, a^ ttita case, 
win toenceforto to proceeded 
in ex parts as to them, wito 
toe result, of which toe afore- 
said persons and classes of 
persons are hereby specially 
warned ttiat, torou^ a fhUure 
to t4>pearand assert and present 
toefr claims and demands, as 
aforesaid, it ta possible ttiat 
said peKQns or some of toem 
WiU to defeated in enforcing 
todr dalms or demands, and 
toey may lose the same. 

But such of said persons 
and classes of persons^^ wto 
do not own or tove or claim 
said land or any part of same, 
or a right to,i or Interest ta 
the proceeds artaing from said 
condemnation, or to danrngas 
artaing toerefrom, need ^e 
no Aurttier heed to thta tiMo» 
and warning. 

K la qrderjBd ttnt a cqy 
of ttiis totice £e piiblMtad to 
toe Vfrginta B^b Sun New, 
of toe City of Vfrginta Beach, 
VIrginta once a wed( for fbur 
consecutive wedcs, and ttot a 
copy to . posted at toe front 
door of toe Coorttouse of toe 
City of Vfrginta Beach, Vfr- 

WITNESS my hand, at office, 
ta toe City of Vfrginta Beach, . 
VIrginta, and toe seal of our 
said court, tota 17to day of 
Decemter, ntoeteen hundred 
and sixty-nine (1969). 

it. H. West^ ^-^ - 

D^uty Clerk of ''^ toe Cfrcuit 
Court of toe City of VIrginta 
Beach, Vfrginia. 



ta toe Clerk's Offlc^ of ttie 
Circuit Court of toe City of 
Virgtata Beach on toe 16to day 
of Decmber, 1969. 

a municipal corporation, Com- 

KETTER, hta wife, 
1462 Proseche^JSfreet 
Norfolk, Virginia, 

atuT If either of tto aforesaid 
defendante to dead, their hefrs 
at law, next of kin and devtaees, 
personal r^resentatives and 
lien creditors, and lien credit- 
ors of any heirs and devtaees, 
aU wtose names and postofllce 
addresses are unknown; aU of 
whom are made parties to ttita 
proceeding by toe general des- 
cription of "PARTIES UN- 
KNOWN", Defendanta. 
Docket No. 13368-B 

The object of toeatove^ed 
sutt ta to seU, free and clear 
of all Uens and encumbrances, 
for toe sattatactlon of ttie Uens 
toereon, ttot certata lot, tract 
or parcel ot land, situated ta 
toe City of Vfrginta Beach, 
VIrginta, and tounded and des- 
cribed as follows: 

All ttiat certata tat, piece or 
parcel of land sitioted In ttie 
Borough of Lyn^ven (former- 
ly Setf»ard Magtaterlal Dta- 
fr i<^, Couirty of Prtac^M Ame), 
in toe City of VIrginta Beadi, 
VIrginta, near 8m.tkdt Station 
on toe norto side of toe ri^ 
<a way of toe Norfolk and Smitti- 
ern Railroad Comp^, begiu- 
ing ow hundred twerty (120) 
feet fro»ito eomer (tftt»l«id 
of WUltam Qrlmrtead, thenee 
ranaii^ westerly along toe rtgtt 
(tf wqr of toe said nortaOi and 
SmA«a ItaUway Compaiqr ow 
hundred twenty (ItO) fofll to toe 
comer of Oh land of C. Good- 

win, toen^ ru^rtng i»rtoerly 
al^ toe taad oi tto said C. 
^ Good^ me hundred ninety- 
toree^aitf eiM^rato (193.1) feet 
to a tttorty 00) footroad,ttMnee 
eagerly siiety (60 feet tioog 
toe ttiirty m foot road to flta 
^rn«r a toe land <tf Wilttan 
Grlffi^ead, toence sontti^ty 
akng ttur Una of ttie taad al 
WUUMi Grimstead twofanndrad 
forty-ei|^ and forty-foor Iwn- 
dr^cKto 048^44) ftettottwpolnt 
(tf begii^n^ R btlhg toe ntt(> 
ivopwty tlM was cMtv^ed to 
C. B. Ketter by deed ot Mary 
N. Gay, widow, dated January 
26, 1949, and recorded to ttie 
Qtark's omce of ttie Cfrcolt 
Court of toe City of Vfrginta 
Beach ta Deed Book 89, ak 
page 39. 
Save and except toe foUowtog: 

All ttiat certata lot, piece or 
parcel of land sitoated to toe 
Borouflhof Lynntovett(form9rly 
Seaboard Magtaterlal, Princess 
Anne County) City of Vfrginta 
Beadi, Virginia, near Se^ck 
Station on toe norto side irf toe 
rigM of way of ttie Norfolk 
and Souttiern RaUroadCompai^, 
beginning at a point on toe Une 
divi(Ung C. Goodwin and C3. 
Ketter's Une, on toe soiM side 
of Ptae Road, mnntag west 45 
feet and between paraJlel Unes 
running souto 93 feet. 

It betag toe same i^:j>perty 
conveyed to Governor Bhady 
by deed of C. B. Ketier ind 
Annie Ketter, his wife, dated 
Novenntor 25, l953,^recordedia 
toe Clerk's Office of toe Cfr- 
clitt Court of toe City of Vfrr 
ginta Beadi, Vfrginia, in Deed 
Book 359, at Page lOp. 

And tt aiipearing from toe 
avermenta ta toe BiU of C<mi- 
platat ftted hereto and by alf- 
Idavtt dulv filed: 

FIRST: Ttot diligence has 
been used by and on l>ehaU 
of toe cMnplainant to aseertato 
in vtoat county or corporatimi 
the foUowing defendanta are, 
wlttout effect,' and toefr last 
known post (^ce addresses are 
as follows: 

C, B. Ketter and Annie Ketter, 
hta wife 14g2 Prosecher Sfreet 
Norfolk, Vfrgtata 

SECOND: Thi^ certain of ttw 
deiaadBBta ta ttita sutt may 
tov* teen married uid if so, 
tto MSines of toelr respective 
cooiMls are unknown and ttieir 
last kaomportofftoeaddresses 
are unknown. That someof ttwm 
■My tove died leavtag hefrs, 
devisees, or personal rqirc- 
scntaUves; if, so, toe names of 
said heirs, devisees, and per- 
sonal r^eseataUves are un- 
known and toelr last known 
post office addresses are un- 
known. Ttot toere are or might 
to otoer persons otoer ttan 
toose named In tto BlU^CMn- 
platot taterested ta tto real 
estate to to dtaposed of in ttita^ 
suit, v^iose names and last 
known post office addresses 
are unknown. _ ;^ 

It ta, therefore,~ORDERED 
ttot toe above named peraons, 
if Uving. and if dead, ttiefr 
heirs, devtaees, Uen crediton 
and person represent^ves, and 
if married, toefr respective 
consbrte, and all otoer penions 
otoer than those herein named, 
who are or might to Interested 
in toe real estate to to dta- 
posed .of ta ttita suit, whose 
names are unknown, do apptu 
withto ten days after duep«ft>- 
Ucaticm of ttita notice and do 
what ta necessary to protect 
toefr interrate. tt ta finrtomr 
ORDERED ttiat ttie foregd^g 
portion of thta Order to piib- 
Itahed once a wedc for four 
successive weeks ta toe Vfr- 
ginta Beach, Sun, a newspaper 
pitolished ta toe City of Vfrgtata 
Beach, Virgtaia. 
Teste': I 

J. Curtis Frait, D. C. 
Stanley A. Philips, p.q. 
^>ecial Assistant City Attorney 
2465 Virgtaia B^ch Boulevard 
VIrginta Beach, Vfrginta 23454 


















ta the Clerk's Office <a ttie 
Cfrcuit Court of the City (rf 
Virginia Beach, on toe 2nd 4ay of 
January, 1970. 

Dougtas E. BaU, Plainttff, 

Lena Hayes Ball, Defentant. 

The object of tota suit ta fw 
toe said plaintifr to dMata a 
divorce a vinculo matrimooii 
from tto said defendant, iqwn 
toe grounds of two-year avpa- 

And an affidavtt tovii^ben 
made ai^flledtii^toedefMidairt 
ta not a msldent of ttw State of 
Vfrginia, ttw last known p^st 
office addr^s toing. Box 1^. 
Jamaica, N. Y. 

R ta (altered toat sto do 
appear tore wlttita 10 (tea) 
da]s after tow pitoUcatlon tore- 
<rf,anddowtot HMtybe n e eew a r y 
to ^K^ed her l^rest ta tota 

A oqpy-TMles 

PhyUss N. Styron, D.C. . 


Vtrgtrgg jeocJi Sun 


* tegal Notices 

20dd Pacific Ave., 
Vlrgtaiia Beach, Virginia 

^Legol Notices *Legal Notices 


VIrglifla Beacli Federal Saving 

and Ixtan Assocfa^M) 
The mml Meetingof Members 
of tbe Virginia Beacti Federal 
Savinp and Loan Association, 
Virpia Beacb, Virginia, ndU 
be lield in ttie Asso«iatt<M>'8 
office^ 210 Twenty-fiftti Street, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, on 
WedBOdaf; ttte 21st day of Jan- 
iiary,4970, at 4:30 p.m., for the; 
election of, Directors and for the ' 
transaction of such other bus- 
iness as may properly come 
before the meeting. 
R. S.Kight, Jr., Secretary 

^ t12-31-2T 


to ttie Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beadi on the 
29th day <tf December, 1969. 
RE: Estate of James v. Run- 
aldue, deceased* 

It s^pearing that a report 
of the' iaccounts of Vir^nia 
Nationals Bank, Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia» aibd Salome C. Runald- 
ue. Executor of tbe Estatmf 
James V. Runaldue, deceased. 

1970, tiiereiif fibat any 9nd all 
persons owning or claimii^any 
right, title, estate, or interest 
in or to the land, or in <x to 
the proceeds arising upon a con- 
demnalion of the land shall 
appear, and, by appropriate 
pleading, assert their several 
and respective demands or 
claims, and that said Notice 
of Publication (Condemnation) 
shall include all persons, and 
their heirs and devisees, and 
the personal representative of 
such of said persons as are 
dead, aM all of the persons 
constituting membership in said 
classes of persons in each and 
every one of them, and all 
persons whomsoever owning or 
claiming ai^ right, title, estate, 
or interest in or to said land 
or any pu^ of same, or in or 
to the proceeds arising under 
the condemnation thereof, and 
all other persons whomsoever, 
whose property or properties 
will be damaged by the taking 
of the herein referred to land 
or by ihe use of the same, for 
the purpose or objects herein 
stated, by the petitioner, beyond 
the particular benefits that will 
accrue to such property or 
such persons from acquisition 
qL the land scHi^t to be con- 
demned and the use of same 
for the purpose and objects 

and of the debts and demands <,h««,.i. ««/! »!.»» « -.^«,. ^/„„j^ 

against ^ estate has been ^^^f' "^ *?*^.^ J^F ^' !?S " 
^^ ♦!.- r^.Z: rX. »«^ petition herein filed be mailed 

filed in the Clerk's Office, and 
six moi^ has elasped since 
the qualification,^ on motion of 
the personal representative, it 
is ordered that the creditors 
of, and-^1 others interested in 
the esMe show cause, if any 
they can, on the 29tti day of 
January, 1970, before this court 
at its courtroom against the 
payment and delivery of the 
estate to the legatees without 
requiring refunding bonds. 

It is further ordered that 
the foregoing portion of tUs 
order be published once a week 
for two successive weeks in the 
Virginia Beach Sun, a news- 
ps^r published in the City of 
V?|inia Beach, Virginia. 
A copy-Teste: 

. J^. Cur,tlfi|1ruiyfe£ii 1 M, ( I . i 


In the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach on the 
17th day of December, 1969. 

vs. ' 

E. K, Sloane, single, 7637 
North Shore Road, Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia M505, and TO WHOM IT 
MAY CONCERN, and all per- 
, and classes of persons, 
(their heirs, devisees, etc.) 
wheOier the names are known 
or unknown, owning or may 
having an interest therein to 
the lands or possibly owning or 
having some right interest, 
title, estate, or claim in or to 
the Ismd or any part thereof, 
or to flie proceeds arising under 
the condemnation of the herein- 
after described lands, and all 
other persons whomsoever, 
whose property or properties 
will (H-* might be damaged by 
the taking of the herein de- 
scribed 1j^ whose name^ are 
known or unknown, and who 
are laroceeded against by the 
generkl description of ^'Parties 
Unknown", ixA 68 acres of 
land, more or less, in toe City 
of Virginia Beach, Virginia. 


This cause came on to be 
heard this day upon the pe- 
tition filed herein by the Com 

to E. K. Sloane, 7637 North 

Shore Road, Norfolk, Virginia 

23505, this bemg his lastknown 

address pursuant to the petition 

filed herein and that all other 

parties be proceeded against 

as "Parties Unknown". 


I ask for this: 

Garland M. Layton 

A copy-Teste: 


R. H. West, D. C. 


In the Circuit Court of ttie 
City of Virginia Beach, the 12th 
day of December, 1969. 

Re: Parlett L. Davis, deceas- 

Court Pa^wrs #1016 
ill tte; Clerk's Office of th^ 
XMrcidt Court of the City of - 
Vit^lhla Beach, dh" the m 
day of December, 1969. 

William Irvin Slaughter, 

Norma Louise Slaughter, De- 
' fendant. 

The object of this suit is to 
obtain a divorce a mensa et 
thoro to be later merged into a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from tiie said defendant upon 
the grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
is a non-resident of the State 
of Virginia, the last known post 
office address being: 402 Cor- 
nelius Circle East, Sarasota, 

It is ordered that she do 
appear h^re within ten (10) 
days after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be nee-' 
essary to protect her interest 
in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D. C. 
McGeein & Spinks, 
4316-C Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on ^e 
22nd day of December, 1969. 

In the matter of Dorothy W. 
Maddrey and Seaboard Citizens 
National Bank, Co-Executors of 
the Estate of John B. Maddrey, 


It appearing to the Court thsA 
a report of the accounts of 
Dorothy W. Maddrey and Sea- 
board Citizens National Bank, 
Co-Executors of 'the Estate of 
John B. Maddrey, Deceased and 
of the debts and demands against 
his estate, has been filed in 
the Clerk's Office of this Court, 
and that six months have elapsed 
since the qualification, on mo- 
tion ^ the said Dorbthy W. 
Maddrey and Seaboard Citizens 
National Bank, Co-Executprsof 
the Estate of John B. Maddrey, 
deceased, it is 

ORDERED that the creditors 
of, and all other interested in 
the Estate, do show cause, if 
any they can, on the 16th day 
of January, 1970, before this 
Court, in its Courtroom, against 
the payment and delivery of the 
Estate_ of Joha B. Maddrey, 
Deceased, to the devisees aiid 
legatees without requiring 
refunding bonds. 

It is ftarther ORDERED that 
this Show Cause Order be pub- 
lished once a week for two 
successive weeks in the Virginia 
Beach Sun-News, a newspaper 
having a general circulation in 
the City of Virginia Beach, 
A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N. Styron, D. C. 
Willcox, Savage, Lawrence, 
Dickson & Spindle 
1800 Virginia National ^au* 
Norfolk. Virginia 23510 


Legal Notices 


In the Circuit Court of flie 
City of Vir0nia Beach. 

Burton Lumber Corporation; 


A & P Corporation, et als., 


In Chancery No. 12,120 
The Object of the above styled 
suit Is to subjtct tothepaymwit 
of mechanic's liens the property 
designated as Lot 19, Section 9, 
on the plat entitled "Subdiv- 
ision of Section 9, King's Grant, 
Part 2, Lynnhaven Borough, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia," of, 
record in the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the City 
of Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 
Map Book 61, page 17. 

And it appearing from the 
averments of the Bill^of Com- 
plaint and the Affidavit filed 
that dve diligence has been used 
to ascertain in what county 
or corporation the defendant, 
. L. B. Adams, both individually 
and as President of A & P 
Corporation, resides without 
effect, and whose last known 
post office address was 313 S.. 
Crestline Drive, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia. 

— It Is, therefore, ordered tlat 
the said L. B. Adams/do ai%)ear 
within 10 days after due pub- 
lication of this notice and do 
what is necessary to protect 
his interest. It Is further or- 
dered that the foregoing portion 
of this Order be published once 
a week for four successive 
weeks in the VIRGINIA BEACH 
SUN, a newspaper circulated in 
the City of Virglnla.Beach, Vir- 
ginia, "^t* ' . „ 

PhylUs N. Styron, D. C. ^"^'^'^^ 
Glasser and Glasser, p. q^/ 
504 Plaza One - 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 

Legal Notices 




In the Clerk's qmce^of the ^ ^ ^^ ^^^^^,^ ^^^ ^, ^^ 

City of Virginia Beach, on the 

Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day of December, 1969. 

William E. Spruill, Plain- 
tiff ..„.i_ - ■■ 

^'AlWe;^Newman Sprttifli ieft 
fendant. '" ' 


The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa et thoro to be 
later merged into a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion as of May 23, 1969. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last 
known T50st office address be- 
ing, P. 0. Box 606, Richton 
Park, niinois 60471. 

It is ordered that she do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this. 

A copy-Teste: 

PhyUis N. Styron, D.C. 
Seymour M. Teach, Atty, 
7th Floor Rotunda Bldg., 
415 St. Paul's Blvd^, 
Norfolk, Virginia 


15th day of December, 1969. 
David B. Casteel, Plaintiff, 


n Kar«n.Ana.Leonai;d Gas^e^, , 

IDefewfant. : i,.] T ;, 

The object of this suit is to 
obtain a divorce A Vinculo Mat- 
rimonii from the said defendant 
upon the grounds of desertion. 
And an iiffidavit having been 
m ade and filed that the defendant 
is a non-resident of the State 
of Virginia, the last know post 
office address being: 1635 Ard- 
more Boulevard, Apartment No. 
?6, E. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
It is ordered that she do 


In the Circuit Court of ttie 
City of Virginia Beach. 

Commonwealth of Virginia, 


Thomas Edward Campbell, 
Law #12,675A, Defendant. .^ 

Application for an order of 
publication is hereby made for 
an order of publication in the 
above-styled suit, the subject 
of which is an adjudication that 
the defendant is an Habitual 
Offender under theTlrgifliaHa- 
bitual Offender Act, whose priv- 
ilege to operate a motor vehicle 
on the highways of this State 
should be withdrawn for a period 
of ten (10) years. 
By: Andre Evans, Attorney for 
the Commonwealth for the City 
of Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

This daj personally appeared 
Sergeant Charles H. Harris and 
made oath that in the above- 
styled suit in this said Court, 
wherein the Commonwealth of 
Virginia is plaintiff and Thomas 
Edward Campbell is defendant, 
this affiant has used diligence 
t>n behalf of the plaintiff to- 
as certain in what county, or 
corporation this defendant is, 
without effect. Having been in- 
formed by his neighbors at the 
defendant's last known place of 
address that the family moved 
to California approximately 
eight months ago, and that the 
defendant himself moved to 
Florida in December, 1968, and 
has not been heard from since 
that time. In addition, postal 
^authorities did not have any 
forwarding address, nor were^ 
they informed of a change of 
address by this defendant. The 
process directed to said defend- 
ant at 436 Bernice Place, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia, the last 
address known to the Division 
of Motor Vehicles, has beea 
returned by the City Sergeant 
of Viirginia Beach, marked "not 
found." 7^ , 

Charles H. Harrls~^ — - — — 
Sworn to and subscribed h&i 
fore me this 25tii day of No^ 

veml?,er„,l^§9, ,, ,/ 
[ EleimsB .,M.^^ N i chol s, , . 

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Virginia: In the Clerk's Office 
of the circuit Court of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia on Jbe 11 d a^y 
of Dec. 1969. — :,_■ _., :,.' , - .^ 

W i*«rtr*?l*J»«»l)C<pr»H,,o,7uao',i 

Tennis lessons, 

Sam Hopper, 


-.-..— -dll-liiil^-^ 

I hereby certify that I have 
this day posted at the front 
door of the Court House, a 
copy of the order of public- 
ation, entered in the above 
styled suit, and I on this day 
copy of said publlc- 

""Hel^qnarre^rrnfor v.»v«„.., 
Gretsch and Fender guitars and 
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u -iki.. *»«/1n^/1o1re• mailed a totiir ui owu iiuu*»v- 
appear l^«« wrtl^.^f,^^^,^^ -ation duly c^ed,4athe sahh 
after duepiAUcatidnhereof and ^^^^^^^ the last knownpost 
do what may be necessary to ^^ ^^^^ j„ ^^ 



^L^fm>U§ APARtMENtii 

' and tOWNHOlU^ES 
Oa Haygood Rdi off IndQ>a)dence Blvd. 
Diagonally across from tiw Haygood Shopping Center 
SPACIOUS, mum, wMi iN tin fMfwM if • ffaM IwM 


Monthly rental from $175 bicludes all utilities 

Limited ^mber for Immediate occtQMmcy 

RENTAL OFFICE OPEN DAILY Telephone 499-3788 




protect her interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Brydges, Broyles & McKenry 
1369 Lasfcin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Use SUN Classified A ds. 

foregoing affidavit, and a copy 

was this day mailed to The 

Virginia Beach Sun for public-^ 




Ral^ R. Garriot, D. C. 

In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach,on the IZtilday 
of December, 1969. 

Linda Ui Williams, an in&mt 

under Oie age of 21 years, who 

moJweiaa rtT vSiSiaT toVthe sued by Jerjttorney and next 

purtioses of eondemfiing the friend, Theodore A. Boyce, 

lands for the iwrpose of a 
Public Park, as set forth in 
the i^tition and to aoiuire a 
fee sdmple estate therein from 
the parties defendants herein, 
and iqxw a prayer for an Order 
of PiAlicaUon to be pidi)lished 
in {^newspapers published 
in ttie City (d Virgiida Beach 
pursiunt to tbe Statutes of the 

Upon j(»j!sbIerati<nhereof and 
it s*>pearlng Just and proper so 
to (to^ jHursuant to Code Sectiicn 
i5-133 Code of Virginia as 
Itneivied 1950, it is ADJUDGED, 
Nottee of P<d)licatlon be ptA>- 
lished in the Virginia Beach 
Sun News pursuant to^Secttra 
25-152 rf the Code (^Virginia 
as iraHMted 19S0 in tte form 
as ^escrfl^ by Sections 25- 
153 and 25-154 of the Code of 
Vlr^tfa as amfladed 19S0, and 
that ^ knds u Am&tbeA In 
the pettttoB me torein l^ set 
fbrfli in such Notice of Ptf>- 
Ueatton (OcHidemintton)aadthat 
(» Of b^ore ten (10)^33 iitar 
dariN^eatbn, Ito final date 
btiai ttM -SO^ day of Jamiary, 


Robert Edward WiUlams, 

The (A>]ect of this suit is 
for said plaintiff to olrtain a 
divorce a mensa et ttwro to be 
later merged Uito a divorce 
a vinculo matrimonii, and cus- 
tody (^ the 2 children of f^ 

And an affidavit having been 
m adeaadfiledtiiattifted^eiidaflt 
Is not a resident of tbe State of 
Virginia, the last known post 
office address being. Route 2, 
Box 843, EUzaheth City, Nortii 

ft is (mleredtbathedoflp)ear 

here >[^Ai>^ (tei^ dims after 
due puUlici^tm bere^,Sand do 
whai aaiy be neceaary to pro- 
tect Us Uderest in tUs sutt. 

,PbyUi8N.SiyroD,D.C. . 
Mr. Tbeoiiore A. Boyee, Atty. 
105 North Plaza Ttm 
Vir^niaBa^ Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on tiie 23rd 
day of December, 1969. 

lionald Leon Czar necki. 
Plaintiff, ' 

Lynn Marie Barton Czar- 
necki. Defendant. 

The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa eth thoro, to 
be later merged into a divorce 
a vinculo matrimonii from tt>e 
said defendant, upon the 
grounds of wilful d^ertion 
and :U»ndoment, without any 
just caase or provocation, on 
the 24th day of September, 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed (hat the defen- 
dant is w^ a resident of tbe 
State of Virginia, the last known 
pest office address being, 1434 
ParUrt Court, Virginia Bwch, 

tt is ordered that she do ap- 
p^ur here within 10 (ten) ixfs 
after due p^lic^on hereof, 
and do what m^ be necessary 
to protect her inter^t In this 

A <s>pjr-Teste; 

Pl^s N. ^roi, D.C. 
Hal J^Bomef, Jr., Atty. 
5840 Fram^ Ave., 
No^olk, Virginia 



In tiie Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 12th day 
of December, 1969. 

Ernestine Edmands Watts, 

Theodore Francis Watts, IV, 


The object of this suit is for 
said plairflUff to obtain a divorce 
a vinculo matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed tiiat the defend- 
and is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, Uie last known 
post office address being, 7106 
Sycamore Avenue, Takoma 
Park, Maryland. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here withing ten (10) days 
after due pulblcation hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
pr(^ect his interest in this suit. 
A copy-T^te: 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Thomas F. Bets, Jr.< Atty. 
4565 Virginia Beadi Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


— I 

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■•II to 


P'lwjp Jfc 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Tlwrsclay, January 8, 1970 

Sympoaium on Youth Set AnmaiMeem Prm-Wmnma Musical Comina 

^ ,._ « •...._...;..-«. « .-„ ._ „-_,-.... r^.^^ Ti* H^ Ia. tiJ •♦Your Own ThlBir" th.*!!™.- •^ "^ . .^.. W 

On Aa. }l, ttM IMtU HMtf tt 
Crater of ih^lMi ud C^m- 

of Jinr^k b^qpMqr to be 
beU in tte Midttortan of Uie 
Public HMltt Botldiiif, 401 
CoUty Ave^ Norfolk. 

Hie sjn^pottara Is planned for 
tlioso vorkteg or interated in 
tboiSdcb (tf Juvenile delln- 
qnencf, murcotic addiction and 

neproQr^a irlll feature su<^ 
sj^Mkers as Judge PhlUpRusso, 
Juvenile and Domestic Re- 
latkMis Court; Harry Wise, 
^. D., mrectorofPubllcflealth 

Servtoes In Norfolk; David 
Ltrndauer, attorney, Ports- 
Uwit't and Forr«rt Tyler, Ph. 
D., pB^i^ttAstB pr^«sor,ODU. 

lira sympi^lum wlllrunfrom 
8:30 a.m. uirtil 5:30 p.m. with a 
served lundieon. Hie program 
will end with a panel diseu!»ioQ 
witii all the speticers partici- 

Aqy interested lay people are 
invited to attend. A $5 regist- 
ration fee should be paid to 
Dr. Vernon Bisese^ Symposium, 
c/o Mrs. Helen L. Shafer, Sec- 
retary, Mental Healtt Center, 
401 Colley Ave., Norfolk. 

To Mm Jan. 16 

The ^Mopton Roads Refired 
Ofttcei^ Aasodlation will ImM 
its anmnl insteUation of of- 
ficers at a dinner meeting Fri- 
day evening, Jan. 16 at the Ft. 
Story Officers Club. 

R. Adm. James C. Dempsey, 
USN, Comnuandant of the Ftftii 
Naval M^ict, headquarters at 
the Naval Station, Noriblk, wiU 
be the installing officer and 

For reservations call Cdr. 
Art Daigle, USN, (Ret) at 340- 
8734 prior to noon Thursday^ 
Jan. 'i5. 

'Your Own TTilni," tteflKir- 
ott^y iHtii-it musleil tia^ has 
bea one of the t^irt Ne«r 
York hite since m^fy nss, is 
the attraction coming to the 
Center Theatre on Jan. 23 and 

It's a with-it, "now" musical 
even tboi^fa it's a comically- 
skewed version of an an<^ent 
coih«fy— Slakespear's ro- 
mantic "Twelfth Night" — botti 
becuase its sohgs by Hal Hester 
and Daimy Apolinar are solid, 
hard rock, with iere and there 
touches of lyrical ballads, driv- 
ing Jazz and seotiUng barber- 
shop harmony, andakobecause 

ttie basic Idea is em{Aattcally 

The «^r-director, Donald 
Driver, has noUced that nowa- 
days boys and gir|l (rfta have 
similar hair-dM and wear sim- 
ilar bell-bottom Slacks and 
other unisex garb so th^t often 
it's hard to tell the lads ITom 
the lassies. 

He has applied this obser- 
vation to Shakespeare's story 
of the shipwrecked Viola, who 
in the strange never-neverland 
of niyrta where she is washed 
up, finds it advisable to dis- 
quise herself as abby— and thus 




Afkr the close of business December 3U 1969 



Vice President 
Vice President and Secretary 
Vice President 

Vice President 

Vice President 



Ae^ttant Vice President 

AtaataiU Vice President 

Assistant Secrekry 


Assistant Secretary, 



Assistant Secretary 


Retired Board Chairman 

Virginia National Bank 


Pmviatt* Ethendge-^aylor-Hofheimer, Inc. 




First Morl^ogftoons ................. $67,278,043.13 

Lpcins Mod« to Fadiitot* Sol* of Rtol Eitott.^ ^^ ^ P^^^'^^ 

AnotlMrUoni. . . ... . . . ,,* • • • 772«307.32 

Cash on Hand ond in Bonks . < 2^206^92.42 

Investments ond Securities 14«783,416.17 

Fixed Assets, Less Depreciation ........... 635,88^.91 

Dtffvnd CHorgMond Other Assets. . . . . ,« • y^ W6,S41.0j^ 

I ■ - 

Totol Asset! $86,620,523.52 

JJUtmiesMtd ^et Worth 


Loons in Process .....•..••....•...*• 



Attorney at law 

Vice President and Secretary 

Attorney at Law 

President, Smith & Welton, Inc. 


Portsmouth Gerierol Manager 

LedgerStarand VUgiman'PUot 


of ttonicys 





Othtr Uobilities .................... T14,049:T2 

Sptdfic Reserves. ••.........«......• 1,000.00 

Gentrol Reserves ,y^, , . $7,697,68870 

Surplus..... $1,452,338.71 »,150,227.41 

Total Uobilities and Net Wo^ ...... $86,620,523.52 





putt a tturrier to-irtBAng tte 
lov^ of Coimt Orslno, witt whom 
she f ^ employment as a page, 
and g^ mwanted / traders of 
love from the OUvUwtoOrsino 
is trying unsuccessfully to woo. 

to "Your Own Thlngf' the niy- 
ria where ViOla arrives after 
her shipwredc, is slmifly New 
York, where she fearfully sinp 
a song that ei^resses the lonely 
depersonalization felt by many 
young people In America to- 
day ~ 

"So much gbss, 

"So much steel, 

"What's there to care? 

"What's tiiere to feel? 

"All that glass, 

"All that chrome, 

"Can 1 ever call this place 

, home?" 

Seeking employment, she 
calls herself Charley and gets a 
Job as a singer with Orson, 
manager of a rock group ((ail- 
ed The Apocalypse!) in whidi 
the draft has Just created a 
vacancy. Sel»stian, her dress- 
ed-alike twin brother, not at 
all drowned In the shipwreck, 
turns up and is also hired by 
Orson, who thinks he has hired 
only one of them —the two look 
so alike. 

From there on the mistaken 

Viifinia Betch Mttnicipill Court 

Cwivicttwis Dec. 26 to 31 

Jame» T. Wilbur, CWbhouse Road, Virginia Bpach, convicted 
of reckless driving, fined $75 and costs. . 

Otis Hatton, Jr., Pinewood Drive, Virginia Beach, convicted 
of reckless driving (90/65 zone), fined $75 and costs, drivers 
license suspended for 60 days. 

Virginia Beach Circuit Court 

, Decisions Dec. 26 to 31 
Court officials said there were no Circuit Court sessions 
during the above calendar period with all items having been 
rescheduled to future dat» due to the holiday period. 

Vii^nia Beach Juvenile Court 

Case Summation Dec. 26 to 31 
The court had hearings on 33 juvenile peUtlons which con- 
S,?J^,"r *'^K'^'?°''*°^««*^«^*sordty^ 
5v ^ S ?*" i*"*"^ ^«"« ^^«° cases involving felonies: 

wi niu^ pjLT'""' *° *"*"" '"''' "^ *"' ""^"^ °"^ 

Other cases which the court setUed involved 18 on traffic 

tew violattons and 16 on famUy domestic problems. There were 

three .cases of parental non-support during the above calendar 

identity complications flow fas »;rijt a a /^» y-» 

and rolUckingly on the wings F Z' -tf^ Ln(Mg€8 COntmOild 

Cdr. Robert H. Glaves has the "Swordsmen", Cdr.Glaves 
relieved Cdr. Gerhard C. 
Groehn as Commanding Officer 
of Fighter Squadron Thirty-Two 
NAS. Oceana. ^ 

The VF-32 "Swordsmen" 
have lust returned from a nine 
month cruise aboard USS John 
F. Kennedy, the Squadron's 11th 
and Kennedy's first Mediterr- 
anean deployment. 

Cdr. Glaves reported to 
Fighter Squadron Thirty-Two 
as Executive Officer in Decem- 
ber of 1968. Prior to ioinine 

a merry set bf songs and 
dances -- two of which are set 
to Shakespeare's own words, 
"Come Away D^th" and '^e 
Never Told Her Love" ~ and 
a set of multimedia accoutre- 
ments of slides, projections, 
films and lighting magic. 

The cream of the jest is the 
shocked realization of Orson 
ttiat he ish(V>elesslyfnlovewith 
"Chat ley." This sets him 
worriedly to reading treatises 
on homosexuality and finding 
historical parallels for his sit- 
uation -^ tiie ancient Greelts, 
David and Jonathan, Damon and 
Pythias and others. When he 
declares to Viola that h6 Isn't 
going to fight his inclination any 
further, that he will give upand 
do his own thing, she is at first 
pleased but, then, as she under- 
stands what he is saying, so 
horrified she reveals her fem- ^^ 
ininity ~ to Orson's reUrfaad=^|p' 
joy. ■^*- 

"You don't mind my being a 
girl?" she asks in a five-sec- 
ond break in the title-song's 
frenzied final. "I'll Just go a- 
long with It," Orson answers 
jubilantly, smd then with the 
orc^eistr;^ continues tite t^t, 
"You're my thing!" 

"Your Own Thing," which has 
been idaying to packed houses 
in New York since its January 
1968 qxnlng and is still going 
stroi^ was the 1968 winner qf- 
the N. Y. Drama Critics' Cir- 
cle Award as ttie best musical 
of the season. 

Tickets are priced at $7.25, 
^6.25, and $5.25 for the 8:30 
p.m. Friday and Saturday even- 
ing performances and $6.50, 
$5.50, and $4.50 for the 2:^0 
p. m. Saturday matinee. The 
Center Theatre Box Office wlL 
be opened from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
daily beginning Monday, Jan. 
. 19, 1970, or tickets may be 
ordered from Center Theatre. 

was attached to Fighter Squad- 
ron One Hundred One where he 
served as Ejcecutlve Officer. 
Cdr. Glaves is married to 
the former Louis Marie of Los 
Anceles, Califs -— 


Youth Meet 
-ft Sunday 

The Episcopal YoungChurch- 
men will hold the Tidewater 
Youth Convention meeting on 
Jan. 11 at 2 p.m. at the East- 
ern Shore Chsgpel. 

All the youth of Tidewater 
area wilL,l>e guests and will 
listen to Mrs. Mary Barraco 
reliving her years as a teen- 
ager fighting for freedom as a 
partisan and her life as a pris- 
oner of the Nazi's during World 

From the ^ 

Virginia -, 

Beach Library 

Two books that have just 
arrived at the libraries con- 
cern reincarnation and Pearl 
Buck - p<des apart! 

"Pearl S. Buck: a blogrs^," 
by TTieodore F. Harris. New 
Yortt, John Day Co., 1969. 

-By dlvidint the book into 
three sections, author Harris' 
delves info Miss Buck's life 
from childhood to 1938, when 
she was awarded the Nobel 
Prize tor Litoni^re, proceeds- 
from that climactic point to 
the present, and then InUie 
concluding part discusses Pearl 
Budc ' tte woman «^ made 
possible the writer and human- 
itarian. Many (^ her personal 
papers and letters, and a few 
of her poems arje Included in 
this well written knd enjoyable 




announces the opening of 




Phone 428-0911 


MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. 

"Reincarnation in the Twen- 
tieth Centyry," edited by Martin 
Ebon. New York, World Pub- 
lishing Co., 1969. $4.95. 
Fifteen cases of reincarnation 
1^ are revealed In tUs book, In- 
^ eluding a new look at Bridey 
M Murphy, one of Edgar Cay^e's 
;<# readings, which Is supplied by 
m Vtolet M. Shelley, editor of the 
^ Journal of the A. R. E.; and 
p: one by the former head of the 
\^^ Psychiatry and Neurologgr De- 
t^- partment of toe University of 
P Virginia, Dr. Ian Stevenson. 
ON LY,^ Whether you believe In relij- 
:::?:-:i:i:?:^ carnation or not, the cases are 
■ "■ ' ■ ■ ■ ' puzzling and fascinating. 

Drastic Sale 

Largest Suppliers at Va. Beach 

of Pianos, Organs, Stereos 

and Band Instruments 

Dollars Now Saved Counts 
on Quality Merchandise 

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f emple of Music 

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TT lfMli fnT TITT!;:^ 


'• vok^kia beach 
Weather forecast 

DIAt 936-1212 

RICHMOND, VA. 23219 


Serving and Promoting Our City's Future 

Vol. 4, No. 2 

10< a copy 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, January 15, 1970 

SUN Phone: 428-2401 

Bondlssue Brought in Open Homebuilders Invited 

To Confer on Land Law 

Virginia Beach City Couocil 
Montey gave its approval to 
severiU projects that will create 
a large number of new homes, 
apartments and townhouses, in 
spite of data received from the 
schbol board stating the pro- 
jects would oivercrowd schools. 

Vice Mayor Robert Cromwell, 
who said he had voted against 
sev<§Fid such projects in the 
Baystde area, voted against 
Monday also, but at the same 
time said it was a foregone 
conclusion new schools would 
have to be built to accommo- 
date the students. 

He said a bond issu6 would 
have to be called for in this 
matter. This marks the first 
time in recent months that a 
bond issue has reached i»st 
the whisper stages, although 
bond is^es for new schools are 
expected over the next three 
years larger than the $14.5 
million voted in January 1968, 
which raised real estate taxes 

The i^i^cation of Windsoc^ 
Holland CompsMiy for redoing 
was approved pending satisfact- 
ory agreement between the 
school board and the developer 
for a school sits. A school 
board representative said the 
land was being made available 
at raw land price in the exten- 
sion of Wimisor Woods on the 
north side of Holland Road off 
fiosemont Road. It was pointed 
out that it will be two years 
before a school problem would 
occur in the area and that a 
new school could be boUt by 
then. AnoOter new school is 
e9(pectedto be completed at fiie 


Where last week's SUN SUR- 
VEY question is concerned, 
four -city cooper atimi is far 
from being a reality. By an 
overwhelming majoirM|jll»ii 
who replied are agaiiist.jCQn- 
tinued studies for a four-city 
stadium participated in by Vir- 
ginia Beach. 

A total of 89 per cent said 
"No" to the question; ^•iHKwid 
the city of Virginia Beach con- 
tinue to participate in studies 
for a fdur-city stadium in 
gOQth Hampton ^^oadSj new^ that 
the sites have been narrowed 
to ones in Norfolk and Chesa- 
peake?" The other 11 per cent 
fkvor going on with studies. 

Many of those who object 
based their objections on the 
relatlv^y low score given even 
the two best sites by consult- 
ants. They said they felt a 
better site could be found. Many 
others (Ejected to Virginia 
Beach participation at allbe- 
cause they feUthe other citizens 
cause they, felt the other cities 
have been asked only to bail 
Norfolk out of financial prob- 
lems. Those in favor generally 
said they want to see a major 
stadium at any cost. (See let- 
ters to the editor, p.4)'. 

While the public opinion poll 
does not profess to represent 
the thinking of all the resi- 
dents of Virginia Beach, it does 
represent the thinking of a cross 
section of those who took time 
to clip it and return it to us. 

Your attention is called also 
to this week's SUN SURVEY 
quesUon, which appears tai the 
box at Uie lower left corner of 
this page. The results will be 
published here next week. 

Each week a new, timely 
questt(» will be asked, and you 
are invited to participate. The 
more relies received, the 
more responsible the oidolon. 

Green Run development by theiv 

This was the first public indi- 
cation of another new school in 
that area, which would appar- 
ently also serve 102 towqhcnises 
approved Monday. The planning 
commission had recommended 
denial of the Mill Russ Con- 
struction Company adjacent to 
Kings Arms Apartments, on 
grounds that the schools would 
be overcrowded. Council over- 
ruled the commission and 
approved the project with the 
news of the new school site 
near Windsor Woods. 

It was also pointed out in 
qublic hearine that a number 

Price Tag 

On Studg 

™,:.a:fie four-city talks on area- 
wide cooperation and feasibility 
of merger may or may not 
have hit a snag. That is now 
up to the City Councils of the 
four cities of Portsmouth, Nor- 
folk, Chesapeake and Virginia 
Beach. The problem involves 

The four-member city man- 
ager committee recommended 
to the fulM2-man committee 
Wednesday morning in a meet- 
ing at Virginia Beach City Hall 
that the firm pf Hammer, 
Greene, Siler and Associates 
of Atlanta and Washington be 
hired to conduct a complete 
study of areawide cooperation 
matters. . 

Virginia Beach City Manager 
Roger Scott said four consult- 
ants had been evaluated l)efore 
making the recommendation. 
The cost of the $t)^y pf ^ 
leart^ 'teUpfti&^Se^flMte oir 
it, according to Norfolk City 
Manager Thomas Maxwell, has 
been set at between $60,000 
and $90/)00. Scott said this 
amount would have to be pin- 
pointed before^^e fitody would 
be made. ^ ™i^; 

The committee also recom- 
mended that the first dutyoftiie 
consultant would be to apply 
for state urban assistance in- 
centive funds in the UBOuit of 
$30,000 for the study, that same 
amount ot be used at the four- 
city local share of afuthera^;^ 
lication to the Department o^ 
Housing and Urban Developm«it 
for $60,000 in federal funds. 

While general agreement cm 
this rebommendation seemed 
apparent a problem arose with 
the need for local appropria- 
tions. The committee sought 
$l,00b from each city to pay 
the consultant for any work 
done if the applications to the 
state and federal government 
were not successful. 

Portsmouth and Chesapeake 
representatives said they did 
not know if their City Councils 
would be willing to go along. 

Virginia Beach's other two 
representatives on the commit- 
tee, Mayor Frank Ousch and 
Councilman Larry Marshall, 
noted they, had had many calls 
against merger. 

Scott and the other city man- 
agers tinted out that more is 
at stake in this matter ttian 
merger. Scott said as^wide 
cooperation and possible con- 
solidation of certain municipal 
services and fiacilities could 
possibly save the taxpayers of 
all four political subdivisions 
money. He said he felt this 
type of study was more im- 
portant at this time than actual 
talks of merger. 

The commUtee will brii^ the 
proposal before Virginia Beach 
C ity Council informally M(HMby. 

of previously approved apart- 
ments and townhouses in the 
area, taken into consideration 
by school authorities, would 
not be built for some time or 
may never be built. 

A spokesman for the Windsor 
Wood Civic League opposed the 
new Windsor Woods extension 
on grouiKls of overcrowding, 
bad roads in need of repair 
and lack of police and fire 

Another 404 apartments, part 
of the rent of which can be 

subsized by the federal govern- 
ment, were approved at Hope 
Avenue and North Birdneck 
Road in Seatack, This and 
another previously approved 
subsidized project is expected 
to take many Seatack residwite 
out of substandard housing in 
the area, asking it possible for 
the city to enforce the housing 
code more fully. 

The Lynn Bay Holding Corp. 
was granted permission to build 

(See 'Council^ p. 2) 

Virginia Beacli City Council 
has invited a spokesman for the 
Tidewater Association of Home 
Builders to attend its informal 
session at City Hall. Up for 
discussion will be a far-reach- 
ing proposal of Council to seek 
statewide leglsrationTeqmrlng 

IWind, Ice Hamper Fire Efforts 


QUESTION: Should real estate 
developers of homes and apart- 
ments be required by law to 
donate land for a school site 
in their developmem befbre 
being granted a permit to build? 

YMfttaatits III ilfifl Mters vmM N 

YiS n NO □ 

Clly lai rtttri ttsVliSIIIM IIACN %%% 

lei 4S7 nWfiirtiiM<>, ^ nm 

Men of the Virginia Beach 
Borou^ Fire Department de- 
voted more than three hours 
last. Saturday night in battling 
a fire which broke out in the 
Essex House Motel at 16th 
Street and Atlantic Avenue. 

Chi«f E. B. Bayne said off 
duty firemen and volunteers 
were recalled to duty to fight 
the blaze, which resulted in 
severe dalmaee to five rooms 

on the motel's third floor and 
a large quantity of motel furn- 
ishings including mattresses, 
box springs and assorted ftirn- 
iture. Bayne indicated 16 vol- 
unteer and 19 replar firemen 
were involved ia figjiting th| 
firie, and that firgmen were oh 
scene of the alarm for more, 
than three hours. — - 

According to Bayne the fire 
had already had a good head 

start, and when fire fighters 
arrived at the scene they found 
four available water hydrants 
were frozen, and were only able 
to put two of the hydrants into 
commission. The resulting 
%hx|*a|;e :4f#at|rj|o^|^ the 
blaze ' necessiiatM' re|i»|^g 
the Seatack Volunteer Fire De- 
partment to dispatch their truck 

(See 'Fire' p. 2) 

builders to donate land for 
school sites to the city as part 
of the plans for builciijig a sub- 
division. T" *--—--»"— 

The matter was brought up 
briefly last Monday, and City 
Attorney Harry Marshall attem- 
pted to get the resolution 
through Council calling upon the 
city's representatives in the 
Virginia General Assembly to 
introduce such enabling legis- 
lation. Several Councilmen ob- 
jected to immediate action and 
suggested the meeting next 

Monday with a spokesman or 
committee of the TAHB. 
Several members of that 
'organization were on haiid Mon- 
day and tried to hold |}ff the 
meeting untU after about 120 
of its members return from 
Houston, Texas and the Nat- 
ional builders convention. But 
MarshaH said time was of the 
essence for introducing legis- 
lation. The meeting is set for 
Monday morning. 

Not only does th^riret tegis- 
lation require school sites to be 

Font A voids Label 

Firemen confined the Essex House fire to the third floor storeroq^mj 
but the contents were destroyed. 

When Jimmie S. Fant was 
elected Republican City Comm- 
ittee Chairman, Saturday, it was 
considered a victory for the 
progressive wing of his party 
in Virginia Beach. Fant himself, 
however, avoids associating his 
efforts with any party faction, 
"When there are two sides 
to an issue, you have to use 
labels I suppose," he explained 
after the election. "But 1 don't 
feel I stand at any extreme. 
We are all one party that has 
to work together in Virginia 

Fant, 32/ narrowly defeated 
Henry L. Clarke by a 116 to 
110 margin at the Republican 
City Convention at Princess 
Anne High School. It was the 
largest gathering of Republi- 
cans ever hel9 in Virginia 
Beach. Unofficial attendance 
tallies set the tbtal near 300 

By assuming a middle of the 
road stand, Fant said|ie d(f| 
'.Ml- 4ed . te Jfet: -wlishy !^i>iMgW'i 
He said he wants to encourage 
all sides within the party to 

Fant briefly outlined some 
of the problems and issues 
that wiU confront the local 
GOP. ^ -^ 

"First, we'H have to get sit 
for the City Council electidns," 
he said. He intends to use a 
"grassroots"approach in rally- 
ing his party, and the voters. 
Although Fant said the party 
has achieved a grassroots 
structure on paper, he feels 
the concept has stiU not been 

"I want to see the precinct 
people become the dominant 
force in the Republican party," 
he said. He stressed the inqxtrt- 
ance of "citizen to citizen" 
politics, where precinct work- 
ers contact individuals within 
the precincts to encourage par- 

"The ideal would be to have 
the candidate contact every 
single voter personally. Next 
best would be to have the can- 
didate contact voters by tele- 
phone. The other alternativfip 
are for representatives of the 
candidate to contact voters in 
"pereon or by ^one. Wlienyou 

get down to that level, it ellm- 
inatesmany problems." he said. 

The important issues at the 
top of Fant's list Include what 
he thinks is a disparity in 
local area representatives and 
professional provisions for mu- 
nicipal employees. He also said 
he would reccommend a women 
as a candidate for the elec- 
toral board. 

"Many women have proven- 
themselves qualified for such 
a position and they are wiU- 
ing to work. I see no reason 
why they could not do a good 
Job." Farit said. ^ ^ 

Regarding tbr republican 
candidates aiKl the party plat- 
form for the local issues he 
said "First we've got to choose 
viable candidates then gear the 
candidates around the elections 
and the issues." He said issues 
must be clarified on a local 
basis and "idiilosophical" ap- 
prbaches must be avoided. 

tremes aiul creates (toulte a- 
mong ttie pe<vle." 

Fant thinks the pressing in- 
ternal problem for the party 
will be to overcome faction- 
alism. To fUl out as the ma- 

^rity larty and assume the 
leadership role, the Republic- 
ans mast also reorientate them- 
selves from the ^'loyalappr«i- 

-tice or watchdog concept" fn 
local politics, be said. He hopas 
to use the precincts as the 
structural power base for the 
party in inlying his scientific 

j>olitics. ^, 
pant also lauded the (inven- 
tion system for choosing party 
representatives over Hhe pri- 
mary elections ued b^ the Demo- 

"More people can t)ecqme 
actively involved and the party 
itself pays the bill." He said 
all the taxpayers were obliged 
to meet expenses of the demo- 
cr^ic primaries. 

Fant wiU serve a two-year 
term as city chairman. 

The GOP also elected a new 
city coihmittee at Saturday's 
convention. Tha:t gfoup wiUnll 
a nominating convention to se- 
lect the candidates for th e city 
council election. 

dcmated, but also recptlres rec- 
reational playground land to be 
given. TAHB spokesmen say 
they definitely will oppose the 
move, although they admit the 
matter has been discussed for 

It was also pointed out that 
the cost of land for school sttes 
represents only a very minor 
part of the cost of building 
and operating schools. 

One builder said the cost of 
such d(mated land would have 
to be passed along to the new 
homeowner, and could raise the 
price of a home \if as nradi 
as ten per cent. 

One councUman said this 
seemed fair to him, since the 
newcomer would be paying ttie 
bill, not tiK»e who already had 
made their homes in Virgiida 

Another builder sv^ested 
that Virginia Beach needed to 
expand its tax base and seardi 
for more new industry, instead 
of making this hardsh^ (m the 
buUders. City Councilmen said 
they were always actively 
searching for new r«i^e and 
industry. t -- 

Mormed sources say ttey 
feel the matter will receive fav- 
orable acticNi by City Council^ 
and that the statewide legisla- 
tion has a good dance of being 
passed ia the currort sessfoot 
of the legislahire. Similar leg- 
islation, Introduced by another 
fast growing area hi Norti»m 
Virginia, Fairfax,"tw6 years 
ago, ^ed. 

Sav<ra^<rfhtr j±UsuELali:if«^- 
have such legislatl(», and to 
some areas soibdivlslon devd- 
opers are reqoired either to 
build the sdiool or share bi 

the cost othwiWiwt f*®"*^;^. 

The cost of new schools and 
die need for sdiools in VhrgiBis 
Beach has vem Uw stb^ 
of mimerons diffcusions c/nt 
flie past several yean, as the 
popHlaticmof ttie etty hiadcplAad 
and redoubled in fllS pai^ tan 
years. „ ^r 

Under the proposed legisla- 
tion, if the devel(^r caoDi^ 
furnish land, he would be re- 
quired to pay the amount for 
acquiring slid) land. The acre- 
age for schools has been golttg 
foi* about $2,(HK) an acre at 
raw land cost reeraQy. Some 
30 acres are reqoired Iqr ttie 
state for most schools and re- 
lated areas. 


One Councilman said, "This 
is some of that fast-growtt 
legislation tiiat Mr. Hatdwtt 
(former city manager W. 
Russell Hatdiett) has been talk- 
ing about for years. We need 
it, and ttie state has to let 
us have it unless it can pay 
our bUls." 




Next 60 Days WillSetCmrse for State 

Money, that scourge of 
modern-day living and the thorn 
in the side of all governii^ 
bodies, is expected to be the 
key word in the next 60 days 
as the Virginia General Assem- 
bly plots the coulee of the 
Commonwealth again for ttie 
next two years. 

The oldeslt, continuous, Eng- 
lish-speaking legisl^re in 
America began anew yesterday 
witti ttie State of ttie Commcm- 
weal^ sp(>M*h bv oDtffntng Gov. 

Mills E. Godwin, Jr., hailed 
as the state's most progressive 
governor in Oie 20th century. 

The state of the state is 
healthy, but holds warnings for 
the future in many 
schools, colleges, welfare, 
taxes and urban growth, to name 
but a few. Money to finance 
the necessary programs oon- 
tinues to be the problem, and 
it will likely get worse in the 

A new era is beginning Sat- 
urday as the Assembly settles 
down to its assigned task. The 
first Republican governor In a 
cenhiry, Linwood Bolton, 
assumes the reins on that day. 
His success or failure will 
StiU deprad on his ability to 
succeed with a Democratic leg- 
islature. There are many new 
faces and much new thinking 
ttiat could also reverse some 
treixis and stengthen others. 

Mai^ inqx)rtant anl many 
controversial issues will arise 
in tt» Mxt two months, many 
of ttiem left over ftom ttie 
1968 session ar revived for this 
one. And final legislative 
ajq^roval will be f^ven to the 
swe^^ new Constituttm to be 

voted on by Virginians in the 
fall. Approval of that document 
will also give broad new scope 
to the progress of Virginia. 

Virginia Beach will probably 
gain a seat or two in the House 
of Delegates through reappor- 
tionment, and should gain its 
own senator too, instead of 
sharing a three-man flcater 
district with Portsmouth and 

But this time Dels. Richard 
Guy and B. R. Middleton will 


represent Virginia Beach's in- 
terests in the House, and 
Edward Caton HI will represent 
the city in the Senate. Only 
Guy is a newcomer, and has 
already shown his active part- 
icii^tion in.legislatlve matters. 

Guy said he considers ttie 
relaxation of interest rate ceil- 
ing in Uie state to aid the grant- 
ing of new loans and make bond 
money more readily available 
to be one of the most import- 
ant first items to be considered.. 
He also considers legislation to 
allow Virginia to seU more 
bonds and doing away witii ttie 
ban on lottery extremely im- 

"It's sort of the first step 
in bringing about torse racing 
in Virginia Beach," he said. 

Concerning matters that will 
be of prime interest to Vir- 
ginia Beach, Guy said he is 
workii^ for a law that would 
prdilbit an occiqiation tax,siu:h 
as the one enacted l}yRichimnd. 
He also OMsiders funding of a 
community college in Virginia 
B^ch of prinuuty importance 
ttis S^Si(»U 

He aiUed that he believes ttie 
libetiUzaticHi of abortioi laws 

will rank as one of the most 
controversial and emotional 
matters to be considered. 
Ottiers tti^ he feels will evoke 
controversy include port unifi- 
cation, taxes and a consumer 
protection agency. 

Middleton, serving his second 

4erm, sees money as the most 

important item, especially for 

education and control of w^er 


"There are many places I'm 
afraid we're pulling our horse 


in and sUxp^ on good work 
whidi has l)een d(»e in ttie past 
four years," lOddletoa said. 
He agreed witt^ Ooy ttitt a 
liberalized abortion law, beb^ 
strongly urged by a mSsAvs at 
dubs and organisatfons, will 
prove to be awtroverslal and 
wiU tece ^rongoppositibn. 
Othei^ ttems be considers 
stron^y controversial UidMe 
ttie eomp^ittve {s^Idi^ prev- 
isi<« being «x^ Iqr ingnranee 
compaalK, Oapf^ Ri^mood 
flrom dmnph^ seingt tato tta 
James Btm and Us Edimaioa 
Comntfttee fight Goamm$m 
tvofts^ofial aaio^ittaii be- 
tween teachers uA schaQl 
boards, beliig soof^/bf tte 
Virginia lihic^tni 

To aid Virginia 
MkhUeton said he hopw norc 
state aid eu be pwMitAist 
«tecatt(»^ eiipedally for be»- 
tMchii^ po8itti»s. He addiA he 
wMid lUnto MO 
free text books udi 
boraeoMit of toetfi^ tw 

Od Om Seoate sUe. CMte 




Thursitoy^^tanuHry 15, 


This auto istypK^i of those concerning city officials in the current 
drive to clear the city of junked and abandoned vehicles. 

Junked Cat Campaign Begins 

PatridE A. Janezeck of the 
City taspections Division says 
his <Mce has launched an in- 
tensive (ampaign to rid tte city 
of a large quanlty of unused 
cars and trucks, located on pri- 
vate prop^tyin the city. 

Janeeeck said te t>eUeves 
at least 3,000 such vehicles 
are located in various areas 
of the resort city, wttti the 
heaviest concentration I)eiag 
found in areas such as Ara|oia 
Village, Lyiudia7en,Cbesapi»dce 
Beach and the older sections of 
Princess Anm Plaza. 

One of the main cmcems 
in carrying out this program 
is to dispose of the vehicles 
in light of the potential health 
and safety hazards th^ present 
to residents of the property on 
whid) the vehicles are located. 
Such vehicles provide hiding 
places for rats and snakes and 
also pres@^ a hazard to youi^ 
children who might feel ttie 
abandoned cars are ideal to Udte 
in or use while^|da]io|. 

Residents of the city who 
have sudi vehicles cm their 
property could unintentionally 

be violating pravisions of the 
Virginia Beach City Code, thus 
making themselves liable to a 
fine as high as $50Q, and/or a 
maximum jail sentence of ten 

The City .Code stipulates that 
private property owners should 
nof'allow any partially disman- 
tled, n(»operatlng,' wrecked, 
junked, or discarded vehicle to 
remain j» his property longer 
than 72 hours." 

According to Janezeck a team 
of inspectors will not only in- 
vestipte complaints received 
at die Inspections Office re- 
garding tile locations of such 
vehicles^ bat will also cruise 
the city to look for tiiem. 

In the event Junked cars 
are found on private prq)erty, 
Janezedc added, the owners of 
the property will be notified 
. that, they have ten days to dis- 
pose of the vehicle or be sub- 
ject to being Issued a summons 
and face court action. 

Navy Seaman David A. Car- 
dlllo, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Arthur Cardllloof AnversRoad, 
is serving on the staff of the 
Commander <A the U. S. At- 
aboard the am{^ifl:^<p(^ com- 
mand ship l^ Tfmm^ 

Two Break'ins 

A search continues for thieves 
responsible for two breakins 
committed in the resort clt>- 
last weekend. Officials quote 
Paul G. Xassiter with saying 
ttiat his N. Parliment Drive 
residence was brc^en into and 
clothing and household effects 
representing a value of §1,170 
were taken. Investigators also 
said the office of Trailer City- 
Rentals, on S. Military High- 
way, was broken into and S3 5 in 
coins ms taken from a number 
of vending machines. 

Burglary Charged 

A 22-year-old Virginia Beach 
man is facing court proceed- 
ings (Ml a burglary c^ge in 
connection with a breakin oftte 
Golden Anchor Lounge on Plea- 
sure House Road in the early 
morninp; hours of last Saturday. 
Autiiorities said police were 
summoned to tiie buirding by an 
alarm system and reportedly 
apprehended Lewis M. Logan 
of Frost BxaA inside the build- 
ing. Inv&ti^tors said a number 
of coin c^wrated machines were 
broken into, and a bag ccmtain- 
iM 1^4 in coins was recovered. 

Charge DisnUssed 

provided flie Individuals in 

To Return to Court 

Raymond J. Maloni, Jr., is 
scheduled to return to court op 
the 23rd of tills montii facing 
charges of illegal possession of 
narcotics and illegal possession 
of dangerous dru^. According 
to officials Maloni, 22, stationed 
at Dam Neck and who resides on 
Soutti Atlantic AveatK, was ar- 
rested after a quantity of mari- 
juana and several LSD tablets 
were found in his baggage. Autii- 
orities said the arrest followed 
a joint investigation by memb- 
ers of the Virginia Beach police 
tdepartmoit and the Office of 
Naval Intelligence. 

Editor Dies 

Mrs. Myra Reed Richardson, 
81 a former editor-in-dilef of 
McCall's Magazine, died here 
Sunday. She lived in Virginia 
Beach since her retirement, 20 
years ago. Sie was the widow of 
Allan B. Richardson, and a 
native of Cherokee, Wyo. 

Mrs. Richardson received 
her Ph.D. from the University 
of Chicago in 1911. She was a 
former editor of Piano Maga- 
zine, CMc?igo, and wr^ea num- 
"ber of children's books. 








h— buriti s|Mc« for al iiM«rvie« or honorably dtschai^td^enoft- 
nti from my brmch of ffio military sarvico. 

Special profacfiva faaturas ara available for %ififo wA for al minor 

P^tsoMfy, ovar 2.000 yatarant hava olyflinad fliafr property in tbii 
ipeetal garden. Spaces ara still availabta to serve a limitea number of 
aoditiofial ^^tarans. 

&Ml«ie(i By NationaHy Recognized Veterans Organizations- 



I Veterans Aff airt ^^., 
\ WoocHawn Memon« Gardens, 
U309 Virginia Beach Blvd.. 
i Norfoi. Va. 23S02 


ings at Manteo, N. C. Dare y * . 

County District Court Judge Ifl AITCSlS 

William PHvf^ rtismiKSPri th*. **.• ^ -^^k^wp^ 

A charge of periorming an 
illegal abortion filed against a « 
Virginia Beach man has been 
dismissed in court proceed- 

William Priv(M dismissed tiie 
case against Fredericic A. 
(Fritz) Marks, 52, of S. Gum 
Avenue, on grounds of ladE of 
evidoice. The dismissal follow- 
ed tiie refusal trf a 19-yearroId 
Virginia Beadi girl, on yittm 
the abortion im allegedly per- 
formed at a Nags H^td motel 
last Sei^ember, refused to test- 
ify in ^ prosecution of Hibrks. 

A nian and two womoi are 
ftoing court vpearance on a 
number of charges, relating to 
vroMions of gaming laws, in 
connection with a raU last Sat- 
urday ni^ on a r^idence in 
tiie 1900 block of Cypress 

Authorities said they have 
charged WilHam Harris, 47, of 
Cypress Avenue, with posses- 
sion of number slips, maintatn- 
ing a disorderly house, and 
Dr, James X. Wright, Vir^—poreessibn of untaxed dgar- 

Medieare Charge Made 

gd^iia Bjeacji 9fibtiiaUii9l^t^ is 
^<?be«Jule(J, .tq, ^ep..|ioff61k'8i 
^. S. District Cwirt on changes 
of filii^ false claims under tiie 
government's Medicare medi- 
cal program. A federal graol 
jury has indicted Wright on 
charges Qiat he allegedly filed 
11 blsp riaims for compenKation 
under the Medicare prc^ram 
wifli Travelers Insurance Co. in 
the amount of $2,000. The 
claims covered charges rang- 
ing from^lSO to $200 for supply- 
ing contact lenses to individual 
patients with cataract cond- 
itions. The federal government 
contends the lenses were never 

ettes;' Edna Touchstone, S3, of 
CypreasiAvepe, wittimaintain- 
ing a disorderly house, and 
malrtafning number lists and 
paraphenalia; and Mildred B. 
Manuel, 64, for whom^ no add- 
ress was ^ven, w^ frequent- 
ing a disorderly touse. 

According to investigators 
police officers who took part 
in the raid found an assortment 
of numbers paraphenalii^ 31 
pints of State ABC Store whis- 
key, eif^ packs of playing 
cards, 66 packs of cigarettes, 
and $834.30 in Oisb on tiie 
premises during their investi- 





A PANDO COMPANY in association with RAY8ERT PRODUCTIONS presentation 


JACK NICHOLSON . coton . "*t««ib,coLUMai»picnjnts ^^ 
DAILY 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 


Every Saturday 9:15 AM This week-FOR THE PERILS ofl 




Seems everyone is fooidnK Mo 
banks thMAfiawcf 


moves with a sense of 
(Ncttfiai looxnotiofl. 
'Seven 6oi(ten Men' is 
a neat ^."-N.Y. Times 


City Councilman Dewey Sim- 
mons, one of Vlrgiria Eeic^'s 
two r^resentativsonthelou*- 
city committee stulylng locat- 
ion and operation of a major 
football stadium by an Autti" 
ority in Tidewater, asked for 
a Council concensus concern- 
ing location Monday. 

He reported that he had an 
open mind on the subject, al- 
though he Iraned toward tiie 
Norfolk site as recommended 
by the consultants. 

The consultants narrowed tiie 
field to two sites, ow adjao^t 
to the present baseball stadium 
under coi^truction in Norfolk 
near the airport and thexitiier 
at GreenbriarFarms in Chesa- 
peake. Neither, however, was 
rated as an excellent choice l>y 
the consultants. 

Albert Gomez, Virginia 
Beach's other representative, 
favors the Chesapeake site,ac- 
cording to Simmons. Simmbisi 
added that the major advant- 
age he could see in tiie Norfolk 
site was the dedication of the 
land by Norfolk and the grant- 
ing of the admissions tax to 
the authority. He said land was 
expensive at Greenbriar 

Ot^er Councilmen said they 
were hopeflil of seeii« an air- 
port ev«itiially at Gre«ibriar. 
Simmons added that be was dis- 
appointed tiiat the consultants 
had not seen fit to re(K>mmend 
a stadium site in Virginia 
Beach after studying tlie en- 
tire four-city area. 

After brief discussion Mon- 
day, Council informally agreed 
tentatively to go along with tiie 
Norfolk ,site« but additional 
studies are still to be con- 
sidered before any decision is 
made, according to Simm(»is. 


fC<»ri;. from p. 1) 
40 apartments at the entrance 
to Gunn I&ll Manor on Oceana 
Blvd. followii^ dijections (Hi 
water and seirar matters lieing 
overcome. - 

' Another 129 townhouses and 
apartments sought by Richard 
Bell of Diamond Springs Afiwrt- 

Garbage Costs Mount 


Virgil B^cb City Councfl 
Mott&iy spent $533,650 <» gar- 
bage. A(^^y tiie moMy trais 
jy^qarb^ for (^r^kn (tf 
tiie pr^ert lantilU int^ lUt 
Mt. Trasbmore through tl»e 
Old of tiie pr««nt i!scsl y«»r 
on June 30,fora(UitionalequU>- 
ihei^ and for tiie pur^a^ 
price of tiie new lan^ll site 
in Kempsvllle Borou^ 

Almost half of the amount 
will JO for the 106 acres off 
Salem Road ami totewtatrM 
whidi the city ejects to begin 
operation of soii^ime next 

opetHtion of sometime noct 
year. The acreage then wiU be 
used fbr about 25 years, accord- 
ing to City Manager Rogi^ So^ 
even if Virginia Beach oonflnues 
to accept Norfolk garbage. The 


(Cont. from p. 1.) 

to the iscene as a source of 
water. Although one of the re- 
maining two frozen t^drants 
was eventually put into' opera- 
tion, Bayne said the Seatadc 
tanker was istill utilized to feed 
water into Uie fire. 

In addition to winds off tiie 
ocean continually feeding the 
flames, fire men were hamper- 
ed by the low temperatures 
which froze water into sheets 
of ice along the sidewalks sur- 
rounding the building and which 
coate4 ttie-Toof areas prevent- 
ing fire fighters from getting 
a sound footing. No fire fighters 
were injured. 

The motel was being used for 
off-campus housing for 42 male 
students of Virginia Wesleyan 
College at the time of the fire. 
College Public Information Off- 
icer Jim BergdoU said Qiat 
approximately 20 of these stu- 
dents were in the building when 
the fire was discovered shortly-, 
after U p. m. The motel was 
being Used for housing as a re- 
sult of the overcrowding of on- 
campus housing facilities. 
BergdoU said that while some 
personal belongings were dam- 
aged l^ smdce, heat and water, 
none of the students were in- 
jured. They sir e temporarily 
being housed at the Kona-Kai 

James Ca^ps, motel owner, 
said that while the fire resulted 
in considerable fire ^mage to 

ments Inc. were re-referr«jio^^'*^«>*'^f^6e rooms, on the 
the planning commission fol- ^"^^^ ^^' ^^ ^^"^ eofltefltg. 
lowing submission of a new 
site plan. Bell did not show up at 

the planning commission hear- 
ing, and the matter was reco- 
mmended for dttiial. Bell said 
he missed the hearing by^cci^ 
dent and asked for relief. 
Residoits of the area objected 
to the new apartments Monday 
and promised more o^iosition 
later. BeU said he had a meet- 
ing set up with them to over- 
come the problems. 

Builder Wayne McLeskey's 
efforts to get s^proval for 46 
townhouses at the entrance to 
Chesopeian Colony were delay- 
ed another 30 days at his re- 
quest while he continues at- 
tempts to overcome objedions 
of area residents. 

Council appiroved two new city 
larks, GOi in the Point 'O 
Woods area and the other in 
Seatadc Permission was grant- 
ed to build a post office on 
Holland Road near Lan&Aown 
Road also^ 

very little fire i^mage occured 
on the secondilobr wheFetherie 
was considerable smoke and 
heat damage, and that the first 
floor sustained some water 
damage. A^ yet no monetary 
Qgiire has been placed on tiie 
amount of damage from the 

The fire was discovered by 
the lAotel resident manager 
Benjamin Forseman and an un- 
identified student. They were 
in the first floor lobby at tiie 
time and smelled smoke. Wheiif 
tiielr investigation led to the 
locked door leading to tiie third 
floor, the door had to be forced 
3pen, but their attempts to ex- 
:inguish the fire failed. 

City Chief Fire togpector 
Vlilton HoUand said his office 
s still investigating the cause 
}f tiie fire. When asked how tiie 
nvestigation was progressing 
lolUmd said that early findings 
'tend to eliminate accidental 

M4yf roif riufo lonc nw ron 

S«M, lAkarf P»».to 

Wm TmsmI 





TJir oiiii nzzA 

MicioM Jirfcy nm M«4« Fr*il> DaUy te 0«r KMelM* 
From Mm FiMMl Imtmmt—*, CIimm •n4 SykM. 




\\ i// tarn shun/' s 

7^e do. cut 6 d '7-^tc a ft e 

UU Trasbmore proje^, which 
will be<XMpe an m^i^ieitee 
mid yeas whm £Uled hadjody 

Of fte total sxamaA^ (nly 
$50,000^ Is A mm aivrc!^itt% 
and f^ Js for eq^^^ tte 
rest will be offset Jb^ 
^ feis and fi-om ttw m 
$315,000 to be collected ^om 
Norftilk in tte mu^ year, yto-*- 
g^ Beacb reHim Oxnt 
$26,000 a nu»th ff om Ifprfolk 
p^^, ■- ' ' '^ '' 

h Dt&ef acQioii ^(^11 gave 
S^Ue autiiorit^ to ooter Mo „ 
an agreement Witt Norpiico"' 
Coroisn^ for InstaUafionof 
sewer Vmtt and a pumping sta- 
tion on SouOi Birdneidc Road 
stretddng to fbe Genena l^tqOi 
Blvd. area. The lines wffls#w^ 
an area to be developed l^*- 
Norpaco and about 1,000 horned 
in Ses^adc, irtiere immediate 
seWer prc^ems exi^ Norpew^ 
will be partially reimbursed bjr., 
coUection of future sewer ^. ^ 

Council general^ agreed to- 
go to ccwrt if the Terry CoiTp** 
oration wishes to bring suit 
concerning fledicationol sewer 
lines la tiie icorpox%ticn*k fran- 
chised area. The Iwilders had 
wanted the city tosighanagree- 
mat saving the lines wei*e 
dedicated under protest, as had i_^ 
been done before. Council feels ' 
tiie matter should be s^lkl' 
now. - 

Applicattons were also re*^' 
ceived for review from 25 per- 
sons seeking the city real estate 
assessor's job, vacant sindeW. 
W. Conoell was fired lastl^U. 

Boy Dies 
From Fall 

Severe head and ne(A injuries 
have bem indicated as ttie cause 
of deatii of a 14-year-old Vir- 
ginia Beach boy who died sh(«tly 
after an ice-skating accident 

last Saturday afterno<«on Wolf- 
snare Lake. 

The boy was St^ri»nL.Hiyes, 
the son of Mr. and M«. James 
W. Hayes of Baylake Road. 
Investigators quoted a friend 
of young Hayes, who was skat- 
ing «^ him at Uie time. 1 
the boy fell while skatlr*. 
tiien sat up but complained of 
dizziness, and a few moments 
later was found lying cm «» ice 
cornea ^surftiee of the lake. 
. E«<?rtR of-itimse^ittHBittiletf 
to offer assistance !to revi»4' 
young Hayes at ttie aeoidnr 
site, as well as ctoctoi 
Virginia Beach GeneraMoepital 
failed, and he was pr&wnced 
dea^^pn WiTi^val at tiie hospital. 


(Cont. from p. 1) 

said he considered whetiier to 
raise taxes in any way will 
probably be of prime import- 
ance, to meet tiie additiotal re- 
quests for services. He added 
that port unification drug abuse 
legisl^ton, liberalized abortion 
laws, and some possible changes 
in the new Consititution were 
all of extreme importance. He 
said also tiiat all of these issues 
he mentioned should also prove 
to be c(Hitroversail. 

"I'm hoping also ttiat t^ 
session will take some giant 
steps in the area of mental 
health care. There is a great 
need in tiiat area," he said. 

He said he considers fiust- 
growtii legislation, especially 
relief in tte educational fieU, 
to be of major importamce to 
Virginia Beach and w(Hild most 
affect the city. He added Hiat 
any changes in drug abuse laws 
certainly also will be felt In 
Virginia B«ich. 

These and otiier matters will 
surely shsype the course of Vir^.^ 
ginll for tiie futore, and tte 
next 60 ds^ wUl start tile 
state's sUp of state on tiat 
course (moe more. 

Aragona Leagfte 
Meets Jan. 19 ^ 

the Aragom Civic League 
wiU fe^ure a discusstoB oi 
"Communist Infiltration to 
This Country" at the Jan^ 

Chief Ron Recliff of ttie Navy 
will be the' fei^ured spolnr. 
Tbe meeting will begin s^ l-M 
p.m. at the Aragona Recr^(tt- 


STAMMOlgim jm FAST niM 

1 _ 

Thursday, Jonuai-y 15, 1970 

One of Three Resigns Beoutificatwn Fights LUter 

Virginia Beacli Sun 


One of three candidates in the 
City Council Democratic prim- 
ary race currently serving oh 
the city planning commission 
has resigned from that com- 
mission. Russell A. Brown, 
seeking nomination to the Prin- 
cess Anne Borough seai, made 
his intentions known early this 
week in a letter to Mayor Frank 

Brown pointed out that he had 
"been a member of the commiss- 
ion for some time and that he 
had had always "tried to serve 
impartially and non-polltlcal- 
ly." He said he feels boards 
of this type should be free of 
any polltcal criticism in de- 
ciding the matters they do. 

"Having announced as a can- 

didate for the City Council..., 
this naturally places me in 
politics and I am afraid mi^t 
have my decisions on the Plan- 
ning Commission construed as 
political.", he said in hisietter 
of resignation, which is effect- 
ive immediately. He added that 
this was his only reason for 
submitting his resignation. 

The chairman of the comm- 
ission Ben Wroton is also a 
candidate, as is commission 
member Roy Alphin, neither 
of who immediately made their 
decision on the matter known. 

TRsre is strong speculation 
that Council will not appoint a 
successor for Brown, since it 
has been the intent of Council 
for a year to pare down the size 

The Virginia Beach Beautifi- 
cation Commission hopes to put 
some teeth into ahtl-litter laws 
by proposing new state statutes 
based on finding of a Univer- 
sity of Virginia research group. 

Edward T. "Ned" Caton III, 
state senator, will Intorduce the 
proposals to the Gener al 

of the board, having failed in a 
reorganization move at the 
end of 1968. Since that time 
two appointees whose terms 
have e^qpired have pot been re- 
appointed aiKlno sttccessor has 
been named. Council Is expect- 
ed to formally accept Brown's 
resignation at its next regular 

Assembly for drafting li^ 
possible stature. 

The first proposal is in Qie 
form of an anti-Utter law"„.t6 
define, control and prohibit the^ 
littering oi j^duc iuiu privi^e 
property and waters," and to 
prescribe penalities for tiKSf 
who break the law^ . 

The proposal also provides 
that, if littering is done from a 
vehicle, boat or aircraft, it shall 
be prima facie evidence that 
such littering was done by the 
-registered owner of that vehicle. 

In the past it has beea diff- 
icult to enforce anti- litter 
statutes because the person 
responsible for littering from a 

Planning Has Calm Meeting -Open House 


These men make up the new slate of administrative and operational 
officers, and board of directors, elected to oversee this year's 
operation of the Princess Anne Plaza Volunteer Fire Department 
and Rescue ^quad, 

KelUun Installs Volunteers^ 

New officers to guide the 
operation of the Princess Anne 
Plaaa Vplui^teer Fire Dept, and 

Rescue Squad during the coming 
yiiar were installed during a 
special dinner-dance last Sat- 
urday night at the F.O.P. 
Commodore Club on Southern 

^ ' The new administrative and 
operational otf leers consist of 
Robert 0. Bottom, president; 
Burnis E. Todd, chief; Raym(»id 

. K. Wolfe, 1st vice pr^ident; 
Gerald B. Perkins, deputy chief; 
Micittel Boyd, 2nd vice presi- 
dent; John C. Callaway, Rescue 
Squad captain; Joe N. Wilson, 
treasurer; William P. Lyons, 
Rescue Squad is^cretiairy; and 
John G.' Hipp, secretary. 

— The new members of the 
Board of Directors consist of 
Donald E. McAtee, James W. 
JHundley, Robert R. Myers, 

- Richard L.Spivey, Ray Rd)insoiv 
Paul W. Mellott, Albert R. 
Tarrish and Albion C. LeBlanc. 

Sidney Kellam was featured 
ker for the evening and 
'l^mii^tered the oaths of office 
to the Incoming officers. Dur- 
ing his remarks Kellam praised 
the volunteer firemen by saying 
"I wonder if you've ever stopped 
ts OUflk what a real contribfiuon 
the wluhteer firemen have 
m«te to the city. 4 have sefen 
bow the community benefits 
because of the people who rally 
around our fire departments. 
"The City of Virginia Beach 

School Fire 

Investigators have said that a 
fire which damageda classroom 
of the Kingston Elementary 
School shortly before mid-dayt 
Monday was intentionally set. 

AlUiou^ there was no elab- 
oration regarding the method 
used in setting the fire, nor 
any motive cited behind the in- 
cident, officials have said that 
a petition was issued whidi 
charges an 11 -year-old boy with 
t>eiiig incorrigible incwmection 
wiOi the fire. 

William Jenkins, principal of 
the Kings Grant Road school, 
said the classroom was unoccu- 
pied vi the time of the fire 
witti students beginning their 
lunch period. According to Jen- 
kins the fire was discovered 
t)y a teacher, Mrs. Helen 
Meadows, who reported the fire 
to him. Jenkins said that the 
building was immediately 
cleared of students and staff, 
and that he and two other fac- 
ulty members, Gene Griffin and 
Marvin Welton, were able to 
extinguish the fire as volunteers 
of the Londcm Bridge and Prin- 
cess Anne Plaza fire depart- 
ments were respondii^ to the 

According to Jiedkins the fire 
was confined to a supply cabinet 
where It began. However, a 
number of ceiling panels must 
be r^laced as the result of 
bear and smdke damage and 
80i)M of the classroom walls 
will require reiainting. 

J^ldis also said no one was 
tarred in the fire, and that 
students returned to th^ 
dttsrooms wiOin a very short 
time with school (»ntintdng for 
ttw remainder of the day. 

Sodai Service 
Group to Meet 

Itie nert meeting of the Vir- 
^4 d B4ttch Council of Social 
Ser^CT^Jrtn ^ ^Ttf a* 3 p.m., 
Frkky, Jwimary 23 at the Prin- 
cess Theater Building at 3177 
VIHIqU B»cb Blvd. 

IRw prli^ia^ speaker will be 
Larry Cnlsir, liupervisor of ttw 
JVHnne Proix^oD Department, 
JwmS» ^ Domestic Rslattois 

cap never pay you for the con- 
tribution you have made as 
firemen,^ nor for the contribu- 
tion you have made as citizens 
of a growing community." 

Kellam also pointed to con- 
tinuing rapid growth of Virginia 
Beach and to the role it Is 
destined to play in the future. 
He also reminded tiiose in atten- 
dance of the upcoming elections 
and urged everyone to vote. 
He pointed to the importance of 
voting by saying "If you don't 
vote, you haven't any right to 
gripe. When you do vote you 
have a right to gripe" regard- 
ing the administration of the 
city and actions are taken whidi 
affect residents of the city. 

As Chief Todd assumed Ms 
responsibilities he pledged his 
full support to the men of the 
department and residents of the 
area served by the department, 
to continue the units outstanding 
record of service ahd improve 
it In whatever way possible. 

Burton Witham, Jr., in re- 
linquishing his office as "Plaza 
Chief" praised the members of 
the department not only for 
their efforts in raising ftmds 
for needed equipment and for 
their devotion to duty, but for 
th6ir support of him as well. 
As witham put it, "Whatever 
I've done or been Is for one 
reason, I love this fire company 
and what it stands for. I will 
never forget these days and 
the support you've given me." 

Charles E. Trimble, the out- 
going president, pointed to the 
accomplishments of the depart- 
ment during the past year, such 

as the placing of a new ambu- 
lance and fire truck into'servlce^ 
the conducting of two successful 
fund raising drives and the in- 
vesting of the department's re- 

As Robert D. Bottom assumed 
thfr office of unit president he 
remarked about the continuing 
growth of the department by 
saying, "Years ago we had an 
idea, and tonight you can look 
around you and see how the 
department has grown." 

The occassion was also 
marked by the installation of 
new officers for the unit's 
Ladies Auxiliary. These include 
Mrs. Burnice E. McAtee, pres- 
ident; Mrs. Virginia Holm^, 
vice president; Mrs. Annette 
Fremeau, secretary; Mrs. Ida 
Wilson, treasurer; Mrs, Bar- 
bara Bottom, historian, and 
Mrs. Margaret Waterman, 
Chaplain. '-■ ^— --^^^-r-^— :^ -- 

As Mrs. Dottle Mlkovlts re- 
linquished the office of Auxil- 
iary president she performed 
her Tast official act, that of 
presenting a check to the men 
of the Department to use for 
needed improvements. The 
check represented money the 
womoi of the Auxiliary raised 
through various projects and 
was the second such donation 
the Auxiliary has made during 
the past year. 

While nearly all of the Plaza 
Volunteers were in attendance 
for the evenings ceremonies, 
residents of the region served 
by the unit were not forgotten 
from the standpoint of protec- 

Little controversy and asUm » 
docket marked Tuesday's City 
Planning Commission hearing. 
Eighteen applications were con- 

The greatest debate centered 
around an application made by 
E. V. Williams Co. and Assoc- 
iates concerning a large tract 
of land near Diamond Lake 
Estates and Laws on Forest 
area. .^ 

Four parcels were included 
in the change of zoning request. 
OK»sition came when W. W. 
Reasor, Williams' representat- 
ive, pointed out that plans In- 
cluded closing Moore's. Pond 

He did clarify the Issue by 
stating that he would not close 
the access road until a suitable 
substitute road was provided. 

The Diamond Lake Civic Lea- 
gue also opposed the zoning 
change on grounds that schools 
were already overcrowded and 
the situation should not be far- 
ther aggravated. 

The commission approved the 
application with the stipulation 
that one parcel be zoned limit- 
ed commercial rather than the 
requested general commercial. 

Three previously defered 
issues were considered. Appli- 
cation for a permit to build 
five apartment units at 27th 
Street near Baltio Avenue was 
again deferiM for 30 days. 

Application J^ Atlantic Dts-^ 
plays to construct a sigh board 
on Virginia Beach Blvd.^ near 
Davis street was approved, 
providing the sign be removed 
. when the property is improved. 

James Bickford got com- 
missioR approval to flU a bor- 
row pit near Northhampton 
Blvd. tind Qaker Road with the 
stipulation that only solid fill 
be used and Health Department 
inspecitons be allowed. 

Application for a change of 
zaoning on property near Cy- 
press Avenue and 13th Street 
as well as a use permit to 
construct U apartment units on 

that property was approved. 

Powell and Huntley, Inc.'s 
request for a permit to build 
a 37-unit motel t 27th Street 
and Arctic Avenue was denied 
because it violated the Virginia 
Beach Borough Master Plan. 
Opposition was also present 
from people bi the neighbor- 

Approval was granted Vir- 
ginia Beach Aviation Sales, Ltd. 
to extend a runway at Vaughn 
Road near Princess Anne Road. 

AiH^catien for a change of 
zoning for land on N. Landing 
Road near W. Neck Road by 
Beach Interstate Land Co. was 
4ef6r«d lor 6&4ay£ 


Approval was granted John E. 
Sirine and Associates for Car- 
1& Corpt to construjst a sewage 
pumping station onBonneyRoad 
near Hubber Lane. 

A stipulation was made on the 
approval of a used car lot for 
A. C.DeSouza on Virginia Beach 
Blvd. near Witchduck Road.De 
Souza must submit a site plan 
before building. -^ ^ >^ 

A re-appllcatibn by James 
Wright and Ronald Reiter to 
construct 64 apartment units cm 
Shore Drive near Gre«iwell 
Road was approved on the basis 
that they only construct 48 units. 

Application for closure and 
abandonment of part of Ocean 
View Avenue was defered 30 

-A dralsd Awasglvendyde U 
ColHer for use permit to con- 
struct a gasoline station at 
Tulip Drive and Independence 
Blvd^ Neighborhood opposition 
pointed out that eight gas stat- 
ions already exist b\ a one- 
ihile raiflug^frem that pdrt. 

Application by J. W. Miiri^y 
estate for a change of zoning 
at the comer of Virginia Beach 
Blvd. and N. Birdnceck Rd.was 
defered 60 days. 

Approval was granted James 
Wright, Ronald Reiter, Sterl- 
ing Decker and H. Garrison for 
a change of zoning and use per- 
mit to construct 30 apartment 

units at 24th Street near Bar- 
berton Drive. The approval is 
subject to review of the site 

Application for an addition 
to Carrol's parking lot at 32nd 
St. near Holly Rd. was defered 
30 days. Area residents oppos- 
ed the application on the grounds 
it would crate^a traffic haz- 

Another 30 day deferral was 
given Joyce J. Snyder on a use 
permit to construct a day nur- 
sery on Little Neck Road wA 
Kings Grant Road. 

Abby's Oceana Restaurant, 
Inc. was approved a Use per- 
mit for tlanelng and live en- 
tertainment on that property. 

The Fifere Jacques School, 
2100 Harbor Lane, will hold 
open house Jan. 24 Jrom 9 

a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Fall reglstr^ttOh flM^r 
grades, 3 year old kindergar- 
ten to 7th grade, will be ac- 

vebiele could not always be 

Persons violaUng 9Bf )pro' 
vision oi the act would begnfify 
of a misdemeanor. PIimb wqdd 
J^ not I^ ttian ildncsmah 
than $250, imi»risonment WMild 
not be less than one day nor 
more than 60 <biys, or bofii. 

In additlim or ia Ueo ciOa^ 
or imprisonment, the court may 
impose Utter-gatberlag labor 
not to exceed 10 boursin length. 
The research group felt fbSa 
provision would inqnress the 
violator as well as provide an 
example to those Who mi^ Ik 
tempted to litter. 

Law enforcement agents 
would, of course, be d^ected 
to enforce the law. Private 
citizens would also be enabled 
to do something when they see 
a violation. 

The witness can go before a 
justice of the peace, police 
justice or the judge or d^l 
of any court and file an aAl- 
davit. The judicial officer can 
ihen issue a warrant for the 

:. arrest of the violator. 

This provision does not em- 
power the private citizen to 
make an arrest or ev«i to stop 
the violator. Rather, the otfm- 
der can be prosecuted only id^ 
the witness can make a suffic- 
iently complete description to 
enable the v^ir rant to be issued. 
The law would l>e accompanied 
by a more specific model city 
There will be twoXweek anti-litter ordinance formulated 
sessions beginning Junei^|th__to deal with the areas not 
and ending Aug. 1. covered by a general state law. 

cepted at that time. Registra- 
tion for summer remedial 
classes, from 1st to 7th grade, 
and prepartory classes for 
children entexing 1st grade In 
fall will also be^ecepted* 

Unfasten your 
seat bdte 
Unwind on the 

:. 'j.. ut -ji ' -^.^ — i:*r- 

Hugh Downs, Rowan & M^rti; 
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ed Mo 
Mel Allen, Gene Rayburil 
George Carlin, Al Gapp, ^ 
Henry Morgan, Joe Garagiola, 
Bob Gonsidine and Elie Abel 
are regulars on ^ 



Gan you imagine what the 
guest list is like? Weekends, on 


W VAB 1551) 


foi_ „ _ _._, 
ut the jitters. 

Calling all passengers Norfolk to Cincinnati. 
Calling your attention to Norfolk and 
nyestern's Pocahontas: the unplain train. Face 
4ifted. Air conditioned. Scenic domed. 
Wining car. Dining car. Reclining^ seats. Room 
to roam. Roomettes. Bedrooms. (A meal 
«on the house to every sleeper.) Group prices. 
Troop prices. (A deal on the fare to every 
family.) Hard cash (or credit card) accepted. 
Smooth going guaranteed. 

Catch Pocahontas: die unplain 
train at all these stops. 


RMd Down 

















(Eastern Time) 


" Suffolk • 

" Wakefield, Va. ....* 

" Waverly, Va • 


" Blackstone " 

" Crewe " 

" Farmville * 

" Pamptin * 

* Appomattox * 



- Bedford » 



























Lv ROANOKE ..Ar 10:3 

* Christiansburf ..." 9-41 

* Narrom • 



* North Forii ....••• * 6:4 

• WMdi J' M 

* laainf * 

ArWILLIAMMN ....Lv 4:9 

Lv WILLIAMSON ....^ «9 

• Ktnovs, W. VH ' 3«1| 

" lronton.0. * h4l 


Lv PORTSMOUTH ...Ar 1:9 

• PMMas * 

• WtatdtMtor ' 

' Sardinia ' 12:3 

" cmemiMTi " %%t 

Ar (Union Tenia Lv PMi 


Call your Norfolk & Western ticket office for ( 


N H 

r C L K 


Mn B. Olittii, G«Mnl MiMgw 
8. J«M»k UvtnttMl. Jr.. MaMfinf Editor 
^^m» UeAXImk Wmtm*9 Bitter BMH^BtlMr, Production f oremtii 
Olffft B. Bdwardi. Ad? trtishiff Manager 


m i mnm un $$.» m vui •Mnmv iy mak ani aiiiii*siii6ii cm m 

MAIN GfnCB SIM Pacifle Aveiiiie, Virftnia Beach. Virginia 2S4SI 

Thursday, Januory 15, 1970 

All Contributions Accepted 

For some time tiiere have 
been nir?dt>(ings that the city 
woulii try to enact legislation 
requiring real estate clevelof>ers 
to donate land for a school 
site as part of the requirements 
for getting permission to build 
d subdivision, especially one of 

any size. 

Now the city is seeking to 
put some teeth into the pro- 
posal by requesting our legis- 
lators in Richmond to make 
this a state statote. 

Similar legislation two years 
ago f al led, but now there appears 
to be growing sentiment, espec- 
ially In the urbanized areas* 
which come closer now than 
ever befbre to controlling the 

Obviously opposition has de- 
veloped among builders, but this 
opposition le almost token. 
Donation of a school site Will 
not cost them anything. They 
will merely pass along the 9X-^ 

pense to the new homeowner. 
Although the builders complain 
of having to do this, It is a 
fair method, After all, the ser- 
vices, Including schools, fbr 
new areas should be paid for 
by tie newcomers. Those of 
us already here should not be 
further penalized. -^ 

And even if this proposal is 
made law, it is no panaceo. 
The Qost of land for a school 
Is only tne beginning and only 
a minute part of the entire 
cost of building and operation. 

We agree that fast growing 
areas like Virginia Beach must 
find new sources of revenue, 
and we agree with the builders 
that a broader tax base fbr 
Virginia Beach Is an absolute 
necessity. But the buflders have 
had a sort of honeymoon In this 
city for many a day. The time 
has come for them to share 
more heavily In tne future as 
well as the present. 


A Modern Bargain 

A short Item that crossed our 
def|,^ec«[t(My prpve^cpcepgabi 
cHfid in another woy thot Virginia 
mm and^^it^itidMNlf Vtr^la 
are sti i I more economical areas 
in which to I i ve than many other 

Especially now that auto In- 
surance rates have Jumped 
c^ln, complaints are heard 
about those rates. But Virginia 
ranks lower than all other 
states, the District of Columbia 

and Puerto Rico in rates for 
qollUlm H^SMrqn^f* 4flith Jpr, 
comprehensive insuronoet andc: 
36th^for Ikd^UtyMinsuraaeefc^ 
all cases the rates are well 
below the national average. 

So even lr(o city and state so 
highly urbanized today, at least 
one bargain still exists. Surety 
we'd like to see no more hikes 
at all, but at least It is conn- 
fortlng to know we aren't so 
bad off after all. 

Bury it in the Sand 


All the fuss cdbout Rudee In- 
let would seem to be over, at 
least temporarily. And the sit- 
uation ends, as It began...with 
the Virginia BeacK Erosion 
Commission going ahead with 
tne dredging of the channel and 
the sand trap there. 

In between beginning and end 
there has been much animosity 
on the part of charter boat 
owners, a close call oy the 
city and the commission who 
nearly spent $188,000 or tfo on 
the job with a private firm and 
a storm of controversy that 
further kept the waters of the 
narrow passage stirred up. 

The commission says it can 
do the Job. Fine. Now It must 
go ahead in a reasonable time.- 
If the commission Is proven 
wrong then something else 
must be done, but In the mean- 
time Its equipment and its per- 
sonnel should be left along to 
get busy. 

All this' controversy has 
done nothing more than to 
cloud e^n more the future 
of the Mtire Rudee area, still 
teMied to by many as tfie new 
i^M«t rmcca of the city. If 
r^hli^ more oime of all this, 
# WM It irautd appear that 
all cofKern^l are more od- 
v]t^ on tfw Mope of tne en- 
tire memr myi, M that Mre 

Is a general working together 
and spirit of cooperation thirt 
may not have appeared so 
dominant in the past. 

All of us want the some thing get the thing cleoned out 
and to keep It open. And It 
should be done now the way 
engineers and consultants say, 
not the way politicians and 
rabble rousers say. And, If 
you please, now let us finally 
bury this controversy deep in 
the sand trap, where it can be 
forgotten in a time. 

Second Thoughts 

SUN readers are apparantly 
not especially enamored of the 
Idea of further participation in 
more study of a four-city stad- 
ium for south Tidewater. (See 
SUN SURVEY results, p.1.) 

And while the Norfolk site 
appeors to be the best location 
for such a facility so far, we 
find It difficult to believe thcrt 
a more feasible area, one thcjt 
would better fit all the criteria, 
cannot be found. This we have 
said before and still feel. 

Furthermore, after evaluat- 
ing the survey results it doesn't 
appear that too many of those 
who WMild patronize the stadiurn 
are too Interested, especially 
In helping Norfolk Oirt of a poor 
owid eiq^enslve commtttmenA. 

doomes letten. They «ill- 
)e (idbUslied when poosOUe. 
EtxA letter nrast be signed 
ind include address of tbe 
writer. Letters are invitbd 
on any questira. '^ 

liaUeachto: Editor, VIR- 
Office Box 657,VlrginlaBea<^ 

How It Is 

(Tbe followlnir letters were 
sent to the VIRGINIA BEACH 
SUN by Mrs. Anne Tucker of 
Westward Drive. They are 
printed here with her permis- 

Dear Mom, 

Please forgive me for not 
writing. I have so much to do 
before the year '69 is over, 
we are worldng 14 hours a 
day to get it all done - but 
I'm not complaining, if you 
will understand and not worry, 
if you don't hear from me » 
often as usual. 

Mom, this is very import- 
ant to all of us guys in OtiR- 
awa, we are all sending this 
letter to our Moms to get them 
to send it to the newsiapers 
in our home towns, to see if 
they wiU publish it, and if it 
will stop one riot on a college 
campus or <me demcMStration, 
then It will be worth my time 
and yours. 

Mom, ttat tells it how it is, 
and if foQcs at iu>me dra't care 
then what tbe lull are we (toing 
over here! 
S/P 4 Jade Hansen 

I would lilce ttiis p(d)lished 
to the people who thinic thai 
their sen or sons in the mili> 
lary service tiave no rasM 
for Ijeing in Vietnam. 

§p«liM%f lor myself aad t 
lot <rf (Aer pys I imov, we 

would rather be there than 
where we are now. I have been 
sen^ hwe'lor 13 mondis 
while the rest oif my friends 
aind buddies are over there 
gating their heads shot off, 
flgliting and dying fbr our 

I Joined this man's army tor 
one reasonandone rosoDi^y, 
to hdp end this war. These 
flat-chested, long haired girls 
(boys) who call theoMtelves 
hipides and go arotmd burning 
tiieir drift cards to demon- 
strate against the war think 
tb^' ajc^ttal smart anff doing 
a piMiic service, are a lot «< 
damn MiAs, I have a surprise 
for them, they are doing Qie 
wrong thing and should not be 
allowed to live in the United 
States (tf America. 

I read this story of a woman 
who said if her son got drafted 
she would tie him to a tree and 
shoot his toes off to keep him 
from going into the service. 
She also said her son would 
never go to Vietnam and fight 
that war because it is just a 
worfiiless thing. Well, this war 
is not worthless, and pe(^e, 
let me tell you one thing, if ' 
we hadn't gotten in this when 
we did to help fl^t Communism 
it could have been knocking on 
Oar front doors. So peqple, 
aptsi your eyes and maybe you 
can ifflderstand why your son 
or sons are over there fighting 
and dying tbe way they are. 

I'm Dot in Vietnam, but I 
think I'm doing my part to help 
our Iwys that are over there. 
We nuke and sbip thousands 
and thousands of bombs and 
ammunition to help sunmrt the 
men fiuit are there fi^t^ for 
our country. 

You may say that's not doing 
much but I can say this, if it 
was not for ttie handful of 
m«t and the "Ammo Depots", 
our bo^ couldn't make it. l^at i 
is the men on Okinawa's idb 
and 1 must^ay it is a good one. 

Fottcs, let's open our ey« 
before it's too late and see 
what it hawening to our free 
coiffltry. Let's stop all this ' 
draft card burning, marches 
and demonstrations and pray 
to God that the rest of our men 
will come home to their fam- 
S/P 4 Donnie Durham 

Against Study 


I feel ^ the aty of Vir- 
ginia Beach should not part- 
ic^ate in four-city South Hamp- 
ton Roatte Vadium Studies. 

The City of Norfolk has al- 
ready decided where it should 
go -^ ttie same as tte airport 
coliseuffl and (Aer {n'ojeds 
that should have l>een a four- 
city study. 

tas^d Norfolk made sure 
that ail tlse {Nrojects i^re witii 
in the city limits. Then ttey 
want the qIO»t dties to telp 
pty for th^e i»'oJeets, uid 
oidy the dty of Noilolk r«kUy 
benefltB from ttoie proJeti6. 
Tb^ the Tusoa my answer 


auUslaus J. Pinkos 

Editor's Note: The above 
letters were received in aasver 

to last week's SUN SURVEY 
question. See results, front 

Our Share 


What would Virginia Beach 
have to show with a share of 
a stadium in one of ttiese sites? 
A buUding cost to pay and the 
wonderful situtatlMi Oat this 
stadium isnt large enou^ for 
an A.F.L. or N.F.L. team. It's 
Just perfect for the NORFOLK 
Ne^tttness; •^'■-- -■ .■im*.-u.u 

So Virginia Beach wouhf cbh-' 
tribute to the pid)licity of the 
Norifolk Neptuiies. 

Against Racing 


Pari-mutuel horse racing is 

Just one more of the doors that 

may be opened which wiU evoit- 

ually lead to more bet^ or 

to i«t it more frankly, gambling. 

Jttst as more drl^chng will 

lead to more crime, more 

gambling wlU dottiesame.'nwB 

it wiU take more tax dollars to 

combat ttie evils of our era. 

"A crime prevented is a 

crime not committed." 

Editors Note: The above letter 
was received in answer totte 
SUN SURVEY question of two 
weeks ago. Obviously ttds con- 
stituted a negative vote on the 
questiMi of racii^ for Virginia 

You Say 
You'd Like 
A Picture? 

Would you like to liave a 
copy of thtf fdcture in the 

It's easy to get as pany 
cq^es as yon would like 
of any pidure taken by SUN 

Clip ttie pictareoatof tte 
pai>er with the date it ap- 
peared ud sand it.alMg 
with ywr order to: 

Photo Department, 
P. 0. Box 657 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

You will receive the fin- 
ished flossy 8" X 10" print, 
wtthte two weeks by maU. 

Tbe dlar^ is |3 for the 
firstiffint and $1 for -eadi 
additional print. After fopr 
we^, the charge wlU'be 
$4. Please todade3%sale8 

Please make all ched» 
paniUe to Bnch Poidish- 
ing Corporatkm. 


For Next 
Year Too 


By H. Joseph Lpw«itfml, Jr. 

Half <rf tm Christmas biUslnven't come yrt, and Vm s 
of the fliMi^ (rf seeing ttum wimi th^ dob I started ji 
a strtd >eooHiib« <tf eroiTtting, tnA som(^ow eu^ oW^ kit 
control (rfflte whole ttingirtttewid. V 

JUst ye^»U^ I IMS loddai nnder ti» Sitfa for n^ to|^ tte, 
baby had carried off, and I found two bnken d^tnoi tree 
omamei^ dqiosited tt^re by oM of ^^^ee p^K^*.! 
startal to start an inqutstti^ b^ ttKN^ beMff of % 

The back porch is stiU fttU of needles from the Chrlstmis 
tree. The stores stUl have decontiaie ott«ale at rldleatoasly 
low prices. Birt who can afford tt«niaft«r CMstiaaet 1^ 

Christmas shirts arestflldiaf- 
ing my nedcTN rels^ebatsty 
of file C^tiirtmas Has tav act 
faded. And I am sttll oorrying 
around several ewMS poiaads 
about midway doim te^ftow. 
hi ott«r words ^ visions 
of Christmas and s^v pSipiS 
are not too in lemfinS^ M 
ftid the bill fbr Oe Cluristinas 
cards hasn't come 7«t etOar. 
nier^re I foond ft alto- 
getiier disconcornl^ the v«ry 

day after Christmas to find a mil diqiUy d lovely redand~ 
white Valeoliiffi cards and to)s at iny.firi«idly departmeoA stwe, 
supermarket and service stati(m coml^Md, SoinAow I get 
the feeling they're rushing me, and I reseirt It. 

This same store had Ito duristmas decorattons vp ttie week 
before Labor Day, and the Halloween costumes were on sale 
July 5. Inddoitally they had a sale on baUiIng suUs last wedc. 
I get the feeling the feUow responsible for iMnc me tfwee 
mcHiths or more ahead of myself las some devioag,dlal)olieal 
plan afoot to make roe lose an ratire year by 1974. It could 
hawen^ you know, 

llie signs WiU ai9>ear in ttie stores on Jan. 2.„"Do your 
Christmas sh(9)ping early"...Only 311 more sht^ppbig days until 
Christmas"...(11iey're closed on 52 Sundays and om day for 
inventory,),M"Shop Early! Avoid the Rish." 

At ttie same time the post dUce, in order to avoid any moire 
delays, (Now, ihat's Amny.) Will be urging you to mail early 
so th^ can br&k up your Christmas gifis to loved ones earlio-. ^ 
Inddeotaily have you ever tried to collect on insttrance after ^ 
soroettifaig was damaged. Idid last wedc. Tbediiny new Christmas 
broom I was sendii^ my mother-in-law was somehow so^iped - 
in half because it was marted "Fragile''. AU ttw post office ^ 
wads is proof of condition wt»n It was packaged, a notarised • 
statemmt d value, two diaracter wl^i^es and a partrMge 
in a pear tree. ' 

Aifo under system the last minute rudi for Thanks- - - 
giving turkey would tegin on Memorial Day. Tlie giant sale ' 
on flrecradcers couldn't be hdd off any later than Enter 
Monday and Easter badcd grass ir>u14 have to bepurchiaed . 
by the day after Thadosglving or the kids would have to nee > 
packing sfraw surroundii^ the rotten hard-boiled eg^, codced 
the day before Christmas. 

I also have it on good auttiority the 1973~autonwbl]^.wlll — ^ 
be od on Jan. 13, 1972, so that potential buyers can take advant- ,; 
age of the newest styles^an c^s and Ug bank loans. ^ 

There undodifedly will be more InntHnlfiODB wtth tUltSbr^ 
but I have to leave now to search for a green tie for St Patty't!)i( 
Day. There Just aren't any left in tiie stores. They stored Qiem' '\ 
away cm ort. I8i ' - 



G R A S S 

-i ..... 

By W. k UifcN. MlD. 

It Is almost impossible to pin Big Brewer down and find out 
Just wbaX is going on. No dodit this commudcdions gap.serves 
to cover some of the mistakes our Glortous Leaders are making. 

One thing is for sure, the gobbledygook that governed 
agoides put out confuses all but the f isw fdio iqiieak goi^em- 
mentese. Out foreign language Big Brottier seems to prefer. 

Take for tostance an exanqple quded in a newspaper edltorlalr 
"Experirace with rank-freqnency relationrtl^ akng wItt tbe-e— ^ 
critiod paOs d an afferad regime like the plannlBg prant 
process reveals some degree of vestibulk^ decky. In short, 
aversive stlmdl in the scalar inqiad of Form EDA S03 (or 
the •CivU Rights Form'). 

"Optimum messaging d grad appUcatloos imperatlvizes 
recdpt ot Form 503 to dose assoeJ^lMi with the application 
forms themselves. Otiierwise die process loses tis homeg»ous 
ambience, and type grad offers can aj/tb on toredundad 
circuit fbr days waiting for tae Civil Rights taipds." 

Now read that a^Jiu Do you have aiqr idea irtid It meaJte? 
It \s the most concentrated mish-mash df tpovermeiitase and 
gdAledygook coming od d our nation's capital thd I have|8ecn 
recently. A 

If yon thidc tbe two laragraphs above are hard to unders^^uid, 
just listen to the final paragraph d tbe memo: '<A more adtttive 
autocorr^latton of parameters can be< Imidemmted. 
officers assist grantees to flie generdion d i^Uc 
should sedc to insure thd conqtlded Form 503 accompany ttil 
applica ttons r ath er thw arrive as discrete amperhapsftaHy 
Mmponentr. / n 

"Your experiential acuity wiU indicate toyouwhctherthta viU 
require manipulative devices such as aural cues to field co* 
ordinators or some other red-Unw mix d techniques." 

If you receive such a memo from Washington n^ IRwld you 
thidc it mea^? tt makes you stop and wonder vM goes im tl 
Washlngtoi dwisnt it? ., : Ij 

Could this be the language d our people? U it has a meanlh^ 
whd ccxild it be-dher than to completely confyse yoeuand make 
you heUdess to the hands d Big Brottier. 

How codd ym possibly fouow ita directions if you cant 
understand wlat it says? 

It makes you wonder if Big Brother doesn't have a qiectal 
^ency or de{»rtment where ttiey take simple memoii, regulations 
and government forms and translate them into conqiletefy 
unhitelligible language. 

It would t>e easy to recrdt pec^le to staff such a spedal 
group. To start with, they could seek od ithd booch d experts 
who design the Internal Revenue forms. Tbef qiodi a langimge 
all their om. 

h> any battle of words you eouUn't forgd our Departmpit d 
Ddense. They have a seled grmq) of gom^ tdnis ttrt (»n 
turn utter retreat tdo a strdeglc regroiq^ for i^nute 
victory. . \ 

They can fece total disgrace with tte asmn^^ of Sgures 
they couldn't give ttie enemy with a stniHtf tace. B you ^ew 
their "News" releases, <m Nurtry hasn't lest abattll to i^ 
whole history. 

All tbe cemeteries in tiie world coiddnt hdd the enemy 
sokiiers we are sq^o^ to have kUlad (If d course jnn believe 
the D^Myrtment of Dd^»). 

Be howst with ymirself, how nmch of whd youhMff Jrom oar 

gorernmed do you bdleve? StlU better, ho* audi dirhat Qt^ 
say do you reaUy undttrstand? 

This lade d vmderstand^ d vAd our Glorioim iMdmi have 
to s^r ln(7»ses tte udseUenUl^ d wluA Vme m en grasps 

Oh, I aimed fw^ to tdl ^». to easeyovhmM^ttred 
od whd tbe three paragn«)hB d the gorwttnesl 0^ I quoted 
above really mean, hdd on and Ustan to howtt^esM ei^ht 
EniJldi. It is sQiposed to be from tte (MknmAm^ 
Developmed ofQee. B means "SEND IN YOim FOBV Ml WRU 

Thursckiy, January 15, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 


Commission Gets Sand Nothing Like It- for the Kids 

Dcan^a Students at Bayslde High School are rehearsing for Satur- 
day's Children's Theatre rock production of **Sleeping Beauty." 
The show will be presented at LOLa.m, and 2 p.m. at the school 
auditorium. Cast members from left to right are Jean Powers, 
Shefry Tarkington, Joe Zeljeznjak^ Lindai Thelsz and Faith King, 

Prison Pastor Describes Job 


Jack LaMonte, 71-year-old 
pleogyman who preaches at 
Road,C|»inp 22, the State Prison 
Camp on Briarcllff Road, 
Ches^eake, was tbe guest 
speaker at a meeting of the 
Virginia Beach Ecumenical 
GouB*i| Monday evening at 
„ ThalJ* Etesbyterian Church. 

!4Moiite spoke of personal 
and sj^oitual problems that con- 
front 'ininates and rehabilitated 
prisoners in our society. 

"I'm the only preacher in the 
area who can boast that.he knows 
exactly' where every one of his 
parishoners are at 10 o'clock 
every Saturday night", he said. 

He fiive examples of attUudes 
not only in the state of Virginia 
butjin the entire country, that 
cause 60 percent of all first 
offenders to return to prisop, 

"We lave to give the re- 

habil'itated prisoner help, 

. understanding and love ^nSie^ 

ihgy ^return to society," he 

Th^ group offered to help pro- 
vide , transportation to prison- 
ers' families who want to visit 
but do not have access to trans-, 
portation service. 

George Wilson, a member of 
"Gon/c«rned", a group which 

aides rehabilitated prisoners 
in finding jobs when they are 
released, also spoke to the 
group about, this organization. 

The council discussed prob- 
lems in providing school test- 
t>ooks for student^ in the Sea- 
tack area. Mrs. Albritton, dir- 
ector of tbe Seatack Community 
Center, reported that children 
of 35 families are still without 
adequate school textbooks. 
Plans were discussed to raise 
the . necessary funds for th^ 
books. A proposal was made to 
initiate legal action to obtain 
free textbooks from the state. 

• The, council also, discussed 
plans for the Adult Information 
on Drugs drive that will beheld 
on Feb. 15. tht drive will be 
sponsored by the Council of 
Federation Women's Clubs and 
will provide information to 
adults concerning drugs, how to 
recognize symptoms of drug 
use ^d what to do about them. 
The material will be distrib- 
uted door to door during the 

Members suggested the coun- 

l^il pacti^ipiEite in the Voluntary 

fcfvolvement Program to keep 

the Tidewater communities 

aware of each other's needs 

and social projects. 

Plans of the Ecumenical ser- 
vice to be held Sunday at 7:30 
p.m. at the Thalia Methodist 
Church were discussed. The 
group will organize a combined 
choir of young people to sing 
folk songs at the service. 

Mrs^ June Newland reported 
a plan of the Tidewater Young 
Adults to open a half-way house 
for runaway youths at Virginia 

The group will meet again at 
7:30 p.m. Feb. 9, tentatively 
at the Friends Church on Vir- 
ginia Beach Blvd. 

The dredging of the sand trap 
and the channel of Rudee Inlet 
has been quietly handed back 
to the Virginia Beach Erosion 
Commission alter several 
months of controversy. 

The commission and its eng- 
ineers told City Council last 
week th^y could handle die job 
if given enough time. Monday 
Council met in s*cret session 
and decided, not to go ahead 
with almost set plans to acc^t 
a bid for a private dredging firm 
to handle the job at a cost of 
about $186,000. The commission 
had reluctantly agreed to put up 
that amount for the job at the 
strong prodding of Council, 
They were to be repaid in the 
future through the purchase of a 
new pumping station and a new 

The most recent controversy 
surrounding Rudee Inlet arose 
last fall when charter boast 
operators complained the chan- 
nel was not being kept open and 

Fatality Is 
Year's First 

A 3.9-year-otd Norfolk man 
has become the first traffic 
fatality of jhe ^ear in Virginia 
Beach. —. 

Police offlcfals Identified him 
as Donald R. Lonney, of Brent- 
wood Drive, who perished in a 
single vehicle accident early 
Sunday morning. 

According to Investigators 
Looiiey Jailed to negotiate a 
curve as he drove his cojnpact 
model st a 1 1 o n wagon along 
London Bridge Road near the 
Intersection. of Colony Drive. 
The vehicle reportedly car- 
eened off the roadway, striking 
a ditch, throwing Uie engine 
from It's mountings, then flip- 
ping over several times. 

the trap had never been dredg- 
ed as planned. Council strongly 
suggested that the erosion com- 
mission get bids in late Oct- 

Since that time there has 
been considerable controversy 
about the high bid, whether tiie 
commission could handle the 
job and who would be respon- 
sible for malntenence follow- 
ing tiie commercial dredging. 
The commission has declined 
full responsibility. 

Following the Monday action, 
a spokesman for the boat opera- 
tors iwted opposition to 

But following nearly three 
months of ill feeling and con- 
troversy the matter would now 
appear to be right back where 
it was with the commission 
equipment ihugglng away. 

Sing Will 
Help Center 

t^ere will be a community 
sing at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 
18 at Galilee Episcopal Church, 
40th and Pacific Avenue, for the 
benefit of Porject Friendship. 

Everyone, regardless of age, 
race, religion, background or 
residence, is invited. The MU 
Olive Baptist Church Choir will 
be among the featured singers. 
They were a special hit at the 
talent show held several months 
ago to benefit Project Friend- 

The ultimate go8iHrf^-ftw* 
ject FriendshTp Is to ^tabllsh 
a day care center for th^dilld- 
ren of working mothers at the 
Seatack Community Center. 
Money to b;uy additional land 
to build the center was loaned 
to Project Friendship by Mr. 
and Mrs. Doug Hubard. 

When those perfect white 
crystals start Sailing andstidc- 
Ing to the ground you can be 
sure everyone will be affected. 

Motorists crunch telephone 
poles and slide Into street signs. 
Pedestrians skate d( wn the 
sidewalks in various positions, 
stores close and service slows 
down. Water mains burst and 
tieat disappears. 

But the kids love it. No school 
and no homework. And all that 
.fluffy stuff to play In and slide 

And while the kids celebrated, 
the firemen stayed busy r^cu- 
ing ducks (see separate story), 
and policemen chased the kids 
from the city's many lakes 
where Ice was a safety hazard. 

And Innumerable repairment 
cursed each flake as It fell 
and each degree's drop In temi- 
perature as they Avorked around 
the clock to repair frozen water 


Sea legs are one thing, ice legs another. 

Wiv^s Gei^ope But No News^ 

X^iree Virginia Beach women, 
wives of Navy flyers shot down 
over Vietnam in 1968, returned 
home from two weeks in 
Europe with no new word on the 
fate of their husbands. 

Mrs. Robert Duncan, Mrs. 
Richard Nelson and Mrs. Thom- 
as Stegman met with the Hanoi 
Delegation in Paris and then 
went on to Rome where they 
had a privateaudlence with Pc^ 
Pairi-Vi., .,-.,.,.,:.. -r.: r 

Tliey said their ^uei^lons to 
the Hanoi Delegiaition were an- 


swered with "evasion and pro- 
paganda." They were also re- 
quired to hear 20 minutes of 
Communist propaganda mono- 
logue at the beginning and end 
ofthe session. 

The NorthVietntim«sean- 
swered questions with such 
stock phrases as "It's practi- 
cal," "It depends," and "when 
the war Is over," the women 
said.' ■ ' ■'. ■. '• ^^ui(; r-^;-:;^ 

The^Ravy reported that Uti' 
Stegman, a bombadier-navlga-, 
tor, went down Feb.28, 1968; Lt.' 
Nelson, a pilot, March 6. 1968; 


and Lt. (j^g.) Duncan, AQgi29, 

1968. All flew In A6 Bombers. 

The three women, with four "^ , . 
other wives of downed flyers, x^ifC 
met for 1& minutes with the ^r *3 |4i»' 
Pope. TMs was the first time -*"^^' 
any wives had ad^^apalrad- 

The womep were encouraged 
by their meeting with the Pope 
because it gave then^ ttw feel- 
ing he was trying to i^k>me 
thing, they s 


Surf boards are very practical. They dotfrtot have to go into 


Fireman, Sam My Duch^^aitPianned 

2 A duck got cold feet Friday. 
Kot^only cold but frozen Into 
the Ice, along with his breast. 
But he was feeling consider- 
ably better when Interviewed In 
a ceil li the old lockup behind' 
Virgiinia Beach Borough Fire 
Department where he was din- 
ing on a sUce of cream pie 
whHe awaiting transportation 
to the Animal Control Bureau, 
"tie vras solid Ice on his 
breaft when we go him out," 
cpoun^ed Billy Simon of die 

fire department, the duck's res- 
cuer. "He was 40 to 50 feet 
out on Lake Holly. The Ice was. 
two or three Inches thick, so 
1 tried to walk out there. When 
It started to crack, I went 
back for a float and got him 
In that way. 

"He's real friendly," Simon 

Simon said there were some 
30 other ducks out on the lake, 
but none of the othecs were 

stuck. The Animal Control Bur- 
eau was called because the 
4uck had a large s;ore on one 
foot and the firemen dldn'twant 
to release hlhi InHiatcojndlltiQD. 

There m& a rumor at Uie 
fire station that the dock was 
revived by mouth-to-bill resus- 
Itatlon, but no one would sub- 
stantiate It. Wouldn't that be 
just ducky? 

Seventeen Virginia Wesleyan 
College students and faculty 
members will be speaking or 
participating in tbe service In 
27 different United Methodist 
churches of the Portsmouth 
District this month. Most ofthe 
students and faculty m«nbers 
win be In these churches on 
January 18 at 11 a.m., which 
has been designated as Virgin- 
la Wesleyan Day. 

Annual Winfer 






ttfOuck looks warily out of his jail cell. 

Investment Analysts 

Five Wheat & Co. investment analysts cover 
regional issues, special situations and gen- 
eral market conditions. 23 specialists in 
our New York research affiliate concentrate 
on specific industry groups. Let us show 
you examples of our tate'st reports. Give 
us a call. 

Wheat s Co., Ino. 

MUMM t»t voue tfoa ixcMMa-^MwcAN^Toa taei^Nci 



M S*f«ef«dl 6re*ps of 


SLACKS.... >/4 OFF 

2100 Atlantic Ave. 

Virginia Beach 


- 1'- 1»( . 

rv-._«.,nl,m., ,■ s 


-■ "I ■ '• 

vX" ) 




The people at the Virginia Beach Federal Savings ami 
Loan Association would like to remind you that their regular 
passbook accounts are still available. 

For convenience and flexibility these accounts can't be beat. 

No minimum amount is required. You can deposit any amount at 
any time; -and the same is true of withdrawals. You can 
save by mail if you wish, but we enjoy seeing you at our windows. . 
Earnings are paid or compounded quarterly. 

True the rate 4 1/2% is not as great as our Top Dollar 
passbook paying 5%, or our larger certificate accounts 
that pay 5 1/4% :-- but for many the convenience is worth 
the difference. 

Your account will be insured by the FSLIC up to $20,000 and 

no one has ever lost a penny in such an insured account 


The people at the Virginia Beach Federal, located at 210-25th Street, 
Virginia Beach, will be glad to tolk it over with you. 

Drop in and see us or telephone 428-9331. 


210-25th Street Phone 428-9331 

■■iinm»>miiinMinii>f ' nrwi»y tnnnnnr 


■ ■■■■■■MI»MlHllltlili>""''"»"" ""r""""*''""^' 



Thursday, Jomuary 15, 1970 

• •^•■•■■•■••■•■•■•« ■«>>•■•■■■■■«■»■■ >^«« a ••■■^^^««m^jm,,f,mgm)ff^fl^ft««i«>i 





t I Sororities reaeh 100th birthdoy | f "f"^' Scott gtveS pWgreSS Veport 



Aa Americaatastttotioo, col- 
lege sororities will be lOOynurs 
old this jrear. 

Kanpa Ali^ Tlwta, was Ihe 
first Gredc letter organization, 
and OBe(tf ite SO-year menribers, 
Mrs. Kay Planck, is a Virginia 
Bea<A resident. She joined the 
sorority at Syracuse University 
sororl^ at Syracuse University, 
There is also a 50-year meiid>er 
in Norfolk, Mrs. Sam Thornton. 

Local Thetais will celebrate 
Fouodnr's Day with a luncheon 
at the Princess Anne Country 
CMb on Jan. 24 at 12:30 p.m. 
For reservatioos cwitact Mrs. 
ThoBos teett, 425-^^, or 
Mrs. George L. Mclntyre. 

Theta, which will climax its 
lOOth Urttxtey with a conven- 
tion in S^ Uego, Calif, in 
June, was founded at DePauw 
University in 1870. It has 95 , 
college chapters, 77 alumnae 
daqpters and 246 alumnae 
clubs. More than 6,500 college 
students^ are active members 

The sorority has contributed 
more than $5(K),000 to the In- 
stitute of Logopedics at Witch- 

Mrs. Planck 

py. It also participates in the 
Foster Parentis flan and estab» 
lished funds for purchasing 

bodes for the D^>auw Library 
and awards scholarships and 
graduate fellowships. 

The Ladles Auxiliary, Fra- 
ternal Order of Police, Prin- 
cess Anne Lodge No, 8 will hold 
its aniuial installaticNi lundiecm 
at the aiore Drive QmR^^tanr- 
ant, Saturday, January 17, at 
1:30 p.m. The installation will be 
omciated by Anne Woods, Vlr- 
gina State Auxiliary I^esident 
and a National Auxiliary Trus- 
tee. Assisting Mrs. Woods will 
be Virginia Toler, immediate 
past president Virginia State 

The new officers are, Bar- 
bara Terry, President; Sally 
Liiqpert, vice-president; Shir- 
ley Pritchard, secretary; Pat 
White, treasurer, Terry Cus- 
ter conductor: Francis Smith, 
guard; Sandi Griffith, chaplin, 
and Winnie Harris, parliamen« 

Flower talk 
set Feb. 12 

On Feb. 12 Mrs. Omer 0. 
Utt of LyncAlbQrg, a former 
state presidoit of the Virginia 
Federatioi of iSarden Cluis, 
will lecture (» Hower arrang- 
ing at Ihe lifflrfidk J^fideratloa 
Garden Coiter on 29tti Street. 

Officers of the Virginia Beach Council of Garden Clubs agreed 
unanimously on footwear when their board meeting was held Fri- 
day after the snow storfn. 

The program will begin at 
10 a.m. 31i06e attoKUng arc 
asked to bring a sandwich. Des- 
sert and beverage will be i>ro- 
vided. Tidcets will be on sale 
at the dooK for $1 l>^;inning 
at 9:30 a. m. 

plans luncheon 

The Mary Washington AKim- 
nae Association will have a 
luncheon meeting on Jan, 17 
at 0ie Lafayette Yacht Club, 
4257 Granby St. 

Mrs. C. E. Treakle will 
apeak on an African Safari. 
The meeting is at 12:30 p.m. 

For reservations call Mrs, 
C. A. Rutter 428-1954 or Mrs, 
M. H. Wyche 340-3875. 

VA-3S Enluted Wives 

The VA-35 Enlisted Wives 
Club will meet at 10 a.m. Jan. 
20 at the Oceana NAS Chapel, 

All wives are welcome. For 
information call 425-9349. 

City Manager _ Roger Scott 
opened his talk to members (rf 
the Princess Anne Woman's 
Club of Virginia Beach Tues- 
day Ddth the comment that 
"women ask more probing 
questions than qien,"Theques- 
ticms th^ followed his talk, an 
Informal one on the progress 
of Virginia Beach in ihe 18 
months he has been city mana- 
ger, may just have proved that, 

Scott began tqr saying Uis^ 
Virginia Beach, is a city ra the 
move, "There's proliably more 
happming here than any other 
city on the East Coast, I don't 
think you could go five miles 
from ttome witiiout running into 
somfr«lty project," 

He went on to say flat te 
UKl Ids staiK are making a 
concerted effort to Improve the 
working conditions of city em- 
ployees, "City government Jobs 
used to be raly for people n^ 
couldn't get jobs any other 
place. Now you find people with 
masters degrees." 

Odier progress he w^ was •' 
in tte removal of red tape in 
seitiag mmrs or assistance* 
"We've tried to see that every 
diizen is treated impartially 
and fairly," 

Scott minted oat ttat ctty 
empl(qrees are being redass- 
ift«l according to their abili- 
ties and are being made aware 
of what reipirements and edu- 
cjktiph a^e nece»ary for dif- 
ferent positions. A salaryscale 
Is beiqg developed to even out 
differences between depart- 
ments for jobs on the same 
level, ta addition a merit s^m 
will be institated so that ap- 
polntmoits will be by ability. 
"If you can do your j<ft wdl 
you iront be fired by vMm at 

Also, Virginia Beach is one 
of the first cities in the state 
to have a code of ethics for its 
employees. ° 

Scott said that key posts when 
open have been filled with the 
^'best professionals we can find. 
Some peq;>le fear that too many 
professonals build v^ a beau- 

Miss Downing Plons fof show onnounced 

to represent 

Susan Nelms Downing will 
represent fiie Commonwealth of 
Virginia and the Society of Vir- 
ginia as me 1970 Cherry Blos- 
som PriiKess in the Animal 
National Cherry Blossom Fest- 
ival to be held in Washington, 

Miss Downing 

D. C, April 5-12, Robert V. 
8. DiBaB, PresUttt of fite 
Society of Virginia, announced 

A native Virgt^n, Miss 
Ikn^^ tt tte (teii^ of 
:M^ Md li». IhsmaM N. 
l^n^ <tf Nei^wt Mm. Sbt 


f lans for the annual spring 
flower show sponsored by the 
Virginia Beach Council of Gar- 
den Clubs, Inc. were announced 
at Wednesday's Council meet- 
ing held at Thalia United Meth- 
odist Church. 

The show will be April 17-18 
at Thalia United Methodist 
Church, Virginia Beach Blvd. 
and Fir Street. It was suggest- 
ed that the theme center around 
the 20th anniversary of the 
Council which was organized 
in July, 1950. 

It was reported that all land- 
scaping work at the General 
Hospital of Virginia Beach will 
be st(q;)ped for about two years, 
or wUl the addition to the 
hospital, is completed. The 
hospital landscaping is a cont- 
inuing project of the Council. 

Recently 95 pine trees and 15 
wax myrtle were relocated 
to make room for the addition. 
When It is finished, Winn Nurs- 
ery will draw up a suitable 
lantecaping desip for the en- 
trance. Landscaping is finish- 
ed (» the new extended care 
wii^ Tliere is $755.48 left in 
the fbod lor landscaping. 

bdlvUnal Garden clubs do- 
nated at total of $128 at Christ- 
mas for the Seatack ChUd Care 
Cei^r through Project Frlend- 
sldp. TiM Council had alr^Kfy 
donated $50 for playgromd 
eipJ|»at tor Uie mlitf-parks 
to be boot. I 

Garden Clubs will again grow 
marigolds for competition. Last 
year each club received a pack- 
age of marigold seeds at the an- 
nual luncheon in May. The re- 
sulting blooms were brought to 
the September meeting for judg- 
ing. Seeds will be distributed in 
March to allow earlier planting 
this spring. 

The March 11 Council meeting 
has been designated at "Bock 
Donation Day." Garden dvbs 
will be invited to donate books 
to the new Council library which 
was established last fall. 

The tentative date for the an- 
nual luncheon is May 27. A place 
has not been decided. 

Conference to discuss 
deterioration of country 

All citizens, interested in the 
prevention of the further deter- 
ioration of the enviroments of 
their country, are Invited to 
attend an "Enviromental Ccm- 
ference" to be held in Washing- 
ton, D. C. at the StaUer Hilton 
Hotel, Feb. 17-18, 

It will be sponsored by Nat- 
ional Ccwncil of State Gardoi 
Gluts, Inc. assisted by Nat- 
ional Wildlife Federation and 
is open to everyone. Details of 
the programs and names of 
speakers ^iH be furnished this 
month. Lakiscape Desip Cri- 
tics, please note that this C(xi- 
ference may be used as a Re- 
fresher, If needed. 

Hotel reservations stMxdd be 
made as early as pcssible as 
closing time is Fdb. 1, Cancel- 
lations may be made when nec- 
essary. Apply to: Statler HU- 
ton Hotel, I6th & K Sts., Wash- 
I^ton, D. C. 20036. R^erval- 
ton cartb and registration 

blaidcs are available from eith- 
er Miss Elizabeth Mason, 534 
Candler Park Dr., N. E., 
Atlante, Ga. 30307; or National 
Council Headquarters, St, 
Louis, Mo. 

Flower Show Judges 

The Tidewater Virginia 
CouncU of accredited Flowei 
Show Judg^ met Monday at fiit 
Norfolk Botanical Garden 
where a program on unu^al 
horticultaire specimens was 
given l^ Gerald Straley, of fiw 
V.P.1. ExteiBion Service in Vir- 
ginia Beach. He showed slktes 
and ^ve out mlroe<%ra(iied 
sheets with the names of ttie 

The Council welcomed five 
new Judges. They are Mrs. 
George H. Hamilton, Mre, 
Richard Duna^, and Mrs. M. 
J. Schwartz of Virgislt B«idi 
and Mrs. Jennii^ Dorman uA 
Mr^ Bripb Hootonttf WUllajM- 

racracy, make it harder to get 
to. Nothing could be further 
from the truth. They're aU 
working for you." 

There are approximate' 
1,300 city employees presently. 
"Outside of the Navy it's the 
largest business In the city. 
And it's big business," 

As an afterthought he added 
that the reorganization of the 
city government was "not as 
much change as newspapers 
make out." He said thiat the 
main g(»l was efficiency, and 
that of the four dtizens boards 
which were eliminated, two a- 
greed with the plan, one re- 
signed and the other resi^iedat 
the request of City Council, 


Questions covered s 
topics as: 

Property reassessment: 
"The City did a notoriously bad 
Job on publicizing the reassess- 
ment. It was a ms^er of equal- 
ization< The one lot owner was 
carrying the load for the own- 
ers of large sections of un- 
devel(q)ed land." 

Sewer line extension; Scott 
said Vtat ui^l two years ago 
«]d^sion was based on petit- 
ions signed by residents of 
different areas. "Th«i the 
people wouldn't hook on to the 
lines, and the City g^t $700- 
$800 from a $JiOO,000 invest- 
ment." Sewer lines are not 
being extaided now becaise the 
City cannot borrow the money. 
For liites tobelaid, 7S%ifll^tbe 
residents ^ a subdivfsim must 
sip an agreement that they will 
hook xau "After the diange, the 
number of petitions oa file with 
Council drc^ped from 30 to 

City cars: being driven home 
by City employees: "From my 
point cA view It is a very bad sit- 
uation." Scott said that within 
six mmths to a year a study 
wUl be made of the use of City 
vehicles. "There are advan- 
tages and disadvantages to a 
motor pool, but the advantages 
oiirtnumber the disadvantages. 

Mt. Trashmore.odor: Scott 
eigplained that the trash should 
be covered by a layer of dirt 

Mrs. F, H, Strleby 
speaks to her club. 

every day, twt that during the 
extended rains of last summer 
cover material couldn't be 
.^^Italmi aqdf (truck tires cut 
thrott^ rab^garb^e. thus eaisi- 
iiK the odor. He added tM 
wfthin a year landscaping will 
begin ra what will eventoally 
be<mme an amphitheater and 
soap box derby track. 

takes notes as Scott 

Elementary school accredff- 
atlon: "It concerns me a great 
deal. More than half the twdget 
belongs toihe School Board. The 
only 'place we can^ get tUe nioaey 
is from the taxpayer. There is 
no altermdive. That and re- 
quests of teachers for raises 
will come right out (rf yoi!r__ 
pocket and mine." 


By Carolyn McAUm 

Just what 

„ i 

we needed 

Split second chic in two parts from Parnes 
Feinstein's Spring *70 collection ... the 
brown and white jacquard print is used in 
a straight and narrow dress, teamed with 
a reverse pattern back belted coat. Hat by 
Mr. John ... shoes by Gojo. 

It's a good thing I don't live at the North Pole. I don't mind four 
or five inches of snow. In Misstwri the thermometer would stay 
below zero for a week at a time with a foot or more of smnr <m 
the ground. But this one-inch stuff is for the birds. Come to 
think of it, 1 don't think the birds liked It too weU either. 

There was Just enou^i snow so that the kids didn't stay home 
from school. There was also just enough so th^ they all came 
in soaking wet after five minutes outside airf esqwcted a fresh 
supply of clothes. By the wy, I learned a valuable trick from 
a ne^jbor—put plastic bags over the mittens, just dcm't (se 
tight ruW>er bands. T«)e or pins work fine. TTie bap are also 
a help over shoes to pt boots on when they're damp. It's also 
a peat time to find out Iww many mittens and gloves (km't 
have mates. 

At least our water i^pes didn't freeze like so many t've 
heard about. But my husband's car did. We thawed it out with 
an electric blanket— a considerable improvement over the heat- 
ing pad we tried first. 

It tO(^ me a half hwr to drive the mile from my touse to 
the Boulevard. But the Boulevard was falrty dear, and I made 
pod prop»;s imtil I turned (M onto the servlee tm& and slM 
into a telqjhone pole. My boss Immediately rated If Itfamuged 
th pole. My husland was almost as symi»thetic *'Well tt»re 
goes your birthday presei^" ' 

The luncheon 1 had planned to attend was.«aUed fM, I didn't 
have on booto, (in defermce to the mertii^ I lad plann^ to 
attewO so I tad to p sloshii^ around tte blodt to boy my 

So tbm 1 returned hon» to find my h^baad In bed toleq^ 
To add Insult to injury, tlM-e ws a box c(^dtfi« a ^oo of 
Ice cttsm stttl^ on tlw frw< porch. It was evenpactedla 
<U7 Im. Just wtaU we needed. Know^hat, Uioi^? I reosvered 
omi^ to ^ a dish ai ice cr^m before becmnw—evMi Oo^ 
wt hid to ^«e tt wttb a earring kntt*. 

hursday, ^January 15, 1970 

Virginia Beoch son 


Hard work paid off for the Antique Sliowsale 
chairmen and co-chairmen when they were 
entertained at a luncheon at the home of 
IVIrs. A, R, Bunting, general chairman, IVlon- 
day. Leftto right are iVIrs, R.W.Whitehurst, 
IVIrs. R. H. Owen and Mrs, T. J. Follary, 

Whether you call them sesame seeds or **benne" as they do down 

^outh, these pearly seeds add delicate nut-like flavor to this pie. 

Sesame seed adds richness 

Sgt, Ben opears, Capt. ivionica ^nutts, ana sgt. 6am :> pears were 
on hand when Mayor Frank Dusch signed a proclamation celebrat- 
ing the 21st anniversary of Air Force Nursing, 

Sesame seed has been aflav- 
oi|al baking seed for many cen- 
tiaie$, as well as one of the 
vmW.8 most important oil 
see^ For some reason, it was 
hardly known beyond the deep 
Soutti^ or in foreign sections of 
big dties in this country until 
sMtpe was used in the crust 
oi %i pie idiich won a sensat- 
ionii prise in baking con test 
abovt IS years ago. 

Actually, it was the simplest 
kind bf variation— a few bU)le- 
qioons of toasted sesame seed 
added to the flour of the crust. 
Thousinds of women read tiie 
r ec^ and moaned, ' 'N6w, why 
couldn't I have thought of that?" 
Adding Qie nut-sweet seecte to 
pastey seemed obvious^ how- 

7 iveij, to the prize-winning cock 
for *^sJie was u ^urcheologist 
as well as a gifted bomemaker. 
She had leuned ttiat Egyptians 
more than 3000 years ago, lad 

.|f*Ulded sesame to breads and 
baked goods. 

^r~f^ shiny white seed is 

arrays sold whole. Sesame 

' selds are toasted to develop 

. Mtr flavor; tten tjiey may be 
lued in maBy'^<t&hes wKfere 
one might ordinarily ^e' finely 
choM>ed almonds. To toast, 
spread ttie seeds tUnly on a 
baking pan and bake 15 to 20 
ipkrates in a moderate oven. 
If they are sprinkled on tq;) 
of any dish, such as breads, 
cookies, baked fish, where they 
are e^qxised to dry heat, they 
do mA require pre-toasting. 

Sesame seeds are as de- 
licfa)us in or on pie fillings 
as they are in the crust. From 
the test kitchens of the Amer- 
ican ^ice Trade Association 
come these recipes for rich 
and tenq;>tlng pies, all requir- 
ing sesame seeds as ingred- 

litis dreamy pie with its 
unusual sesame seed topping is 
so rich that smaller portions 
than usual are recommended. 


3 eggs, lightly beaten 
1 cup dark corn syrup 

1/2 cup 11^ corn syrup 
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 

1/4 tsp. salt 

1 tbsp. flour 

1/2 tsp. grpund cinnamon 
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg 

2 ttKp. butter or margarine^ 
' melted 

1/3 oip sesame seed 
Unbaked 9-inch flaky pastry 

Id small mixer bowl combine 
eggs, dark and light corn syrup, 
inSUa and salt. Mix well ai 
medium speed. Blend in flour, 
cinnamon and nutmeg, then 
melted butter. Turn into unbaked 
pastry shell. Crinkle sesame 
seed over t(^. Bake in pre- 
heated moderate oven (375 F.) 
40 minutes or ant 11 firm. 
Yield: One 9-inch pie or 8 


1/2 cup batter or margartoe 
1 1/2 cops granulated sugar 
6 ffisp. all-purpose- flour 
1/4 tsp. salt 

3 eggs, UgbUy beaten 
1/2 CI9 iigtt cream or mflk 
1 tep. pure vanilla extract 
1/3 09 sesame seed 
UiAwked 9-inch flaky ifstry 

Cream butter. AdT *««» 
grt(hially and crattDut «r«aii^ 
mixtori. Add flour and nit. 
Blend weU. Add ^gt; blaed 
wen. Gradually bl«d cream tad 

vanilla into butter mixture. Do 
not over-mix. Turn into un- 
baked flaky pastry shell. Sprin- 
kle sesame seed over top of 
filling. Bake in preheated mod- 
erate oven (350 F.) 4j^ minu tes. 
Yield: X)ne 9-Inch pie or 8 
portions. =^^ 

This Sesame Seed Pie Sbell 
will give new flavor dimension 
to custard, butterscotch, choc- 
olate cream or a long list of 
chiffon and meringue. 



1 cup sifted all-purpose flour 
1/2 tsp. salt 

4 tt)6p. toasted sesame seed 
1/3 cup shortening T — ••":' , '•■••' 

brown. Cool. Spoon date chif- 
fon filling into pie shell. 


1 env. unflayored gplafinfl 

1 cupmilk 
^=7? eggs, separate d — ^ 

6 tbsp. sugar - 

1/4 tsp. salt 

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 
3/4 cup heavy cream, whipped 
1 cup pitted dates, cut into 
small pieces 
Baked sesame pie shell -^ ' ' 

Soften gelatine in 1/4 cup cold 
water; set aside. In saucepan 
oi: top part of double boilet_ 
cdmbine milk, egg yolks, 1/4 
cup of the sugar and salt. Cook ° 
over low heat or hot water, 
stirring constantly until dis- 
^s^ved. Add vaniHa. Chill until 

Air Force nurses come of age 

Mayor Frank Dusch recently 
signed a proclamation celebrat- 
ing the 2Ist anniversary of the 
United States Air Force Nurse 
Corp. Sgt. Ben Spears, Capt, 
Monica Shutts and Sgt. Sam 
Parsons, all member of the re- 
cruiting force, were on hand 
to receive the proclamation. 

substantial number of them are 
working in Vietnam. 

January 18-24 will be Air 
Force Nurse Week in the area 
and any interested eligible girls 
may contact Sgt. Spears at the 
Virginia Beach Blvd. recruit- 
Jng station^ 

Notice the outdated poliUcal 
signs still in evidence in var- 
ious sections of Virginia Beach, 
Doesn't it annoy you to see 
billboards advertising a polit- 
ical campaign many months hi 
the past? And doesn't it also 
annoy you to see the names of 
candidates sttll posted in prom- 
inent places? It is time to do 

a clean up job and remove all 
out-of-date political notices 
from out streets and hl^ways. 

The forthcoming City Coun- 
cil contest will soon be under 
way. New and timely political 
nottces are certainly not object- 

The proclamation pointed out 
that there are now more than 
4,300 Air Force Nurses on duty 
around the world and that a 

To be eligible to l>ecome an 

Air Force Nurse a girl must 
have completed a 3 or 4 year 
nursing course. 

The Air Force received jnore 
applicants yet is the most 
selective of any service when 
choos tftg their nurses. 


ing l^ont:fromp.B) 

3 to 4 tbsp. cold water . 
Date chiffon filUng 

In mixing bowl^ombine flour, 
salt and sesame seed. Cut in 
shortening; suld water and mix 
well. Roll out dough; fit into 
9-inch pie plate and flute edge. 
Prick generously with lArk. 
Bake in hot 0*6(1^(450 P.)' '10 
to 12 minutes until golden 

almost set, stirring occasion- 
ally. Fold in whipped cream 
and dates. Beat egg whites until 
soft peaks are formed. Add 
remahiing 2 tablespoons sugar 
gradually; continue beating until 
stiff peaks a^e formed. Fold 
into date mixture. Spoon into 
baked Sesame Pte Shell. Chill 
unttl firm. Yl€M:'^One 9-toch 
pie or 8 portions. 

graduated from Hampton Roads 
Academy inJ966 and made her 
debiit at the Hampton Roads 
German Club during Christmas 
1966. She is presently bi her 
senior year at HoUins College, 
where she is majoring in bi- 
ology. Miss Downing will be 
the fifth generation graduate 
of her family f;rom this college. 

, .,)s',t)dwnlri^'s TPat>5^lital 
gf-idi^tber' was I^rV. Samuel 
.ppyriiing, a prominent^hysician 

and surgeon in Newport News;" 
who died Jn L937. Jier _great 
grandfather was the late Thomas 
J. Downing of Lancaster County, 
a distinguished orator and Vir- 
ginia State Senator for whom 
the Downing Bridge at Tapp- 
ahannock, is named. "Edgeley" 
was the name of his home and 
he was known as the "Lame 
Lion of Lancaster," _ 

.{T .p 01:'' S-^ 

, ,- As,,,,ppe..,of ,tlie Sr Chen 
"'BWsi^m Pftncesses,- Miss 
Downing will be one of the 
contenders for "Queen" of the 
1970 Cherry Blossom Festival. 
She is 5 feet 9 1/2 inches 
tall, blue-eyed, and has li^t 
brown wavy hair. During her 
high schooL years, she played 
on the varsity hockey and bas- 
ketl)all teams, and was elected 
to the National Honor Society. 
Miss Downing is- a member of 
the Hollins College Biology Club 
and Secretary of the Young. 
Democrat Club. Her hobbies 
include sailing, swimming and 
ice skating. 

For that "Like New" L«ek 

115 ImUi (bii 


LydiaPinkham understands 

^11 of a sudden you might 
feel you're changing-not a 
good feeling. You'r^ tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ago, when 
ladijBS couldn't be as frank as 
wtBd the preWpm^lRid 
set about finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a remedy. She developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
women she knew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham's root 
and herb remedy to help you 
feel better, more like yourself. 

Lydia E. Pinkham 

I Arailablc in Tablet aad Liqaid Fern 
Piakhaa Medidae Co. 
Lyan, Matt. 01904 

Officers of the Princess Anne Plaza Volunteer Fire Department's 
Ladies Auxiliary were installed lastSaturday night at the Commo- 
dore Country G-luJj,- They are, left to right, Mrs. Barbara Bottom, 
hi sto r j an; Mrs. Burnice E, McAtee, president; Mrs, Virginia 
Holmes, vice president; Mrs. Ida Wilson, treasurer; Mri, Annette 
Fremeau, secretary, and Mrs, Margaret Waterman, chip^ain. ' 

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vf mMV Vm rmm fMHRINM ^4rHpOMP< 

IV 9 

Virgihia B^ch Sun 

TNirsetay, «Jamiary 15, 1970 



New Bank Makes Gain 

Pecqile's Bank ol Virginia 
Beach Ins cl(»e<l its first year 
ol business witli a record be> 
lieved to be uqiaralleled in 
state baiddrig history. 

Tlie official year-end state- 
ment released by buak presi- 
dent, J. Burton Harris<Mi, Jr., 
sdKSfws that ttie institution, after 
tAX^, had net profits of 
$54,464.89 and paid a VK per 
share dividend on 100,000 
shu'es of common stod(. 

Brides i»ying $15,500 in 
income taxes ~ which is re- 
garded as unusual for a year- 
old bank — Harrison said 
$51,500 was added to the re- 
serve for possible loan losses. 

State and federal banking of- 
ficifJs in Richmond say it would 
be virtually impossible to def- 
initely establish that People's 
Bank of Virginia Beach had 
achieved a unique record. But 
no regional banking official con- 
tacted could remember another 
state bank which showeg a net 
profit and paid dividends in its 
first year of operations. 

Harrison said that, as far as 
he is concerned, "the first 
year oi Pei^le's Bank of Vir- 
ginia Beach was excellent". 

He poii^ out that the bank 
opened Jan. 2, L969, in "temp- 
orary quarters" at 1605Lasldin 
Road with a staff of six people 
xaA $1,000,000 from the sale of 
stock at $10.00 per share. 

The stock is currently listed 
at Fahenstock and Sons Comp- 
any at $19^50 bid and $20.50 

At the close of business Dec- 
ember 31, 1969, the bank's 
assets h«lgrownto$9,513,072.- 

13, according to the official 
statement of condition. 

And Harrison said the bank 
staff has been increased to 33 
people during the initial year. 
Three times during the year 
the offices at Hilltop were ex- 
tended to accommodate new 
services and business. Too, 
the bank opened a second tem- 
porary office in November at 
the corner of KempsviUe and 
Prhicess^ Anne Roads — and 
work already has started on 
construction of a permanent 
building at the site. 

The bank, several months 
ago, disclosed plans for a multi- 
story office building intheLon- 
dpn Brkige area. But, like many 
proposed developments, the 
project has been delayed tem- 
porarily by the high cost of 

Harrison did say, b&ever, 
that the bank "has current plans 
to establish its thin! office in 
the Bayside Borough and its 
fourth in Lyimhaven as soon 
as^ regulatory approval can be 
secured." "Hopefully, that will 
be during 1970", he said. 

Mrs.Lambe Heads Region 

Car^ Sales Reported High 

Lincoln-Mircury siim in toe 
Washington district of 19,907 
cars in 1969 wert the semA 
highest in history, William A. 
Hai*e, LincQln-Mercury Wvi- 
si<m district sales ngnager, an- 
nounced. The all-time record 
of 21,324 was set in 1968. 

Maryland, V Ir glnla^ eastern 
North Caroltoa and parts m 
West Vlri^ola. 

"Uncoln - Mercury sales 
dttrii% IM9 were aided bfthe 
strong trend toward luxurious 
cars," Hanke said. "Mercury 
saiw, led 1^ toe ttn;>er medium 
priced Marquis, incar««ed 16 

Lincoln-Mercury JDivision's ^"^™ /'X^; TqbTT; 
Washilton sales district m- ^^^^^^^fettinuedde- 
100 dealerships niairffor hmiriousautonwbil^ 

in toe 


of Columbia. 

C &P Adds 

tq be definite ptae for Lincoln- 
Mercury during 1970," 

^es by car line durii« 1969 
included 6,676 Mereurys, t,937 
MoBtegos, 4,t39 Cougars, ao^ 
2,555 Lincoln Continentals In- 
cluding Mark III 

December sales of 1,475 cars 
also were toe second hlgMst 

The Chesapeake and Potomac 
Telephone Company of Virginia 

has authorized an txpenditore , 

of $291,000 for two projecte ever for toe monto, topped omy 
in the Virginia Beach area, by toe 1,518 in December, 1968. 

A Virginia Beach advertising 
executive has been named as 
regional vice-presfalent of toe 
Virginia Travel Council. Mrs. 
Laura Lambe was named at toe 
council's 21st annual meeting 
in Williamsburg. 

John J.Wickstead of Richmond 
is the new council president. 

Those elected to the board 
of directors were: Albin R. 
Mailhes, executive vice-presi- 
dent, Virginia Beach Chamber 
of Commerce; James C. 

Macy's Names 
Alan J. Gold 

Alan J. Gold has been named 
a senior vice-president wito 
Macy's Department Store in 
New York. 

Gold is married to tlie former 
Miss Rita Sue Jaffee, toe 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.I. 
Jaffee of Virginia Be&ch. 

Matthews, general manager of 
Lake Wright Motor Hotel in 
Norfolk; Earl V. Slattum, vibe- 
president, Virginia National 
Bank, Virginia Beach; John B. 
Smito, president of Mariner 
Motel in Virginia Beach; and 
George F. Wright, director of 
travel in Cotonial Williamsburg. 

VW Salesman Hubert MT^sette (center) earned a $100 reward for 
himself and a $50 bonus for sales manager C. W. Lynch (left) by 

A sum of $24^,500 vWUl be 
used to add dial ojulpment to 
toe Robbins Corner Communi- 
cations Center, the amount of 
$48,500 is earmarked for an 
outside cable project. Cable iviU 
bie placed west of the RdH^ 
Corner Communications Center. 

scoring high in a Volkswagen "Mystery Shopper" contest. VW 

dealers like Harold Heischober (right) of Hilltop Volkswagen, Inc., Boti^toese projects are required 

are sponsoring the "shopper," who visits VW dealers in the guise 
of atypical interested customer and awards a cash bonus to sales- 
men who surpass VW's exacting sales standards. 

by the C&P to ii\eM toe demands 
for telei^one sind otoer commi' 
unications services for cus- 
tomers served l^ this Center, 

Sides Hit New High School May Be Pace Setter 

I R S 



New England Mutual Life 
Insurance Company umounced 
that its sales of life insurance 
during 1969 exceeded $2 bil- 
lion for toe firat time In com- 
pany history. 

Abram T. Collier, president 
of New England Life, said sales 
of new individual insurance 
reached $1,643,000,000, while 
group production stood at 
$378,000,000 at yearend. 

New England Life's produc- 
tion readied $1 tillion in 1962, 

$1.5 billion in 1966, and in 1968 
toe company sold $1.9 in new 
individual and group insurance. 

Coast Guard Seaman John E. 
Pollard, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Donald H. Pollard of Spindrift 
Road, was a member of toe 
frist graduation class of toe 
Coast Guard's new Port Se- 
curity School at toe Coast 
Guard Reserve Training Center 

Friends school and John 
Steely have Impressive and un- 
conventional plans for the 
school's expansion program. 

Steely, 37, an IBM senfor 
systems engineer, is currently 
on a one-year leave of absence 
to co-ordinate the eiqiansion 
program. He recently announced 
his plans at a meeting at Friends 
Meeting House. 

Steely hopes to negotiate con- 
tracts with several large com- 

In Yorl^own, Virginia. 

^^^ajaaies such as builders and 


SUte Bank No.. 


CoBsolidated Rqpmrt (^ Condition of ". 

W....yir«uua Beach. in tl|e SUfe oC. 
biMineMon .December 3V...;:iJ9..6^ 


P«oi»lft/.»..Rftn)R.of.yii;gAW.*.-B.«.*cbL....'-.. ...:;...• 

Yir^ixda and Domestic Subsidiaries at the close of 

Hade to The Stiate Corpcraticn CommisaiQj^ 


1. Cask uhI dut from bank! (indudiiis I. 

2. U.S. Tnaawy aaeiiritias.. 

3. Sconitica of otiicr U.S. Govenunent afcndw and eorporationa 

4. OWvUibna of SUUa and ptditicai subdivUona: 

5. Othar laewitiaa (iadudiiii f .; oorporata atodca) 

%i "nad^ aeeoint aaovitiei 

7. Fedand fuada aold and leeuritiaa jMffdiaacd under axraementa to raadi 
g. OUnrkiana..: 

9. Bank prcmisea, ftiraiture and flxturea, and other aaaeta repreaenting bank jwemiaaa. 

10. Real estate owned other than iMnk premiaas. 

11. Invaatments in aubaicfiarieB not consolidated 

12. CuatonMr'BiiabiUtjr to this bank on aeeeptaneaa outstanding 

IS. Other asMta - ,.:.. 



16. Densand dqwaita of imfividuab, partnershi|M, and oorpcratiena. 
It. Time and aavings depoaits of individuds, partnerahips, and eopwatlona. 

17. Depoaits of United States Government 

18. Dep(pita of States and political subdivisions 

19. DnKMfts of foreign governments and oAdal institutions 

20. O^odts of oomnMrdal banks 

21. Certifiad and oOena' diecks. etc. 


(a) Total demand depodta ^ I 

0>) Total time and savings depodta .$. 

2S. Federal funds purefaaaed and securities sold under agree me nts to reimrchaae 

24. Other liabilities for borrowed money 

25. Mortage indebtedneas 

t6. Aeeeptaneea encuted by or for account of this bank and outstanding 

27. Other HaUUUa. 




30. Rascrve for bad debt toasts on loans (set up pursuant to Int»nal Revenue Stfvice rulings) 

31. Other r e ser v es on loana 

82. Rcoervas on securities. 







From the VIrglnip 
Beach Library 

"The History of Eastern 
Shore Chapel and Lynnhaven 
Parish, 1642-1969," by Louisa 
Venable Kyle. Norfolk, Teagle 
& Little, Inc., 1969. $5.95. 

A. very welcome addition to 
file history of Lynnhaven Parish 
and old Princess Aiuie County 
has just been published and is 
now available at all four branch- 
es of the Virginia Beach Public 
Library. Mrs. Kyle's work 
chronicles the Eastern Shore 
Chapel, from its beglnnlhgs to 
present day, and includes short 
histories of other Episcopal 
churches and missions in our 

' From the time that Adam 
Thoroughgood planned theboun- 
daries of Lynnhaven Pa^l^kto 
the groundbreaking f|)i-lh^ 
Fourth Eastern Shore Ch4>elSn 
1953, to the newest Epis^oplM 
Church, of Virginia Beach - the 
All Saints Mission at Great 
Neck, completed in 1969 - is 
quite a lot of history, but|Irs. 
Kyle's warm account brin^ it 
together beautifully, ii 

makers of education equipment. 
The companies would provide 
the equipment and, in return, 
use the school as a develop- 
ment and testing site. 

The school will be using many 
new methods and would be. a 
show place for educational ma- 
terials and equipment, Stecjly 

Although there are no firm 
commitments from any com- 
panies, some have expressed 
interest in the plan. 

The school would provide the 
building and faculty members 
to act as consultants while the 
companies would pay an ^uunial 

Friends Sqhool. founded in^ 
955 as a kindergarten plus 
first and second grades, has 
grown throu^i junior high. The 
enrollment has gone from 30 
students to 200. The e^aision 
would add hi^ school grades. 

Plans call for the 
of 39,OP0 square fe^ 
present 4,000 square feet* A 
library, classnjom buildingand 
multipurpose building would be 

Steely said the library would 
be the focal point of the school 
with more than 30,000 volumes. 
That would be equivalent to a 
public library. 

A graduate of Haverford Col- 
lege, a Quaker School near 
Philadelphia, Steely has two 
sons in Friends School. He 
lives on Piney Point Road in 

Steely believes the Quakers 
have an insist Into the prob- 
lems concerning youth today. 
The Quaker schools trytoteadi 
maturity first and knowledge 
second because they believe 
academic pressure for theendls 

of social prestige and monetary 
success is not true education, 
for living in today's world. 
A child in a Quaker School 
is not gra^d^and progresses 
at his own rate. He also shares 
his classroom with students 
of different ages and back- 

Award to 
Be Made 

This column of questions 
and answers on Federal taii 
matters is provided by the local 
office of the U. S. Internal Re- 
venue Service and is published 
as a public service to ta^yersi 
The column answers qi^tions 
most frequently asked iif tax-^ 
payers. ' 

Question: Why did IRSdr(^ 
the Short form 1040A? 

Answer: One in^rtant rea- 
son was to make it easier for 
taxpayers to claim all th0 
credlte, deductions and excluS' 
ions fiiey were entitled to un 
der the tax laws. In rec 

The Virginia Beach Chamber 
of Commerce, through its Agri- 
cultural Connnlttee, will recog- 
nize our City's "Man of the 
Year in Agriculture", in March 
1970. ' 

In ordeiT that all who are 
eligible be considered, the 
Chamber Is asking for nomina- 
tions of organizations to nom- 
ifi^|,e jtl|(^^^bo^ve contributed 
greatly to ^.success of the 
Virginia Beacli iiKl^try of 
agriculture. ' 

To be eligible for this award, 
a person niust live and have 
his business in Virginia Beach, 
and his business or profession 
must be within the scope of 
the Industry. They must be 
professional agriculturists^ 
those who provide farmers and 
home owners with agricultural 
supplies and services, farmers 
or those who take thefarmpro- 
duct from the fkrm gate and 
get it to the consumer. 

Nominations are to be sub- 
mitted to the Virginia Beach 
Chamber of Commerce, P.O. 
Box 190, Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia 23458, by Jan. 31. 


Capital notea and debenturea 

(qtedfy interest rate and maturity of each isaue outstanding) 
Equity o^iital, total (sum <A items 36 to 40 below) 
Pre f enad Mode-total par value 

(No. diaraa outatanding__ ) 

Commm stoc^-total par vahie 
(No. shaiaa autbari>ed^^_ 



R aaa rv a for eontintendes and other cairital reeerves 
TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS (sum of items 34 and 35 above) : 
TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES, AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS (sum ci itons 28, 29, 33. and 41 above). 


1. Avwafa of total depoeits for the 15 calendar daya ending with call date 

2. Avanga of total loana for tlM 16 calendar days ending with call date 
8. UMmad diseount on instalment loans indudad in toud capital aeeounto 

/..K, James Crouch, Jr. ^ Vice President ,«/<*« 

i IrM «mI eorMd, la ttf ta< (/ my tnmM^ md Miitr. 

totU. do sokntR^ i«S^ Ooi Hut rejmt cfeondtium 



Wanda Carol Thornes thas 
been elected president oi the 
Virginia Wesleyan College 
Chorus. Miss Thornes is the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Car- 
roll T. Thornes of Parksley, 

Other officers are Sherry 
Leigh McMillan, secretary- 
treasurer, and Dale Edward 
Ly,man, business manager. 

Mrs.Lerov.L, Williams, of 
RoUeston Drive In Virginia 
Beach, Ls serving as part-time 
director and accoropanlest for 
the chorus. Mrs. Williams re- 
ceived the B. A. degree In 
Music Education from Occident- 
al College, Los Angeles, Calif, 

The Wesleyan Ctorus per- 
formed for the patients ai the 
Portsmoutti Naval H(»pital on 
Dec. 18. 



24 Hr.Wreck«r Service 
Phone 428-6403 
Nites After 11 PM 420-2957 
Road Calls 
Major Or Minor 

Wreclter Service -• 

Tune-Ups A Bralce Jobs 

Free Picl( Up AVid Delivery 

Manager Terry Langhorne 

301 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Va. 

years nvwe smdmoretaiQAyeri; 
have found it to their advantage . 
to Itemize deductions as theif 
income Increased. - - 

The new Form 1040 is on e 
basic page and actually caU^ 
for just s^ut the same iS^ 
formation that had to be en- 
tered on the front and back of 
the old card form. Over 30 
million returns will need Just 
fee' bne-pagie Form 1040 to b^ 
c^mpTe^e, while it^Wzk 
million willhave to attach (Hily 
one additional schedule. 

Copies of the schedules tax- 
payers will most likely ned" 
were Included in the tax paclc- 
age mailed to some 75 million 

Qu^tlpn: Does the new tax 
form make any difference In the 
way a farmer handles his predlt 
for gas used on the Harm? 

Answer: No, the gas credtt 
should be claimed as ittes in 
the past by attaching Form 
4136. The amount of credit 
claimed should be entered on 
line 21 of Fojm 1040. 

Question: What is Uie sur- 
charge rate for 1969 and hpwdo 
you figure it? 

Answer: The Income tax«ir- 
charge is 10 percent for 4(J69. 
' Tax surcharge tables are In- 
cluded In the tax packages and 
can be found on page T-1. These 
tables show the amount of sur- 
charge based on the amount of 
tax liability and your^ fillip 

Remember that Schedule T, 
the tax computation schedule, 
will be just a work-sheet for 
most taxpayers and need not be 
sent In with the Form 1040. 
Only if the taxpayer claims a 
special credit such, as retire- 
ment income, investment or 
foreign tax, or has to pay self- 
employmoit tax, should Sched- 
ule T l^ sent In with the return. 

Drastic Sale 

Largest Suppliers at Va. Beach 

of Pianos, Organs, Stereos 

and Band Instruments 

Dollars Now Saved Counts 
on Quality Merchandise 

40% offon all records 

Navy Ensign Kenneth D. Mills, 
son of Cmdr. and Mrs. Kennetti 
G. MlUs of Finn Road, vas 
graduated from Officer Candi- 
date School (OCS) at Newport, 

Temple of Milsic 

Nortt VioK Hntookt anniicCMltf 



Tlwrtaay, ,lomiary 15, 1970 

VIrglnIo Beach Sun 


Fdlcons Bom b CaYolier Hopes ctihn Fdys for wtshfm 

me Cm Ftleons bxtosA ad 
to tw CKnIlwMUat Tueeday 
tfl^^ t HFlki pine tet sav 
tte Cox five pldc up a loose 
Ml wia dri^ It bi for a sowe 
to Hm Iriit Or^ se<»»dB of tiie 
une to win it by (»w point 
iS-U,. K A. had led l^ one 

Tbe irfD sent the previoiBly 
oodei^ted Cavaliers geaerally 
(rat ol eiMta^cnfor tbe momeit 
In tte'Eairtfni District stand- 
tags and may have ended all 
hopes iffi* a state champicm^iip. 
Cox thM remained in a tie with 
Mitti^ M the district lead, 
both witti no losses. Bocdcer T., 
alsft wi&ao losses, went ag^nst 
Flat CokHdil Wednesday nl^. 

Cfflc and Maury do not meet 
unttlFri). 10, and if the Falcons 
get 1^ Bodc^r T. Friday night 
at tt» Arena, that meeting in 
F^ruu7 couk be the one tiiat 
dlcM^ Qie district chamition. 

^M tt^ o^r hand Princess 
fam me(Hs Maury Frfaiaynii^ 
and will be trying hard to re- 
-., Ixwnd firom their first loss of 
the season innine outings. Prin- 
^^!^. Am^e meets Booker T. 

Tlie Cavaliers barely won 
over Cox before Christmas, 
?5->?2, in a non-conference con- 
test, but Tuesday night was the 
one that counted. The outside 
—tiMoting of star Keith Suddutir 
tor 18 points and tiie inside 
shooting of David Dunbu- put the 
Falcons tu in front in the fourth 
quarter, but the Cavaliers 
ralUed and star Ricky Mi(^el- 
8m^1l^ scored 26 points, made 
i frantic toss at the basket at 
file finsd buuer. It was short. 
' Michaelson, who went into 
ttie game averaging 40.4' points 
per game was held far short 
^ that mark, but is still on 
iiis way to shattering all pre- 
vious state scoring records. 

Ilie cecity crowd in the 
Cox ^m shrieked with joy at the 

Next Tuesday Cax plays Bay- 
9ide and Princess Anne plays 
host to an improving Kellam 
team Tuesday. 

Other Friday games find 

Kempsville at Granby, Lake 

Taylor at Kellam and First 

Cbloriial at Bayside. Tuesday's 

^er clash pits First Colonial 

iilainst Keihpsville. 

This Tuesday Norview had 
difficulty beatiiig Kellam, 91 to 
86ybut Graifl>y soundly trounced 
Bayside, 6^-48, and Norfolk 
Catholic won eaisily over 
KempsyiUe, 81-60. 

L^t' wee4( was an important 
week for Bayside. The Marlins, 
winless in 31 games won two 
gam^ in a row. Wednesday they 
beat Deep Creek, loser in 36 
of 41 tries, 57-54. Then Friday 
_ they e(^^ed Kempsville, 62-56. 
In ofiie'r action last Friday PA 

Rates Low 

With file recrat hikes in aut- 
ombblle insuruce in Virginia 
granted by fiie^ateCorporaticn 
Commission, the state is still 
for iMlow the rates charged in 
ottier stipes. 

Fignres ftarnished by a Vir- 
gil Beach insurance firm and 
gathered by the Insurance Rat- 
ing Bbaid show Virginia very 
neu* file bottom in all auto in- 
surance categories. 

Id rates for collision insur- 
ance the iwUoaal average for 
$50 deductible is $74,55. In 
Vii^lhiia, file average rtte is 
$4».47, For $100 deductible, 
the national average is $56.39, 
wMle the sts^e average in Vir* 
ginia is $35.46. In fills cate- 
gory, Virginia's rates raiUc low- 
w«r ttttn all other 49 states, 
Puerto JRioo and fiie District 

li conq>rehensive insurance, 
Virginia is very near tiie bot- 
tom, raiMi^ 48th in fiie mtion. 
The National average is $18.67, 
and ttie Virginia average iiS 

^ i«IHottal average for lla- 
litnfy Iw^rance is $84.83, while 
tte Virginia average is far be- 
low at $62.58. Virginia's rankb 
flie category is 38tti from fiie 

dowi^ Fit^ Colorial easily, 
i}6-74, as in^aelsoQ scored 
44 pointSy and Ktilamwim ttsily 
over Barry Rd»Uieon, 78-60. 
thai same nl^t Cox had an 
easy time over Lake "ft^lor, 
97-49, as Suddufii scored 35 

Hie bask^)all season may go 
Ti^ dwm to file wire in fiie 
Easteni ^strict, but to Vir^nia 
Beach &n8, fiie big one is over. 
And Cox won it, avenging fiie 
loss last year to PA, whm file 
Cavaliers ston>ed ttie Falcon 
wins i4 12. 

Jack Callan is a member 
of file 1969-70 Virginia Wes- 
leyan College "Blfie Marlin" 
baskettnll team. 

He is the son of Cdr. and 
Mrs. John F. Callan, of Bar- 
ton Court. Callan is a «69 grad- 
uate of Princess Anne Hig^ 

Donald M. Forsyfii, athletic 
director for Virginia Wesleyan 
College, is the head basket- 
ball coach for the "Marlins" 
this year. He has been head 
basketball coach at South- 
western College in Winfield, 
Kansas, for the past two years. 
ForsyUi has had eight years 
of coaching experience on the 
high school level. 

The "Blue Marlins" have a 
16 game schedule this year 
with nine of them being played 
at home. The schedule includes 
games with Newport News Ap- 
prentice School, North Caro- 
lina Wesleyan College, Luther 
Rice College, Christopher New- 
port College, Chesapeake Col- 
lege, George Mason College, 
Kitrell College, Madison Col- 
lege and Fort Eustis, 

Virginia Wesleyan College, 

The Patriots tried hard to take it away, but 
the Cavaliers won handily. 

HeiG«o4 Wherever He Plays 

Gray Eubank, Alanton Drive, 
breaks basketball records 

Team Has j 
Good Record^ 

Carlton Webb Dowdy of Vir- 
ginia Beach, is a member of the 
1969-70 varsity wrestling team 
at Appalachian State University. 

Dowdy, a so^mor«, wrest- 
les In file 126-pomid division 
for the Moui^aiaeers of Coach 
Steve GatHTiel. 

Althou^ winning only two bf 
their first five matctws, ttie 
mountaineer graziers have 
shown signs tti^ A&tffHiss in' 
Mounties have lost -three mat- 
ches by a total of 16 points. 

In the past 21 seasons of 
wrestting at Appalachian, the 
Mountaineers inve not exper- 
ienced a losing record, com- 
■pUing a mark of 75 wins, 28 
defeats and five Ues going into 
this year. 

Free Bootiig 

wherever he goes. Both Nor- 
folk Academy and Collegiate 
Schools in Richmond have hts 
name on their books. — ^-^-^^ 

While, at Norfolk Academy he 
^estarashed 13 records includ- 
ing most points in one game 
and most points in one season. 

After only four games at 
Collegiate where he is now a 
student he broke the "assist" 
record and averaged 15.1 points 
per game. 


Two series of boating pilots 
ing classes will be offered fids 
month by the Virginia Beach 
Power Squadron. 

TlK classes, lasting for 12 
weeks will be held m the cafe- 
terias at the Virginia Beadi 
Junior High School on M(mday 
evenings and at the Princess 
Anne High School on Tuesdays. 
Classes are held from 8 until 
10. They are free and qpen to 
the public. 

Registratton for the courses 
will be held cm Monday, Jan. 
19fii at the Junior High School 
and on Tuesday, Jan.27 at Prin- 
cess Anne High School. 

Subjects to tie covered in- 
clude boating safety, small 
boat handling, piloting and sea- 
manship. Boat ownership is not 
a retpiirement. 


- ByJ. L. Ogden 
State Game Warden 

Saturday vaa the closing of 
duck and geese season on the 
waters of Back Bay. It ended 
with a big disappointmoit for 
some but high hopes for the 
coining years for many. There 
were more ducks on the bay 
than fiiere have been 'for some 
years, but the bad weather was 
one ^ctor that reflects the low 
nuniber killed. 

Since the city insUdled the 
pumping station at Sandbridge 
to pump salt water into 

fe# aw in vdiich the fish hue 
iiilMed slowly comlngback. 
The salt settles the settiement 
floating in the water to fiie 
bottom to germinate the seeds 
so grass can grow. 

Some people will argue the 
good done l)y the pump, Ixit 
all agree the grass is coming 

The pump has been down 
for a. major overhaul but some 
time back Levy Whitehtirst told 
me it would be completed and 
back in operation soon. He 
said file water was starting to 
clear up throughout the bay. 

The city is most fortunate 
to have such a sportsman's 
paradise as Back Bay, but the 
sportsmen are more lortunate 
that the city cares what goes 
on in connection with fiie bay. 

Back Bay also supports some 
commercial crabbers and fish- 

Coast Guard Seaman Appren. 
Gregory L. Ctoerlin, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Glenn L. Oberlin of 
Sunnywood Drive, is serving 
aboard the Coast Guard Ice- 
br^Jcer Southwind homeported 
in Baltimore, Md. 

NSivyman Stephen L. Pelkey, 
son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawroice 
H. Pelkey of Brentwood Cres- 
cent, is serving at the Naval 

- Air Reserve Training Unit, 

a f(Mir-year liberal arts col- 
lege, is now participating in 
intercollegiate competitton in 
basketball soccer, cross- 
country, tennis and golf. 

Wesleyan had one win in 
twelve starts in the 1968-69 

How Did He 

To Mama? 

A young boy evidentiy es- 
caped sericHis injury, alfiuugh 
he reportedly lost his bicycle, 
when he apparently couldn't r#=~^ 
sist the temptation to experi- 
ment with "ice-cycling" last 
Monday afternoon on the ice 
covered waters of a lake off 
the 600 block of Hessian Road. 

According to police officer 
C. E. Stinson of the 3rd Police 
Precinct, he responded to a 
resident's alarm that a boy on 
a bicycle had fallen through ice 
into file lake. 

wkle discussing the situat- 
ion with the complainant the boy, 
who s^peared to be about 10 
years of age, crawled from the 
lake onto the bank. He ai^ear- 
ed to be attempting to pull his 
bicycle from the lake, which 
had not been frozen over. Lat- 
er investigation showed that 
rafiier than falling ttirough ice 
on the lake, the youth apparent- 
ly rode his bicycle oti the edge 
of the ice and into the water. 

Sttnson said he ran toward 
file boy, being joined at this 
point 1^ police Sgt. D. Creel- 
man, Jr., and officer R. W. 
Hooker, in an effort to deter- 
mine if the boy was injured. 
The boy continued running a- 
long the bank of the lake in 
-file dlrectictt^^irf Pembroke 
Meadows, ignoring the police 
officers' calls. 

Suddenly the boy, acc ord i ng to 
Stinson, stopped and ran oyer 
the thin ice covering file lake 
to the opposite shore and ran 
among the houses in the Pem- 
broke Manor area. By the time 
the ofificers were able to make 
fiielr way around the lake the 
boy had disappeared from sight. 

Stinson said that before he and 

Qooker and Sgt.Creelman left 

the scene they reminded about a 

dozen youths ice-skating on the 



Units to 

BrUi Uhi|» o M i i i i 1 Be FlTSt 

M M -^ ; 

Five mendwrs of file Vir* 
0nia Beach Police Departmeirt 
are assuming add^ttoml re- 
sponsibilities as file result <A 
their promotions which become 
affective Friday, Jan^ 16th. Det. 
Sgt. C. R. Weast has been 
promoted to the rank of lieut- 
enant and will assume duttes 
wifii the FiKst Police Precinct. 
Det. L. S. Taylor, who was 
promoted to the rank of ser- 
geant, will begin duty with the 
Second Police Precinct. Det. 
M. Zello has been promoted 
to the rank of sergeant and will 
remain on duty with fiie De- 
tective Division. Former 
Patrolmen D. H. Kan>ers and 
W. R. Knowles have beoi pro- 
moted to file Detective Divisiwi. 

New officers were recently 
installed to guide the next year's 
opersdion <A the Davis Comer 
Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad. The 
administrative officers include 
Jim Williams, president; J(^ 
Scanloi^ secretary; A.J. Mac- 
Kie, Jr., chaplain, and J. M. 
Aficinson, treasurer. Operat- 
ional officers consist of Bill 
Garrett, chief; R. V.Taylor, 1st 
asst. chief fire; Tom Cooney, 
2nd asst. chief rescue; Larry 

Hobte, Ist captain; R. S. HUl, 
Jr., 2nd es^t^i and M. W. 
W»de. enptnwr. Those elected 
to file Board of Olrectora In- 
cluded Jim Williams, Tom 
Cooney, A. J. Georg^ W. R. 
Spencer and R. S, mil, Sr. 

Reports reacning us tell of 
file busy ttme men of fiie Davis 
Corner Volunteer Fire Depart- 
ment had last Sunday as they 
spent considerable ttme free- 
ing a large number of ducks 
which had been tr^ped as ice 
formed on waters off Wltch- 
dudc Point. 

Then fiiere was the day this 
past week when the selltog of 
city licenses at the 3rd Police 
Precinct brought forth an un- 
usual human Interest note. We 
understand one genUeman de- 
sirii^ to purchase his decal was 
being asked the usual qu^ti<»s, 
and everything was going along 
fine. That is until he was asked 
by the lady behind the counter 
the usual question of whether 
he was a resident of fiie city 
of Virgima Beach prior to Jan. 
1, 1970. Wifiiottt a moments 
hesitation he reportedly re- 
plied, "No ma'am, I wasn't 
arrested 'til Jan. 3rd." 

The VIi^Dfa B«u!bR^gioaB 
Sod^ of Frtaids is spoosff- 
Ing file first reot^iqpileneiit 
housing in Vii^Inis bollft by a 
non-proftt corpo r at ta i. 

The llO-onitflpartairai com- 
plex, namedFrieaddiMiVittigc^ 
is being built for fiie Virginia 
Beach Frlods Roosiiv Corp., 
sponsored by the Society of 

Construction b^m Dec 16, 
after the compaigr lawyer, 
Fraidc E. Butler m, eomidieted 
file initial closing on fiie 
$1,421,900 mortage with tbe 
Federal Housing Agenqrtndtte 
Dqartment of Hoo^ig and 
Urban Devdq;miait. 

The project is designed for 
fiiose now living in stibstandin* 
conditions, famfiies dlsplftBed 
by government acttcm, pediAe 
more Vcor 62 years ^ fiie 
physically handicapped andvte- 
tims of natoral disaisters. 

The development is beioit 
buUt at Carver Avenue aidN. 
Blrdneck RoadbyBayomCbrpw. 

The conqplex, consisfiiig of 
20 two-story buildings vas de- 
signed by arcUtect John Waller. 

Occiq»nts may pay as little 
as 30%jpf fiieir rent, depend- 
ing on oieir income. 

'Sitow Man' Is Always Ready 

Art Christian, heidofthecity 
Highway Streets and Bridges 
Division, \i one of tiie few 
people who is ready when it 
snows. He and his crews have 
ready-made plans for movtag 
the white stuff off public high- 

When advance snow warning 
is available the entire crew of 
110 laborers, 10 labor foreman 
and 11 general foreman remains 
on alert. After normal working 
hours one crew remains in 
ea(^pf fiiree^maJD areas._ _^ 

it snow should start after 
working hours the entire crew 
comes in to hand 1 e ^e pro- 
blems. They have 40 dump 
trucks, 24 snow plows, 16 sand 
and chemical spreaders andslx 
loaders to work witti. - -l^4< — :^ 

Supply centers are stocked 
with clean sand for abrasl^ 
and sand mixed with..chemlcals 
for turning ice IntOislush. As 
the temperature lowers differ- 
ent chenicals are used. 

Chemicals turn the ice and. 
show into slush so they can be 
pushed aside by the force of 
traffic or plows. 



Since snow is a rarity fiie 
dept. worries mainly about 

keeping fiie 70 miles of primary 
road and 680 miles of secondary 
road free, of ice. Bridges and 
overpasses are treacherous be- 
=cause Qiey ice over first. 
Curves must also be takmcare 
of first. 

Young Violinist to Play 

The second concert present- 
ed by file Virginia Beach 
Friends of Music will feature 
the young Ja^janese viqlinjst 
Miss Takako Nlshizal^==*^' 

The concert will be present- 
ed Sunday, Jan. 18, 3:30 p.m., 
at First Colonial High School. ; 

Presenting ivaried program, 
Miss Nishizaki will play music 
by Beettoven, Mozart, Franck 

— ae was recently ieanir(^lt^^ 
the "BeU Telephone Hour." The 
New. York Times said of her 
playing, '^an efficiency fliat 
could comprise virtuoso tech- 

nk)ue, and virtually flawless 
intonation, ^e is a fineartist 
and will grow as she mattures.** 
Tickets for the concert my 
purchased^ both Alexander 
Beegle storra or at the door. 
Adult price is $2.50 andstndent 
rate is $ I f«r sia^ admjggtott, ^ 

Marine L/Cpl. PhifflfTwa- 
liams, of Waadiington Avenoe, 
was promoted to his present 
ranl^ while serving «itti tkAT 
Sebond BattaUon, First ReK« 
iment. First Marine IMvts^ 
in Viebam. 

'f*V ^.^ YOUR \^ 



,4. ■ ■ i 


federal ^ 

UP T< 


Navy Ensign Howard H,Stein- 
metz,^ son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Howard F. Steinmetz of Lord 
Felton Lane, has completed 
basic Jet fli^t insttructioo at 
Training S^iadroa Hine, Naiol 
Air StattoD, Meridan, Miss. 

K^tuMH -ixttoH. 

II ** « » 


each member's 
account is jf^. .. 
now insured iJidk 
up to... 




wiy waWi 



» VNm. ASMSfOf nu 

t OiNiw I 



No, not at all. When on oMidkmt or flhiea oita 
off your aarning pow«r, yov can trade a financial 
raghtfiK^ fw iWMt dlMim ff )^u hove our liMBOriM 
Protadton n<m. It h^i prav^ a regular income 
v^MR if s needed the mo^. 



000 .00 









Viifinia BeMhMiiiilciiMa Court 

Convictions Jan« 2 to 8 
WilsMi R. Gawtbrop, Jr., ^erluck Road, Virginia Beach, 
canricted of rec|][ess driving, fined $50 and costs, drivers 
ll(«nse suspended jC6r two months. 

Roger D. Sraif/h, 13Qi Street, Virginia Beach, convicted of 
redder driving, fined $50 and costs, drivers license suspended 
for two months; also convicted , of leaving the scene of an 
acdde^ fined $50 and costs, 

CecU A. Jenkins, P. 0. Box 31, Suffolk, Va., convictedof 
reddess drivli^; (90/65 nme), fined $85 and costs, drivers 
Uerase suspended for 60 days. 

Gntdy A. Deese, Coral Gables Street, Virginia Beach, convicted 
of recess driving, fined $50 and costs. 

Barry A. Mason, USS Suffolk, convicted of reckless driving, 
tiaed $50 and costs, drivers license suspended for two months; 
also convicted of leaving the scene of- an accident, fined $100 
and costs, drivers license suspended for six numths. 

jEnochM. Conley, Cheyenne Circle, Virginia Beach, convicted 
of drivii^ on a suspended license, fined $100 and costs, given 
a five days jail sentence. 

Virginia Bewh Grcuit Court 
DecisitHis Jan. 2 to 8 
Chester S. Shaffer, Blue Bird Drive, Virginia Beach, an)ealed 
a charge of reckless driving, found guilty, fined $250 and costs. 
Agustus J. Wilson, Hodges Road, Chesapeake, appealed a 
clttrge of reckless driving, found guilty, fined $15 and costs. 
Richard D. Creasy, Seaboard Lane, Chesa4)eake, appealed a 
charge of reckless driving, found guilty, fined $100 and costs. 
Betty J. Hwmas, Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, appealed 
a charge of driving under the influence, found guilty of impaired 
driving, fined $200 and costs, drivers license suspended for 
six raooflisf also aiifwtied a charge of assaultlng^a pc^e^flcer, 
fowid guilty, fined $35 and costs. 

Nldiolas J. Pagonis, Waverly Drive, Virginia Beach, appealed 
a (Aarge of falltag to register for civil identification witii the 
Chief of Police in violation of Sec. 28.1 of the Virginia Beach, 
the charge was nolle pressed on motion of the City. 

Robert A. Whitehorn, Scott Street, Norfolk, a^iealed a charge 
(^ reckless driving, found guilty, fined $300 and coSts, drivers 
license suspended for 10 days, given a suspended 10 days 
jail sentence, placed on good behavior for 12 nuxrihs. » 

William L. Amorese, Kellam Road, .Virginia Beach, S4}p^ed a 
charge of reckless driving, found guilty, fined $50 and costs, 
given a depended 30 days jail sentence, placed on good l)ehavior 
for one year. 

Mldiael V. Hyman, Olds Lane, Virginia Beach, indicted on a 
diarge <a rape, the charge was nolle pressed. 

JoseiJli T. Felice, Grantham Road, Cleveland, (Mo, indicted 
<m a ctarge of rape, the charge was nolle pressed. 

Leonard V. Troutman, 25th Street, Virgil Beach, indicted 
on a chaise of illegal possession of narcotics, the charge was 

Michael W, WMtiey, WHey Street, Norfolk, indicted on a 
chaorge of statutory burglary, found guilty of tresspassing, 
given a suspeixled six montlB jail sentence, placed on good 
behaviw for one year. 

Virginia Breach Juvenile Court 

CaseSummation'jioi'E.toB ^ 

lie court had heari^<m 77 ^mnep^timis which concerned 
per^iis accused of vi&lating ^st^<i m^b or city ordlBances. 
Included in ttiese hearings were ten cases involving felonies, 
five of which were continued to ftiture dates, two lyere nolle 
grossed, one was forwarded to a grand jury and the remaining 
two; were reduced tOt simple asttult, widi one of these being 
conUmed goierally, and tte other ending in a period oi probation. 
Other cases which the court settled involved 37 on traffic 
law violations and 18 on fomlly domestic prdl)lenis. There were 
five cases of parental non-suK»rt during tbe above calendar 

Virginia Beoch ^ 

Thursday, January I5> 1970 

Santa finds just the right gift for a homeless 
totfromaPhilppine orphanage. This scene 
occurred at the Project Santa ChristnTas 


Santa arrived in the PhU« 
in>ines this y«ur; not on asled, 
but on a ship called Constellat- 
ion. His visit was part of Pro- 
ject &uita,' a pe<5>le - to - 
people program sponsored by 
the members and families of , 
Attack Squadron Eighty-Five, 
homqwrted as ^kS Oc^ma in 
Virginia Beach, 

The brain-child of 1»etty Of- 
ficer Carl M. Black Jr., of 
Paladin Drive, its purpose was 
to bring the joy of Christmas 
to needy Filipino children who 
might otherwise be forgotten 
during this season. 

The project began early last 
fall, soon after the squadron's 
deployment to Southeast Asia 
aboard the °USS Constellation. 
Letters were mailed to families 
and friends at home requesting 
that they send a small gift that 
would be enjoyed by a youngster. 
Resp(»)se to the request was 
over-whelming and gifts be{^ 
to pour in from families and 
charitable organizations 
throu^-out the U. S. More than 
600 packages were received as 
many families sent two or more. 
Serveral were home-made dolls 
and toys which reflected long 
hours of careful construction. 





Although arriving at Naval 
Air Station Oceana only three 
months ago. Machinery Repair- 
man James M. White has al- 
ready distinguished himself as 
Oceana's outstanding sailor for 
the mwith of January. White 
is attached to the Aircraft Mabi- 
tenance Department where he 
works as a machinist. His duties 
include manufacturing and re- 
pairing parts as well as working 
with the heat treatment of 

The basic factors taken into 
consideration for selecting 
White as "Sailor of the Month" 
were his military and profess- 
ional knowledge, performance 
evaluations, training and advan- 
cement accomplishments, 
ability of self-expression and 
Off-duty achievements. . 

White is originally from 
Godfrey, 111. His future plans 
include marrying Miss Dianne 
Brooks of Alton, HI., on Feb. 
6. The newlyweds will become 
' residents of Virginia Beach until 
White's tour of duty at Oceana 
ends next September. 

Lt. Cmdr. Estes Retires 

mttn Dame Academy, apar' 
ochfal schocd^ in Ma^a^ittetts, 
s«it tiiree Urge boxai of dott- 
ing for a lo<»l ori^U)|^, The 
crewmembers of the Constell- 
ation wereaskedtosuvptyKool- 
Ald and co<^>a powder foi' these 
home-less children. Taldof 
from tiieir individialb^lerat- 
1008, tte men <»»tr0^ed nwre 
than a year's suivly.' 

By the time all these gills 
were received, Mrs* OJ^avtla 
Reyes of St. Joa^h's Rectory 
and Mrs. Gordon, mayor of 
Olongapo City, had arranged for 
two separate Christmas part- 
ies. These ^ties were held on 
Dec. 26th and more Uian 600 
children of all ages attoided. 
Included were many orphuis as 
well as underprivileged UxqI- 
lies from throughout the 
Olon^qpo area. Cake, candy, and 
punch were served to the 
children as they awaited the 
chance to see SanU Claus and 
receive their gifts. Afterward, 
the sailor-hoats helped the 
youngsters playfully examine 
their new toys while everyone 
thoroughly enjoyed Santa's 
Christmasf visit. The happy 
look oh each child's face was 
a wondei^l reward for all the 
work and effort expended on the 
project. Many of the service- 
men later said ttiis wastbeonly 
time they had really experioic- 
ed the spirit of Christmas sinte 
leaving their families at home. 

Jr^jteciMied, tt is 

(M^^ that ttie crediton 
of, and all dher interred bk 
Oie Estate, do stKhr cawB. If 
aagr &Hfma, afrttt SOlii ogr 
of Jmmf, 1970, b«toe Jds 

Legal Notice 

tint ttit Jaadi as described in 
tiie pettilflii m lierfin ke set 
fbrth to ati^i Notlee avvb' 

Court, mttsCourtrooni^agaifiat Ucatiaa< Ooi i de mmi t t an) tiidth^ 
thepajmenlanddeUv^oltte on or l^iore (en (10) diiyaafier 

Estate oi Tore E.ace{fi8trQ% 
Jr., deceued, to fbe de^ees 
and legatees without requiring 
refundDig b<Rid8. 

n is further ORDERED that 
this Sww Cuse Order be pub- 
lished <»ce a we^ for two 

duepddieattOD, the flnti date 
beii« tlie -%d(b ^ of Jumfy, 
1970, , thereof that any and all 
pelwHis owniog «r e la k n i ^ ga iqr 
right, title, tttate, or interest 
in or to the land, or in or to 
the proeeedi,aridngiq»na coo- 

suci^sBtve we^ in the Vlr-' demntfion -% ttie lant i^ 
ginia Beach Sun, a newspaper appear, ' aod^ M i^iprdNate 

plfeadii^^'aBsaiPaelr sevei^, 
and rflqpeetive demands or 
claims, and Out saU Kotl^ 

having general drcol^loQinthe 
City of Virginia Beach. 

A coi^-Te^e: . 

JOHN V. FENTRESS, CLERK of PdbU(^on (CoadenUtttioiO 

A. Ray Estes, Lieutenant 
Commander, U. S. N,, retired 
after more than 25 years oi 
Naval Service at ceremonies 
aboard the Naval Air Station, 
Norfolk, this week. Present 
were members of Lt. Cmdr. 
Estes family, and officers aisd 
men of the COMFAIRWINGS- 
LANT Staff. 

CapU C. A. Merryman, Jr., 
Chief of Staff for Commander 
Fleet Air Wings, U.S.Atlantic/ 
Fleet represented R. Adm. 
Rail* Weymouth at the cere- 
monies. Cmdr. Estes has been 
on Admiral Weymouth's staff 
f QT-two years as Anti-submarine 
classification and Analysis Cen- 
ter Officer. 

During his Navy career Lt. 


«C^t%^ 9l 

plan would 

jn thifo ,»_ 

(1 cai^ 

''^n r' > »*' »' 

it will get 


^fM 4^ 

^ '^s 

aid you 










j|i IS our 

It* oil* 

ir:<^.aialier, midd 
rt where people it 

not a burden. '" 
.) country the one 

lieve would brie 



ho. . 

inttiaron Icf 

tbax>n, Ro< 

^«o^ *ten we 

^«^* v» lid to r 

yj^fVlne anybody 

tichools Fsoul. It,*! 

col- cvcfd I came 

yeanths.) Jt'j 

ica^. My sou 

we iras sitting 

d grimac- 

jat after- 





and I 



th a start 

3/ery light 

ry down 




GEO. FERRELL— 428-2401 


Lt. Cmdr. Estes 

Naval Aviation Officer Can- 
didate Homer L. Twe Jr., sod 
of Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. 
Tew Sr. of Lynnhaven Drive, 
has begun training at Aviation 
Officer Candidate School at the 
Naval Aviation Schools Com- 
mand, Naval Air Station, Pen- 
sa^ok, Fla. 

Cmdr. Estes has been awarded 
numerous oecoraticHis which ta- 
clude an Air Medal ai^ Pres- 
idential Unit Citation. 

Following retirement, Lt. 
Cmdr. Estes plans to make his 
home in Virginia Beach. He 
wiU be affiliated with Henry 
Hawson and Tucker Realty 
Corporation. ^ 

God'k wai 

At the Sunday Forum, Jan. 
18th at 3:00 p.ih. at &e Asso- 
ciatioiC for Research and En- 
lightment, 67th Street and At- 
lantic Avenue, Mrs. Ruth Wyatt 
Robisoo will lecture cm "The 
WiU of God - Total Wholeness." 
Mrs. Robison, with her husband, 
Henry Robison, is prominently 
connected with Camps Farthest 

?*Humor - For Soul Growth" 
^ ^iU be the subject of a lecture 
on Friday, Jan. 23 at f p,m. 
to be given by Louis Bo^dn. 
Boykin is conneded with the 
psychology department of Nor- 
folk State College. On Saturday, 
Jan. 24th at 8 p.m. Dr. James 
C. Windsor will lecture on "The 
Emottonally Healthy Person." 
Dr. Windsor is Deanof Studoits 
and Assistant Professor of Psy- 
chology at Christofdier Newport 
CoUege in Newport News. 

These lectures are open to 
the public. Further information 
may be obtained by calling the 

Navy Ensign Cara A. Cort- 
ner, duighter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Howard V, Cdrtner of Thor- 
oug^igood Drive, was graduated 
from Offtcer Candidate School 
(OCS) at Newport, R. L 

M/Sgt. Elbert L. Garvey, son 
of Mrs. M. Garvey of 14th 
Street, is a member of a unit 
that has earned the U. S. Air 
Force Outstanding Unit Award. 

Sgt., Garvey, an electrical 
power specialist in the 4780th 
Air Defense Wing at Perrin 
AFB, Tex., will wear the dis- 
tinctive service ribbon to mark 
his affUlation with the wing. 

Too Late to Classify 

Nicely Aumlshed double room, 
with adjoining bath. All faciU- 
ties. 340-0607. 

Wrought iron, silver, fabrics, 
linens, knick knack, etc. Sat- 
urday January 17th, 2 to 5 at 
214-67th Street. 

"Legal Notice 


In ttie Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach oa the 
12th day of January, 1970. 

In the matter of Virginia 
National Bank, Executor Ot ttie 
Estate of Tore E. Skeppstroro, 
Jr., deceased. 


It appearing to the Court that 
a report of the accounts of 
Virgiiiia National Bank, Exec- 
utor of the Estate of Tore E. 
Skeppstrom, Jr., deceased, and 
of the debts and demands against 
his Estate, has been filed in 
the Clerk's Office of this Court, 
and that six months have elapsed 
since the qualification, on 
motion of the said Virginia Nat- 
ional Bank, Executor of the 
Estate (tf Tore E. Skeffstrom, 

Phullis N. Styron, D.C. 

Willoox, Sa^^e, Lawrence, 

Dicksdi & Spindle 

1800 Virginia National Bank 


Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


In the CIerk*« Office of the 
Circuit Court of the city of 
Virginia BeaCh, on the 12th 
day of January, 1970. 

Dale Anthony Griffith, 

Olga Y. Grimth Andrews, 
Box 96. Albrodc Air Force 
Base, Canal Zone, and Invest- 
ment Corporation of Nwldk, 
215 E. Plume Street, Norfolk, 
Virghda 23510, Defendants, 



The djjed oi the abovest^^ed 
suit is to effed partition anumg 
^ owners by sale or other- 
wise of the real property in^ 
the city (rfVirginiaBeadiknown 
as 1665 Wright Lane, VirginU 
Beach, Virgiaia, the saM prop- 
erty Airther known as LOT 100, 
and the Western Five (5) feet of 
LOT 101, as shown on that cer- 
tain plat entitled *'Laarel 
Manor", which plat is duly re- 
corded in the Clerk's Office 

shall Indodte all perscms, and 
their heirs and devisees, and 
the personal r^resentattve of 
such 1^ said persons as are 
dead, and all of the persons 
constitnting n^embersh^insaid 
classes of persons in «lidi and 
every one of them, and all 
persons whomsoever ownti^; or 
claiming any right, title, estate, 
or 'interest in or to said land 
(»> any part of same, or in or 
to the VTOOMta vising outer 
the condemnation ttiereof, «od 
all (Ahet persons whomsoef er, 
whose property or pr<^pertles 
will be damaged hy the taUog 
of the herein r^erred to land 
or by ^e use of tiie same, tor 
the purpose 6t obji»ds herein 
steted, by the petitioner, beyond 
the particular b«aeflts that will 
accrue to such property or 
such persons from acquisition 
of the land sou^t to be con- 
demned and the use of same 
for ttie purpose and objects 
glRjwn; and ^tt a copy of said 
petition herein filed be mailed 
to E. K. Sloane, 7637 North 
Shore Rood, Norfolk. Virginia 
23505, this being his lastknown 
address pursuant to ttiepetltiMi 
filed herein and that all other 
parties be. proceeded against 
as "Partis Unknown". 

of the Circuit Court (rf ttie City I ask for tills: 
of Virt^nia Beach, Vlr^nia, in Garland M. Uyton 
Map Book 34, at Page 53A. And Acopy-Tesle: 
it appearing by affidavit filed JOHN V. FENTRESS, CLERK 
according to law that CAga Y. r. h. West, D. C. 



Griffith Andrews, the adxnre- 
named def^dant, is nd a re- 
sident of tills state, it is there- 
fore ordered that the said Olga 
Y. GrUfitii Andrews do appear 


In the Circuit Court of tiie 
City of Virginia Beach. 

within ten days afler.4ue pub- ^j^E OF CONDEMNATION ^s^ 

o?**S° l.****^ ^'■'^"■V^" "S DOCKET fl2966 -^ 

Clerk's Office of our Circuit ^^LTHofVIRGINU 

Court, and do what is necessary ^^^H«nor 
to proted his interest. And it *'e»"oo«r 

is farther ordered tiiat this ^% „ cinan* single 7637 
order be published once a weA ^^' Jl^S ZSL vS- 
torfoursuccesslveweekslntheN^fgj^K^S'TOW^^^^ ^ 
L~f*°Jfnt!rS^Z' cfrei MAY CONc'eRN, and all per- 
vSLia^BS. ^ '^^' and dasses of persons^ 

A. copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 



In the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Bead! on tiie 
17tii day of December, 1969. 


E. K. Sloane, sin0e, 7637 
North Shore Road,Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia 23505, and TQ WHOM IT 
MAY CONCERN, and all per- 
sons, and classes of persons, 
(their heirs, devisees, dc.) 
whether tiie names are known 
or unknown, owning or may 
having an interest therein to 
the lands or possibly owning or 
having some ri^t interest, 
title, estate, or claim in or to 
the land or any part thereof, 
or to the proceeds arising under 
the condemnation of the herein- 
after descrilied luods, and all 
other persons whomsoever, 
whose property or properties; 
wiU or might be damaged by 
the taking of tiie herein de- 
scribed lamte whose names are 
known or unknown, and who 
are proceeded agataist by the 
general description of "Parties 
Unknown", and 68 acres of 
lajMl, more or less. In tiM City 
of Virginia Beach, Virginia. 


This cause came on to be 
heard this day iqwn the pe- 
tition filed herein tsf ttie Com- 
monwealtii of Virginia, for ttie 
purposoi of condemning the 
lands for the purpose of a 
Pddlc Park, as sd forth in 
the petition and to acquire a 
fee simple estate ttiereln from 
the parties defendant herein, 
and ttpon a prayer for an Order 
of PiAlication to~be published 
in tiie nempapers published 
in tiie City of Virg^ Beadi 
punniant to ttie Statutes of ttie 

Upon oHislderatlop hereof and 
it ^ipearing just and proper so 
to do, pursuant to Code ^tion 
25-133 Code of Virginia as 
amended 1950, it is ADJUDGED, 
Notice d Pd}li»tion be pub- 
lished in the Virginia Beat* 
Sun News irarsittnt to,fodlMi 
25-152 of ttie Code of Virginia 

(ttieir heirs, devisees, dc.) 
whetiier tiie names are known 
or ifflknown, owning or may 
having an interest there&lnttie 
lands or possibly owning or 
having some rig^, interrat, 
title, estate, or claim in or 
to the land or any part ttiereof, 
or to the proceeds arising un- 
der ttie CcHidemnation of ttie 
hereinafter described lands,and 
all ottier persMis womsoever, 
such proporty or properties 
will or mi^it be danagedbyttie 
taking of the herein described 
lands urtiosenamesareknownor 
unknown, and who are proceeded 
against by ttie gea«raL descrip- 
tion of "partia unknown", and^ 
fiB acres more or less of land, 
in ttie City of VirginU Beach, 
Virginia, Defendants. 

Pursuant to an order of the 
Court in ttiis case, this notice 
is herdqr given: 

In ttiis suit, the Petittoner 
seds to acquire, by condon- 
natioa for its uses, and for 
-use as a public park and for 
publfc park iwrposes, a fee 
simple titte to a trad of 68 
acres of land, more or less, 
situated in ttie City of Virginia 
Beadi, and described as fol- 

All tiiat certain trad, piece 
or parcel of land, wi^ tiie 
improvements thereon and the 
appurtenances thereunto be- 
l(»ging, sitinte, lying, and 
being in Pni^ Borough (for- 
merly Pungo Magisterial Dis- 
trid. Princess Anne Camty) 
City of Virginia Beach, de- 
scribed according to a certain 
pld and surv^ marked 'Pur- 
vey d John C. Waterfield E 
tate", dated March 25, 1957, 
made by D. D. Springier, Sr., 
Surveyor, and ttierdo at^idied 
and made a part of ttiis deed, 
containing 68 ^ures, more or 
less, bd being ccmveyed in 
grtm and not Iqr ttie acre, 
rderoiee bdng'inade to said 
plat for a nK>re partioilar de- 
scriiAlMi of said prt^rtyf Myid 
trad of land beiiig bounded on 
ttie Sootii by the pmpextf of 
J. C. Biggins; on ttie West by 
ttie onrsh d Buk ^; oa 
the Nortii by the {voperty of 
Sdio^ and dhera; and (a ttie 
Etft by tiie property mw or 
forB^^ WooflMose. 

R b^ tt» same prei^arty 
conveysd to E, K. Stoam, by 

as amoided 1950 In ttie f<»-m deed (&^d Iftrch 27, i^fran 
as preserfoed by Section 25- Rldard B. Kellam, S|>edal 
153 and 25-154 of ttie Code oi Commi»fon^; and saUl trad 
Virgbiia as aai«iited 1950. and of Umd beimt forttMr (S/matm 

Thar^gtay, Jqnuqry 15, 1970 

VIrgNfl Beach Sun 


Legal Notices 

as set fot^ tj 4 more recent 
pmt mate itf Frank D. Tarrall, 
Jr., and Assodates, Surv^rs 
and E^flneers, Virginia Beacb, 
Virgiiya (Scale 1" - 200% said 
plat and survey being made and 
desired as False Cape State 
Park» and styled plat slu>wing 
pr<verty to be acquired by the 
Departme nt of Con servatioDand 
£e(»oiatc Development, l)iv- 
Ision of Parte, Ben H. Bolen, 
Commissioner, from £. K. 
Sloane, said plat being filed 
wi^ and made a part of this 
petiticm by reference, said plat 
more iWtfticularly descriWng 
tbe lands vbidi are the subject 
matter of this petition, said 
lands commencing at a point 
in Ba0c Bay, said point being 
marked "Old Iron" and being 
file point in the dividing lin^ 
oi the 1a^ herein described 
and ifao«e shown on said plat 
as now M- formerly Edwin A. 
School iuod Peggy L. Schoen. 
and Oram said point of begin- 
ning Ii83. 58' 39" E a distance 
of 356.27 feet to an old iron; 
thenceK 85 48' 41" E a dis- 
tance 'd 223.27 feet to an old 
iron; thence N 81 36' 50" E 
a distance of 81.88 feet to an 
oak tree; thence N 82 02' 14" 
E a distance of 116.36_feet 

--4©-* point marked old iron; 
thence N 71 53' 20" E a dls- 
tan<» of 275.39 feet to a point 
marked old iron; thence N 71 
52' 33" E a distance of 289.76 
feet to a point marked old 
Iron; thence N 71 49' 81" E 
a distance of 245.52 feet to 
a point marked old iron; thence 
N7I 53' 00" E a distance of 
299.77- feet to a point marked 
old iron; thence N 71 49' 39" 
E -a distance of 199.94 feet 
to a point marked old iron; 
thence N 71 55' 33" E a dis- 
tance of 599.8 2 feet to an old 
iron at the northeastern corner 

, of the property herein describ- 
ed; ttience turning S 06 24' 
35" W a distance of 1140.58 

^et to a pobit marked old Iron, 
sJSi fioint being to the south- 
eastern corner^ the prc^erty 
herein described; thence turn- 
ing in a westerly directitm S 
73 32' 11" W a distance of 
2396.B5 fe^ lO'.ii'potoit oh BaCk 
Bay sfid'pdinl being the south-* 
western' corner ^of'ttie lands 
herein described and from this 
point meandering along Uie 
waters of Back Bay to the point 
of beginning; it being the e:Q>ress 
intentions to acquire the land 
bordering Back Bay and extend- 
in into Back Bay so far as 
the laws of the Commonwealth 
will permit same to be owned 
by the petitioner herein; the 
pr(H>erty above described being 
all the land enclosed within the 
Interior of the boundary lines 
set forth, with all riparian 
ri^ts and all buildings and 
improvements thereon and all 
other rights, known or unknown, 
and appurtenances therennto 
beionlng; said< plat and survey 
as above described being filed 
with ttUs petition and marked 
Exhitrit "A" and made a part 
hereof by reference; 

The complete description and 
plat of said land, by metes and 
bounds is on file in the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court of 
the City ctf >Urginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia, as a part of the petition 
for condemnation in this case, 
and tbe same is heret^' and 
herein referred to^for ftiUer 
or more* accurate description. 

The value of said land as 
stated or charged in said pe- 
tition is as follows, viz: 
LARS ($12,000.00). 

And it appearing that the fol- 
lowing persons and classes of 
persiMis own or claim or pos- 
sibly, own or have or claim 
some ri^it, title, estate or 
interest in or to the lairi or 
some {art or parts of tbe land 
sou^ to be condemned or in 
or to the proceeds arising upon 
a cowiemnation thereof, viz: 
E. K. Sloane, Single and To 
Whom It May Concern, all per- 
sons, and classes of {arsons 
(their heirs, devisees, etc.) 
whether be namra are known 
or uidmown, owning or may 
bavii^ an interest therein in 
the lai^ or possibly owiung 
or iavU^ some right, inter^t, 
^tle, e^te, or claim in or to 
{he lind or any part thereof, 
or to tteproeeette arising usxier 
the ^iscmdem&atlcm of the de- 
scribed lands, and all other 
persons whomsoever, mlio^ 
prop^ or pr(^rtl€S will or 
mi^it be damaged by the taking 
of tte im'ein describe! lands 
whQ» tOBUS are unkiwm or 
know^ uxl who are proceeded 
&galnst tqr tbe general descr^)- 
tlM of **I^jfties Unknown". 

lUs, therefore, is to iM}tffy 
uid to wan aU vtom it miy 
cpm^m and all (tfaiUpersnis, 
UKi te hoirs, or deiise^ wi 
the p^^i^i r^reserttfives ot 

* Legal Notices 

such of said persons as are 
dead, and all of ttie pers(ms 
' constittrting membersh^insaid 
classes of persons and each and 
every of them, and all persons 
whomsoever owning or claiming 
any ri^t, title, estate or in- 
terest to or in said land or 
any part of same, or In or to 
the proceeds arising upon a 
condemna^on thereof, and all 
other persons whomsoever, 
whose property or properties 
will be dama|ed by the taking 
of the herein referred to land 
or by the use of same for the 
purposes and (Aijects herein 
stated by the petitioner, beyond 
the particular benefltethat will 
accrue to such property olsud) 
persons from acquisition of the 
land soi^ to be condemned 
and the use of same for the 
purpose and object shown, to 
appear before tiie said Circuit 
Court of the City of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, or before ttie 
jpierk of said Court, at the 
Courthouse in the City of Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia, on or 
before ttie 30th darof Jan- 
uary, nineteen hundred and sev- 
enty (1970), and assert and 
present, by appropriate plead- 
ings their several or respective 
claims 40* demands; and i4)on 
the failure of any of such per- 
sons to so ai^ear and assert 
and present ttieir claims or 
demands, the statements and 
charges in the petition will be 
considered by the Court or 
Judge upon the hearing of the 
petition and the notice or no- 
tices in this case, as admitted 
by such persons, and this case, 
will thenceforth be proceeded 
in ex parts as to them, with 
the result, of which the afore- 
said persons and classes of 
persons are hereby specially 
warned that, through a Mlure 
to a4)pear and assert and present 
their claims and demands, as 
aforesaid, it is possible that 
said persons, or some of them 
will be defeated in enforcing 
their claims or demands, and 
they may lose the same. 

But such of said persons 
and classes of persons, who 
do not own or have or ^Wm 
said mi 9r, m miMMmf»> 
or a^ rls^t ,to, or 4^re^ in 
file proceeds arising from said 
condemtation, or to damag^ 
arising therefrom, need give 
no further heed to this notice 
and warning. 

It is ordered that a copy 
of this notice be published in 
the Virginia Beach Sun News, 
of the City Of Virginia Beacb, 
Virginia once a week for four 
consecutive we^s, and that a 
copy be posted at the front 
door of the Courthouse of ttte 
City of Virginia Beach, Vir- 

WITNESS my hand, at office, 
in the City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, and the seal of our 
said court, this 17th day of 
December, nineteen hundred 
and sixty-nine (1969). 
R. H. West 

Deputy Clerk of the Circuit 
Court of the City of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia. 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 9th day 
of January, 1970. 

Brenda Carroll Dixon, Plain- 
tiff, - 
against . 

William H. Dixon, Jr. Defen- 

The object of this suit is 
for the said plaintiff to ob- 
tain a divorce a mensa et thoro 
to be later merged into a div- 
orce a vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, c/o 
General Delivery, Newbern, 
North Carolina. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect his interest In this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Phillis N. Styron,D.C. 
Mr, Jamet R. McKenry, Atty. 
1369 Laskin Road, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Legal Notices 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of toe City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day of December, 1969. 

Ronald Leon Czarnecki, 

Lynn Marie Barton Czar- 
necki, Defendant. 


The object of this ^t is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa eth thoro, to 
be later merged into a divorce 
a vinculo matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the 
grounds of wilful desertion 
and abandoment, without any 
just cause or provocation, on 
the 24th day of September, 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, 1434 
Partlet Court, Virginia Beach, 

It is ordered that she do ap- 
pear here wittiin 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N.Styron.D.C. « 
Hal J. Bonney, Jr., Atty. 
5840 Framertt Ave,, 
Noriolk, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day of December, 1969. i 

William E. Spruill, Plain- 
agadnst —' — : - ^ 

AUee Newman Spruill, De- 


The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa et thoro to be 
later merged' Into a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion as of May 23, 1969. 

And an affidavit having been 
teade and ftled^^^ the d^^- 
<knt is not 'riresldemrf the 
State of Virginia, ttie last 
known post office address be- 
ing, P. 0. Box 606, Richton 
Park, Illinois 60471. 

It is ordered that she do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) day;; 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Seymour M. Teac|i, Atty. 
7th Floor Rotunda Bldg., 
415 St. Paul's Blvd., 
Norfolk, Virginia 



In the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, the 12tt 
day of December, 1969. 

Re: Parlett L.Davis, deceas- 

Court Pa|)ers #1016 

In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on tiie 17th 
day of December, 1969. 

William Irvln Slaughter, 

Norma Louise Slaughter, De- 
fendant. -" 


The object of this suit is to 
obtain a divorce a mensa et 
thoro to b^ later merged Into a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant upon 
the grounds of desertion. 

And an afttdavlt having been 
made and filed that the defemkint 
is a non-resident of the State 
of Virginia, tbe^last known post 
office address being: 402 Cor- 
neUus Circle East, Sarasota, 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten (10) 
days after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be nec- 
essary to protect her inter^t 
in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D. C. 
McGeein & Splnks, 
4316-C Virginia Beach Bli«l. 
Virginia B«ich, Virginia 


Legal Notices 


In the Clerk's Office of tl« 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Vlrginia'Beach, onthe2nddayof 
January, 1970. 

Douglas E. Ball, Plaintiff, 

Lena Hayes Ball, Defendant. 

The object of this suit is for 
the said plamtiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grouiKls of two-year seper- 

And an affidavit havlnigbeen 
made and filed that the defendant 
is not a resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known post 
office address being. Box 1058, 
Jamaica, N.T. 

It is ok-dered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication here- 
of , and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N. Styron, D.C. 
Messrs. Caton & Wright 
2008 Pacific Ave., 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of theCltybfVir- 
ginia Beach, on the 7th day of 
January, 19701 

' Nelson L. Smith, Plaintiff, 

Sylvia 6. Smith, Defendant. 

The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain adiv- 
orce A mensa et thoro to be 
later merged into a divorce A 
Vinculo Matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upo^tbe grounds^ 
of desertion. 

And ah affidavit Having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, 1541 
^~ E. nth Street, Homestead, 
Florida 33030. 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here ' within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be nec- 
in thisluit. 

Phyliss N. Styron, D. C. 
M^srs. Murphy, Bennett & 
Gorry, Attys. 
301-2Sth Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


In the Clerk's Office of Qie 
Circuit Court of the City^of 
Virginia Beach on the 2nd'day of 
January, 1970. 

thomasina Glenn Foreman, 

David Lee Foreman, Defendant. 
The object of this suit is for 
said plaintiff to obtain a divorce 
A Vinculo Matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
is not a resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known post 
office address being, New York, 
New York. 

It is ordered that he do appear 
here within lO' (ten) days after 
due publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his Interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N, Styron, D. C. 
Mr.~WiIiIam E. Culverhouse 
P. 0.80x5533 
Virginia Beach, Virginia- 


Legal Notices 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 9th day of 
January, 1970. 

Anne Sawyer Evans, Plaintiff, 

Brink Cuppla Evans, Defend- 

The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa et thoro to be 
later merged Into an absolute 
divorce, from the said defend- 
ant, upon the grounds of de- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, 3422 
Waverly Drive, Los Angeles 27, 

It Is ordered that he do ap- ' 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his Interest In this 

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In sports, the Falcons out- 
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In basketball last Friday, and 
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Princess Anne 33 to 11 

School Bwird ChalrmaD J.W^ 
Bufflngton will give the dedica- 
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after the sciml was almostJi# 
dratrt^ by flte. 

Kwied Jard, Sdwol B>ard 
member, i»iU o^Wly acc€|3t 
the building OB brfatf <rf tte 
School Board from R. N. 
McLellon, architect. The sd«»l 
was rebuUt ^th the addition 
of a gymnasium and air ccm- 

School ^5uperMa»i«!t E. E. 
Brlckell i^l be master of (^re- 

Boy Scoirt Troop443 will pre- 
sent the colors. The Kings Gnat 
Elementary School l^nd will 
play and the fifth grade chorus 
will sing. The envocation wUl 
be given by Rev. Stanton 
Slzemore of Kings Grant Pres- 
byterian Church and the bene- 
diction by Rev. Jerry Holcolmb 
of Kings Grant Baptist Church. 




The College of wmiam and 
Mary will again offer numer- 
ous stibjects in their extra- 
sion classes at various centers 
throughout the City of Virginia 

Registration for the spring 
semester will take place at ^ 

the first class meeting 2^ ttlje 

following locations on dates in- 

Princess Anne High School: 
Mathematics for Teachers 
(Feb. 2); Advanced Program- 
ming Languages (Feb. 3); Te- 
levision in Education (Feb. 3); 
Problems of Sehool Librarians 
(Feb. 3); Mathematics for Tea- 
chers (Feb. 3); Psychology of 
Exceptional Children (Feb. 5); 
Economics for Teachers 
(Feb. 5). - 

NAS-dceana: "Composition ■"- 
and Literature (Feb. 2){ Prln- 
[-irfples of Psychology (Feb. 
Fundamental Concepts of Ma- 
thematics (Feb. 3); Composi- 
tion and Literature (Feb. 4); 
America Literature Since 1900 
(Feb. 5); American History 
(Feb. 5), 

FAAWTC-Dam Neck Advan- 
ced Programming Languages;,^ 
(Feb. 3); Basic Computer Cc«l- ^ 
cepts (Feb. 4); Programmii^ 
Core Storage Machlnes-B|nary'_ 
(Feb. 5). 

Fort Story: Principles (tfAc- 
cou^ing (Feb. 2); Ptdbllc l^peak- ' 
Ing (Feb. 3). 

The above extension classes 
will be held at the designated 
locations from 7 p.m. to 10 

U. N. Assn. 



Dr. Joseph L.Stevais, pro- 
fessor of political science at 
Virginia Wesleyan College and 
Director of the Graz Center^ an 
institute of International Studies 
in Graz, Austria, sponsored by 
30 college and universities 
throughout the United States, 
has J)een selected as president 
of the Tidewater Chapter of tile 
United Nations Association of 
the United States for 1970. 

Other officers announced by 
Mrs. E. W. Abdlll of Virginia 
Beach, outgoing president of 
the association are Dr. G. W. 
C. Brown, First vice presi- 
dent; David Hager, second vice 
president; Mrs. Philip Walker, 
recording secretary; and Mrs. 
E. R. MacKethan, treasurer. 
Board members selected are; 
George Stetson, Pierre 
Schmitz, Miss Mary D. John- 
son, Mrs. Bertha Nusbaum,Col. 
Robert Tucker, Mrs. B. W. 
Vincent, Mrs. William C. Sch- 
madier, Mrs. V. H. Nusbaum, 
Mrs. Hugh P. Fortescue, Adm. 
Jesse G. Johnson, Dr. Ilionias 
Blossom and Mrs. Abdlll. 

Dr. Brown is Proffessor 
EmerittB of Norfolk Stote Col- 
lege and Executive Director of 
the Tidewater Area Council for 
Community Improvement. Mrs. 
Hager is prof^sor of poUtical 
science at Okl Dominion Univ- 
ersity. Mrs. Walker is chair- 
man of the Social Studies de- 
partment at Booker T. Wash- 
ington Hj^ School In Norfolk. 








RXCSHOND^ VA. 23219 


This gaping hole is where five sections of bed and pilings rest on the bottom of^oppy. Damage was done to several sections of 
the r'oadways were knockedoutv The road- iihesapeaiceBayv -- -— -^--"-^^^^^^^ knocking this one 

some 3 1/2 feet out of line. Theaccldent 
began when the ship hit the south island 

lL- instant 

virginia beach 
weather forecast 

DIAL^ 936-1212 




Serving and Promoting Our City's Future 

Vol. 4, No. a 

10^ a copy 

VirginU Beach, Virginia, January 22, 1970 

SUN Phone: 428-2401 

J. Clyde Morris, executive 

director of tiie Chesapeake Bay 

Bridge Tunnel Commission, 

Biimates at least one month 

will <l)e required to restore 

service on the 17.5 mile bay 

^bri(^e tamel a» a result of 

^^dajjiikg e to the span eai'ly 

Wednesday morning when a U.S. 

Navy ami^ilbiqvs cargo ship 

CLANT Fleet Hd(J8., said the 
U^ taacey was irt andwrage 
about ^500 ytftfs west of Uie 
bridge-tunnel, awaiting to enter 
the Ifaval Ant^ttiiousxBM«>i^ 
Little Creek, alid at awi-oxt- 
mately 3' a,«. winds gusting to 
more than 50 raph blew the 
459 foot ship ii^ the south side 
of the bridge tunnel island at 
a point about three miles from 
the Vlrgiitfa Beach shoreline. 
The Yancey, under command of 
Capt. Dean R. Johnson at the 
time, with its anchors still 
dragging, was blown about 500 
yards souitiwtrd along ttie 
t>rklge until the ship crashed 
thrbtt^ Qie bridge stern first. 
There were no reports of any 

injuries to any of the 25 6BP 
cers or 225 enlisted men on 
board the Ysmcey at the time, 
^d damaee to the vessel was 
listed as only slight. Following 
tBe collision the Yancey, under 
her own power, moved to a 
new anchorage at a point 2,000 
yards east of the bay bridge 

. N a.v y o^lcitts j^ednesday 
afternoon said plans called for 
the Yancey to enter the Norfolk 
Naval Operating Base sometime 
Thursday, dependent on weath!er 
conditions, and that the Navy 
has launched a , ati lai a vw Wga- 
tion into circumstances sur- 
rounding the incident. 

Shortly after the collision 
teams of Navy officials Joined 
those of the Chesapeake Bay 
Bridge Tunnel Commission and 
representatives of Tidewater 
Construction Company in sur- 
verying the damage. The Navy 
offered fUll assistance and 
cooperation in making of re- 
pairs and restoring service. 
When asked about the extent 
of damage Morris said that five 
segments of the bridge, some 

375 feet, were ripped away 
when the ship crashed through 
the bridge, and a number of 
segments at each end of this 
area were damaged. 

Morris said a bridge tunnel 
employee on duty in the vent 
building at the island saw the 

ship coming towards the cross- 
ing and sounded the alarm. 
Bridge tunnel police immed- 
iately moved into position to 
stop any traffic which might 
be attempting to cross ttie span. 
However, there were no reports 
of vehicular traffic with the 

exception ofone truck which was 
fiftc^^ed in time to avert any 

n>- p. 

^garding the restoration of 
Sfe4 vice Morris said this would 
be dependent on the outcome 
of findings on the extent of 
damage My consulting engineers 

who flew Into the region from 
St. Louis Wednesday afternoon. 
While estimating a time of at 
least one month he did compare 
it to the 13 days required to 
restore the crossing when it 
was damaged in December of 
1967 by a barge which damaged 

a*!iumber of bridge segments 
when high winds blew it Into the 
crossing. While Oiere has beat 
no estimate on cost of repairs 
at this time, Morris did point 
out that the 1967 damage was 
some $1.5 million and added 
that the present damage tar ex- 

ceeds 01^ of Oie barge striking 
the crossing. 

One 9f tile main issues of 
concern whldi received Im- 
mediate attention was the mat- 
ter of maintaining atranqxMr- 

i(See "Bridge' p. 2) 

Reifders Want Land 

It would seem tiiat City 
Coundl nude the rightdeclsioa 
Monday in sending on to tiw 
Virginia General Assembly a 
requast for legislation requiring 
developers of residential areas 
to d^ut4 to the city land for 
schools and recreation. (See 
story ttUs page). 

The vast majority of those 
who replied to last week's SUN 
SURVEY question favored such 
a proposal Many felt strongly 
enouf^ on- tiie subject to write 
letters also and to attach com- 
ment. (See letters, p.4) 

A total of 87 per cent, in- 
cluding senior government stu- 
dents at Ba)%ide High School, 
said "Yes" to the question, 
"Shopld real estate developers 
of homes and aiartments be 
required to donate land for a 
school site In their develop- 
ment before being granted a 
permit to build?" Except for a 
two per cent "Undecided" vote, 
wtilch came from the hl^ sdKxd 
class^, tt« rest werecpposed. 

CMS reader said tiUs proposal 

would already be in effect if 
Coundlmen were not "bond 
hai^y" and suggested defeat 
of the next bond issue. But 
most who favored the legis- 
lation said they felt it fair 
for>the new homeowner to pay 
the bill for the school site 
through tiie developer instead 
of those who already live in 
Virginia Beach. 

While the public opinion poll 
does not profess to represent 
the thiiddng of all residents of 
Virginia Beach, it does rep- 
resent the thinking of a cross 
section of those who took time 
to clip it and return it to us. 

Your attention is called to 
this week's SUN SURVEY ques- 
tion, which appears below in 
the box at the lower left corner 
of this page. The results will 
be published here next week* 

Each week a new, timely 
question will be asked, and you 
are invited to participate. The 
more replies received, the more 
responsible the opinion. 

Virginia Beach City Council 
is e}q)ected to make official 
Monday in regular session act- 
ion taken informally last Mon- 
day seeing enabling legislation 

requiring , subdivision devel- 
opers to donate land for schools 
and recreation. 

The formal rasolutionre- 
questing Virginia Beach legis- 
lators in the Virginia General 
Assembly to introduce such a 
bin will follow the concensus of 
Council after brief discussion 

Mranwhile it is understood 
that the legislation is already 
being prepared in anticipation 
of formal action. Passage in 
Richmond is not as definite, 
especially since a similar bill 
was introduced in the 1^68 
session and defeated in com- 
mittee. The bill was at that time 
introduced from Fairfax, whidi 
requires the donation now with- 
out the enabling legislation. 

Virginia Beach City Attorney 
Harry Mai^hall and planning 
director Patrick Standing say 
they would rather have the 
legislation to give leg^ty to 
the change in the city's sub- 
division code. 

The builders in the area. 

obviously, are against tiie pro- 
posal which would require them 
to donate land for a school (« 
pay a pro rated amount towam 
a site if the development is 
smaller. The same would hokl 
true in the donation or payment 
for land for recreational pur- 

Norris Halprin, an attorney 
for the Tidewater Association of 
Home Builders presented 
Council with a letter Monday 
which saldjr part, "We are 
unalteral|||m>posed to this re- 

The letter also pointed out 
that it was 'not In the best in- 
terests of the citizens, appar- 
ently noting that the coast would 
be passed along to the home- 

Several Coundlmen said re- 
action from their constituents, 
was that the builders are creat- 
ing the school problems and 
should help out with a solution. 
They also e]q;uressed the feeling 
that many citizens had said the 
higher cost should be borne 
by the new homeowner, not 
the earlier residents. Repre- 
sentatives of the Council of 
Civic Organizations were on 
hand to favor the proposal. 

Virginia Beach eleraratuy 
schools should meet accredit- 
ation standards of the State 
Department of Education next 
September— despite the cost. 

And the cost will be hig^, 
an estimated $400,000, School 
Supt. E. E. Brickell told 
School Board members Tues- 
day. Th$ money wUl be used 

to hire additional personnel 
needed to meet the accredit- 
ation requirements and to pur- 
chase more library books. 

Brickell said that "new in- 
terpretations" of the require- 
ments are arriving "almost 

One major cost will be the 
htriae of about 20 more teach- 

VBDC Wants Field Used 

The Virginia Beach Develop- 
ment Council has adopted a 
plan to urge the use of the west 
side of Oceana Nival Air Stat- 
ion as an immediate inter- 
national airport. The Council 
will ask the City Council to 
back the plan by requesting 
Virginia's senators, congress- 
men and governor to work for 

The jet-port would be tempo- 
rary until the time when a per- 
manent site can be constructed 
in the south Hampton Roads 

Big Jets 'from 707 to 747 
could use the facility. They can 
not now land in Norfolk. 

^cott Sterling, formulater of 
the plan, pointed out that 
Kennedy Airport in New York 
had 13 snow days last year when 
planes could not laiKl there. 
Oceana would be a logical point 
where those planes could land 
thus bringing much commercial 
trade to the area. 

In the past military officers 
lave been against the plan. 

I To Close 
' Or Not 



Stadium Site May Split Cities 


QUESTION: Should Virginia 
Beach members of the Virginia 
General Assembly attempt to 
Ncive money appropriated durinjs 
this session f6r a community 
college In thie city, recot^lzfr% 
that the college was omitted for 
monetary reasons and that re- 
inserting it In the budget could 
help raise taxes? 


Clip tirrmrittifllMIIA MACI SIN, 

Viirginia Beach's two repre- 
sentatives to the Tidewater 
Recreation and Stadium AuQwr- 
ity. Councilman Dewey Simmons 
and Albert Gomez, will deliver 
to tiie Autiiority toni^t (Thurs- 
day) the concensus of Virginia 
Beach City Council cm location 
of a four-city facility. 

Following an on-site inspec- 
tion of ttie proposed site at 
Landsdale Circle nnr the Nor- 
folk Airport, a number of Vir- 
ginia Beach Councilmen and 
officials reversed their earlier 
thiiddng and finally instructed 
Gomez anl Simmons to go on 
record fevortag the proposed 
stte at Greenbriar Farms. 

A consul^nt's report rated 
the two sites about equal, but 
questions arose atncernlng the 
cost of the Landsdale site, aboi^ 
parking, sufficient space, pNs- 
Imlty to the expanding airport 
and traffic problems. 

Alttioi^ Norfolk had said tt 
would donate Ue land, soi^ 80 
acres of it, to tte Aitf&rlty 
for tile stedlnm, fte Airtbortty 
wouU stm have to make aU 
site imffimrem«rts, Incta d tog 
flUl]^ a lake and would ittve 
to y>sM, (v«nUe mA oaMaln 

Norfolk needs tiie stadium 
for its hi^ school games, since 
the current contract runs out 
at Foreman Field next year, 
and cannot be renewed. Norfolk 
had already decided to Iniild 
the football stadium tiiere be- 
fore the Authority became in- 

One of tiie major reasons tiie 
Greenbriar site is now favored 
by Virginia Beach is that more 
acreage is available the):e, with 
little actual improvement need- 
ed, and tiiat road and parking 
problems are easier to solve, 
as well as traffic congestira. 

In additton several members 
of Virginia Beach City CouncU 
said they felt the p(^latlM> 
was moving away from Norfolk, 
and tint the Greoibriar site in 
a few years would be closer to 
tiie center of the Norfolk-Ports- 
m(Hitti-Che5^)eake - V i r g 1 n I a 
B^di area. 

Chesapeake and Portsmouth 
are also expect«l to dKMse the 
GreenMar site at tiie me^li%, 
and Norfolk's future imticipa- 
tioo Is omskler^ somewhi^ 

The A^iortty seeks totuild 

a 55,000 seat stadium csgpable 
of supporting a major league 
football team and franchise. 
Gomez and real estate devel- 
oper Hunter Hogan spoke before 
Council Monday In favor of tiie 
Greenbriar site. Hogan, an out- 
spoken critic of airport ejq?an- 
sion in Norfolk add a proponent 
of choosing a new site for a 
large jetport, opposed the 
Landsdale site partly on the 
safety and runway hazards the 
l>ark would provide. 


City students had a holiday 
from school yesterday when 
snow and Ice made roads haz- 
ardous for school buses to 

travel. . ^ ,. 

Supt, of Schools E. E. 
Brickell told of the normal 
process by which his depart- 
ment decideswhetherschools 
stay open or close. 

All weather reports are 
closely followed as well as 
all city police reports. 

Roads are Inspected early 
In the morning by transport- 
ation people wltiiUi the school 
department. The decision to 
close schools must l>e made 
by 7:15 a,m., tiie time when 
tiie first buses leave. 

"The safety factor is, of 
course, number one." Brickell 
said. "We get as many quali- 
fied opinions as possible." 

The 260 buses must travel 
on all area roads, not just 
primary roads. Back ros^ are 
cleared last tiius many children 
could not be picked up. 

The decision to close y«ter- 
day was based on police reports 
of ice and snow. Schools were 
not closed two weeks ago be- 
cause roads, were relatively 
dear awl tiie snow was soft 

If students Uked ttie Ice and 
snow motorists hated it. Slick 
hi^ways r^ulted in 43 rqwrted 
accidents In the area. l^Kddly, 
only three minor injuries re- 
sulted from titt Inckto^. 

ers to lower tiie pupll-teadwr 
ratio to 30-1 with noclassas 
with more than 35 students. 
Money for additional teadiers 
had been sought in the 1969-70 
budget, but thiU was one Item 
cut when City Council trimmed 
$700,000 from the School Ad- 
ministration's total budget. 

There will also be the need 
for 16 1/2 part time assistart 
principals. One accreditatlmi 
requirement is that schools with . 
an enrollment of 600 Gt mom 
should have an assistant prin- 
cipal who spends at least half 




The biggest disappolntftiait 
so far to Virginia Beach legis- 
lators In; the Virginia General 
Assembly has be«i the omissicHi 
of an appropriation In the pro- 
posed state budget for tiie next 
biennium of fUnds for a two- 
year community college in Vir- 
ginia Beach. 

The city has already made 
acreage available at Gre«i Run 
Farm for tiie college, and i»e- 
liminary plans were moving 
well for the school with hc^ies 
tiiatlt could open Its doors In 
Uie fall of 1971 or at tiie latest, 

Funds for tiie college were 
not inculded In tiie budget pre- 
sented by (Mitgolng Gov. Mills 
E. Godwin, Jr. Del. Riclard 
Guy, who until his election, had 
served on tiie Commimlty 
College Board for Tictewater, 
said he was "greatly disan)oint- 
ed" tiie $4.6 request had not 
been granted. He atkled ttit 
while (dances of restorli^ tiie 
request to coosUen^ton seens 
slim, he and c^er members of 
the deleg^cm would certa^ 
make every effort. 

Del. B. R. MUdleton con- 
icurred wltti Guy. "We wUl do 
our best to try to get It In 
tiie budget," he said. He adcM 
that Virginia BMob needs tiie 
facility more tium any otiier 
area <tf Virginia. 

State BesL, Edward T. Catm 
m also e8pr«aed his sutjMm 
and dii^iipiinfaiB^t. CatonsaH, 
"1^0^ the na^iratf*l» 
avaUdble ttfim tte ^1 ^Ilten 

(See •CoUege' 5, 2) 

his Unw in admlnlstrattaD and 
supervlslc^ Brickell com- 
meitfed tiul he tiioug^t ttie a- 
ssistaitf principals would be 
of greater \»\p In small or 
rural school systems wbere 
supervisory help \a not avail- 
able as It Is here. 

"We'll have to do away vlOi 
seven helpUig teasers/* said 
Brickell. "They're spMlallsts 
in ttielr fields. I \kxb» tii^ 
would be lirterested ^becoming 
assistant {HTlaeUials. 

Aootter majOT eiqiesse will 
be ttie purchases of ttoqgh Ub- 
rary books to bring tiie ratto 
of books and pu|iils qi to 10 
per child. There are now be- 
tween seven and elfljit. 

Until tills year, only \^ 
schools sod Jimto h^ were 
accredited. The state Is a mem- 
ber of ttie Souttern Assoeiatk» 
of Colleges and S/t^xx^ lAldi 
sets ttie acereHtatiofi stand- 
ards. Accreditetlmi is Inq»r- 
tant for admittance to college 
and professional Schools. 

tt was also anooaoced at tte 
meeting ttiat ttie e^'s four 
juntor hig^ were accredited 
for ttie first time tills year, 
and ttiat all tiie high sdiools 
are accredtted. 

Donald Morgan, sdmee su- 
pervisor, told tiie Board iSxnA 
a $33,112 Nattobal Sclenee 
Foundattm grant whidb will be 
used by Portsmoott and Virginia 
B«u:h students for narlnesd- 
ence studies. First 15 teachers 
will be trained In mar fa^ sckDM 
so tiiat tikel^rnatioDiflUsap- 
plement laresent seleneseoots- 
es whidihave little about mariae 
science in ttiein. In adfittoo 
tiiere will be dasMs to tte 
summer wittifflddtrtpstntdrik^ 
studeite will partldpate. 

BrldceU read a letter firom 
Milton Hdland, Ore Umgrnim, 
praising tiie actii^ffi (tf WlUtaffi 
K. JffioklBB, prlndptl (tf Klnf* 
stim ElemeBtary Schocd, te 
clMrlog Uss^oQlofsMnts 
in SO sMOBdsaltera fire ins 
dtefiovo^ taaelostttiPOindsi 
ago, tlMB teooght fta ftrt mar 
conlroU BridDiU nM fetlmr 
pers(»illy ttd (3km Qimm, 
Ifflndpal (tf fte^svfileltaid- 
ows, aded la nw^ tt» aUM 
mumer vhei Hire bitta iNC b 
a do^ In his sehod m^e^ 

B(tt fires wee termed '^It- 
Ift^at^ Mt," aid d^ps 
have beenfUedtn^TC^tCMn 
aplnst tm ll-y^r-oM 
Tlte ftlMirnnm^ 
badt ii aw urf ^ttv 

be soon.'* 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Thuridqy, January 32, 1970 

TalkB Fade Again Ticket i^^tes Reciprocate 

No one was injured as fire engulfed the Mary Johnson home at 
1353 Virginia Beach Blvd. last week. The fire was fought by men 
of the Seatack and Oceana VoUinteer Fire Departments, 

NCIC Tie- In Proves Worth 

llie alertness of police off- 
icers combined vith services 
provided by tbe Virgioia Beadi 
police ^tepartm^if s elednolc 
tie-in with the National Crime 
Inforfflatim Center has resulted, 
in the arr^t °<rf two men in 
oonnectuNt with several crimes 
to Virginia Beach. 

Officials said Lt.R. J. Hladky 
and Sgf. E. Adams of tbe 2nd 
Police Precinct at approxim- 
ately 4:20 a.ffl. last Sradajr 
momii^ observed a car crais* 
ing along Atlamtic Avenue driven 
by a lo&e male who^peared to 
be resting an arm over a tele- 
vision set. The officers ston)ed 
tti^ car for routine investigation 
and found Oie car contdnediwo 
color television sets. 

As a part of t)^ investip- 
ticm tte officers' r ctpiested an 
NCIC check to determine if the 
car had been reported stolen. 
Within a matter '^ iMiyiaisf*^ 
members of Voit police Comm- 

the Ucmse plates on the car 
had been reported stoloi in 
Norf(dk last Sept. 9", with the 
carding reported stolen in 
Norfpc Dec. 31. 

AdBiorities said that officer 
W. M. Hanbury and Auxiliary 
Poli<% officer J. A. Fenske, 
while on routine patrol of their 
assigned ZvA Police Precinct 
distrfet during this same period 
of time, dtecovered a breakin 
had been committedat the Ocean 
Ruch Motel at 32nd Street and 
Atlantic Avenue. 

At tUs point Detectives W.R. 
Koowler and W.H.BarMs join- 
ed the imrestigatioo. Asaresult 
of informatiiA gattiered up to 
ttiis point, Knowles and Bam^ 
said, the ocoq;>antofthestoH>ed 
anto was <Aar^ witti bor^- 
izing the Ocean Randi Motel 
and 0ie theft of two television 
sets. He was identified by off- 
icials as Carlton L. Jones, 20, 
of Bagi^ll Road in Norfolk. 
Jones was last reported incus- 
tody at the VirginU Beach City 
Jail awaitii^ court proceedings 
on the burglary and theft ch^- 
ges, and Norfolk police have 
filed detainers wanting him in 
^ak. city m charges of stealing 
of a car and license plates. 

Knowles and Barnes also said 
ttiat as a r^ult of their inves- 
tigatioa WiHiara O. Stanly, Jr., 
20, pf the same address was 
arrested oo two charges of lar- 
ceney. The investiiatfti^ dff- ' 
icers indicated thntHaU «f &e 
li^l^qiquelarges apiost Ju^ 
and Pauley involved the re- 
ported ttMdR of three television 
sets from, the Ocean ttanch 
M(rtel afdiuerent times. 

Authorities said that in add- 
ition to facing larcency charges 
in Virginia Beach Stanley is also 
facing military charges regard- 
ing his alleged leaving of his 
duty station in Georgia. 

MiUtary officials said that 
^anley was diarged with un- 
authorized absence from Head- 
quarters Company of Ft. Gor- 
don, Ga., Qfv AprU 12, 1969, 

Most likely ttie most t^Gok 
otnsoUitatli^ eflbrts s^ forfli 
by N<»4oBc are (wo-. Wiih 
Virgin^ Beach's piilkNrt from 
tbe loorrcity- tato jitat had 
be«D |p3li$ «» b^weeo rcfre- 
from Norfolk, Poi^- 
Cbesapeake aixi Viiiginia 
Bach, all tadteatioBS are that 
Hie talks will talL (kwtimie. 

In a surprise move foUowfa^ 
a closed m^tti^ Monday Vir- 
ginia Beach Clty^Council de- 
cided to make it clear it was 
not interested in merger with 
any or aU of ttie cities; t^ 
the special committee shouki 
be <Jttssolved; and Oiat ttie 
Souttieastem Virginia Planning 
District Commission be the 
single agoicy to make contin- 
uing studies of fields of area- 
wUe cooperatten, as it has al- 

Now Ches!a)eake City Council, 
whidi meets Tuesday, s^f^ars 
to be on the verge of pulling, 
out also, and most of ttiaicity's 
Councilm«) have said privt^ely 
ttiey did not favor merger in 
^eOrst place. _ 

Norfolk, oa the other hand, 
since the matier was on the 
j| docket, appropriated $1,060 to- 
ward hiring a consultent to 
apply for state and federal fkmds 
to study the matter. Vir^nla 
Beach had declined to appr(^ 
riate alike amount. That was 
tte beginning of tbe pullout. 

Virginia Beach City Marnier 
Roger Scott said he felt the 
resort city hold the lead in tide- 
water and would have little ff 

and that as a result of his 

remaining awy from his duty .^. . , , 

statton te was classified as a ^yw^ng » gain from merger 

deserter on May 16, 1969. 

(^cials of the N<^rfd«k, FBI 
Office tokl the SUN that FBI 
Agoits api^ehended Stanley in 
tlAt city on July 26, 1969 on 
the basis of ttie desertion 
charges, and that he was placed 
in the custody on the Shore 
Patrol ai Norfolk. 

The SUN was also told fliat 
Stanley escaped from custody 
of the Shore Patrol, however, 
and remained free until his 
arrest in Vlrgfinia Beach on the 
larcency charges. 

Authorities have indicated 
that any legal proceedings 
against Stanley regarding the 
miUtaiy charges are pending 
dispositfon of chargosi filed 
ag^hist him 1^ Virginia Beach 

fO' in ttie cratiniationctf me^per 

The taUcs b^m recently lol- 
lowli« a pn^osal by Norftdk 
Ibyor Rc9 Martin. At the tiuie 
Virginia Bach City C(Hmcil 
agreed to talk, mend»ers made 
it cl^r ttiey onpt^ed merger 
and while "it doesn't c(»t any- 
thing to talk," ttuy were m^re 
interested in matte» wherethe 
four cities could cotsoli&te 
facilittes or services in the 
name of e«>nomy andeffidency 
ttan ttiey were in actual consol- 
idation of 9inr or all the four 

At Monday's informal meeting 
members ofVirginia Beach City 
Council sM they had received 
many <^ls and letters about 
the few meedni^ that had 
^re^ been held, and that most 
of the dttzens who had con- 
taisted them were strongly (^ 
posed to merger or th^ con- 
tinuation of 'talks al(H^ that 
line. , 

^ They said they wanted it made 
clear, ttiat die $1,000 was not 
the reason for the pullout, and 
that ttiey felt the same aims 
oould better be accomidisted 
^ ttie SVPDC, especially since 
elected r^resoftatives serve 
on that bo(iy also, 

Informed sources said that 
ttie orij^nal proposal was of- 
fered to make aiwttier attempt 
at coDsdUatton of NorfoQc and 
Virginia Beadi, with the merger 
of Chesapeake and Portsroo^ 
also, not all four cities, as was 
put fortti piildicly. 

Twin-Rigs Opposed 

Members of the Virginia 
Beach Safety Council hai{e re- 
jected requests from the trud[ 
industry to permit the use of 
twin-rigged tractor frailer 
frudos on tee roads of Vir- 

The Council resolved to of- 
ficially go on record as (V- 
posj^ the use of twin-rigged 
tractor trailers on Vfrginia 
highways. Council members al- 
so resolved to inform Virginia 
Beach members of the Vfrginia 
Assembly (rf thefr decisloh and 
request the legislators support 
the Couhcfl's deciston in any 
legislation which mig^t be pro- 



Pmdgim^ ^iibBii^tis^t. 

Virginia Beach City Council 
made clear Monday its intoit- 
ions concerning dredging in tbe 
Lynnhaven River. The work in 
the Western Branch of the river 
is expected to l>e completed by 
summer of ttiis year. The future 
of the dredge was set Monday. 

It will move into the Eastern 
Branch of ttie river for about 
18 months to clear thatdiaimel. 

Coundl was told by City Man- 
ager Roger Scott that there had 
been a number of requests for 

to dredge. 

The concensus of Council was 
that a public hearing will be 
held prior to completion of work 
in the Eastern Branch to get 
priorities for dredging ttiose 
secondary areas, but that it 
had always been the intention of 
Council to complete work on the 
two main channels first. 

It was also pointed out that 
some determination would ttien 
have to be made to dedde how 
far the small waterways would 


3177 Va.B«ach Blvd. 



dredging of coves fflid inlets bedredged, and how much prlv- 
alongtiie western Brandi, which ate dredging would have to be 
could take up to another year done by interested larties. 










JACK NICHOLSON .. color • N.<MMb, Columbia pcturcs ^ 

DAILY 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 



KIDDY SHOW Every Saturday 9:15 a.m. Daily. This Week 
Seven Faces of Dodor Lao 



Red Line 7,000 
Sons of Katie Elder 
^ McUntodE 

Bonnie & Clyde 

Bonnie & Clvde 

Office Opf'ns ''. IS Show S'art-, at 6,45 

posed during ttie current as- 
sembly sessiMideslgnedtoper- 
mit such trucks from travelling 
roadways of ttie State. 

Council members also ap- 
proved six recent recommaid- 
ations of ttie Vfrgiida m^way 
Safety Division aimed ^ pro- 
moting further safety (m Vfr- 
ginia roadways. These indude 
reducing from the current 15 
per-ceitf to 10 per-cent of pre- 
sumptive level of blood alcdid 
content tif persons susped of 
drivtegonder the influence, per- 
mitting ttie use of results of a 
breath iest in addttton to»» 
suits of presently used diemical 
testtigs as evidence in court 
proceedings involving persons 
charged with driving under the 
influence, ttie immediate notifi- 
^%atton of local p(Hice ottidal^ 
in the eved (rf afrafflcacdded 
resulting in prcqpierty damagp 
totalUng $100 or more, permitt- 
ing tt»,CQiim)^ionof Hi^nrays 
to superv^e ttie placeiped of 
access and egress roads In 
commercial and/or residential 
developmento, andtbeauttioriz- 
ing of state ^ local police 
to check the speed of motor 
vehides with dedrical devices 
other thai radar, anl tor such 
findings to be ruled as accept- 
able evidence in court proceed- 
ings invdving traffic law: violat- 
tons. ^ 

Tbe Coundl's nex) meeting is 
Feb, 19, 

Found Not GuUty 

blah Land, of Independence 
Blvd,, has been found not guilty 
of eig^t charges of storebreak- 
ing awl one charge of attempted 
storebreaklng during Circuit 
Court proceedings. Land, 29, 
has also been charged with 
three offier counts of store- 
breaking, each of which were 
nolle prossed In the same court 
proceedings. The charges re- 
sulted from a series of alleged 
breaklns during January of last 
year involving business Arms, 
*the SPCA ofHce, a postal sub- 
station and a dnirch. 



The Compact Cars With ALL 
The BIG Advantages . . . 




M859^ eEiiiniS^2547y 

fM IS7I 



FM 1S70 



Now Oi Display Ami At No Increase In Pricf ! 







The jnrst mid-ttdcet of ttie 
City Council race has been 
form^ but the three candU- 
ates in the Democratic Prim- 
ary say tt^y will- maintain thefr 
Indepeodent standliif . 

Flovd Waterfield, Russell A. 
Brown and Dr, Clarence Holland 
said they "have decbJIed that we 
will conduct a joint cam{»ign 
in an effort to get ourselves 
and our views known to flie dt- 
izens of Vfrginia Beach." 

They ackied that since none of 
the three had ever offered for 
public oMce before and that in 
a dfy so large they felt it is 
' 'impossible to become ac- 
quainted with everyone," thus 
the joint effort. 

They said they fed the joint 
campaign wiUjbe of braiefit to 
the dttzens. The statem^t con- 
cluded, "In a councfimaUcbody 
where tiiere are 11 members, 
each one's vieiif jnust be ctm- 
sider^ carefully and ttiis we 
will ^Wfl^s doV We will also 
consider the views of eadi cand- 
idate with the determinatiim to 
bring to our city the most 
progressive and economic gov- 

Ottier tidcets or coalitions, 
however loosely j<^ed, are 
expected to form b^re ttie 
finaldays of campaigiiii«forflie 
primary on April 7. But so far 
no b^r joint campaigns have 
be«i anncNfflced wlth^ ttie ex- 
eei^on of George Ferrell and 
Albert Bonney, They said thefrs 
would be a joint effort when they 
filed for re-eledion. Bomey 
repres^ts-K e mps vi 1 1 e Bor- 
ou^ Ferrell Uves in Kemps- 
vUle Borough and boUs an at- 
large seat on CouncU. 

Waterfield seeks the Pungo 
seat^ being vacated by Kennetti 
Whitdnir^, Sr. Brown seeks 
the Princess Anne Borough 
seat, now held by Curtis Payne, 
and Dr, Holland seeks the Bay- 
side Borough seat, now held by 
I^wrence Marstoll. 

Brown recoitty resigned his 
seat <m the plannii^ commission 
-alter tbeceming^a^ candidate. 
Commission chairman Ben 
Wrotcm, also a candidate, says 
he hs^nocomment on the matter 
at ^* ttme:- Regar«iig-'4iir 
plans, he said, "Right at ttiis 
moment, I jiist don't know." 

A ttiird candidate serving oa 
ttie commisston, J. Roy Ali^ii^ 
sa^ he will not resign. 

"I don^t have ai^ intention of 
resigdng," he; said. "1 dont 
think being a candidate has 
any bearing on it." 

He added that he felt Brown 
could do what he wanted to do. 
"He wasn't too active anyway, 
said Alphin, 

Brown submitted his resign- 
atton, saying that he felt any 
, future considerations by the 
planning commission and any 
further votes by him could be 
constn^ as having polittcal 
overtones, ^ 

Campaigning, for ttie most 
part, has not begun In earnest 
so far. Independent Robert Ken- 
dall, seeking Uie Beach Bor- 
ough seat in the primary has 
mounted an all-out effort, how- 
ever and has criticized ttie dty 
for the $522,000 purchaseof ttie 
old Coast Guard station at Sand- 
bridge for recreation. The pur- 
chase in 1965 was an. issue in 
the 1966 Council campaign, in 
which Kendall ran and lost. 

LSD Found in Ho 

A 17-year-old Virginia" 
juvenile is facing court pro- 
ceedings after thealleged dis- 
covery of a quantity of LSD in 
his Broad Bay Road home. 
Police officials saki ttie Juvmile 
was diarged witti beii^ iaeorr- 
igible. to wit: possessloD of 
dangerous drugs, Accordtaig to 
officials ttie arrest followed the 
discovery of 44 tablets of the 
drug durii^ an investigation 
last wedcend. PoUce officials 
said tile arrest followed the 
receipt of a tip fromRidimcud. 

Tte Jonqi form $3.12 per ton 
is bvsed en the Deceidser raise 
of Norfolk i«t» i^lc«i to Vfr* 
g^ Be»A resld«Bt»l7tt>i«e 
c^ts per 100 eOM fed.initt 
ln<vease iduwed^ on Deeem^' 
ber W^, 

Scolt said Norfolk has ttie 
ri^ to qi ttie vn^ price 
under t^ {Nresert v^trHpur- 
bage contract « lift ^^nr^Bta 
Beach, as mpg as Norfolk ^- 
tomeis ateoleel ttie hii». Tlwy 
did. Scott added ttuA ttie nep' 
rate co^nH» to m»a^ tMt 
Vfr^aift B«d) residtiris a» 
dttiied exadly tloMUle itbtA 
Norfolk caponiers are ebariBa 

The garbage dlspesiSon «to 
per im diurged by Vfrfllafa 
Beach is also compi^d to be 
exactty dedile what^eaitls 
of (Ui^osftig of a ton of Vlr0a& 
Beadi gami^. tlie ooiAruA it 
due for renewal in My, hftyUK 
been extended at ttie first d 
ttie year. Soott said ttie new 
water rate will oertelQly 6ave 
to be considered btfore ttw 
new ooitfrad is drawn and 
accepted. . 

Tbe origM coitfract ctflied 
for a redudiMi of the $3.12 
by 15 coiis per ton based .on 
every one cent reduction tier 
100 cubic feet of water NorfoI|c 
reduced ttiat rate. That {««- 
vision proved entfrely too 

Thus inflatton hits water and 
garbage in the two cittes'as 
work continues on a fong-term 
water-garbage agreement be- 
twera Norfolk and Vl|tJLjBii|L 


(Cont. from p. 10 
tatim syrtem between ttie Ext- 
ern ^ore and Vfrginia Beai^ 

^ A commercial helicopter 

and a doctor, none of whom tove company flrom Norfolk offered 
as yd been Identifted, who as 1»to fllght^service between tbe 
ttiey were passing ttie accident mainland and ttie Soutti Island, 
scene, stopped W help. at a ftee of $7.50 one way tor 

The 0rl was transported to the 15 mile fllpif. 
V ir ginia Beach GeneralHos- this a^ter also caiMto tte 
pital, irtiere she was placed un- immediate attoitton a First 
der idensive medical care. 
Last r^wrts from hospital of- 
ficials listed her contttton as 
being satisfodory. 
Investigatifm Is conttnuingJn- 

Vii^nte 3eist will shifftty 
begin Purging NorfoUc more for 
ttiat dty to dump Us prbsge, 
Vin^ Beadi City liahager 
did nd say just wten, or ja^ 
how much, but tbe hU» per too 
is imminent. 

Good Deed 
Is Painful 

Miss Pamela K. mviSi 20, 
of Ratt Road was sertously Iup 
jured when she was stn«ic by 
a car as she went to ttie aid of 
a dog widch her car had struck 
moments before. 

According to police officer 
R. F. Unpert, wl» investipited 
the accident. Miss Davis' cax 
struck ttie dog as she was 
fravelUng along Vfrginia Beach 
Blvd. near the intersedion of 
Crawford Place. Turning her 
car around she returned to Qie 
location of ttie dog, parked ber 
auto on the dividing median 
sfrip, jumped from !)er car and 
went to investigate the d)nditton 
of the dog, 

Lippert quoted the driver d 
the car whidi struck Miss Davis 
as saying that as he a^iroached 
the scene he ndiced her car 
parlced on ttie dividing median 
and slowed down. However, he 
did not see her crouched over 
the dog in the roadway udU 
it was too^ late to avoid hitttng 
her. His auto swerved oft ttie 
roadway onto tbe median and 
came to a stop a stort distance 
past tbe point of impact. 

Within moments of 
cided a number of police d- 
ficers as well as men of the 
Princess Anne Plaza Volunteer 
Rescue Squad arrived at ttie 
scene to render immediate 
medical aid to the s^rl. They 
were assisted by two nurses 


Dlstrid Rqi, Tbomas N. Down- 
ing, He toU ttie SUN wittdn 
a matter of hours after tbe 
inddeot, "I have recniested <}» 
ttHPgi^ tbeco mmanrtaj i ; 

to Oie accident and ttiis ^ no <tf ^ F*Mi Naval Distrid, |o w 

dm'ges have been filed. 

Officials ,^}.|||ie cityf« Ffre 
Prevrati<m Bureau say ttat an 
11-year-okl boy is fadngdar- 
ges of being incorrii^te in 
coni^ptton witl|^a fire at ttie 
kempsi^' MMMtows Elemen- 
tary Scbod last Friday, None 
of ttie students, faculty mem- 
bers, or ottier staff members 
were injured as a result of ttie 
fire. Investigators said a sixth 
grade classroom, whidi was un- 
occiqiied at ttie time of ttie 
fire, received considerable 
damage as^ result of the Ifre. 
The fire, whidi inyestigators 
said was deliberately sd, was 
cedered in a coat rack space 
tocated bdween two cabinds 
and resulted in heavy damage 
to a mimber of coats, several 
desks and books. Extensive heat 
and smdce damage was also 
sustained' by the i^dUs, ceiling, 
anl Venitian blinds of the dass- 
rooro, as well as several win- 
dows craddng from the heat 
radiated by the ffre. 


fCtHit. from p. 1) 
bond issue which I campaigned 

Guy bai^^o already infro- 
duced a bUl whidi would do. 
away wltti ppvisifms d an ocoi- 
patton tax/ such as Richmond 
has just imposed andhasfoi^^ 
for successfully in court. 

In addition chaises to tbe 
Virginia Beach charter laye 
afready beoi drc^ped in ttie 
hoppers in Richmond. They will 
allow for ttie steggerii^ d 
terms of City Councilmen, raise 
the pay of Councilmen and the 
Mayor and pd an endtoCmmcU 
primaries electtdis after ttie 
curred Cwndlmatic primary. 




its hero, expertly played 
by Robert Redtord, Is 
perfect! The race phot<« 
raphy is a large wonderl 
And the climax is a 
brilliant dramatic con- 


mmoemBim mvmmmfMimm 


tsmsmtm mmmm't 


provide emergency transportip 
tion for flme pec^le whose «n- 
idoymed makes it necessary . 
for them to cross tbe bay from 
tbe Eastern Shore to ttie Vfr- 
ginia Beadi sideandviceversa, * 
I have specifically adced tlurit 
helicopter franspoftattonb* 
made avaQable for the doriikHi 
of ttie emergency, I was asstfred 
ttiat the request would ree#re ' 
immedtete c(Xisideratioli.Ibftve 
talked witti Mr. J. Clyde Morris 
who tokl me that before now . 
tod|^ Navy dficials were in 
touch witti him abod working 
out ttie details." 

Downii« also indicated ttat be 
had requ^ ttie Navy to wag^^^, 
him witti fdl information re- ' 
garding the toddent as qiddtty 
as possible. Downing scbeouled 
a meeting Wednesdi^ altoibon 
in his Wadiingtop office with 
represttP*^*"'**' .of ttw Uj, S. 
Coast <Suatu nd ttie HCHSe 
Merchad Marine Committef for 
a discuKton of whatstcia ni^ 
be taken to proved any Re- 
currence d such an ev«it in 
ttie {dure. Downing poldetKxmt . 
that he requested tbe enactmed > 
d legiriation along ttils . ^ne . 
a year ago and has assured V 
the government he will da btti 
dmost for fdl co(q^«ratkM^d^ < 
what is needed. 

Gov. A. Unwood Holt^ (hir- 
ing a hastily called mUNtejr 
newi oonfermce, notedjUioon* ',. 
cem over ttie incident# He gave l 
assuraiKes Qiateveryttiingsai^ 
slide was being done to n^i^ I 
tain siune type of note trini- ^^ 
portetion sjnstem in view 0^ ttk ;• 
virtual oit off witti resi«tiifi 
d ttie Eastern Shore as a re- ! 
suit of tbe Bay Bridge Tmmd | 
being pd out d^ commission. ' 

Th0 pU^ (rf ttie tntdd^ in- 
dustry and bus emaiiimies ti^ : 
depend iqion ttie use of J|ie ^' 
brld^-tunDd cune to ttii^d- ■- 
tedi(» d tbe Oc»n Hi^iway 
Assoda^m. Offldals d tl^ 
Assodattonsui^rted ttat J 
pers(»s who must readi 
tlnattons to tiienortticfVt 
Beach make we of a route 
consisting d ^^ ttiroo^lhe 
Hampton Roaite Bridi^'Vt^d' 
to U. S, 17, ttien mirtti to Port 
Royal and take Rode 301 to 
Dover, Delaware. 

Rear Adm. £. C.AUm, Com- 
mand^ Officer of ttie F4ltti 
Coast Giard Disfriet^ vltisi 
asked if he had aqr mmmtiBt 
on the dtuatton resv^Uogfrtim 
ttke Wectaes^ mordfli coUis- 
ico said, "We tire (xxwemed 
and lave be« Goma&mtA for 
some time abcMA ttli and ottier 
tecktaiti. We teve maite sev- 
eral sugfirtloni toCeiirtGuanl ' 
H^dquirt^ vMA mlgiit re^' 
dice tte «dD»tf>^ d tte ' 
CiMsapeakt ^ PMi^^^Na«el» 
bd we have no meat (tf pre- 
▼ei^ing an IncManl tte HWt 
whl^ oeemred totey." 

Thursday, Jqnuary 22, 1970 

Virginia Beacii Sun 

Dredging Continues Hil Fall Committee to 

l^e next round ccntcernlng 
jfRudM Met will probably come 
m the early tall. At tbat ttme 
Virgloia Beacli officials will 
mal^ a new determination on 
how the dredging of the sand 
trap and channel there 

Unttl tbat time the Virgi^ 
Beach Erosion Commission will 
continue to provide dredging 
and nulntenance work in the 
controversial inlet. The com- 
mission's dredge, 4iowxepqrt- 
edly working 20 hours a day 
there, will endeavor to dredge 
the trap to a depth of 18 feet, 
clearing about 100,000 cubic 
yards of sand out, and to keep 
the channel open. 

Chacter boat operators have 
complained that the channel ii^ 

Impassable at low w^er and 

that the trap has never be& 

cleared per engineering study 

prerequisite. They claimed the 

commission couldn't do the Job. 

After several meetings witti 

are ^interested parties council 

< > strongly urg^ the commlssUm 

to get bids to clear the trap. 
The only bid was about $188,000, 
and Council asked the commiss- 
ion to accept it. But in the 
meantime the commission and 
city officials agreed that tide 
price^was^i0U-The commis- 
sion said it could do the Job 
if given the time. 

\rhlle the charter boat cap- 
tains ^pear to l>e unhappy at 
this time. City Manner Roger 
Scott informed Commission 

chairman E. H. Church Tuesday 

that the commission would be 
given the chance. He said it was 
Council's wish that the bid not 
be accepted, reversing an earl- 
ier decision. 

Recent souixlin^ in the sand 
trap suggest a depth of nearly 
five feet toward the desired 
18, according to engineers and 
there is deeper water than that 
in the channel most of the 

The commission's eig^t-inch 
dredge now continues the work 
it has beoi doing all along. 
The only difference is that that 
four-month controversy Is over, 
and more time has been gained 
to finish the project. 

Orgfanize Drives 

An executive committee 
appointed Monday night will 
coordinate planning of the 
annual fund raising drives of 
volunteer fire departments in 
V Ir ginia B e a c h which are 
scheduled to begin May 1, 

The only fire fighters in the 
city which were not at meet- 
ing were the volunteers from the 
Virginia Beach Borough, who 
conduct their fund raising cam- 
paign separately. 

Those electedto the executive 

Disease Caused Death 

Pulley Will Participate 

LAwvence Pulley, a senior at 
First Colonial High School will 
Join over 350 other high school 
seniors from across the country 
to pardc^ate in ttie (lst}session 
of A Presidential Classroom 
for Young Americans. 

Presidential Classroom, 
whidi held its first programs 
last year, is designed to give 
bright high school seniors the 
onwrtunity to see first-hand, 
the operation of their govern- 
ment. The Program this year 
consists of five one-week 
sessions, the first of which will 
begin Feb. 14. 

Arriving in Washington on 
Saturday, participants begin at 
once preparing for the full week 
ahead. The Syllabu^ includes 
academic instruction, in the 
three branches of the Federal 
Government, Seminars and 
talks with Congressmen^ City 
Officials, Government Depart- 
ment, Heads, Ambassadoi's and 
National News Media Repre- 
sentatives. An afternoon will be 
^vojted to visiting such National 

" " "X^ as Mount Vernon, 

Arlington National Cemetery 

.-^««4Uid oQier historic sites. 

Lawrence Pulley will leave 

for the Nation's Capital on Feb. 
14, and stay at the Washington 
Hilton Hotel which will serve 
as Headquarters for President- 
ial Classroom. The week^'s 
study will conclude on Friday 
with a review and examins^on 
of the work covered during the 
< session and a graduation ban- 
quet, complete with yearbodc 
and diploma, will be held that 

Lawrence Pulley is the son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Ragan B. 
Pulley of Pinewood Road. 

The death of a 14-year-old 
Virginia Beach boy, whom of- 
ficials earlier believed died 
from injuries received during 
a fall while ice skating on Jaii.I0, 
has been attributed to natural 
causes resulting from a rare 
heart disease. ' 

Police investigators said 
Stephen L. Hayes, the sone of 
the James W. Hayes' of Baylake 
Road, died shortly after a fall 
while ice skating on WolfSnare 

The Inltal investigation at- 
tributed his death to severe 
head and neck injuries he re- 

ceived in the fall. However, an 
autopsy conducted by the state 
medical examiner's office in 
Norfolk indicated the heart dis- 
ease was responsible for young 
Hayes' death. 

Officials referred to the dis- 
ease as hypertropic subaortic 
stenosis which results in the 
enlarging of a portion of the 
heart, thus placing a strain on 
the heart by restricting the flow 
of blood. Authorities indicated 
that the disease is rarely re- 
sponsible for a sudden death 
such as that of young Hayes. 

comn;ittee consist of Albert 
Benke of Chesapeake Beach as 
chairman, with his co-chairmen 
consisting of B. H. Glover of 
Ocean Park, Jim Williams of 
Davis Corner, Stuart Buxbaum, 
of Kempsville, and John Dunning 
of Chesapeake Beach. 

These men will have the pri- 
mary responsibility of prepar- 
ing material which the depart- 
ments might require in (in- 
ducting their fund drives, and 
assisting them in planning Uieir 

Each department will appoint 
one of it's members to take 
charge of the fund raising drive 
within4hat department. 

A uthority 
To Speak 

New president Sadler is at right with liis wife. At the podium are 
Kellam and executive vice-president Albin Maiihes. Alspaugh is 
seated. ^ _ — \ 

Drug Committee 



A self-organized action group 
which refers to themselves as 
the "Drug Focus Committee" 
was appointed during last Mon- 
day's City Council meeting as 
the official committee of the 
City of Virginia Beach to coord- 
inate efforts against drug use 
and abuse in the resort city. 

The Committee members hi- 
clude Juvenile Court Judge 
Philip L.Russo; Police Juvenile 
Division C. 0. Lt. Henry Capps; 
Physicians Dr. Madge D. May 
and Dr. John A. Mapp; Mrs. 
David B. Young, a housewife; 
C. M. Bavlor. businessman; 
Rev. William Brake, Rev. John 
H. Jordan, Rev. John S. Lyles; 
and Lawyers James R.McKenry 
and Bernard G. Barrow. Ci^ 
Council also agreed to the ap- 
pointing of a city ofHc^ to me 
commiUee to assist in the out- 
lUiing and implementing of the 
Committee's proitams. This 
^pointment is expected to be 
made shoHly by City Manager 
Roger Scott. 

Dr. Ma^ appeared before 
City Councilmen to request the 
naming of an official (;^tyco|nm- 
ittee to assist in the solving Of- 
any drug abuse problem which 
.might exist in Virginia Beach. 
He pointed out that since it's 
organization approximately one 

year ago the DFC has establish- 
ed a "free clinic" which pro- 
vides services of a physician 
and a lawyer to answer young 
people's questions about drug 
abuse and establish lines of 
communication with young peo- 
ple of the city, thus hopefully 
becoming atieneficlal influence; 
established a "mothers clinic" 
where the mothers of drug 
users could meet to share their 
experiences and exchange ideas 
on how to communicate and work 
with any of their children who 
may have become associated 
with drug abuse; Joined in the 
work of the United Drug Abuse 
Commission which was organ- 
ized to combat drug abuse in 
Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Ports- 
mouth, and Chesapeake; and 
has conducted a number of 
meetings with young people of 
the cit^f ho, at various leyels, 
havA< become 4iuiobed<^iii^h^tl^ 
drug culture. 

to outlining the functions of 
the proposed official coordin- 
ating city committee Dr. Mapp 
listed recommendations that the 
committee develop further 
-^^Maas to combat and prevent 
drug abuse in Virginia Beach, 
seek to improve channels of 
communication between law en- 
forcement agencies and the 

Dr. Charles Winick, noted 
authority on drugs, will speak 
at a meeting open to the public 
at Princess Anne High School 
at 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 29. 

As part of their effort to 
educate the public in the pre- 
vention of drug abuse the Vir- 
ginia Beach School Board, the 
Council of Virginia Beach Fed- 
erated Women's Clubs and the 
Health - Welfare-R e c r e a 1 1 n 
Planning Council, have invited 
Dr. Winick to Tidewater to lead, 
a program designed to help 
parents and teachers under- 
stand the drug problem. 

Since 1961 Dr. Winick has 
been director of the national 
program In prevention of drug 
dependence and abuse for the 
American Social Health Asso- 
ciation. The author of numerous 
books aiid articles, Dr. Whilck 
has taught at Columbia Uoiver- 
sity, M. I. T., University of 
Rochester, and City University 
of New York as well as havlhg 
directed a psychiatric clinic 
for addicts. His program on 
Jan. 29 is endorsed by the school 
administrations of Norfolk and 

The program will be followed 
on Feb. 15 by "AID Sunday," 
when the VlrginiaBeachFeder- 
atioh of Woman's Clubs will 

Store Burglarized ■ \^" *!,!T ^T ^1 ?2. iT"* 

,i c^;iM>ji.%*.4Clty to distribute printed infor- 

^H^tf jaa^qRtjaidrug abuae. 

Sadler Takes C. of C. Reins 

youth of the community, and 
direct the energies and talents 
of young people who are so 
motivated into constructive 
projects to improve the quality 
of life for residents of Virginia 
Beach. ^ 

The functions would be 
carried out, according to the 
recommendation^ givenCouncil 
by Dr. M^p, through a study 
of existing, resources, both 
municipal and private; the ad- 
vising and encouraging of 
private and municipal agencies 
desiped to cope with drug' 
abuse; and where existing facil- 
ities are not adequate or avail- 
able, make specific recommen- 
dations for corrective actionby 
City Council or higher g6vern- 
i mental agencies, -^> r^ 


~sy*. I'si 

The 1970 officers of the Vir- 
ginia Beach Chamber of Comm- 
erce were installed last Wed- 
nesday nl^t at the Chaml>er's 
annual dinner meeting at the 
Fort Story Officeirs Club. — — 

James P. Saddler, the new 
president, succeeded Frank W. 
Kellam, who had been president 
for the past two years. Sadler 
and the other officers were 
installed by the Honorable 
George W. Vakos, Virginia 
Beach Circuit Court Judge. 

The new first vice president 
is George Davis, utdtheseoHid 
vice president is James Konto- 
panes. The new secretary is 
Roy AlpUn and the treasurer 
is Lawrence Sancllio. Sadler 
paid tribute to Kellam for his 
outstanding leadership during 
the past two years. 

the guest speaker was J.. 
Frank Alspaugh, Director, Div- 
ision of Industrial Development 
of the state of Virginia. He 
spoke briefly on "Industrial 
Development in the '70's-Vir- 
ginia's Opportunities and Pro- 

About 400 persons attended 
the dinner meetbig. Chaihber 
members also adopted an 
amendment to the l)y-laws at 
the meeting, which adds five 
ex-otficlo members to the board 

of directors. They will be the 
commanding officers of Fort 
Story, NAS Oceana, Dam Neck, 
and Little Creek and the current 

presUent of the Virginia Beach 
Jayeees. The tx-offido mon- 
bers will have votingprivilMes 
and will be diosen amwally. 

Wilke^rson Heads Lodge 

WUliam F. WUkerson has 
been elected Worshipfhl Mas- 
ter of Virginia Beach Lodge 
No. 27V_AFit AM,^for 1970. 

C^er new officers are 
Frank E. Bennett, Senior War- 
den; William R. Gurley, Jun- 
ior Warden; Baymond L. Whit- 
ley, Secretary; Gilbert J. Tay- 
lor, Treasurer; Josqdi A. 
Horton, Jr; Senior Deacon; 
William V. Simmons, Junior 

Appointed officers are Stan- 
ley H. Leonard, Chaplain; Au- 

Arretted with Dmgi 

Police officials saM Kenneth 
A. Yarow was arrested last 
Saturday ni|^t on the charge of 
illegal possession of naifcotics. 
According to Investigators 
Yarow, 18, of 'Palace Green 
, Blvd. was arrested in the park* 

thor B. James, Asst. Chaplain; 
Charles R. Laney, Senior 
Steward; Lloyd E. Patterson, 
Junior Steward; William M. 
Ray, Tiler; Herman L. Ferr- 
eU, Asst. Tiler. The secretary 
will be chairman of the side 
and vftBitation committee wifli 
W. E. Hu(^ns as co-chairman. 

Juveniten Su^teeted 

Juveniles are suspected Intte 
vandalitfaig of a Vlrglida Beadi 
home last wedcend. Accordii^ 
to Investigators the Leander j: 
Mdlen home on Plasa Trail re- 
ceived some |M)0 damage. Off- 
icials Indicated the home was 
brdcen Into by tiurowing a brick 
ttarou^ a window, i qpidlan c es 
and ftumitore damaged and wo- 
men's Un^rie placed In the 
hallway then set afire resultinK 
in damage to flooring and Xb» 

ing lot at 21st Street and Pacillc ^aUs. Investigators said thaw 
Avenue when he was rq»rtedly respoHlble for the vandBUfm 

found with a quanity of hashish 
whl<^ has l>een concealed in 

also stole a fUlb of gin and an 
eiedric show and tell toy. 

Tttfesy^ made off with 
$600 during the burglarizing of 
the Alexander-Beegle clotMng 
store on Laskin Road last week- 
end. Investigation shows ^ 
building was entered wougfi'a: 
back door. Officials said over 
$469 in cash and some $180 
in checksj^bre taken from store 
cash registers. 



.Mmi-ii x \^ a i . 


Th^Tieople ^ the Virginia Beach Federal Savings and 
Loan Association would like to remind you that their regular 
passbook accounts are still available. 

For convenience and flexibility these accounts can't be beat. 


No minimum amount is required. You can deposit any amount at 
any time;-and the same is true of withdrawals. You can 
save by mail if you wish, but we enjoy seeing you at our windows. 
Earnings are paid or compounded quarterly 

True the rate 4 1/2% is not as great as our Top Dollar 
passbook paying 5%, or our larger certificate accounts 
that pay 5 1/4% :- but for many the convenience is worth 
the difference. 

Your account will be insured by the FSLIC up to S20,000 and 
no one has ever lost a penny in such an insured account 

The people at the Virginia Beach Federal, located at 210-25th Street, 
Virginia Beach, will be glad to talk it over with you. 

Drop in and see us or telephone 428-9331. 


210-25th Street Phone 428-9331 





H$9 4 

MnB. GiMfai, GmhbI MwifMr 
B. iMtpii liMrMtlMl, Jr., MMagiiig Editor 
Cmlni McAUtii, Wmmii*! »lit«r Doi^ Bapcr, Production Foremtn 
OIgs H. Mwordt. Advtrtitiiii Noniffer 

ttfi^.M m mi • MivnY iy mm ami CAmn • siMti copy m 

MAIN OFFICE SIM Ptailic Avenmj Virginia Beach. Virginia 23451 

Thursday, January 22. 1970 

MMIi 4St..H«l PmkUtMl k^Bmek PubUahing Corporation 

No Political Move This 



Virginia Bleach ontered talks 
with the other throe South Tlde- 
wutter cities. Interested in the 
economic and efficiency bene- 
fits of consolidated facilities 
and services, not merger. Nor- 
folk was the major one that kept 
talking merger. As more talk 
of merger came, the more irate 
the citizens of Virginia Beach 
seemed to become, and the 
more calls and letters received 
by the representatives against 
such a proposal. 

If the puliout by ^Virginia 
BMch is political, then it Is 
the right kind of politics. For 
It is the will of the people re- 
flected through their elected 
and appointed representatives. 

Contrary to th^ belief of an 
editorial writer lor a Norfolk 
newspqi>er, the people of Vlr- 
glnio Beach are apparent I yveqiu. 
much against merger...just as 
much OS the politicians are. 

An editorial In the VIRGIN- 
IAN-PILOT would make politics 
and politicians responsible for 
Virginia Beach's pulling out of 
merger talks, or at least area- 
wide, cooperation talks between 
the fbur south Tidewater cities. 
Admittedly they have the final 
say, but their move was based 
upon the solid opposition front 
o1 letters and calls received 
from literally hundreds of cit- 
izens. A SUN SURVEY conducted 
two weeks ago reflected strong 
opposition also. 

We don't need merger. We 
don't need Norfolk's problems. 
But hopefully the Southeastern 
Virginia Regional Planning Dis- 
trict commission can make the 
type of studies it has already 

V begun and help greatly In effic- 
iency, economy and certainly 

.onore a r ea w i d e copperation. 
That Is and always has been the 
Virginia Beach aim. 

A Candidate Decision 

N The resignation of Russell 
BnQwn, candidoteforCity Coun- 
cil from Princeti Anne Bor- 
m0^ subject to the April De- 
mocratic Primary, from the 
city planning comm I ss ion comes 
ctt: a refreshing note being In- 
jected into what is bound to be 
d tough and hard-fought cam- 

His decision to resign after 
becoming a candidate certainly 
does remove any doubts about 
any decision he might have 

made as a member of that body. 
It keeps anyone from uslr^ his 
^#«a#t of voting against him 
while a candidate. 

There are two ottier candid- 
ates currently serving on that 
commission, the chairman, Ben 
Wroton, and Roy Alphln. Aiphln 
says he won't resign. Wroton 
has no comment. Nothing can 
legally force them to resign. 
The decision is entirely up to 
them. But it does bring up an 
interesting point. 

That Greenbriar Site 

The City Council decision 
to back the Greenbriar Farms 
. iite In Chesapeake for a four- 
city giant football stadium has 
much sound logic to its credit. 
The site Is larger than the 
Landsdqie site, and probably 
less costly in the long run, after 
all site improvements would be 
made. The proximity to the 
enlarged airport, already under 
much crossfire, makes the site 
nnore dubious. Lighting and 
parking, as well as access and 
a spaghetti network of roads, 
were all problems in Norfolk, 
cmd Virginia Beach Councilmen 
and city officials who toured 
the site could not get answers 
to these nagging questions. 

TN only good part about the 
Landsdale site was that Norfolk 
was already committed to a 
football stadium there to meet 
its own needs when the current 
Foreman Field contract ex- 
pires. The choice to turn it over 
to the Authority to build and 
rui was not really $0 magnan- 
imous as It was an economy 
move ctoslgned to get Norfolk 
mit of tf« .hole. 

If Chesapeake and Ports- 
moirth al«9 fewor the Gre«ibr lar 
i^e, OS Is tN indiaition. It 
will be interesting to see M^Mt 
fitorlolk does next, faced with 

the problem anyway. Meanwhile 
Virginia Beach has made the 
wise move, mostly based onthe 
future growth of the entire area. 
The Greenbriar site is an ex- 
cellent one, and we see 
a major stadium there soon, 
with or without Norfolk's active 


Votes 'Yes' 

I vote "yes" to the real 
estate developera donating ^ 
land because tbey are over- 
crowding tbe schools without 
worry^ one iota about where 
the tenants will be able to seod 
tbe children. At-the rate the 
apartments ^e going up, Vir- 
ginia ^each will be like New 
York City and our children will 
not get 'the upgraded education 
ttieynowget. If the develq;>er8 
had to make sure of the school, 
they wouldn't put up apartments 
helter-skelter, without regard 
to the homeowners (sii^le res- 
idence) and downgrade tbe area. 
Heaven knows where we will 
school the childrenintheapart- 
meids (LasUn apartments) now. 
There are enough apartments 
in that one area to have their 
own school. I only have cme 
son (2nd grade) in Alanfoa 
School, and the excellent school- 
ing he has already gotten Is 
amazing. I'd hate to see this 
quality education standard low- 
ered and go on split shifts 
because the builders only think 
of themselves and not as part 
of our community. 

Mrs. Helen Francis 

Suggests Fee 

Positive Approach Editor, Virginia beach sun 

Since the cost of Iwylng the 

Virginia Beach's head is out 
of the sand, and other areas 
should take notice and follow 

With Increased interest in 
doing something about the drug 
and drug abuse problem in this 
city,. City Council has appoint- 
ed a single committee, made up 
of concerned citizens, an off- 
icial arm of the city to study 
the matter and to work with all 
Interested groups toward a 
common goal. A c^ty official 
will serve with the committee. 

While other areas are just 
beginning to admit there is 
a problem at all and there 
definitely Is here and elsewhere, 
Virginia Beach is moving into 
filgh gear in doing sometfiing 
about It. The committee andthe 
city are both to be commended. 

land for a school site is minor 
irtten compared to the cost of 
of building the school, we would 
like to suggest that a devel(^r 
be required to pay to the dty a 
certain fee for each house or 
apartment built. This money 
(which the develc^rs can get 
l)ack by charging more for ihdr 
h(xises) would then be used to 
tmild the school to serve that 
area. Ja this way the older , 
residents of tbe city are not 
forced to pay higher taxes to 
build schools for our new 
Mr. and Mrs. Neal N. Brodt 

Lonsdale Problems 


Your Jan. 8, 1970 editorial 

concerning the proposed stad- 

i«m sites should be read l^ 

miAemuat letters. 1^ will 
be pobU^ed whA. possible. 
Eadi letter most be si^isd 
and Indote atkiress d fte 
writer. Liters ure Invited 

aiQr qpestkn. 

MaUetclitD: Etftor,VIB. 



some cf oujc\ supposedly pto- 
gr«sslve elected puidic of- 

HffS^ean little^ or no, con- 
slderatioo was givoi Qie pro- 
blems of the Laiffidale Circle 
site being located approximate- 
ly 1,000 feet to the ri^ of Oe 
extended oetAet Ibie, and 3/4 
(rf a mile on the final approach 
to tbe pnvosed runway fqiur 
right at Norfolk Airport. 

After ttie Tidewater Recreat- 
ion, and Stefdinm Au^rtty as- 
sumes owtrolofNorfblk's mis- 
take, what guarairtee will be 
given tqr Norfolk Port, and b- 
dustrlal Authority on complet- 
ion of airport e]q;»nsl(»thatttie > 
basdtall, and football stadiwns 
will K^ have to be relocated at 
considerable expense to the tax- 
payer, because ih^willbehaz- 
ai^ to aircraft ai^roachingthe 

Councilman Lawrence E. 
Marshall was quoted by ttieVlr- 
glola-Pilot on January I3th as 
saying "The stadium will never 
be a money-making venture." 
Wlqr^ tiiMi would Councilman 
Marshall and his \»)lleagues 
want to back a site ttat could 
cost the taxpayers of Virginia 
Beach and other TIdewstor 
cities milli(H)S of dollai^ a tew 
years in ^ future. 

I believe as a taqiayer In the 
hii^r Iffadcet, that real estate 
devetopers of apartments 
should be compelled to con- 
struct schools, or tbe city 
council refuse to issue permits 
for aiMurtment and townhouse 

This school system will 
bankri^ this area as it has 
other areas in the country. 
With even higher taxes, the 
Virginia Beach area will price 
iteelf out of the market for 
bring industry. 

Our urgent and inunediate 
need Is water, sewer, and roads 
in this order to have industry. 

In conclusion, these ra^s to 
riches builders should build 
schools themselves in ttese 
apartment complexes, or the 
city refuse building permits for 
the time being, as parents pay 
a small fee per child in pid)Uc 
schools. Let us build esse^ial 
water and sewer faciUttes, 

I see where Eastern Shore 

Virginia has (Gained a ^.5 

millicm imhistry. Are those 

taxes over ttiere nice ayod tow! 

Harry C. Sivlk, DDS 

Wants Stadium 


Repurding the Sun Sarvey 
question (» tbe four-city tooi- 
ball stadium study: EvenboUy 
a big-league faciUty will be 
constructed and I see noreascm 
why the City of Virginia Beach 
shouU nA be part of that pro- 
gr^ and eoatime to co<^nUe 
and lend its official eirttnisiastic 
siqfiort in furtter studies. 

ReputU^s of tte site select- 
ed for tki ^dium, a metro 
ma^ lo^ball fran(Alse would 
Wtm peo^ 1^0^ all nrtgl^ 
borl% commindtles. Hie geo- 

By H. Joseph Lpwentfial/Jr. 



gyaphlcs tft tirfr -arwmakar 
eadi dty dependent ontheodier 
in sonie way; culturally, e(^- 
omically, etc Only superficial 
boundty lines seperate tiie 
cities. As one city prospers so 
do the otters. Itere ou^tobe ^ 
&ome oonsideratkui of what a 
major foottwU.voDture can do 
for aU Tidewater. The tangible 
and iatangllde benefits of having 

major sports in our area Is 
fantastic. Hvquldbringnajtionttl 
piibUc^'TfV giamqiS), '»q8f ' 
ttie local econbmy witlkNit pol- 
lution, increase and balance 
emidoymeitf c^jportunlties. And 
for the many sports minded re- 
sUlente, tt will mean exciting, 
wholesome activities. 

Virginia is one of the lew 
states without a major league 
sports (^ration. The ectmo- 
mics of major prctfessional 
footbair today make it a necessi- 
ty that you have a capacity of 
30,000 4d 50,000 to (qwrate 
successfully. With a four-city 
endorsem^, po^Uve l^er- 
shlp and active support, a big 
league sports attraction in this 
area should easily exceed thai 
figure. ^ 

^rts is an essential part of 
our environment and is an ex- 
cellent vehicle for doing fbiagi 
for peqple. It creates commun- 
ity pride, would enrich the lives 
of mai^, serves as a unifying 
force, would (to some extrat) 
help in curbing drug abuse and 
could be a shot in the arm for 
todustry hunters. 
Haiik Pezzella 

Editor's Note:. The above' 
letter was received in answer to 
the SUN SURVEY question of 
two weeks ago, but too late for 
publication last week. 

Orte More 'Yes' 

The enclosed vote (see SUN 
•SURVEY, p. 1) represents four 
42th grade government classes 
at Bayside High Schdol. The 
subject of population increase 
wiUi its concomitant demand 
on city services I^ been dis- 
cussed in our classrooms. The 
questton of the optimum nunflwr 
ot peofde th^ cam live in a 
given area for file iHa^mum 
benefit of all has also beoi 
discussed. The primary con- 
cern of ttie students is not 
schods, which is a natural 
reactl<» of most ^d«ite, biA 
for the lack of adequate parks 
and recreational facilities, and 
the loss of "free space"^ whid^ 
seems to disa^^ear as VirgiMa 
Beach becomes more like a city 
Witt "touses ai»i streets row 
on row." 

My own vote is not included 
in tte total. You can suki one 
more YES for me, however. 
Among the reasois lamfortUs 
is that it forces planning m 
the school (and hc^efolly parks) 
issue at an early stage, b^cnre 
the houses are tallt wUdi will 
house tile people that will re- 
quire sdu»]s awl need recrea- 
ttonl space. O^rwise, I am 
afraid we put our b^ids in the 


llie receitf announceme^ tiat a «>uple (tf oatfoaiUy affiliated 
credit cards may be imed for full or partW payiM^ ctf 4a^ra» 
tax this spriagls just downright frii^teilBg. /'t ^ 

NO longer cam we &^^im H) th» pl^re ofttMWorrted 
texpayer at deadline time frai^calty frying to flgw« ^ n^ffn 
th^ mon^ Is p>lng to come from. Now we see a caln^ cM^^ose^o 
uidiarrted tesqpay^r writii* his crwttt caffd number on the form- 
al^ sending it In. 

Of oMirse we don't see toal worried look a iwwft or so l^er t 
when he ponders the 19 per cent Intotest he's paying, and |iifc, 
fraotic efforts to find money to pay Oe iBSti^nmits. itwiv*^ 
don't sk, becaisewe live <» credit, and are used to it. 

■ Economiste tell us how i^- 
port^t it is to keep our credit 
gobd, because that's theohly 
way we can improve our sbttfoti 
in life. Times have rea'lljr 
dianged. L^s ttian 25 yefirs 
ago, oidy the rich cdukl '^el; 
credit. The rest of us |Nl<to 
have ca^.to improve oui^ sta- 
tion in llffel ' :,j 

I have been on my sc^yibox about tills for a Imig time, H, 
betwisen charging thin^ on my pocketful of credit cards. U; 
there's one that we don't have, my wife hasn't heard <rf It yet^ 

Then the other day I had my faith renewed In the "syitMn'', 
I sent out a couple of rugs to get cleaned. I asked on the uwhe 
to know the exact amount In advance so 1 could iMive a chf<w all 
written out. i ^ 

"We don't take checks," salld the clerk, 

"Why not?'? I asked. 

"Because we got too many bad onesand had to go iq> 9n our, 
prices," said the- honestclerk. ,. i' ,l'-h 

"Okay," I said. "What charge cards do you acc^v I have alT 
of them," ^ I . r 

"None," she saidi " t 

"I know I'm going to regret this," I said, "Bot,iirhynot?"| 

"Because then we'd have to pay a percentage to get our money ' 
right away, and we'd have to go up on our prices." she said 
again, honestly. 

"You do accept ciash, don't you?" I asked. 

"That's the only way to fly," she said, or something Iflcejithat. { 

or course it took me three hours to raise that $8.6ain:<^> 
tnit (he rugs are clean anyway. , , V f 

Funny thing about credit is that you have to have credit to 
get credit, sort of like needing experience at a given job to get i 
a job. And so it behooves us to buy on credit, and to hnprer > 
over and over again all those emliarassing questions qu uiose ; 
credit ai^icatton forms. 

What do they really need to know who my nearest living 
relative is for? My father isn't going to pay my bills if I dwi't. 
He!lL5xea£jie-^er even heard ol me. : wf 

Once a long time ago - that's in early married life and before 
c^bren-- 1 tried toi»y cashlbr^wash«'^dryerataiarfe^ 
store that shall remain nameless. Tbe cterk turned white, Stopf^ 
wri Uiig Uwr tfdtet and^ went for his supervisor. Thesuper^sw 
sent for hl£$ dq>artment manager, who called the store detective 
I think, to check out the bills. -, . a i 

Then they all went into a huddle, decided the mmiey and I fere 
both gamine, Ixit I think tiiey ran a (^leck on my fingerprints 
through the FBI just to make sure I wasn't a convicted feloif or 
hadn't hist r(d)l>ed a bank in town. 

All that took about an hour and a crowd gathered to.see whatwas 
going on. A loud cheer went vp firom ttiem wboi the maotfj^ o^ 
th^'Stot'6;whDiia8 b^ dm^j^milsanemooh tap, amnuncfd. 

They, all left^ and orlgl^d cleri sfiU^Si^eiH peiplextMC 
nottced' he kefif sfauffliiq; from ibot to fbot. ' ' 

"What's wrong now?" I asked. , 

"I dont know how to write a <ash ticket," he confided, as he 
called the supervisor again. That ^ash washer and dryer took 
nearly two hours to buy with good old green. 

Then I went jjHistairs and bought a color TV on my credit card 
I hadn't used hi two years. That took eight seconds. 

C 'est la installment plan. 






Iy W. A. UifiH, 

Some of our "new left" sfreet peqile would have us believe 
that our country, or Uie "establishment", as they liketp eaU 
it, is for Uie birds. While these "now" people dcm't often^come 
ri^t out and say that Russia is good and Anwrtea Is bad|,th^ 
imidy that if we pull down our system of government we could 
have somethii^ tetter. Since many of this revolutionary .proup 
profe^ to bebig communist, no doubt they have a late iK>rse 
than death in mind for us-communIsm! , 

It just so havens Qiat a new study has just been oot^jiieted 
by Keith Bush, an economic analjnst for Radio Liberty, a private' 
organization that broadcasts news to Russia. 

hi spite of what Nikita Khrushchev predicted in 19&l^jt^ 
by 1970 Soviet workers would be producing more per ind^^dnalr 
than ttie U.S.A., communism still can't hold a candle loowr. 
system of economy. , -c: 

For ttie benefit of our new left that seems to be short aa^anAs, 
and l(nig on slogans, tUs new survey shows that the average* 
Soviet family still is a tong, long way from lieing anyi^i^e 
near as well off as the avera^ U.JS, worker. 

As examples: the average Soviet faunily impends about 50 
per cent of ltd Ixidget on food vs. 17 per cent for the average^ 
UJ^^ fatqjlly. Furtiiermore, the Russian diet has a larger, 
propoiticm of starchy staples sudi as toead and pot^es. 

hi 1957, iOirushchev said that within a year Russia would 
catch up with us in per «4>ita output of milk and butter^-W^ll, 
after 12 ye^s, a Russian must work almost five tim« as ^ng 
as an American for a quart of milk and more Uian eight times 
for a powid of butter, and almost nine .times for a doMUjefSi* 

To pay for a small car, the Russian mi^ save all^ his 
earnii^ for two years and eight monttis. Thatis eig^ tim^ the 
number of working hours lOr the UjS. worker. Ev^ tiien, a 
Russian iiMJst wait at least three y@irs for delivery tf a i^* 

In the UjS., a 23 inch TV requfres abo^ 57 working hqim . 
to buy while a Russian must work 695 touis for a s^ of fe» 
quality. A bar of soap in ttie U^. takes cnly aboitf two m^uilieip 
ol work tine to ^ bat 25 ijiinu^ for a Riti^lan. 

A washing iwCehbe tak«s aloitf 53 boars of wcsk 
the UJS.A. and 204 hcmrs In Riosia. A sttall i^^^erat^^ 
only 32 hours, in ova country and 343 inRuKla. A^poi^v^ 
new potatoes in the U^. takes oidy two ndnttes but Jta R^|^ 
it tek^4ine minutes d woit time. : ' . * %r 

To sum \tp the survey, in April of 1969, after all deductions, I 
the average worker In Russia has a teke hoo» pay dtllfM 
per mohtti and the poor average American mrter takes home .< 
$460.09. ' i 

Somebo^ is trying to sell us a bill of goods, I dcHit msA to ^ 
caU any names but if ttxee people tottie sfreet cftttt i^ telling f 
tte American people how teui they lave it and how in:^ b^er ? 
it couM all be under mmt other s^tem of eovQnMnent.»they3 
better come i^JVtti^ffie ffilt to piwmtt. - V 

Om "fl«A" is a (torn id^t better ^tn tofr *'flodi".*^ j 
day (tf Ihe wedc At last m ^ tkk mt "ftodc" Md &mi 
eladk» tf ne tt^^ve ^em/tkkkhmitiaSti^ tte va«Ms. * 
Under oofiimunlstti ttie i^«fs|tet kftve *n^^. 



Thursday, Jgnugry g2, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 



P & M Corp. Reports Net Bank Offers 

Tax Service 


Flri* &• Mterohants c 
oration, Rldiinond, Va. naff re- 
port^ mt income for 1969 be- 
fore seeuri^ gi^» mp leeses 
fore securities gains or losses 
of = $7j270,707 as compared to 
$8,^70,047 reported in 1968 \if 
tte Corporation's primary si^ 
•Wary, Ffi:^ £ Merdudita 
Ni^nal Bank. On a per share 
iM^b tile 1969 earnings are $3.98 compared to 
$3.40 in 1968. 

I Net. income after securities 
galo;^ or losses totalled 
$7,98^517 in 1969 and $4,636,571 
in 1968, or $3.99 and $2.51 per 
stiare respectively. The 1969 
fflgnre includes $16,810 of profits 
on bond transactions while the 
1968 resultsjire after $1,633,476 
oflKKM Id^es, both figures be- 
ing o^ of taxes. 

Thii figures for 1968 have been 
rest&ted to conform to new 
accounting requirements for 
1969. The major change is that 
a provision for loan losses, 
relatinj; loan loss eiqperience 
for the past five years to cur- 

=;^~Tlilr«Jlamn of quistlMis and 
Answers <mi Federal tax mat- 

— -ters Is provided by the local 

^-«iace of the U^_5. Memal 
eierService and is pid»- 
Ushed as a public service to 

'""taxpayers. The column answers 
qoesttbns most frequently ask- 
ed by tasQiayers. 

Puestionr If I file my 1969 

f^ return by the end of January, 

can' I forget s^t the fourth 

ios^BLnment of my estimated 

AnsK^r: You do not need to 
make a Jan. iS estimated pay- 
ment if yon file your 1969 
return by Feb. 2 (Jan. 31 is a 
Saturday), and pay any balance 
—due at. that time. But don't 
^^^rget that i970 declarations 
must be filed by April 15. 
Question: I have to pay So- 
cial Security tax for a clean- 
ing "woman t hired this Fall. 

What is file deadline? 

Answer: The next quarterly 
return on Form 942 and pay- 
^i^ent are due Feb. 2 for the 
calendar quarter ending Dec. 
31, 1969, if you paid her $50 
or more in wages during the 
quarter. Also, due by Feb. 2 
is a s^tement to her coverinjg 
tiie' total amount of wages paid 
and Social Security tax^ with- 
held during 1969. This state- 
ment should show your name 
and address as employer, her 
name, address and Social Se- 
curity number, the total amount 
ai wiges paid, the total amount 
withheld for Social Security 
t^. ,T^e statement should also 
indiqate tha^ the employee's 
tax of 4.8 percent includes .6 
percent to finance the cost of 
Hdsiiltal insurance Benefits and 
4*2 percent for old-age, sur- 
vivors and disability insurance. 
For your convenience, IRS has 
a form you can use to provide 
this information to household 
employees. Copies may be ob- 
tained by senUng a post card 
to ymir Diste-ict Director, In- 
ternal t Revehue ^rvice, 400 
North rith Street, Richmond, 
Va. 2S240, and asking for 
Form SS- 14. 

Question: When should I be 
gflttl^ my W-2 st^ement? 

Answer: The law requires 
employees to Issue withholding 
statements by Jan. 31 (Feb. 2 
this ym because the 3lst is 
<Hi a Sflfurday). Most companies 
try tof Issue them as sam as 
possible after Jvi. 1 so their 
empl<^ees may file tax returns 

rent loan volume, is now in- 
cluded as aa^peratlng expense 
rather than as a non-operating 
deduction. Under previous re- 
porting procedure, per share 
earning before security gains 
and losses would have been 24 
cents hi^er in 1969 and 16 cents 
in 1968. 

Assuming 100 per cent con- 
version of a $20 million issue 
of convertible debentures sold 
last year into capital stock as 
of Dec. 9, income before sec- 
urities gains or losses would 
be $3.93 per share and Income 
after gaiuB or losses would be 
$3.94 per share. 

The Corporation reported 
total deposits of $650,924,613 
at year end 1969, down from 
$692,030,852 in 1968. Total as- 
sets rose to $785,222,627 from 
$774,425,929 one year prior 
and total loans at the end of 
1969 were $448,459,599 com- 
pared to $448,649,532 in 1968. 

Is Checked 
This Month 

The monthly 'survey of em- 
ployment and unemployment 
conducted by the Bure»i of ttie 
Census will be made in this 
area during the week of Jan. 
' 18, according to JosephH. Nor- 
wood, director of the Bureau's 
regional office in Charlotte. 

Households to be interviewed 
here are part of a scientifically 
designed sample of the U.S. 
popdafion. The survey statis- 
tics are collected for the Buriran^ 
of Labor Statistics of the U,S. 
Departnieift of Labor to furn- 
ish a basic measure of Qie 
Nation's economic health. 

^formation collected in Bur- 
eau surveys can be used only 
to determine statistical totals, 
and facts about each person and 
family are kept completely con- 
fidenfial by law. 
, i^rvieweni ,|if|»p will visi^t 
tiie s^a^^ tioiis^iiold^ in tbi& 
area includei Mrs. Audrey L. 
liayden of Virgihia Beach. 

A Record 



The Veterans Administration 
announced recently a record 
nuQiber <^veteransaixl ser- 
vicemen ajre now in training 
programs imder the newest GI 

An even larger enrollment is 
expected next month when many 
schools begin their second sem- 

W. H. HlghfiU, Jr., acting 
manager of the Roanoke VA 
Regional Office, said (hat as of 
Nov. 30, there were more than 
736,000 participants in train- 
ing programs of all types. This 
includes trainees in programs 
at the coUe^ level, below coll- 
ege level, and on-the-job train- 

According to Hi^ifill, Nov- 
ember's enrollment figure re- 
presents an increase of 36 per 
cent over the same period last-* 
year i^en esibllees totaled 
542,000. ^ ^ 

So far,l,551,000 trainees live 

taken advantage of educaUonal 
benefits provided under the lat- 
est GI Bill since it went into 
effect June 1, 1966. 

A bce^riowft ot trataeec by 
categories Includes 65,000 pur- 
suing on-the-job traMng 239, 
000 in programs below college 
level, and 432,000 in programs 
at the college level. 

The VA official added that the 
incr»sed participation in train 
Ing pr(^;rams can be attributed 
In ^ to the agency's con- 
tiroing "Total Outreach" pro- 

M. Lee Payne, president of 
United Virginia Bank/Seaboard 
National, announced that begin- 
ning last Monday, United Vir- 
ginia Bank/ Seaboard National 
will offer a new tax-filing ser- 
vice for its customers who for- 
merly used the lb40A or "short 
form" for their tax returns. 
The Computer Tax Service is 
designed to aid those persons 
with fairly simple tax returns 
who will now be required by 
tax reforms to fill out at least 
the. front portion of the new 
1040 form. -> 

Taxpayers desiring this ser- 
vice need only fill out a simple 
questionnaire available at any 
office of United Virginia Bank/ 
Seaboard Nafional. The infor- 
mation is transcribed onto a 
computer iv^ sheet and the 
computer prints out complete 
state and federal tax returns 
which the customer then sends 
in to IRS. The cost of the ser- 
vice will be $10. 

New Office Announced 

Joe Hawa, Christmas Tree Project chairman, and Mrs.Joyner are 
shown equipment by General Hospital Administrator Earl Willis. 
Theequipm ent i s Simla rJoJ^hat pu r cMS-edwitk the Jay cee do natiM.„ 

In a major expansiw move, 
WheiU Si Co., Inc., member 
firm of the New York Stock 
Exchange and the American 
Stock Exchaj^, today moved 
into the UH)er floor of fiie ultra- 
modern Wheat Building at 3 
Main Plaza, East, between 
Plaza 1 and the Plume Lane 
Building. The announcement 
was made by Lawrence B. 
Wales, Jr., vice-pr^ident. 

The new building serves as 
headquarters for Whes^ &Co.'s 
eastern district under Wales, 
and is the location of the firm's 
Norfolk office under Alfred L. 
Wood, vice-president. 

In announcing ttie move, 
Wales noted that it was an 
additional step in the over-all 
expansion plans of Wheat & Co. 
throughout its thre^-state trad- 
ing area. Wittiin the last 14 
months, the firm has establish- 
ed two new branches in Vir- 
ginia, acquired two in the Sts^e 
and two more in West Virginia, 
opened a cashier's and clearing 
facilitv at 120 Wall Street in 

New York, and moniSmaOMf 
<^c«s into new or «qitaM 

Th^ new qauUn provide 
more ^an tteee tlmMi tlieflocMr 
space fra-Dierly occqpied bsrlbe 
firm at 15 S^«iAread^Wtks 
said. They are completely 
equipped wlfii ttie l^«rt ^c^ 
tronlc stock price rept^ttae 
e(pi^m«it, and new cOUxtsan' 
ishlngs and accesMrlss. ft Is 
one of the largest Investanent 
offices in the Tidewater area. 


Tree Sales Benefit Hospital 

Green grew more greai for 
the Virginia Beach Jaycees and 
General Hosptial this year. 
Christmas tree sales netted 
$1,085, all of which the Jaycees 
donated to General Hospital for 
new equipment. 

on band for the presentation. 
The money will buy for the 
hospital two machines useful 
in treating respiratory ail- 
ments. One is an electronic 
nebulizer which aids in getting 
a medicated mist deep into the 

United Virginia Bank/Sea- jjonor of the late Gene Joyner, 
board National, along with the ^nd active Jaycee iand vice- 
other member banks of United president on the Hospital Board 
Virginia Bankshares Incorpor- of Directors. 

The check was presented in ' patients' lungs. 

The other is an intermittent 

ated, will be the first commer- 
cial bank in Virginia to offer 
this service to its customers. 
The Computer Tax Service will 
be available until AprU 3, 1970. 
This cut,-off date is necessary 
in order to insure returns being 
received by the customer for 

, Earl Willis, administrator of 
the General Hosptial acceded 
the check from Joe Hawa, (*alr- 
man of the Christmas Tree 
Project. William L. Shepheard, 
Jaycee president. William Bab- 
cock and Mrs. Joyner were also 

positive pressure breathing 
machine to assist ithe patient in 
breatidng or brea^e_for him if 

Both pieces of equipment are 
due in the hospital before th^ 
end of the month. 

The Jaycees are also cele- 
brating Jaycee Week, Founder's 
Day and 50th Anniversary as 

mafilngtoIRSbyAprU15,1970. J^^^^^^ ^068 tO ArUhtt 


stated in a proclamation made 
by May^r Frank Dusch. The 
proclamation honored the Jay- 
cees and the work they are 

On Tuesr Jairr27;thrJaycees 
will do their own honoring when 
they present tfieir award for the, 

outstanding young man in Vir- 
ginia Beach. 

That date will also be Boss- 
es Night with a sjpecial pre- 
-sentation in connection with the 
POW/MIA proCTam. 

BBB Elects 
Denyes Pres. 

Social Security beneficiaries 
need not apply for the 15 percent 
benefit increase just signed into 
law l^ President Nixon. 

"Every one of the 25 million 
men, women, and children now 
on the benefit rolls will receive 
the increase automatically," 
Robert M. Bany Commlaiiioner 
of Social Security, i^today.^ 

"The first regular check in 
the new amount," Commiss- 
ioner Ball said, "will arrive 
AfrirU 3, the usual day for de- 
livery of benefit checks cov- 
ering payments for the month 
of March." A seperate check in 
the, amount of the benefit in- 
crease for the months of Jan- 
uary and February will reach 
beneficiaries later in April, 
probably during , the week of 
April 20. - 

Refigurlng the benefit a- 
mounts of the 25 million men, 
women, and children now on 
the benefit rolls Is a tremend- 
ous task. Commissioner Ball 
pointed out, and it must be done 
without disrupting the regular 
benefit payment cycle. 

About one out of every ei^it 
Americans is now receiving a 
social security check each 
month. Commissioner Ball said. 
As of the. end of. December, 
these monthly payments totaled 
$2.2 billion and the monthly 
total will go up by $345 mil- 
lion to more Hian $2.5 billion 
as the 15 percent benefit in- 
crease becomes effective. 

The average Retirement ben- 
efit of $100 a month will rise 
to $116 per month; a couple 
65 or older receiving the^ av- 
erage couple's benefit of $170, 
will have their beneifi increased 
to $196- 

A Virginia Beach man, fore that he was employed 1^ 
Thomas Lewis Johnson, Jr., Virginia Chemicals, Inc., in 

has been named, assistant mansf::' -Portemeu^ tmd^anadai 

ager of Aruba Chemical Indust- 
ries ammonia plant In Oran- 
jestad, Aruba. . , -^ 

Johnson has worked for the 

company, a subsidary of W. R. 

A I95y graduate of the Unl 
versity of Virginia and a grad- 
uate of Grainby High, Johnson 
is married to the former Betty 
Anne White of Norfolk. His 

Grace and Co., for five years ^ts live in Birdneck i>oint. 
in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Be- "^ 

Moore^s Receives Award 

John Greene, manager of the 
^qqte'sMreliX ftO S. LVnp 
Slibre- Dr. 'in tlrginia' Beach 
recently received ah award 
from Wayne C.Klopp, president 
of the Moore's building supply 
chain, for outstanding sales of 
wall paneling. 

Greene spent three dayl at 
Moore's headquarters in 
Roanoke, Va., where a 1970 
plans and new products session 

Heyward T. Denyes, senior 
vice president of The Bank of 
Virginia, was elected presldeSit 
of the Tidewater Better Busin- 
ess Bureau today by the Board 
of Directors at^ meeting held 
at the Dobbs House Restaurant, 
Lake Wright Motor Hotel. 
. Other officers elected were 
W. Howard Jernlgan, 1st vice 
president; Elwood L.Boyce,Jr.. 
2nd vice president; H. L. 
Treasurer. ' 

On United 


Pagsenger boardings Jit 
United Air Lines at Norfolk 
Regional Airport Increased 15 
per cent during December. 

C. S. Plumb, sales manager, 
said the airline had 23,920 rev- 
enue passengers compared to 
20,890 in the same month of last 
year, r — — 

Mail on and off was 368,207 
pounds, up 25 per cent; express 
on and off was 69,387 pounds, 
down 41 per cent; freight on 
and off was 538,000 pounds, 
up 10 per cent; and first class 
mall on and off «(^ 261,219 
pounds, up 18 per ceHtv% 

was conducted for Moore's store Denyes succeeds Lee E. ..w .^ 
mamgi^l^ ^s - - ^U^iis of Aldrldg^ Jtoid'' f;^ 
Moof^lS^l^stlbslcttary of chambers, outgoing president.' dtill 
Evans Products Company of Directors elected at the Bur- 
Portland, Ore., a diversified eau's annual meeting for three- 
manufacturer and distributor year terms were: Charles A. 
of buildlngproducts, residential Forbes, Jr., 0. Vincent Glllkin, 
and comhiercial structures, Irvine B. Hill, Richard May- 
automotive equipment, damage field, Walter McTague, Frank 
prevention devices for trucks W. Myers ai^l Walter Royal, 
and railcars and foundry Richard B.Keeley was elect- 
products, ed to serve a two-year term. 

To Be on Panel 

R. "TSMramTTraylbr"^ Fuel 
Feed Plaza Home Center, Prin- 
cess Anne Plaza, will be attend- 
ing the sixth annual Hardware 
Convention in Charlottesville. 
Taylor will take part in the 
meeting by being a member of 
3« panel of hardware dealers who 
will tell their plans for the '70's. 


First & Merchants Natkaal 
Bank recently became Vbit first 
Virginia bank to annooDce a 
Matching Gifts Program to 
financially aid seeoodary 
schools and colleges Iqr dB|p- 
Heating the gifts of ili em- 

In expUdoing ttie Matdilag 
Gifts Program, Robert L. 
Gordon, Jr., chairman of ^ 
board of First k Me^dtaotB, 
stated fiiat, "Essentially tbS 
First ti Merchants FooodatloB 
wiU match the gilts o< FliM 
staff members to recagnlnwl 
secondary schools and c^eges 
on a dollar for dollar basis," 
He^ added that the IfatdilDg 
Gifts Program "Broadens ttw 
base of financial stqiport to 
education and provides mire- 
stricted dollars for <me by flM 

The program was estabUrimd 
by First & Merchants wltli ttie 
assistance of fite Amertean 
Alumni Council and is patterned 
after the original concept deval- 
(^ped by the Goieral Electric 
Corporation In 1954. 

Gordon pointed (mtthat, "Tbe 
First & Merchants empkqree in 
making contributions to an 
annual amount of $500 #111 vA- 
ually be directing up to $1,000 
to the secondary sd^ or 
college of liis choice.** 'mougb 
primarily establlsKed to pro- 
vide unrestrlctedftmdSytteidan 
will, however, allow staff mem- 
bers to designate tliat ttieir 
gifts ]9e used in building, oper- 
ations, or endowment fWte, 

The benefit to colleges of si^ 
programs has beoi quits 
evident. One Vlrgfada college 
has r^;K)rted an Increast of 
over 1000% in Matching aits 
90Btflb!^bm .In a ten*]n«E^ 

Tifi Pribram at Firsts Ito- 


A A v«l tt> aH Pl^'fli^ cMiotl'ii^edlfe immedldity 
AQVancea l^iass ^^ maiom gifts wlU be 

paid at the end (tf calendar 

Stephen H. Johnson of Yjr- 
ginia Beach recently attended 
an advanced course for local 
agents of the State Farm Mutual 
Automobile Insurance Co. at the 
company's Eastern Office in 


First & Merchants Nitftona 
Bank is headquartered In Ridi- 
mond, Virginia and has 56 
offices in 19 Virginia cities 
and communities. 

Greene (left) receives award from Klopp. 



• T • 

Investment Service 

Discuss your portfcHio'with a Wheat & Co. re- 
presentative, and you will receive opinions 
of a well-trained person selected for his ap- 
titude, education and business experience. 
Supported by Wheat «.' Co.'s comiM^ehensive 
Jnye^ment banking service andlfrokerage 
■faillitlfs, he can serve you with a high de- 
gree of competence. Give him a caU. 

Wheat & Casino. 

MMWH f«w vow tnxii fiKNM«i.«MMcw stoa neuACi 


Oh For Buiinen, Off Far Pkauut 

Phone: John Balrtzki 340-3983 


GEO. FERRELL— 428-2401 




■lillltlillllll»itli»t»Oli» ' *li»l»>lii*»»*'*'»»»"''*'"""*^ 




Thursday, January 22, 1970 


S> . .....T " "'" t.ti.a.»M«»t.a t« i tAA M .Mi «fii*«ttHitr tA*A> »MttfiiifiHM»fltff 


Teacher comes to students Psychedelic People + progress-, pollution^ 


By Tammy Studebaker 

Mrs. Stan Garfln helps stu- 
sUgr in sclwol. She is 
one of many local teachers 
{Murtid^i^ in Homebound, a 
project to take the classroom 
to stwtents vlio can not come 
to class. 

Homebound students are 
those, both elementary and high 
sciiool, irtio will be away from 
sctool an anticUiated minimum 
of 20 ^ys or more. The cause 
may be eiUier pAtysical. or 
meitfal but a physician must 
fill out the medical forms. This 
category includies pregnant 

A stiidents regular teacher 
is ohen his homebouml teacher 
aiter normal class hours. If 
dte regular tocher can not do 
the home program a substitute 
works with tfte student and ke^ 
in doE» touch with the regular 

HfiST^arfin is not regularly 
under contract to the school 
system as a fnll-time teacher. 
She prefers working withLJn- 
dividial students and is curr- 
€^y working with two home- 
b<Hind students, one in Virginia 
fieach and one in Chesaqp^e. 
forty-two students are in Uie 
tbtial Virgbda Beach program. 

But she does devote 20 hours 
a week to each of her studente. 
Those hours are iJ 

ferent stdsjects-the same as 
, »rmal class. But ^|wfvi^^ 
a pr<^lem for a single 'teacher. 
'*It is virtually impossible to 
find sometnie prepared in all 
«rt^ects»''shesal^,,^^ ._ 

Mrs. Garfinbas her education 
degree trom the University of 
Iowa and has taught remedial 
classes at Norfolk State. 

From her conversation she 
sounds like a good psychologist, 
too. "The students are afraid 
at first. They have so many 
mental adjustments to make, 
being away from their friends 
and all. The Homebound pro- 
gram keeps their minds off what 
they are suffering or recover- 
ing from." 

Plus^the &ct that they have 
to study. Mrs. Garfln gives 
her share of homework as well 
ab pades and tests. 

Mrs. Garfln feels one of the 
most valuable services she of- 
^rs her students is an (^loi 
mind as well as an open ear. 
"I try to sense what Jhey need 
ratst and listen to their prob- 
lems, tt Is easy to tell from 
their work when they are 

"We can't approach acade- 
mics in the same way as school. 
We' don't have the f^ilities 

Homebound student Bob Megna of Lord Dunsmore Street doesn't 
get a chance to forget how to take a test. Mrs. Garfin keeps him 
busy. ---——-. ;--^.--^,-.. ._.^ _ • •. 

Mrs. Garfin feels her great- 
est problem is not getting too 
involved. "Sometimes I have 
to remember fiiat not too much 
can be done." 

and the concentration is differ- 
ent. My methods must be un- 
conventional and much more 
liberal than in the classroom. 
Sometimes we just talk because 
I have found being a friend is 
just as important as teaching." 

Mrs. Garfln has also been 

„_ and teacher to msn^ 

pre^iibt girls in the prograj|. 
So^^mes they come to t^ 
ilm^l class because it givite 
them a chance to get out into 
the world. 

"^ She Talia about' the girls as 
if they were her own. "Once 
tiiey've admitted to the prob- 
lem I'm amazed how well they 
cope with it. 

"They develop a maturity you 
wouldn't expect. Of course, they 
don't all decide to do the same 
things Some give up their babies 
and some keep them. They real- 
ize the added responsibility as 
well as the fact that they cannot 
get a job without an education." 

Mrs. Garfin tries to help 
the^ girls with the practical life 
they will be leading. Sometimes 
she teaches budgeting and in- 

And she listens to their hopes 
and regrets. "Most are waiting 
for their parents recognition 
and love. They usually feel they 
have made one mistake and they 
don't want to make another. 
The adjustment is punishment 

Mrs. Garfin feels most of the 
girls ar& not well enough pre- 
pared for the frankness of to- 
day's world. Many of them said 
they had had no sex education 
at iiome and almost all express- 
ed the wish that the schools 

would offer sex education. ~^^ 

"They were not prepared for 
the male argument." Mrs Gar- 
fln said, "They felt they had to 
comply with their, boyfriends 
wishes or they would lose him. 
They did not know the physical 
or the psychological realities 
otsexi*^" > ■ . • ■' 

But she is also certain ctf her 
greatest contribotiMi. "I'm 
helidng kids ftom becoming 
dropouts and that is a very 
fumiUhg Job." 

trash cms 
are plonned 

The anti-letter committee of 
Virginia Beach Council of Gar- 
den Clubs Inc. is sponsoring a 
campaign to clean up part of the 

Thirty-four merchants in the 
area of 31st and 32nd Streets 
have each donated $10 to pur- 
chase trash cans. The cans, 
which have a curved tcq) topre- 
y«at tra;^ from blondng <9ut, 
will be provided 1^ the city at 

Each can wiU be painted with 
a psychedelic design to make 
it more attractive and notice- 

(te Feb. 28 the committee 
plans a Idg clean up day com- 
plete Witt band and suria-ise 
corooatitm. They h<q)e to at- 
tract both yotrtb and adults to 
help clean up that part of the 

Elks Auxiliary 
to see fashions 

The Ladies AnxlUary of Vir- 
ginia Beach Lodge 2268 B.F.O. 
Elks will sponsor a Beeline 
FashloD Stm Monday, Jan. 26 
at 8 p.m.'^iit tiie Loi!^ home 

Quiet garden described 

All. llTes of Elks are In- 
vited. Tliere will be noadmifB- 
ion charge. 

Richard Branich, Supervisor 
3f Maintenance for the Parks 
an^ Recreation Department, 
was guest si^aker at the meet- 
ing of the Virginia Beach Council 
of Gardoi Clubs Inc., at Thalia 
Methodist Church. 

He told of plans tp use a 
portion of Redwing Park as a 
Quiet Garden for planting of 
flowers and shrubs. Men from 
his division would do the actual 
planting and caring for the park 
if the separate Garden clubs 
would donate seed, shrubs and 
even small treees for the pro- ' 
ject. No money will be donated. 

The quiet park would be limit- 
ed to walkers - no bikes. Bran- 
ich also suggested putting in 
braille plaques for those blind 
people who might want to "see" 
the flowers. 

The Council last fall adopted 
project of establishing a wild 
flower garden for the preser- 
vation of wild flowers lutitre 
to Virginia. The Parks and Re- 
creation Department was con- 
sulted, and an area near the 
entrance to Redwing Park was 
offered. The area wafr already 

being clrared by the Parks and 
Recreati(» Department at ttie 
time for a so-called "Quiet 
Garden" for use 1^ tiie Goldoa 
Age Clubs and others ndio dUd 
hot wish to be disturbed t^ 

There will be picnic tables 
and trails. WUdflowers will be 
labeled along tibe paths. 

Cavalier Circle 
to help squad 

The Cavalier Circle of ttie 
Kings Daui^ers is planning 
to presoit a $100 contributton 
to Oie Virginia Beach Rescue 
Squad. Itie prraentatifm will 
be made ttirough City Coondl. 

Classes to register 

The Department of Parks and 
Recreation will hold registra- 
tion at the Hospitality House 
on iSth and Arctic Ave. for 
the following adult and teeo 

Adult classes for Monday will 
be Bishop I, 10-12 a.m. On 
Tuesday, Decoupage, 10-12 
a.m.: Party Foods, 10-12 a.m.: 
Interior Decorating, 7:30-9:30 
p.m. will be offered. Home 
Decor^ing Crafts, 10-12 a.m., 
and Tole Painting 10-12 a.m. 
are scheduled for Wednesday. 

Classes for both adults and 
teens will be the foUowiog: 
Monday, Parlimentary Proce- 
dures, 7:30-9:30 p.m.; Tuesday, 
Chess, 7:30-9:30 p.m. and Red 
Cros,s Standard First Aid 
Course, 7:30-9*^0 p.mi; Thurs- 

day, Modern Jazz, 4-6 

Classes for b(^ adults and 
teens will be the fbllowing: 
Monday, Parlimentary Proce- 
dures and Modem Dance, 7:30- 
IMO p.m.; Tuesday, Chess, 
7:30-9:30 p.m. and Red Cross 
Stuidard First Aid Course, 
7:30-9:30 p.m.; Thursday, Mod- 
em Jazz, 4-6 p.m. 

Available teen classes will 
be: Tu^day, Bridge, 4-6 p.m.; 
Wednesday, Oil Painting, 4^ 
p.m.; Thursday, Pop Art, 4-6 

Registr^ion will be taken the 
week of Jan. 26 between file 
hours of 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
and 7 to 10 p.m. For furdier 
information call the Hospitality 

Stratford luncheon is today 

Stratford College alumnae 
from the Norfolk and Virginia 
Beach area will have an op- 
portunity to get together for a 
luncheon sponsored by fihe Stni' 
ford Alunmae Aasociatim op 
Thursday, Jan. 22 ^ Princess 
Anne Country Club. 

A social hour at 12:30 p.m. 
will be followed by a 1 p.m. 

Special guests from the col- 
lege will be Pres. W. Hugh 
Moomaw and Mre. Moomaw; 
^ Miss Sarah Huirtley, alumiae 
director; Miss Marion Johnson, 
director of annual funds; and 
Miss Nancy Welton,admissi(ns 

Southern Association of Col- 
leges and Schools. Latest dev- 
elopments in Stratford's a- 
eademie i»t)gram will be dis- 
cussed luriefly 1^ Dr. Moomaw. 



plan buffet 

Mrs. E, W. Learnard, president of Cape Henry Woman's Club, 
presents a check from proceeds from the club's Christmas in the 
Country open house to Mrs. Gerald Roberts, director of the Act- 
ivity Center for Retarded Children at Thalia Lynn Baptist Church. 

Stratford gradui^ed its first 
B. A. graduate in June, 1969. 
Recently, the college hai beqr' 
accredited as a four-yen* 
women's iistitutloa 1^ ttie 

Vir^nia Beach Pi Beta Phi 

Alomaae will have mewbera 

^t ^ <M Domiiaon CoU^e 

chapter m guests ^ a buffet 

difflier on Feb. IS. 

Ttw boff^ will be tf 7 p.m. 
at the bone of Mrs. William 
Maxi^ of Five Forks End, 
V^ ,^umae will prescat a 
^ed[ te$50tottwOinJeltt|^^ 
of aiek mxtorkf howe. 

Progress may eliminate the- 
human race unless something 
is done to conserve our en- 
vironment, Milton Larson; hort- 
iculturist with the Norfolk 
Botanical Gardens, told mem- 
1)ers of Cape Henry Woman's 
Club last week. 

"When we think of conser- 
vation we miidc about wild- 
flowers stnd water. What about 
air?" asked Larson, "that's 
very invwrtant." 

According to Larson, by 1980 
everyone will need protective 
masks to go outside in almost 
all parts of the country. 
"They're ttdnking about tids 
so strongly ttat they're already 
designing jeweled masks for 
ttie ladies." "There is no pure 
air left." As an example pointed 
oat toe wear and tear on toe 
Partoenon in Greece to toe 
last few years. "B is 2-3,000 
yi^s old. In the past five years 
toe stoae has been eaten away 
more than at any time of ite 
eidstehce. He said that to New 
York and Philadelirida there 
are certato planto that cannot 
be grown because of smdce. 

At that time he added that he 
was glad to see Virginia Beach 
disposing of garlnge to such a 
"ftoe way." (Mt. Trashmore). 
"It's a conservative way to use 
toe waste producte we have." 

One posstole answer to air 
poBtrtiiMi maf %e plant nove 
{liaiUs;' taEdlctttorly aielBg ia- 
terstate hi^tways where exhaust 
fumes are so prevalent. He 
said that more parks should be 
established, and nurseri^ en- 
couraged so that plai^ will be 
available. "Our best farmlands 
are going to cities." 

Larson said that to Russia 
oleanders isA magnolias are 
planted around buildings to pur- 
ify toe air. Certato planto are 
also an aid ^ to cutting sown 
noise. "Our hearing is l>eing 
reduced several decibels be- 
cause of noise. Stotistics show 
that jet noises cannot be st(4)ped. 
TraMc noise can be cut down 
l)y certato plantii^." - 

He also cited toe pollutim, 
as well as toe noise, caused 
by jete. "Watdi one take off. 
You can see toe clouds of 
smoke. Eventually toe earto 
will be oicircled wito a cloud 
of smoke." 

He added toat industry can 
cut down jet pollution to about 
1/10 toe smoke and make it 
easier to disseminate. The air- 
lines, he said, claim toey can't 
afford to change the old planes,^ 
just toe new. "The thing is we 
can't afford to wait." 

Anotoer strong example ot 
p611ution is that caused by leaf 
burntog, which the majority of 
people do witoout toinktog about 
it. Larson said toe leaves are 
valuable as mulch and should 
l>e run over wito a lawn mower 
ratoer than burned. 

He said tosU toe pollution 
problem may unite toe people 
of toe world. "Sometime our 
dwn environmental conditions 
that we are creattog and en- 

State board 
nneets in Feb. 

The Virginia Federation of 
Gard0i Clubs Board of Dir- 
ectors wiU meet at toe Jeffer- 
son Hotel to iUchmond on Feb. 
1 and 2 wito Mrs. John Y. 
Wr^, prttiding pr^idoit. 

On Feb. 3-5 Cwirse II Flower 
j^ow School approved by toe 
Natl(»al Council <A ^e Garda 
C lifts will be held. Instructors 
will be Ralph W. Moore of 
Phillipi, W. Va. on Horti- 
culture and Mra. Francis Kul 
of Ander^i^ S. C. on Flower 
StKnr Pncttce u)d Des^ Mrs. 
T. J. H«d^ is ftower stow 
sctool dairman. 

Larson speaks to the club. 

joying may tarn against us and 
engulf vs." 

, ^e toen sug^est^ tha^ toe 
' jaftb meinbers ; i^rite Seni Wil- 
liam B. ^pcmg S^bovt pbfiiition. 
"H we push' toe federad govei-n- 
ment maybe we can get some- 

toing done logically. Natorally..^^ 
the industries aren't goii« to v 
do much on toeir own. 

"We're doto^ siidi wonderful 
totogs tUeise days, but are we ^ 
going to aiMfiiilate ourselves 
doing toem?" , 


By Carolyn McAllen 

It's once a year 

' "How old are you, Mommy?" asked toe seven-j^ear-old. 

"Old enough not to tell you." 

"1 know how old she to," cl aimed toe eight-year-old. "She's 

"She is not," denied toeir father. "She's...'" 

"You'd better stop rig^t toere. Just renumber you're, six 
years older than me ^and you're dattog yourself," I warded. 

"Mommy, I need some tape so' I can wrap your present," 
said toe seven-year-old. Don't peek." 

"Me too," said the ei^it-year-old. 

"Just clean up the mess." 

It was a mess, alrigttf. A mess like rady three kids and 
five puiH>les can make. They took toe puppies out of toeir 
box to toe middle ,^ of their wrs^^ing efforto and decided to' play 
wito toem. The ^vacuum cleaner was toe only solution. ' 

But I did get toree beautifully wraM)ed i»dtages for' my 
birthday toe next morntog. I finally managed to told off the 
kids until after I fried the eggs before <venii^ my {urec^i^. 

One, from my seven-year-old, came comply wito toflrutA- 
ions that I was to hang it on the wall to my offlce; And mt's 
where it is. She had taten her aUowwce and bmigirt a piece 
of poster txard at sctool. Thai she produced a colored nii^- 
Idece on it. Not toe mod^ type, she sigi%d her picto^e to 
toree-todi letters. 

1 also got some boote— just to time for tto latest snow, the 
soles fell oH toe (^er ones during toe la^ saow. My oktert 
girl pre^nted my wito a purse. I Qdsk thai was my IndtMui^ 
way of getttog tack at toe "suitcase" I carry all mi '^nk in. 
He tried to find sometldng to it (m day. Wli^ to ^Sii't figwe 
on was my putting toe little cm instte ^blgaie, to tolp toep 
totop organized. 

"lifommy, are you as old as Grandma?" 

"Not yet. I just feel like it sometimes." 

Thursday, Jemuary 22, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Casserole teams shrimp, celery ^"^^5*?" Coliseum Offers Fashions 

"Synergtem" is one ol ttose 
tSstB Mg words we come across 
in leafing tbrotigh scieirtffic 
paUicatioiis. tt meads, of 
course, working togettwr, a 
case of one and one maUng 
three or more, rattier iliantwo. 
We migdi comiMure it to team- 
ing sbrlmp and firesh green («1- 
, jlry in an inspired casserole 
fiUslu Eittier one is delicious 
\if itself; togettier they're a 
flavor symitony. 

Florida Celery and Shrinq) 
[Creole (see the redpe which 
allows) is not only an excell- 
concoctlon, but it can be 
r|tre|>ared in the time it takes 
to cook the rice over vliidi it 
should be served. Calorie 
|eounters will be happy to know 
ptbat the two princip«l ingred- 
, lents, shrimp and celery are low 
' oilorie in spite of their satis- 
i ^ing flavor, 

- ^th shrimp and celery are 
Florida specialties. At this time 
of year Florhte's -sunlit fields 
_ ow balf the celery eaten in 
i^e country, an amiual crop of 
some 7.5 million crates. This 
celery is almost entirely the 
modern jewel green Pascal cel- 
ery, very crisp, tender and 

Because celery is cme of those 
crqps irtiich can be grown and 
iMryested witti a minimum of 
hand labor it is generally a bud- 
get fresh vegetable. It keeps 
well, too, in the family refrig- 
erator so that a bunch of celery 
may contribute flavor to three 
or etr«i four meals. The outer 


as a hot vegetable or added to 
a stew. The delicate heart 
maikes an excellent relish for 
aid^on to a green salad. The 
ieivtis are ftiU of good celery 
aronu ^ can be used in all 
-UwIIb of good dishes, or for 
ttaat matter, toss them with a 
pood gree n salad. 

Along with ttieFloridaCelery 
and ShrimpCreole recipe, home 
economists oi the Florida 
Celery Advisory Committee 
offer a good recipe for Oven 
Baked Celery. 


A deliciousiy concocted blend of shrimp and Florida celery, a 
perfect main dish with hot rice. 

Who Is Betty CrOCkGr^ The January meetmg of the 
YTiiv-f iv^ u/v^ii^ >^iwv*ixv^i . Thojougbgood Garden Club was 

held at the home of Mrs. R. E. 
Brickhouse on Five Forks Road, 
with Mrs. R. M. Reed as co- 

Mrs. George H. Hamilton, a 
National Accredited Flower 
Show Judge, spoke on the 
"Growing and Showing of Hort- 
iculture". Mrs. Hamilton gave 
many important rules onerfiib- 
iting horticulture specimen and 
greatly interested the members 
by showtog different types of 
greenery which are important 
to the landscaping of our hpipes 
and also for use in design 
work of artistic arrangements. 

A steaming cup of coffee and 
a fresh-from-the-oven sample 
is Betty Crocker's way of say- 
ing "hello." This is the greet- 

rlhs^ tor instance, can be cooked Ing given to over, 1,000 peqde 

who come each week to tcHir 
her home on Wayzata Boulevard 
on the outskirts of Minnei^lis, 

.X -? 

1/4 ciq> olive or salad oil 
jrl cups sliced Florida . 

' 1 green peK>er, cooppea 
1/2 c^p cboi^ onion 
1 clove garlic, finely 

1 can (1 lb. 12 oz.) 
^ tomatoes 
1 small bay leaf 
1/2 tsp. ttiyme leaves 
1/2 tsp. sail 
1/16 tsp. cayenne 

1 lb. peeled anddevehied 
1/4 lb. (1 cup) codced ham, 
Hot cooked rice. 

to a large saucepui heat dl. 
Add celery, green pepper, onioo 
an| garlic; saute 5 minutes, 
Stirling. Add tomatoes and sea- 
sonhigs. Cover and simmer 5 
minutes. Add shrimp and ham 
and cook 5 minutes longer. (If 
firosen shrimp are used, a 
subtly longer cocking time is 
respired.) Serve over hot cooked 
rice, meld: 6 portions. 


1 large stalk Florida 
1/4 cup butter or margar- 
ine, melted, divided 
1/2 tqp. sui^ 
1/2 tsp. salt 

1/16 tq). groiind red pepper 
1 tbl. chopped parsley 

Cut off celery leaves (use 
in soups, salads, etc). Cut 
remaining celery stalk into 6 
lengttiwise {fleces, keeping ribs 
intact. Arrange in a buttered 
10 X 6 X 2-inch baking dish. 
Drfi)ble 2 tablespoons of the 
butter over tte celery. Crinkle 
with sugar, salt and red pepper 
K6A 3 tablespoons water; cover. 
Bake in a preheated moderate 
oven (350 F.) 45 mimites or 
uirtU celery is tender. Drahu 
DrttMe regaining 2 table- 
spoNms butter over celery. Gar- 
nish with parsley. Yield: 6por- 

There are more than half 
a hundred "Betty Crockers" 
and all m busy i^rkii^ in the 
seven unique kitchens of Gen- 
eral Mills. They are directed 
by Miss Mercedes Bates~tte 
first womsm Vice President hi 
the history of the company. 

In 1921, the founders of Wash- 
bum Crosby Company, a pre- 
decessor of General MiUs, con- 
ceived the image of an ideal 
~iirst lady Tif food--^ signature 

that would represent knowledge 
and understanding to the home- 
maker whenever ste ueefied 
rectt)es or adfice.-;^The it^Qhe 
"Crocker" was, chosen to honor 
Williani G. Crocker, a retired 
compahy director, and also be- 
cause it was the name of the 
first Minneapolis Flour Mill. 

After only a few years of 
existence, the role of Betty 
Crocker became so important 
that a staff of 21 home econ- 
omists was employed to handle 
recipe requests and home test- 
ing. The Washburn Crosby 
Company began sponsoring 
cooking schools throug^ut the 
country and, in 1924, the people 
behind Betty Crocker put on 
radio's first food service 

Many women wonder,"If Betty 
Crocker isn't a person, who is 
the blue-eyed lady pictured on 
those delicious convenience 
foods and cookbooks?" The face 
behind the name was born in 
1936 as a composite portrait 
of the features of several Home 
Service Department members. 
The first portrait by artist 
Neysa McMein was used until 
1955; i^n a new inten)retatlon 
by Hilda Taylor was selected, 
hi 1965, noted magazhie illus- 
trator, Joe Bowler, did the up- 
to-date portrait that presently 
hangs in the reception area of 
the Betty Crocker Kitchens. 

During visits a brief film 
history of Betty Crodcer is 
given, and a tour of Uie Con- 
sumer Service Headquarters. 
Each of file seven kitchens built 
for General Mills was designed 
to culture the flavor of a diff- 
erent geogr^hical region. 

The first stop is a country 
kitchen with New England decor. 
Che^ut cabinets line the walls 
and Early American pewter 
utoisils, including a coffeepot, 
are arranged on the shelves. 
This is where the foods to t>e 

photogr^ed at the General 
Mills' studio are prepared. 

Just a few steps away, are 
the colorfully carved and paint- 
ed fixtures of a Scandinavian 
home, bisplred by Minnesota's 
large Scandinavian population, 
this kitchen features hand-de- 
signed motifs and an antique 
Swedish ceramic stove. 

In the New Orleans kitchen, 
black wrought iron and rose- 
colored brick create a French 
Quarter scene; shoji walls and 
teakwood are used in the Jap- 
anese kitchen; and a mural of 
the Amalfi Drive and ceramic 
tile from Portugal Jirovide the 
sunny atmosphere for the Med- 
iterranean Utchen. 

The Latin American "codna 
del sol".is decorated with sun- 
burst color wheels and niches 
displaying handicrafts from 
iBeni and Ecuador., fheifeci^, 
fcnr -ttieSBetty! 6rodcer codfc- 
bo(to are devehiped in the out- 
door settingof the citrus-color- 
ed California Kitchen. 

If you are ever near the 
Betty Crocker Kitchens, by all 
means drop in for coffee and 
cake. It will make you appre- 
ciate all her carefully tested 
products and cooking aids just 
a little bit more. 

Be Delicious 

Unfortunately' quite often a 
hunter never gets to fully enjoy 
the fruits of his endeavor simply 
because his wife doesn't know 
what to do with the game when 
it comes time to cook it. 

"Much wild meat is wasted 
when the wives Of hunters poorly 
cook or refuse to cook the game 
their husbands bring home," 
lamented Glen Dudderar, ex- 
tension wildUfe specialist at 
Virginia Tech. 

Dudderar explained that wild 
meat rarely has a much fat as 
domestic meat. "Hot, quick 
heat will make such meat tou^, 
stringy, and tasteless," he 
cautioned. "As a general rule 
of thumb, most wild game 
cooked with slow, moist heat 
will be delicious." 

"Second of all, wild meat 
is not s^dard as is domestic 
meat," said Dudderar. "The 
cook should consider how old 
the animal wajs, how long it 
had been jig^, arid bow much 
fat it has." 

For example, meat from an 
old buck deer, if roasted pro- 
bably wiU taste terrible. How- 
ever, if prepared in a stew or 
pot roasted, it can taste very 

A small pamphlet, "Famous 
Game Recipes," has some of 
the most popular recipes for 
the major type of game animals 
found in Virginia," said the 
wildlife specialist. This free 
pamphlet is available from the 
Vlrginic Commission of Game 
and Inland Fisheries in Rich- 
mond or from* the Virginia Tech 
Extension Division. Blacksburg. 

Over lOOtopAmericansprtog 
desip fashions direct from 
their New York show(^es and- 
Uie winning d^ip and design 
er of Yardley of London's 1970 
Tweed Desiper Award will be 
featured during a "Day of Fash- 
ion" sponsored bytheNewYork( 
Jeunesse, Branell, Harve y 
at the Hampton Roads Coliseum 
on Jan. 28 at 10:30 a.m. The 
show is being celebrated as part 
of the Coliseum's grand opening 

Mildred Sullivan, well-known 
fashion connoisseur and dir- 
ector of the New York Couture 
Business Council and bi-annual 
New York National Fashion 
Press Week, will personaUy 
coordinate the show. 

Carol Barsh, winner of the 
Yardley - Tweed Designer 
Award, will also be present 
with her first-prize, three piece 
tweed ensemble..jsilk - lined 
midi coat, long skinny scarf, 
jump suit with cobra detailing... 
created to l)e worn with 
"Tweed" by Yardloy.r ,. 

Among the represent«i de- 
sipers will be Jr. SoiMstl- 
cates, Carlye, Ben Reig,, 
Jeunessem Brabell, Harvey 
Berin, David Crystal, B. H. 
Wragge, RonAmey, Hannah 
troy. Mat Ksyplan, Francesca 
for Damon and Dam'on, Origin- 
ala, Rembrandt and Harold Le- 

"Day of Fashion" will also 
highlight millinery and men's 
shirt styling by JackMcConnell 
of New York, high-fashl(m, low- . 


ffTwas announced that Mrs. 
L. R. Humphrey would serve 
as counselor for the Thorough- 
good High School Gardeners 
Garden Club as Mrs. M. A. 
Glass, former counsielor has 
jooved to Illinois. Tti 
voted to donate two books to 
the Library of the Council of 
Garden Clubs CW^^^^ 
honoring Mrs;x]las6foniBf tin- 
,tlri|« efforts towards the 
su^is of Thoroughgood Gar- 
den Club' project. Mrs. Glass 
also had served as recording 
secretary' for the Club. ^ 

LONG, LEAN LOOK. W i n n I n g design of 
Yardley of London's 1970 Tweed Designer 
Award which will be featured at the New 
York Couture Business Council's **Day of 
Fashion" to be presented Jan. 28 at the 
Hampton Roads C o 1 1 s eu m. Designed by 
Carol Barsh to be worn with *^Tweed" by 
.Yardley. ;^ ^_ _/,___ 

cost Sheffield watches of New 
York shown by Arlene Reich 
and cigar smoking for womm 
demonstrated by Judy Prince 
compliments of the Cipr In- 
stitute of America, New Yo^ 

of Fashicm", and the dottMS 
will be modeled by local "firo- 
fessional models who will wear 
Yardley of London make-upind 
fragrances by "Tweed," 

r^tJoffee will be served follow- 

MUdred Alexander of Nor- taK ^^,f^ .!L.lS-^i "f* 
foS WTAR AM-TV wUl be T^e PubUc is invited. No ad- 
the producer-director for "Day , mission dorp. 


Notice the recent work done 
.,,,1, to Improve the appearance of 
;^~Seaslde ParkrTfiemain build- 
ing at Atlantic Avenue and 
Laskin Boadspoictg ne? enclos- 
ures to cover thf[.^ntj?fip<^s,to 
the midway and the snack bar. 
The color and material of the 
screens blend well with the 

building and lend a dignified 
atmosphere for the winter 
season. —. ^ 

Are Wedding 

If yQu are announcing an 
engagement or wedding, why 
not do' it in the VIRGINIA 

Brides ar^ asked to stib- 
mit their pliotogrwhs (5x7 or 
8x10 glossies) by Monday of 
the week they want the an- 
nouncement to appear on 
Thursday. Wedding and en'^ 
gagement forms are available 
at the newspaper office, 3108 
Pacific Avenue. 

All wecklinp and engage- 
ments received will be used. 
However, photopaphs will not 
be returned by mall but may 
be picked up at the newspaper 

The Christmas Doors and 
Doorways Decorations winners 
were Mrs. P. C. Morris and 
.Mrs. S. L. Denty, top awards, 
and other ribbon winners were 
Mrs. Taylor W. Gray, Mrs. 
Aupst H. Culpepper, Mrs. 
Donald S. Sheap, Mrs. F. A. 
Manning and Mrs. M.W.Thorpe. 
At the club's Christmas Party, 
Uie winners for the best wrapped 
Christmas packages were Mrs. 
August H.Culpepper, top award - 
other winners were Mrs. C. L. 
Owens, Mrs. P. C. Morris and 
Mrs. M. W. Thorpe. 

Aim for colorful meals during 
these dreary winter monOis. 
Cook vegetables quickly so they 
remain bright peen or yeUow. 
Serve hot breads with pre- 
serves. Set out a relish tray of 
cri^ raw vegetables ^entered 
with a tiny tree of Mario's 
assorted stuffed olives. . 

Home economists at Richard- 
son Mints suggest a glass par- 
titioned tray of multi-colored 
After Dinner Mints with salted 
nuts alternately arranged for 
the ri^t finishing note to any 
holiday dinner table. 

Notlbe, too, the Seaside Park 
parking lot across th^ street 
between Laskin Road and 32nd 
Street. Gone are the weeds and 
broken pards and poorly mark- 
ed parking spaces, bistead, the 
lot is, now neat and free of 
weeds ' and t)oasts now, sul>- 
stantial pvds and railinp. 

It's obvious that these two 
improvemei^ have been ac- 
complished at quite consider- 
able' expense. The Beautificat- 
ion Commission wishes to ex- 
press thanks to the owner of 
Seaside Park for his efforts to 
make AtlaiUic Avenue adeaner 
and more attractive street. 
"Beauty is good business." 


Prepar9 Quickly 






Hfrldk. V>. 

•S( W. Hit M. 



2t24 H. LytRhMM Vt« 

Approved For The Training of 
Veterans. War Orphans and War Widows 



Wt offer C0MPL6TK rentel $ervice 







Drastic Sale 

Largest Suppliers at Va. Beach 
~ of Pi^os, Organs, Stereos 
and Band Instruments 

Dollars Now Saved CouAts 
on Quality Merchandise 


40% off on all records 

For that "Lil(«Ntw"lMlr 


Year-End Clearance 


.. 50fo .ff 

kI Winter Merchandise 

Mon. thru Sat. 10 AM to 6 PM 
MoTuandPH. iO AMio9PM 

Temple eff Music 

Nortk Will Ptofenkt SMVtaf Cater 

uir:i!iij ^.Yi^—m'r 'njnj<"'"?i«r'^n 

An unusual 
gift lind! Thii 
salad set 
from Reed A> 
Barters. Buy 
several sett 
for those 
"•xtra" |in«. 

Regular retail— $7.95 
Special sale— $5.95 


jwidm mi SiMimU ht 

229 Graid); Stnat 
Norfolk MA2*!%»M 

3301 AUai^c Avenue 
VlrgiBlaBetth 4»-0477 

1100? Ball 





Virgtniq Beach Sun 

Thursday, January 2B, I9TO 

Hill Named University Is Student-Oriented 

to SACS 

Members of police officers' families examine various types of, 
drugs and narcotics, and instruments employed in their use, under 
the supervision of Det/s Pritchard (left) and Vltale (leftCtr.) 

Letcher H^U, principal of 
Bayside Hi^ School, has been 
appointed as an associate 
member of the state reviewing 
hoati of the Southern Associa- 
tion of Colleges and Schools. 

This beard covers a district 
area of bi^ schools. It reviews 
the credentials of these 
schools to insure that ttiey 
meet state and Association ac' 
creditation standards. 

The principal of Norview 
High School k tile Associa- 
tion's regular member. Hill 
is replacing Warren J. Little- 
ton, ^former principal of Prin- 
cess Anne High School who is 
now director of plant planning 
and development. 

Call No. 472 Cluster No. 1111 NaUonal Bank Region No.5 
consolidated report of conditions including i 

Cash and due flrom banks (including $227 

631.30 uqwsted debits) " 157,404,472.54 

UJS. Treasury securities 54,671.792.74 

Securities of other U.S. Government agencies n ant' km nn 

and corporations 7,973,555.00 

Obligations of States and political sub- 
divisions 86,435,08^4 

Other securities (including $ 41,397.50 

corporate .stock) 1,548,597.50 

Trading account securities 2,928,986.34 

Federal ftinds sold and securities purchased 

under agreements to resell 5,000,000.00 

Loans . . . . 448,459,599.34 

Bank premises, furniture and fixtures and 
ottier assets representing bank premises . . . 12,886,760.0? 
Real estate owned other than bank premises . . 48,675.32 
Investments in subsidiaries not consoli- 
dated NONE 

Customers' liability to this bank on ac- 
ceptances outstanding . NONE 

Other assets (including $ 856,764.00 direct 

lease financing) . . . . . . ' 7,445,402.66 

TOTAL ASSETS . . . 784,802,929.25 


Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, 

and corporations , . . ^. .' 273,527,205,75 

Time and savings d^x^its of individuals, 
iartnersh^?s, and corporations .v. .,. 273,875,788.70 
Deposits of United States Government . . ^. . 7,248,528.71 

Deposits of States and political subdivisions .^ : 53,463,270.38 
Deposits of foreign governments .and official , ^ 
instjitutions "ONE 

I • • • ■ • 

Deposits of conunercial l)anks . 4 . 
Certified and officers' chedcs, etc. 

TOTAL DEPOSITS $ 651,213,893.22 

(a) Total demand deposits . .$ 358^557,754.55 

0)) Total time and savings deposits 

. ..$292,656,138.67 

Federal funds purchased and securities sold 

under afreements to repurchase ........ 

Liabilities for Iwrrowed money NONE 

Mortgage indebtedn^s 

Acceptances executed by or for account of 

this bai* and outstanding NONE 



Drug Program Held 

A number of children of Vir- 
ginia Beach police officers and 
members of the Virginia Beach 
Shore Patrol Detachment at- 
tended a briefing session on 
narcotics at the 2ik1 Police 
Precinct headquarters building 
last Tuesday night. 

PoUce Vice Squad Detectives 
J. W. Pritchard and J. P. 
Vitale, Jr., discussed the affect 
that marijuana, hashish,am- 
phetamines, LSD, heroin, and 
other narcotics and dangerous 
drugs will Wve on the body 
and mind of anyone who may 
endulge in their use. 

Vitale pointed to the increas- 
ing use of needle by drug users 
in Virginia Beach. He stated 
that tiro years ago the primary 
use of drugs in the resort ci^ 
consisted of the smoking of 
marijuana, however investi- 
gations last year showed tliatin 
90% of arrests made for drug 
abuses syringes and needles 
were being used to administer 
drugs intravenously. 

Vitale and Pritchard prepared 
a display of the various types 
of drugs and narcotics most 
commonly preferred by drug 
users, as well as the various 
types of apparatus employed 
in their use, and permitted 
ttiose attoiding the meeting to 
inspect this material 

A hlghligjit of the present- 
s^on was the showinR of a 

film on marijuana and young 
people who make use of it. 
The film illustrated the feelings 
of young people who compared 
ttie use of marijuana to alcohol 
and/or tobacco, as well as the 
young people's attitude towards 
the legalizing of marijuana. The 
film in no way attempted to hide 
the feelings of young people hi 
this regard, and also presented 
findings of medical officials and 
drug companies on the scientific 
findings of these comparisons. 
The young people who attend- 
ed the meeting included Joey 
Moore, son of 2nd Police Pre- 
cinct C. 0. Capt. W. J. Moore, 
Jr.; Theresa and Gary Kra- 
henblll, whose father is Lt. 
F. S. Krahenbill; and Beverly 
and Karen Allen, dau^ters of 
.officer R i. *""" 

questioned a few of the young 
people in attendance to obtain 
their views of drugs and/or 
narcotics at the close of the 
presentation. The feelings of 
most of those in attendance 
were reflected in the feelings 
of Theresa Krahenbill, aged 
12, who said "I wouldn't take 
it cause it affects your mental 
healtii," and in Uie words of 
17 -year-old Joey Moore 1^, 
when asked why he felt young 
people turn to drugs repUed, 
"I ttiink tiie lack of parental 
care is responsible". 

By Frank Magiira 

With bis long hair ai^ beard, 
Mike Dennis looks Uke just an^ 
otlier ycwng man who has "drop- 
ped out" from his society and 
its problems. But he talks like 
someone who has actually, 

Dennis is one of the founders 
of the free University that 
meets at Uie auditorium of the 
Edgar Cayce Foundation on 
Atlantic Avenue. He and his 
friends are trying to transform 
an ideal intoa Working example, 
and it shears they are succeed- 
ing. ^ 

The Free University is an 
unusUal ^cational e]q;>eriment 
in this area. To many people,,, 
its name is deceptive. As Dennis 
explains, "The university is 
'free' in terms of the.exchaQge 
of ideas and interests that com- 
prise class sessions." There 

iog a significant service to the 


Many (A the memberSbadlad 
college eqierience ami were 
disendianted with ttie particular 
method of instruction and pre- 
sentetiw in modern education- 
al systems. 

"Course njaterlal was ir- 
relevant," said one of the stud- 
ents. "I'd r&A a book, digest 
a lot of facts I already knew 
MJd didn't neett, then take a 
test to see how well 1 had 
memorized the material. Pretty 
soon I discovered I was learn- 
ing much more from pe<vle than 
from books." 

To eliminate what Uwy con- 
sidered a flaw in this sj^tem, 
the course content of ttie flree 
university was determined 
"only ^ the interests and needs 
of its individual larticipants." 

The member* were polled for 
an Indication of the subjects 
they would be interested in 

Is, however, only a five dollar studyii^. In areas where signi- 

registratlon fee toatteodclass 
es. The money covers basic 
eiqpenses for upkeep and pub- 
licity. The enrollment Is open 
to everyone. 

The courses ire unique. As- 
trology, Creation, Communi- 
cation and Sensitivity, Medit- 
ation, plus a dozen more con- 
temporary subjects in wWch 
people expressed an Interest. 
More than 200 students are at- 
tending the classes. 

The Idea of a free univer- 
sity stemmed from the skelton 
Youth Service Program. This 
organization is made up of a- 
bout 60 people who came to 
Virginia Beach to- study the 
Edgar Cayc^ Readings at the 
Headquarters for the Associ- 
ation for Research and Enllg^it- 
enment. Few of these people 
found exactly what they were 
looking for when they arrived 
here. There was a need for a 
center of Information, service 
and aide for tiie people Interest- 
ed In ttie Cayce Foundation, so 
they organized one. Now^ new- 
comers can''contact the or- 
ganization and receive the help 
they need to get settled and In- 
troduced to the area. 

The university is the initial 
step to combine this function 
wifli a^er goal of perform- 

flcant numbers showed an In- 
terest, classes were or^udised. 
The groiq) was able to find 
caiwblfi people with adeouate 

knowledge and experience to 
act as nwderatoni or in^rua- 
0X15 in most of the subjeds. 
Where this was, not ponlble, 
tiie classes were orfpinized as 
seminars. E^di penson idays 
the roll of both stirfent and in- 
structor atQiesametiine,shar- 
ing what knowled^Boriiwres*- 
ions he has with the others. 
Some of Oie instructors are on 
the staff ofthe Cayce Foundation 


OemiSf who is chairman of 
the Youth Service group, has a 
degree in Television u>d Com- 
munications Media. He teaches 
the course, in Communlcatioo 
and Sensitivity. 

Biff Morris came to Virt^nia 
Beach after a stint in the ser- 
vice and a few years IncoUege. 
He also worked In New York 
City as a i*iotograi*er. He 
stwUed Astrology for three 
years and has done much out- 
side research (m the subject. 
Morris Instructs the Mslc 
Astrology cou r s e and moder- 
ates a Research Study Group. 

Phyllis Lupi was born and 
raised in South America. She 

is to become to^y self tmf- 

flideOt. . __i i 

"So (me can really dwq^w' 

Rand said. "Ttat would be vttrjr 

selfish and we are basically 
try^ to help ofiiers. I'mtrying 
to create a life-style and per- 
fbrm a service to the Tidewater 
community at the same ti»e, 
Pm trying to work witiun rae 
system. I don't want to destroy 


He believes his self-suffid- 
ent, life s^le would be a posit- 
ive prot^ to the distasteful 
elements of society. 

Mike Dennis explained w 
group's purpose as being "ser*^ 
vice-motivated rather thaiiwo- 

The Youth Service groiqpalso 
has several otter projects! 
underway. They include a healtt 
food store, already int^erption 
at Virgtoia Beach, a laundry, 
a coffee house, an FM radio 
stetion and even a community 
farm to grow their own food. 
Some members are talUnr a-' 
l)out opening a communal house. 
for tte sununer months, when 
manv of ttem wtUtHBCome flie 

Jeffery Furst demonstrates the proper way to massage durlna a 
class at the Free University, Man ontable waits for them to learn. 

Ottier llabiUties 





Reserve for bad debt losses on loans (set 

up pursuant to IRS rulings) 

Other reserves on loans ^ . . NONE 

Reserves on securities NONE 











Capital notes and debentures NONE 

%Due $ 


Equity capital-total 

Preferred stock-total par value ....... NONE 

No. shares outstanding None 

Common Stock-total par value 

No. shares authorized 1,865,270 
No. shares outstanding 1,865,270 


Undivided profits 

Reserve for contingencies and other capital 

reserves .' 











Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar 

days ending with call date 637,473,420.00 

Average of total loans for the 15 calendar 

days ending with caH date 433,360,590.00 

Interest collected not earned on loans included 

in total capital accounts n/a 

I, Henry b. Nachman, Vice President, of the above-named 
bank do hereby declare that this report of condition is true 
and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. 

We, the undersigned directors attest the correctness of 
this report of condition and declare that it has been examined 
by us and to the best of our knowledge aiKl belief is true 
and correct. 

James S. Watkinson 
John S. Davenport, III Directors 
E. A. Rennolds, Jr. 




Sidney S. Kellam 

J(^ Ara^ma 

Albert Lee Bwmey 

JEdward H. Church ^ ^ 

Because it takes them into 

more homes in our town and 

their ads are seen by more 

people who enjoy reading 

a good newspaper. 

yictim of seasonal leases. 

There are also visions for 
broadening and expanding tte 
Free University itself, 7m > 

teaches a course (m hirbs. 
Everyone who partic^tes in 

tte university is encouraged to 

contribute wt^t ttey have learn- 
^ tUpaili|M|^ba^xpertetaoe group will once agatt orgai^ 

iri to^^iW^TOlSarJiln^lSfei" next selnester's curHcWfikj^ 

round the student's needs suid 
interests. This time, howevir, 
ttey will begin witt a base Ifd 
ipore ttan 200 students instead 


cess oQlsMe of tte elaisroom. 

"ff you wkitf to give or take, 
a course not Used (most any- 
thing goes)« contact usandwe'U 
pass tte word to everyone," 
reads tte university pros- 
pectus. "A free university is 
in reality a never ending pro- 
cess of absorbtlon, assimilat-; 
ion and ttereby change and 
growth in tte individual." 

David Rand, 21, another 
Jounder of tte university travel- 
led to Virginia Beach, with his 
wife all the way from Calffornla 
to study and apply tte Edgar 
Cayce Readings. 

"As soon as we came over 
the bridge to this area, we knew 
this was tte place we were 
meant to settle. It was a strange 
feeling i.,.very hardtoeiqilain,. 
but everyone in tte car witt us 
felt tte same way," he saidJIe 
has been here for eight months. 

"I did not find everything 
here that I ttought I would.- 
But now, I'm trying to create 
these things." he continued. 

Rand has been workttg on 
construction job Init hopes to 
find a ^b as a carpenter's 
apprentice. His personal goal 

of tte 60 thsrf helped to form 
the first session. 

Dave Rand has optimistic 
hope that the attitudes of re- 
sidents toward tte Cayce Foim- 
dation and tte people it attracts 
is changing. 

"Attitudes are becoming 
mere favorable. People are be- 
ginning to to accept us. Thcar 
are beginning to realize that 
we want to work within tte 
community .... and we do. We 
really do". 

Spong Asst. 
Is Speaker : 

Reservations for tte Virginia 
Council on Social Welfiu-e 
luncheon meeting may be mpde 
ttrough Mrs. Pearl Mallory, 
American Red Cross, Virgiida 
Beach, telephone 340-3131. 

The meeting begins at noon, 
Jan. 30, at the Trinity E|ds- 
co{»l Church. Portsmouth. 


Frank W. Cox 
JctaV. Fentr^ 
GMrge R. Ftrrell 
Or. Cterl» P. FMcber 
B. A. Holt, it. 

James G. Konto{»nos 

Kermit S. Land 

w. w. McClanan, Jr. 

H. G. Moore 

Lloyd A. Murden 

Fnmk D. 'toTall, Jr. 

Dr. W. L. Taylor 

Robert S. Wahab, Jr. 

Kennett N. Whiteburst 

WUliam L. 

Whitehttrst. Jr. 

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customers are those who have already decided to buy. They know that these 
people wilt read the ads before they decide "from whom" they will buy. By 
advertising in our newspaper, we guarantee you will reach those who are the 
most prospective customers in this area, and make more sales. 


Thf rtsort cify's '"homtttwR" ii«w$MH>' 


DTtJiet deligM, . . 

^ heauiiful 




Good taste needn't be expensive. 
Our beautiful Flower Wedding Line 
proves this with the most exquisite 
IMpcrt, type faces and i^wkmanship 
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costing io littk! ConM see our unusud 
•election -one perfect ff^ you! 

Call 428-2401 

f Iwrsctay, Jwiaary 22, 1970 

'Biig Game' Domlniited District 

BMtett»ll games involvlQg 
VliiMa fie«cli teams Tuesday 
^:^t vere far oversbadowedl^ 
ttie dasb betwe^ the only two 
tmos left undefeated in con- 
ferew^ play in ttie Eastent 

And for Maury and Bookei;T. 
ttc^ It was tbe one that meant 
^e pocsUJle winner of the dis- 
trict crown a month from now. 
UotU "T^iesday nighty the Book- 
ers had t)e«i iqiended 
Mauz% ^ that^was before 
Cbrislinas in non-confer«ice 
{day and tte Bool^ers were 
Imown to lave improved greatly. 

On &e otter hand Maury had 
had a tou^ time with Princess 
Anoe last Friday b e fo r e nar- , 
rowly winning it in overtime, 
the Bookera made it easily 
|igaiiist Cox the same nighU 

And so with Cox '^ving one 
eonfer^ce 1oa& and PA having 
two, the Booker T. -Maury 
^me gral^sed all the interest. 
looker T^ strong contender for 
(£« past two yearsj only to be 
ibiiied by Maury, Q^ time 
wmddn't take "no" f oranans- 
wer and the Bookers ton>led 
the Commodores from the un- 
beatea ranks, winning it easily 
T8 to 56. Roy Elron, no. 2 
area scorer, had 36 of those 
points for the Bookers. 

Now the interest turns to tiie 

.ijiecoDd spot in the standings 

^as remaining games could still 

^t either Cox, Maury or Prin- 

clss Anne there, possibly all 

ttiree. PA has yet to meet 

Booker T. That game comes 
on Feb. 6. Cox has yet to meet 
Maury. That dash comes in 
Feb. 10. 

In ottier Tuesday ni^ action 
In Virginia Beach Cox won an- 
other easy victory over Bay- 
side, now back to its losing 
ways. The score was Cox 81 
and Bayside, 42. Princess Anne 
also had an easy time aealiKt 
KeHam, the Cavaliers winning, 
96 to 86. Area hidi scorer. 
Ricky Michaelsen of PA con- 
tinued to set a torrid pace 
against Kellam scaring 50 
points. And Cox's Keith Sudduth 
also stayed in the scoring race 
with 44 points. 

Michealsen went into tnu 
game with a 38.2 average, and 
Sudduth had a 28.8 average at 
the beginning of the week. Mich- 
aelsen's place, if Itcan be 
continued almost assures him 
of state honors fills season and 
during his high school career. 

The Kempsville - First 
Colonial game was postponed 
because ofthe weather and road. 

Action this Friday finds Cox 
at KeRipsville;Norview at Prin- 
cess Anne in another inqx>rtant 
one for file Cavaliers; Booker 
T. at Kellam; Granby at First 
Colonial; and B-side splays 
Maury at file Norfolk Arena. 

The schedule will then be sus- 
pended for exam week in the 
high schools, and games pick 
up again on Jan. 30fii witti a 

month remaining before the 
Eastern District tour^^ment. 

IB gunes last Friday fiie 
headliner was the Maury-Prin- 
cesa Amie clash. TheCavallers 
were coming away from their 
one-point victory over Cox 
tliree ni^ts previous and were 
(Aviously w for the game. The 
score was tted at the half and 
at file Old of the game. At ttie 
final buzzer the score was 
58-58,^ but hi fiie three-minute 
overtime, Maury to<*lhe adv- 
antage on foul shots and won it 
68-62. Michaelsen was high 
scorer in the game with 33 

Cox played a dis^K>ointing 
game against Booker T. as 
34 -point average Booker Roy 
Ebron scored 30 points and 
Cox's Sudduth scored 26. The 
score "was close at the half 
after the game had been tied 
15 times, but the Bookers swept 
the third quarter and went on 
to win 92-63. 

First Colonial had a toug^ 
time witti Bayside, leading by 
only four points going into fiie 
final . quarter, but ripped ttie 
game open and won it handily 
70-48, behind the 30 point shoot- 
ing of Tom Couch. 

Granby barely took an early 
lead In the first quarter of the 
game with Kempsville and won 
wiOi littie trouble, 61-51. Kellam 
won its first district contest 
that same night by Soundly de- 
feating Lake Taylor, 82-64. 

Vlrglniq Beach Sun 



ByJ. t. Ogden 
State Game Warden 

These past few weeks have 
been rough, especially if you 
had to be outside. But have you 
thought about our feathered 
friends, espically the waterfowl 
in this weather? 

We received complaints this 
last week about illegal hunting 
4nethods.J)ucks Jirere beii^shot 
as they sat frozen in the water. 

Ice in Back B|iy went from 
three to five inches thick and 
the cold weather up north 
brought geese and dudes down 
to the sunny south. 

Flock after flock of ducks 
and geese can be seen as they 
wing their way over marsh dnd 
fields looking for food to pull 
them through the cold ni^ts. 

Wheat fields are turned white 
as thousands of snow geese 
feed on the tender shoots and 
pack down the wheat which 
causes Uie farmers to turn gray 
as they try to keep the geese 

The weather has been so bad 
that a few sportsmen tell of 
seeing swans feeding in the 
fields which is very, very rare. 

If you want to show your 
fkmily a sight that will not be 
forgotten soon, drive down to 
Back Bay just before sunset 
and keep your eyes skyward. 
Four or five flocte of water- 
fowl may be seen at one time 
against a beautiful sunset. ^ 

Costume Dance 
To Aid Mission 

A Mardi Gras costume dance 
for young peqple will be spon- 
sored by ,^e Discussion Club 
>f of Star of the Sea Churdi on 
Jan. 3. 

The dance, to be heidinfiis 
church recreation center, will 
be from 8 to 1:30 p.m. Music 
will be by "God's Creation." 
Proceeds from the ^1.50 
admission will go to a mission 

1« E^ftfrica. 

-"^^"■--^5^ ft 

Maury grabbedoff a rebound here in the narrow victory oyer Prin- 
cess Anne. _ - „ 

The University of Nebraska 
at Omaha will confer 525 de- 
grees at mid-year Commence- 
ment exercises on Jan. 24 in 
file UNO Fieldhouse. 

Degree candidates include:' 
Richard Carvell, Brandywine 
Drive, College of Continuing 
Studies, Bachelor of General 
Studies degree. 

Art Grants 

The Virginia Commission of 
the Arts and Humanities Is urg- 
ing all cultoral and aus organ- 
izations in the state to make 
application to the Commission 
for inclusion oftbeir projects in 
Virginia's cultural development 
program for 1970-71, to be fund- 
ed on a matching basis by the 
National Endowment for the 

Aifilication forms will be a- 

vaUable at the Commission's 
office in Richmond on Feb. I, 
1970. Any organization may re- 
ceive a copy by writing Frank 
D. Dunham, Executive Secre- 
tary, Comqiission of the Arts, 
and Humanities, Room 932, 
Ninfii Street Qffice Building, 
Rlchmdnd, Virginia 23219. All 
completed applications must be 
received in the Commission's 
office on or before March 7, 

The Virginia Commission of 
the Arts and Humanities, in 
making this announcement 
issued two cautions to any or- 
ganization making application: 
(1). While Virginia will receive 
a federal grant in an amoui! 
equal to that of other states, 
the exact amount is undetermin- 
ed because Congress has not 
as yet made tiie appropriation. 
The maximum federal money 
Virginia could receive for tte 
project is $45,000, fills max- 
imum may be decreased be- 
cause ofthe increasing demands 
of other federal projects for 
funds; (2). Each organization 
submitting a proposal must 
show that there is available an 
amount equal to fiie amount 
requested, ^^r^^-^S—EEJII 

The Virginia Commission for 
the Arts and Humanities is the 
S tate agency desipated toad- 
minister fun-is from the Nat- 
ional Endowment for the Arts. 

Members of the Commission 
are Donald^ Gonzales, Chair- 
man; Mrs. William M. Dudley, 
Vice-chairman; Goerge D. 
Gibson, Jerome H. Holland, 
-Uts. Henry C. Hurt, Robert 
Porterfleld, Robert D. Rand- 
olph, Mrs. Jouett Shouse, and 
Morton G. Thallmer. 

Any art of cultural organ- 
ization which has a wor^pro- 
gram is urged to si^nlt an 
application for a grant. 

Vl^jrPeters of tOtA SfrSa 
was^rae of the models in the' 
Winter Fashion Show held by 
Home Economics students at the 
College of William and Mary 
this week. . 1^^ 

Students modeled clothes they 

had made for sport and date 

wear. The accent was on wool 

and most fashions wer^esigned 

In wool or. wool JMfends. 


Accepting the proclamation frotn Mayor Dtischar* Xaty Snyder 
(historian), Linda Snyder (president), Cindy Snyder (vice-presi- 
dent), Linda Lassiter (secretary) and Millie Lyman (treasurer). 

Y,M,CJi.^ebrate8 Week 

The period of Jan. 18-24 has 
been designated Young Men's 
Christian Association Week fai 
Virginia Beach according to a 
proclamation recently Issued by 
Mayor Frank Dusch. 

The proclamation congratu- 
lated the Y.M.C.A. on Its "self- 
spiritual and physical and social 

less organized effort for the 
betterment of the mental. 

welfare of yaith." 

HI-Y and Trl-Hl-Y clubs 
working fiurou^i the schools 
were also lauded in the pro- 

Public School Re-Dedicated 


The new King's Grant Ele- 
mentary School was presented 
to thfe Virginia Beach School'^ 
Board Sunday at formal, dedi- 
cation ceremonies at the school 

Robert N. McLellon, repre- 
senting the architects, Pente- 
cost, Wade and McLeUon,'^e5j 
sented the keys tothebidl< 
to Kenneth L. Jard, a memb^i 
of the schoolyard. 

Mrs. Anne M. Llndsey, prin- 
cipal of the school, gave the 
welcoming address. She sum- 
marized the circumstances and 
events which led to the con- 
struction of the new school. 

The old school was destroyed 
by fire In December of 1968, 
and students were shuttled to 
another school while the new 
building [project was organized. 
School officials hoped the new 
school would be completed for 
the regular opening of Virginia^ 
Beach Schools In Septendser.? 
1969. Wj^en teachers met for 
pre-school orientation, how- 
ever, the only room In the new 
buUdlng that was sufficiently 
com{deted for use was the aud- 

'"From file very beginning 
w^ knew fiie school had to be 
ready for qpenlng day", said 
Mrs. Llndsey. "and we were 

determined to meet that goal. 
There was no other place the 
children could go." 

Using furniture that was bor- 
rowed from sister schools In 
the area, and the help of faculty, 
patrons and students the school 
opened on time. 

"It seems lUce the Impossible 
has been accomplished," she 
said. "We have proved that any- 
thing faced squarely can be con- 
quered." ^^ „ 

Mrs. Llndsey said the new 
school wUl (xintinue to be a 
"cffUd-cenfefed schooP by 
presenilis opportunities for the 
students to reach out, think fnr 
themselves, oliserve, evaluate, 
experience and have a good 
time. She also commended the 
PTA and the patrons for their 
help In file new school pro- 
. J. W. Bufflngton, chairman 

pf the Virginia Beach Sdiool 
Board, gave the dedicatory ad- 
dress. He also lauded the ef- 
forts of ail the people and 
organizations involved witti the 
new school construction. 

"We are grateAil to have 
rpatrons such as you," be told 
the audience. 

The King's Grant Sixth Grade 
Chorus performed under the 
direction of Miss June Turner. 

The grmip was accompanied by 
J. WiUiam MlUer choral dir- 
ector of First Cotonlal Hiffb 
School. The King's Graid Elem- 
entary School Band {dayed 
"America fiie Beautiful" ar- 
ranged by Miss Karen Rask, 

Rev. Stanton Sizemore, min- 
ister of King's Grant Preslqr- 
terlan Church, gave the invoc- 
ation and Rev. W. Jerry H<d- 
isombe, minister of Klng'sGrant 
Baptist Church, gave the bene- 
diction. An open house and re- 
freshments foHowed the dedi- 
cation ceremonies. 

Marsha Carol Overbey, a Jun- 
ior mafii echicatlon major atflie 
University of CMdaboma, t^us 
been sel«:ted to serve as secre- 
tary of the general assembly 
for the Oklahoma Model United 

Nations which wUl be held Fcib. 
12-14 atOB. •'- - • - 
This is file llfii year ofthe 
Model United NaUou at OU, 
and approximately 800 studorts 
wUl be participatli^ In ttie ed- 
ucational e^qierience. Hie io- 
formaticm gained from tlie 
acUvlty helps to provide rel- 
evance for classroom study as 
well as a knowledge of fiie 
actual United Nations^ .^ 

Anglers Get 3125 Gtotions 

em liha-sls 

Anglers fishing the 12fii an- 
nual edltton of the Virginia 
Salt Water Fishing Tournament 
earned 3125 Citations for 
catches meeting minimum 
weight requirements for the 22 
species. Striped bass, bluefish 
and tautog were the most pop- 
ularspecies accounted for 1914 
Cltailote, it was announced by 
tourt^ment director, Claude 
Rogers of Virginia Beach. 

The month of November, add- 
ed, to file Tourney In 1968. 
mice again proved popular witti 
Cltatl(»is seeking anglers who 
registered 1127 entries for ttie 
monfii, a fiiird of total of all 
species for fiie entire seven 
mcmfii contest. And during the 
final month of the contest comp- 
etition for file top spot In Cit- 
ations for anv one species 
shifted three times: from blue- 
fish, to tautog, and finally to 
fStr^ bass. Final tabulations 
show striped bass first wifii 
j654 entries, followed closely by 
tautog vdth 646 and blues in 
fiilrd place wifii 614. This is ttie 
flrat time in the 12 year history 
of file contest that striped bass 
and taut(^ have run one and two 
lor the grMtest number of Cit- 

The ejqploltatlon of several 
Relatively unf ished ofbbore 
wrecks c$ m Virginia C£«>es, 
Jcnown as the "Triangle 
Wrecks" r^ulted inttiete-em- 
- eiuious Increase in tautog en- 
w^^, skyrocketing from 190 in 
t^ to 649 in 1969. The stretdi 
of bad weattier In early Nov- 
ember occurring at ttie same 
time as ttie secot^, or fUl 
ron, of bliieflsh hampered ang- 
iti^ ^orts eicplaining in part 
*hy only 329 bluefish were re- 
gistered during the final month. 
Last yor the fall run of blUe- 
hsh brtm^t in 1480 eirtrles. 
The £bJ1 run of striped lass 
p^arrte anally (tarli^; tte 
Utter part of November plus 
Vie tadt ot competitton teem 

blues permitted fiie 612 en- 
tries Registered by striper 
buflS during the final days of 
the contest to take the top spot 
for total number of citations 
for any one species. 

Flounder, perennially pop- 
ular with Virlngia anglers, was 
fourth in total number of entries 
wiUi 309 meeting the six- 
pound minimum weight require- 

The Annual Virginia Salt 
Water Fishing Tournament, 
headquartered in Virginia 
Beach, is open to anyone fish- 
ing in Virginia waters and 
there Is no entry fee. Any 
contestant entering a catch 
meeting the Tournament min- 
imum weight standards for ttie 
22 species will receive aplast- 
icized "cttation" plaque in bril- 
liant color. Replicas of the 
Tournament's silver perpetual 
trophies will be awarded to Oie 
anglers cj^turlng the heavltet 
of each of the 22 species. 

The Salt Water Sport Fishing 
Association of Virginia, 
sponsor of Uie Tournament, was 
organized on April 29, 1957 
to promote and develop salt 
water sport fishing in Virginia 
wlUiln file limite of established 
conservation practices. 

^?ecial Virginia "Release" 
Citations are awarded to aid- 
ers releasing marlln regard- 
less of size. And of file 12S 
niarUnhcK^edduring Uierecoit 
(»nte5t 72 were released to n^ 

Vlrgida Rod and reel records 
for bhie marlln, tautog^ andsea 
bus were set in 1969. The 
former SSl'^Kjund 6-ounceUue 
marlln record posted in 1968 
was brc*en by a 454-poual 
4-ounce gi^t b<wted erff Vir- 
gil Beach on July 4 tqr Stuart 
C. Lee of H<q)ewell. The old 
State record 15-p<»n(l 7-«a«e 
tautog taken off Virginia Bea<^ 
In MS was broken several 

times during the '69 Tourna- 
ment. On August 11,P. J. Hoffman 
Jr. of Virginia Beach posted a 
17-pound 7-ounce specimen 

from th^ Triangle Wrecks area 
off the Virginia Capes to claim 
file present State tiUe for fiie 
species. A 7-pound 1-ouncesea 
pass entered on September 1 by 
Viernice Byford of Norfolk re- 
places file old State record 
e^-pound 4-pounce bass posted 
in 1960. The record breaking 
bass was hooked on a bait of 
fresh squid by Byford while 
fishing a popular bottom fish- 
lifg area off Virginia Beach 
know as "The Reef." 

The 1969 Trophy Winners 
were: Bank of Middlesex Blue 
Marlln Trophy (454 lbs.4 oz.) 
Stuart C. Lee, Hopewell; Nor- 
folk S h ipbu 1 1 d 1 n g & Drydock 
Shark Trophy (270 lbs.) S. F. 
Gouldthorpe Jr., Alexandria; 
White Heron Motel & Marina 
White Marlln Trophy (73 lbs.) 
T. W. SmifiJ, MechanlcsviUe; 
.Kellam Distrlbutli^ Co. Black 
Drum Trophy (97 lbs.) Marlwi 
Lewis, Cape Charles; Mutual 
Life Insurance Co, of Va.Ccl)ta. 
Trophy (92 lbs.) C. H. Walton, 
Falrhavai, IM; City ofVlrglnla 

Beach Channel Bass Trophy 

(63 lbs. 8 oz.) J. Carl Horneff, 
Tuckerton, N.J.; Bayside Boats. 
Inc. Wahoo Trophy (76 lbs. 4 oz.) 
K. Wayne Viar , Richmond; 
Gwaltoey Incorporated Dolphin 
Trophy (33 lbs.l2 oz.) Caroline 
Putaey, Richmond; Long Creek 
Marina False Albacore Trophy 
(18 lbs.) P. H. Valentine, 
Hampton;. The Peoples Bank of 
Reedsville Striped Bass Trophy 
(52 lbs.) W. E. Anderson, New- 

. port News; The Bank of Lan- 
caster Bluefish Trophy (21 lbs. 
9 oz.) R. G. Taylor, Richmond; 
Taylor Freezer Flounder Tro- 
phy (12 lbs. 1 oz.) W. C. Maf- 
fett, SmifiivUle,* Tenn.; Bank 
of Chincoteague Tautog Trophy 
(17 lbs. 7 oz.) P. J. Hoffman 
Jr., Virginia Beach; Texas Sea 
Bass Trq[*y ( 7 lbs. loz.)Ver- 
nlce Byford, Norfolk; Hotel 
Wachs^reague Gray Trout Tro- 
ply (4 lbs. 8 oz.) H. A. Dorfleld, 
Coudersport, Pa,; D & M ^x)rt' 
Fishing Center Spotted Trout 
Trophy (5 lbs. 12 oz.) Ralph 
Huskey, Newport News; Capf 
Bob's FishlngCampPorgyTro- 
j^ ( 3 n*. 3 oz.)_M, J.Weller. 
Virginia Beach; CcA^'s Marina 

. spot Tn^tiy (lib.) Robert Iteley, 
Tasrejr; (No entries were re- 
ceived lor tana, tarpon, king 
madcerel or croaker). 

Dr. Joyce Brofiiers' "Mind Over 
Matter" proffers someexplanatlMis 
of what makes us tick. 



Wracktr Strvic* — 


24 Hr. Wr«ck«r Service 
Phone 428-6403 
NItee After 11 PM 420-2957 
RQad Calls 
Major Or Minor 

Tune-Upa A Brake Jobs 
Free Pick Up And Delivery ^ 
Manager Terry Langhorne 
LaeMn Road Virginia Beach, Va. 

CM Balltjr "PlalB Talk," re- 
flcedoos OD issues In ttw news. 

think pieces" 



Edwin Nswmaa, mt MB fir tfl 
subjects, pots dom tlie l^airt pot- 

..liMrtttiii BpiifM IB ptyclitl*!! iii P«IM(s- A ■•fttr-tf- fict ippmck 
ft whit BMflirs It Hit fliMMt. Tbit't EiPIUSIS. 



Virglniq i^och Sun 

Thurtctoy, ^nuqry ZZ, 

From the 

6ecich Library 

Usia; a sli^y different 
termola ttiis we^, tfae follow- 
ing is a U^ of some of tlie 
iKxdes available at the fibrary 
con<»rMi% drugs. The titl« 
giva are both fiction and non- 
^!^n and should be of Inter- 

^^rt*?^*"!?* "S ^""^ tS Naual Air Station Oceana's Bloodhound Award/ for statiffrrijerson- 
BiiSTiiirSc'o^- nel?movesfV\'rth, Naval Weather Service EnvJronm.ntarOe^^^^^^ 
ard-McCann. 1968. $4.95. Fie- mefit (NWSED), to the Aircraft Maintenance department (AMD). 


IMflne Do Maurier. THE 
D(nA>led^, 1969. $5.95. Fiction 

llVimam Braden. THE PRI- 
Quad^rangle Books, 1967. $5.95. 

W. V. CaldwelU LSD PSY- 
Prea, 1968. $7.50. Non-fiction. 

John Gimenez. UP TIGHT. 
Waco, Texas, World Bo(*s, 

1967. $3.95. Non-fiction. 
Timothy Leary. THE POLI- 
P. Putnam's Sons, 1968. $6,95. 

Donald B. Louria. THE DRUG 
SCENE, N.Y., McGraw-Hill, 

1968. $5.95. Non-fiction. 
Ralph Metaer. THE ECS- 
Macmlllan Co., 1968. $6.95. 

Will Oor^er. MARUUANA; 
Y., Paul Eriksson Inc., 1967. 
$5.98. K(m-flction. 

Michael Pearson. THE MIL- 
P. Putnam^ Stms, 1969. $6.95. 

Pick Schaap. TURNED ON. 
N.V., New American Library, 
1967. $4.95. Non-fictton. 
^aerar, Straus and Glr«i|^e «.< 
1961. $5.95. Non-ficti9h. ^ 9 

AMD had the largest percentage of PersMnej to donate blood d^^^^^ 

relinquishes the plaque to Q.. D, Umbert, of AMD. 



To Answer 

The Veterans Administration 
today urged veterans and depen- 
dents receiving VA pension 
checks to return their income' 
questionnaires immediately if 
ttiey have not done so, to shorten 
any delay in receipt of their 

The income questionnaire 
was nailed to pensioners with 
their October- chedcs, and VA 
has pointed out that thousands 
of questionnaires had not been 
retiffned l]^^'Jan^ 15 deadline. 

The deadline appHes to vet- 
erans Who are totally and perm- 
anently disabled by disease or 
injuries not associiUed with 
their militaryservice, and war- 
time veterans' widows who draw 
pensions from the VA, if they 
have limited income. 

In addition, parents of de- 
ceased veterans who receive 
;ck6 are re- 
IhcoiQ^ ^and 



rill m 

dependency questlohnaires. 
;Slace: the amount of payment 
T./Sgt. ^ter M.Kasltch,son is related to income, the law 
of Mrs. Katherlne Plouta, Llne^ requires beneficiaries to regort 

btny, is on duty at Udom 
Royal Thai AFB, llumandi , . 
' Sgt, Kaslteh, a radar tedi- 
nlelan, Is servli^ with the 7Qi 
Afrbome Command and Control 
Squadron, a unit of ttie Pacific 
Afr Forces, headquarters for 
air (^ratums in Soothetst 
Asia, the Far East and Pacific 

ttdr incomes so VA <»n de- 
termine the amount to which 
they are entitled during 1970. 
Veterans, widows, and depen- 
dent parents may receive infor- 
mation and assistance in com- 
pleting their questionnaires 
from their nearest VA office. 

The Virginia Beach unit of the American 
Cancer Society recently kicked off their 
1970 crusade with a meeting of crusade 
leaders. Kay Clark, Peter Anderson, Bruce 
Murphy (Crusade Chairman), and Dorothy 
Frank look over plans for the work ahead. 

With our 

wlien you open an account with $50 
or more, or add $50 to your present 

Thisvaluable 205 page book will tielp 
you to get more tor your money when 
you buy. It sells for $1.00 on news- 
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you a free copy when you open an 
account for $50 or add $50 to an 
existing account. 








Virginia Beaeh Municipal Court 

Coni4ctioos Jan. 8 to IS 

Melvin 0. White, Corvette Lane, Virginia Beach, convicted 
of driving under the influence, fined $200 and costs, drivers 
license suspended for one year. , 

Robert L. Tyler, Jr., Palm Beach Place, Vir^nla Beach, 
convicted of driving under the influence, fined $200 and costs, 
drivers license suspended for one year. 

Helen F. Zuber, Pewter Road, Virginia Beach, convicted of 
reckless driving, fined $100 and costs, drivers license suspend- 
ed for six nu»iths. — — - - 

Virginia Betch Circuit Court 

Decisions Jan. 9 to 15 

biM Land,^ Independence JBlvd., Vir^>ia^eacfb,4adicted^ 
on threee dtarges of stordtirealdng, all charges nolle pressed; 
indicted on eight diarges of storebreaidng^ found not guilty of 
all charges; indicted on a charge of attempted storebreaking, 
found not guilty. 

James T. Anderson, hidian River Road, Virginia Beach, 
indicted on a charge of use ot a sawed off shotgun, found 
guilty, sentenced to 20 years in^ the State Penitentiary, Ave 
years of sentence suspended, placed on supervised probat- 
ion for five years. 

Annette E. Brady, Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, 
indided on a chsurge of malicious woundUng, found guilty, 
given a suspended sentence ol three years in the State Pen- 
itentiary, placed on supervised probation for three years. 

William W. Griffin, Jr., 16th Street, Virginia Beach, in- 
dicted (m a diarge (rf malicious wounding, charge was nolle 
pressed; indicted (Hi two charges of attempted r^>e, charges 
were nolle pressed, indicted on a diarge of rape, charge was 
nolle pressed. ' 

Clifton R. Skinner, Burfbrd Avenue, Virginia Beach, in- 
dict^ on a charge of rape, charge was nolle pressed; indict- 
ed on a charge of malicious wounding, charge was nolle prossed. 

Fred E. Farley, Azalea Gardens Road, Nwfolk, indicted m , 
a charge of hit and run, found guilty of leaving the scene of 
an accident, fined $1P0 and costs, i^ven. a suspended 30 days 
jail sentence, placed on good bdiavior for one year. 

Virpnia Beach Juvenile Court l_J 

_. ____^_ ~~^Case Summa^on Jan. 9 to 13 

The court had hearings on 72 Juvenile petiti(»is which con- 
cerMd persons accused of violating state laws or city ordin- 
ances, hicluded in t^ese hearings were elgiU cases involving 
felonies, one of which was forwarded to a grand jury, six were 
continued to future dates and tte remainii^ one was dismissed. 

Other cases which the court settled involved 20 on traffic 
law violattons and 13 on funlly domestic problems. There 
were eig^ cases of parental non-sui^rt during the above 
calendar dates. : 

, -I* > ■ 

Three Squadrons Return 

Three Oceana-based squad- 
rons returned to Virginia Beach 
this V9fk after a six-monfl) 
deployment in the Mediterran- 
ean aboard the aircraft carrier 
USS Saratoga (CVA-60) 

Attack Squadron 75 led the 
return Nfonday when pensonnel 
began arriving at NAS Oceana's 
Hangar 122. Families and 
friends were on liand for the 
welcome home cerembny. 

Fighter Squadron 31 and 
Fighter Squadron 1037 arrived 
at Hangar 200 Wednesday morn- 

Navy Chief Engineman Will- 
iams Curry, husband of Mrs. 
Syble E. Curry of Indiana 
Avenue, visited Ns4>les, Italy 
aboard the destroyer l^ 

Airman Wayne B. Blanchard, 
son of Mrs. Lloyd C. Riggs Sr. 
of Back Bay Statton^ has grad- 
uated at Menard AFB. Tex., 
from the 13 A Air Force air- 
craft mechanics course. 
• The airman, now trained to 
maintain ^uid service recipro- 
cating engine aircraft and air- 
craft systems, Ls being assigned 
to Hamilton AFB, Calif., for 
duty with the Aerospace De- 
fense Command which protects 
the UjS. against hostile air- 
craft and missiles. His father, 
Albert R. Blanchard, resides at 
420 Garrison Place, Virginia 

* Logol Notice 

due pitfdlea^ hereof, and do 
whi^ ntty belieewfary to pro- 
tect his tnterett in fldi sitft. 
PhyUls N. Styroii, D.C. 
Messi^. Fine, Fine, Legum & 
Fine, kifys^ 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


Li^i r^icM 


In the Clerk's Ofiice of the 
Circuit Court of the City" of 
Virginia Beach, on the 14th 
day of January, 1970, 

Forestine T. Coleman,Plain- 
tiff, against 

Dexter W, Coleman, Defeiad- 

The object of this suit is 
for the said plalntifi to obtain 
a divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 
from the 'said defendant, upon 
the gromids of two years seper- 

And an affidavit having l)een 
made and filed tttat the defendant 
is not a resident of the State of 
Vir^^ the laBt knowfr jpdst 
ofilcr address being. Cherry^ 
Street, Detriot, Michigan. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 ( ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A copy-T«te: 

PhyUis N. Styron, D.C. 
Mtesrs. Brydges, Broyles & 
McKeiU7, Attys. 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Commanding dSlcers of the 
retundng scpiadrons are: Cmdr. 
Ridiard P. Bordone (VA-75), 
Cmdr. Phillip D. Richardson 
(VF-31), and Cmdr. Rcftert C. 
Davis, Jr. (VF-103). 

These squadrons are a signif- 
icant part of Attack Carrier Air 
Wing Three presently under 
control of Commander Fleet 
Air Norfolk and Commander 
Naval Air Force Atlantic. 

* Legal Notice 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 16th 
day of Janiory, 1970. 

Joanne M. Drey mann. Plain- 

Hans Erik Dreymann, Defen- 

The object of this suit is 
for the said plaintiff to obtain 
a divorce A Mensa Et Thoro 
to be later merged into a div- 
orce A Vinculo Matrimonii from 
the said defendant, iq)on the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is iK>t a resident of the 
State of Virginia, dkelastknown 
post office address belngTuae- 
gade 9, S96QManstal, Denmark. 

It is ordered that he do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 

U tiUB Circuit Court of the 
City (rf Vtr^^ ^aeh, this 
isth day rf Jaauai^i 1970. 

Chenpeake Bay Bridge - 
Tunnel District Comndaaiwk, 
Governing Body of the Chesa- 
peake Bay Brldge-Tunnd Dto- 
trict, a PoUtical Subdivision of 
the Commonwealth <tf Virginia, 


Peter G. Decker, Jr., Re- 
ceiver of Norfolk UA Corp- 
oration, a Deftmct Vlrgbiia 
Corporatira, PUza One Build- 
ing, Korfblk, Virginia; and T. 
. CecU Baum, Granville M. Baum, 
Edward M. Baum, Jr.f A. Gar- 
land Baum and Herman D. 
Bfaum, and their respectlye 
spouses. If married, and If fliey. 
or any of them be dead, tlwir 
surviving spouses, helisatlaw, 
devisees and assipsj and the 
lien creditors of said parfies, 
if any there be, and aU other 
pers(»i8 having an interest U> 
the pnqiwrty to be condemned 
la this proceeding, said parties 
jSeing unknown to thepetitiooer, 
and are hereby proceeded a* 
gainst as "Parties Unknown", 

LAW NO. 13,02^ 

The object 6f this suit is for 
the petitioner to acquired by 
condemnation Qie fee simple 
title to the following prcqp^: 

All fiusij certain lots, pieces 
or parcels of land, situate in 
Bayside Borough of tiieCityd 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, and 
known and designated as Lots 
9 and 10, Block 16, as shown 
- on the Plat of "Chesapeake 


Board of Appsus will conduct „,_._,. n«.«ii vi..»iniB in 
a PubUcH^STon Wednesday SZk4 mw47 *^ 
February 4, WO «t 8 P.M^ **?^'e' JSiare hereby 
m ttie new Municipal C^mt nofified thatX ChesveS 

5*i^JKSn.^™iSl Commission will on the 13th 
gidia. The foUowing appUcat- February. 1970. at 10:00 

ions wiU appear on the agenda. "i^Jk'^rSr^'i^ 

T. S. C. Higgins requests o^v''* a*"** «» »* **r:r**y 
a v^riiice of 4f^t froi re- f «^ V^^^J^^t 
quired 6 feet to 2 feet side ?°^« ^. f^^ ^v^SH 
Jard setback of Lot 55, Bay- J^ ^. ^pSShllSS? 
JlllePark.Secttonl,4441Bow- J,^; J* ^!£SSf ^ ^m" 
den Avenue. Bayside Borough. tl^L^^^^^Zfl 
n. Gulf OUCompany requests "S*^!2 *i"3**»J^J?? 
a variance of 5 feet from re- *^ "^^ J^**^* 
quiredlO feet to 5 feet side^^««;:tor toe lands above- 
comer setback and a varlance^frtbed belong^^ j^ 
of 10 feet from required 15 J^^^ch JJj Chejapwke ftjr 
feet to 5 feet front setback << ^\?5!;!5^J?'*f *i^ 
aparcel^it 5.161 ?r.lncess f^Z^^n^^Zr^.^^^ 
Road. Kemiivllle Borough. jjj Tt^^S^^S^ 
PPEAR BERORE THIS BOARD. ™«' }" ^« City of Vlrftala 
w T Trm»ra B^ch, Virginia; said parcel 

JL'niirf.^ being as shpwn on plan sbeete 

aecTBHry j^gg^gT ******** *** ^ P«*"*<« *•»•» 

day filed in the above styled 

cause; and to award damages, 

COMMONWEALTH of VIRGINU If any, resulting to the adjacent 

In the Clerk's Office of the and other property of the 

Circuit Court of the City of owners, beyond ttie enhancement 

Virginia Beach, on the 14th day in value tdiich may accrue to 

of January, 1970. said property as a result of 

BilUe Lee Whitmarsh, Plain- the taking and construction of 

tifi, the work menttoned. The own^- 

again^ ship, locatton and descriptira 

Dovie Christine Whitmarsh, of file property to be condemnad 

Defendant. and the location of the roadway 

ORDER OF PUBLICATION will fUlly appear by refermce 

The object of this suit is to said petition and eiddfaUs on 

for the said pla&Slff to obtain file In the Clerk's Olflp of 

a divorce a vincuto matrimonU the said Circuit Court of tiie 

fl:om the said defewtont, upon City of Virginia Beach. 

Affidavit having been made 
that T. Cedl Buim, Gran?Ule 
M. Baum, Edward M. Baum, 
Jr., A. Garland Baum and Her- 

the grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
maide and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of file man D. Baum are not believed 
State of Virginia, ttte last known to be residents of Uie State 
post office address being, Gen- 
eral Delivery, Daiseny, CHda- 



Engineered for 
maximum comfort 

and efficiency 
during all seasons. 


NHtini, AlrCMtfirtMiRi, Pl«mkia|t Eltctrictt 

rriHC€66 Antic 

I2i-16f0 486-6116 

Of Virginia, and ttnt if they 
be dead, their respective 
spouses, if any, heirs at law. 
It is ordered ttiat she do devisees and assigns, if aiqr, 
appear here within (10 (ten)daysof ttie said parties, and their 
after due publication hereof, respective lien creditors and 
and do what may be necessary aU oUier parties interested in 
to protect her Interest in fids fiiese i^oceedin^ being un- 
;suit. known to Uie petlttraer who 

Ik copy-Teste: bas been imable to detormine 

JOHN V. FENTRESS, CLERK their names and addresses after 
Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. due diligence upon its part to 

Mr. L. B. COX, Jr., At^, do so, all of said parties are 

7510 Granby Street, proceeded against under file 

Norfolk, Virginia general descrlpfion of "Parties 

1-22-4T Unknown", 

It Is accordingly ORDERED 
fiiat the above named persons 
who are <»■ may be intonated 
in file iffqperty tobec(»demned 
in fills proceedings ^ipear Witt- 
in ten (10) days after due piA- 
licafioB (^ fliis order and (to 
what is necessary to protect 
fiieir interest. 

It is further ORDERED Qtat 
this order be pubUslttd once 
a wedcfortwosttceessivewe^ 
In file Virginia Bwdi Bm, a 
newspaper published In ttieClty 
of Virg^ Beach, Virginia; and 
flnt a aaps of this order be 
posted 00 file bullefin board at 
tte Courthoise of ttMs Clroitt 
Court ctf file City of Virgloia 
Beadi, Virgil^. 

A C(^-Teste: 

Kellam, Plilr^ Uwlw, Bod- 
ges b Kellam, pq. 
First & Merchants Natlond 
Norfolk, Vlr^tfa^ 















Thtfft<tay^ Jonuary 22, 1970 

Vinginio Beach Sun 

* Legal Notices 


b the Clerk's omce of Qie 
Circuit Court of the Cl^ of 
Virgii^ 0each, on the 1401 
day of January, 1970. 

Odas Etheridge, Plaintiff, 

Joyee Woodhouse Etheridge, 

The object of this suit is for 
.He said plaiijftiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
flrom the said defendant, tq;)on 
the grounds of two years sep' 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant pi not a resident of the 
State <A Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, Route 
4, Box 4042, Virginia^each, 
Virginia. "^ 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due imbliCatioh 
hereof, and do what may be 
necessary to protect her int- 
erest in this suit. 
A copy-Testee: 

Phyllis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. Frederick H. Qreekmore, 
Atty: ^ 

101 Mt. Pleasant Road 
Chesa^ake, Virginia 23320 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day of December, 1969. 

William E. Spruill, Plain- 
tiff, , 
against ( r 

Allee Newman Spruill, De- 


The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorcea mensa et thoro to be 
later merged into a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
oidesertion as of May 23, 1969. 

find an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a ./esUdent:,^ th^e , 
State '^'i>i^ Vttgtnia, !,t^-last- 
known .post offie& address be- 
ing, P» 0. Box 606, Richton 
Park,'niinois 60471. 

It is ordered that she do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Seymour M. Teach, Atty. 
7th F'fqpr Rotunda Bldg., 
415 Sti Paul's Blvd., 
Norfo^^ Virginia 



In |he Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day oi,December,.1969. 

Ronald Leon Czarnecki, 
Plaintiff, . 

Lyni\ Marie Barton Czar- 
necki, Defendant. 


The pbject of this suit is for 
the said, plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa eth thoro, to' 
be later merged into a divorce 
a vinculo matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the 
grouQds of wilful desertion 
and ajhandoment, without any 
just caiise or provocation, on 
the 24th day of September^ 

And an affiklavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
Sfate ofVlrginla^ the last known 
post office address being, 1434 
Partlet Court, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia. ' 

It Is ordered that she do a4>- 
pear here wiOiln 10 (tni) days 
after due puWcatlon hereof, 
and ^ what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this 
suit. ,, , 
A copyrTeste: 

PhyBlii^, Styron, D.C. 
HalJ. B^Na^, Jr., Atty. 
5840 Frameitt Ave., 


rt..— T- • ■ 

to the Clerk's Office of the 

Ciroi^ Court of the City of 

Virgil Bead^ on the^day 

of Janory, 1970. 
Br«>to Carroll I^on, Plain- 

agalist^. ' 
William H. Dixon, Jr. Deim- 

flM oi^ at ttito soft to 
for ftt MM ptalB^ to ob- 
Jtats ft <tfrar» ft mmMi et tboro 

* Legal Notices 

to l>e later merged into a div- 
orce a vinculo matrlmcoUifrom 
the said defendant, upon the 
g^Tounds of desertion. 

And an afifidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant Is m>t a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the lastlgiown 
post (rffice address being, c/o 
General Delivery, N e w b e rn, 
North Carolina. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Phillis N. Styron,D.C. 
Mr. James R. MCKenry, Atty. 
1369 Laskin Road, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
V irginia Beach, on the 2nd day of 
January, 1970. 

Douglas E. Ball, Plaintiff, 

Lena Hayes Ball, Defendant. 

The object of this suit is for ^ 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo nutrimonii 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of two-year seper- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
is not a resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known post 
office address being. Box 1058, 
Jamaica, N. Y. 

It is ordered that shh do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication here- 
of,and do what may l)e necessary 
to protect her interest in this 
suit. - ,^^ , _,, 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N. Styron, D.C. 
Messrs. Caton & Wright 
2008 Pacific Ave., 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Cipcult^ Court, of the, C^ty df 
Vta^Ma Beach, onlhe9th&iyof 
January, 1970. 

Anne Sawyer Evans, Plaintiff, 
against ^ 

Brink Cuppia Evans, Defend-' 


The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa et thoro to be 
later merged into an absolute 
divorce, from the said defend- 
ant, upon the grounds of de- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the lastknovm 
post office address being, 3422 
Wavefly Drive, Los Angeles 27, 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication her<eof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N. Styron, D. C. 
J. Peter Holland, III 
2604 Pacific Ave., 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Legal Notices 

* Legal Noticed 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of Vir- 
ginia Beach, on the 7th day of 
January, 1970. 

Nelson L. Smith, Plaintiff, 

Sylvia B. Smith, Defendant. 

The ob^ject of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a div- 
orce A mensa et thoro to be 
liter merged into a divorce A 
Vinculo Matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, 1541 
N. E. nth Street, Homestea^, 
Fl<?rida 33030. . ' 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be nec- 
essary to protect here interest 
in this suit. 

Phyliss N. Styron, D.C. 
Messrs. Murphy, Bennett & 
Gorry, Attys. 
301-25th Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


„ In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the city of 
Virginia Beach, on the 12th 
day of January, 1970. 

Dale Anthony Griffl|% 
Complainant — 


Olga Y. Griffith Andrews, 
Box 96. Albrook Air Force 
Base, Canal Zone, andThvest- 
ment Corporation of Norfolk, 
215 E. Plume Street, Norfolk, 
Virginia 23510, Defendants;— 

The object of the above styled 
suit is to effect partition among 
the owners by sale or other- 
wise of the real property in 
the city of Virginia Beach kpown 
as 1665 Wright Lane, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, the said prop- 
; iferty further known as LOT 100, 
' and the Western FiYe,(5) feet of 
LOT Kn; as shown ^m^laat ob- 
tain plat entitled "Laurel 
Manor", which plat is duly re- 
corded in the Clerk's Office 
of the Circuit Court of the City 
of Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 
Map Book 34, at Page 53A. And 
it appearing by affidavit filed 
according to law that Olga Y. 
Griffith Andrews, the alx)ve- 
named defendant, is not a re- 
sident of this state, it is ttiere- 
fore ordered that the said Olga 
, y. Griffith Andrews do s^^ar 
within ten days a|ter due pub- 
lication of this order, in the 
Clerk's Office of our Circuit 
Court, and do what is necessary 
to protect his interest. And it 
is further ordered that this 
order be piA>lished once a week 
for four successive weeks in the 
Virginia Beach Sun, a news- 
pagper printed in the City of 
Virginia Beach. 
A, copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Robert Simpson, atty. 
404 Malibu Towers 
Virginia Beach, Va. 


In the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach on tte 
12th day of January, 1970. 

In the matter of Virginia 
National Bank, Executor of the 
Estate of Tore E. Skeppstrora, 
Jr., deceased. 

It appearing to the Court that 
a report of the accounts of 
Virginia National Bank, Exec- 
utor of the Estate of Tore E. 
Skeppstrom, Jr., deceased, and 
of the debts and demands against 
his Estate, has been filed in 
the Clerk's Office of this Court, 
and that six months have elapsed 
since the qualification, on 
motion of the said Virginia Nat- 
ional Bank, Executor of the 
Estate of Tore E. Skeppstrom, 
Jr., deceased, it Is 

ORDERED that the creditors , 
of, and all other interested in 
the Estate, do show cause, if 
any they can, on the 30th day 
of January, 1970, before this 
'Court, in its Courtroom, against 
the payment and delivery of the 
Estate of Tor'e E. Skeppstrom, 
Jr., deceased, to the devisees 
and legatees without requiring 
refunding homis. 

It is further ORDERED that 
this Show Cause Order be pub- 
lished once a week for two 
successive we^ in the Vir- 
ginia Beach Sun, a newspaper 
having general circulation in the 

City of Virginia Beach. 

A copy-Teste: 


PhuUis N. Styron, D.C. 

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In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach on the 2nd day of 
January, 1970. 

Thomaslna Glenn Foreman, 

against —^-r- -t—r- -*— -r 
David Lee Foreman, Defendant. 


The object of this suit is fbr 
said pl^if^lff to obtahi adivorce, 
A Vinculo Matrimonii frbm the ^ 
said def eiMlant, upon the grounds 
of desertl(m. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
is not a resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known post . 
office address being. New York, 
New^ York. 

It is ordered that he do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N. Styron, D. C. 
Mr. William E. Culverhouse 
P. 0. Box 5533 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


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ing, churches, laundromat. 
Yearly rental. Pacific Avenue. 
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90 Articles For Sale 

Mink dyed stole. Appraised $250 
sell $95. Bluebird Girls uniform 
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Pool table. 3/4" slate. Tavern 
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lis Hooaea-FnniMwd 

For rent-ftirnished 4 room c<^- 
tage, service coiq>le, block from 
beach. After 11:00 a.m. phone 


Princess Anne PUusa-Cunlage 
HUl-S XmSsvma, liurge dw^ 
carpets, gartfe, raoge, 1 1/2 
baths. Landscaped lam Eqottjr, 
Assume 6 3/4% loan. Priced 
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Air CMiditloned 
Ample Parking Space 


Phone 428-3293 

Ul bveatmant Pr^wty 

Excellent lnvestm«^ oppor- 
tunity lidth 100x200 foot lot. 
One block off S. Btrdneck Road 
on Southern Blvd. 

After 6 p.ra. Pb-340-«098. 

AntomoMlea For Sale 

tS Heoiehold Gooda 


1969 Zig-Zag Sewing Machine, 
does everything; makes button- 
holes, sews on buttons, blind 
hems, dresses, overcasts, 
makes fancy stitching; all with- 
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or pay 5 payments of $5.55 
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Credit Manager 9 til 9, _ 

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Wanted-Male or Female 

MANflRBEiUiraDtS to put your 

esqiemro Ijid skilbs to work. 

We aJlifow interviewing: 

atidlng machine operators 
bookkeeping machine oper- 

bookkeepers-all phases of 



Call 622-6581 

Manpower, Inc. ^-^-~^ -, — 

733 Boush Street 

Norfolk, Virginia 

An equal OK^rtunity employer 

40 Help Wanted-Fenude 

Housekeeper want^i one or two • 
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In stylish cabinet 600 series, 
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Limited number for immediate occopancy 
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Franchised arrangements have been completed with the 
ti. I. Jaffe Furniture Corporation of Suffolk, Virginia, to 
extend wholesale and special discount privileges to persons 
employed at firms with ten or more employees. 

' This courtesy will also be extended to former customers 
of the H. I. Jaffe group of stores that operated within a 
radius of 100 mil« of our headquarters in Suffolk, Va. 

If you would care to have our courtesy card, please com- 
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skteote siu» 1924. 

t !!§■•« 

5% discount If run 4 w««ks 





f . 0. lii 157, 



^y, ^^rv 22. 1970 

Virginia BMch Sun 

Something Lost in Translation 

Allison Jaclcson, Kattiy Gardner and Vir- 
ginia Biggs of the Virginia Beach Ballet 
Company are preparing for their Present- 
ation at Princess Anne High School Audit- 
orium on Friday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. 

The current ofl^iii^ at 
Cavalier Dinner PUyhoose 
"Catch Me H You Ctn»», m 
adaptation of a French pUy 
may miss something In trus- 
lation. It Is biUed as a comedy 
murder mystery* that nomen- 
dature In itself a bit confusing. 

The play is a nicely contrived 
mystery, and while a bit melo- 
dramatic In spots, provides 
some excellent surprise twists, 
a la Holmes of O'Henry, before 
tying all the very loose ends 
together. The so-called comedy 
Is provided through a sparce 
number of one-Uners that 
always aren't the funniest gags. 

The plot is difficult to ejqplain 
without giving it away. Let it 
suffice tosay that an advertising' 
executive reports his wife 
missing during their Catskill 
honeymoon, and a one-time 
Brooklyn cop presently employ- 
ed as an inspector in the small 
town takes on the job of finding 
her and unraveling the mystery. 

All this is complicated by the 
appearance of a fake wife, a 
fake priest and some highly be- 
lievable situations, designed to 
make the audience think there 
may be a plot afoot to collect 
tiie new husband's Insurance and 
to make the police think he's 
just a little nuts for not recog- 
nising his own wife. On the 
surface that's what it appear^ 
to be. but the real plot does 

not emerge until the very rad« 
CMrector G. F.Rowe las tried 
to play iQ) the mystei^ and play 
down the comedy, but ttte piece 
then becomes neither here nor 
there. The (^olng nlg^t per- 
formance was also quite slow 
in pacing, largely thie to the 
deliberations of- Danny GUnn, 
who plays the husband. His too 
long pauses and reactions 
caused the first act to be far 
too stow. 

Gunn, better known for his 
comedy diaracter roles, is> 
miscast in the first place, aixl 
has difficulty overriding this 
fact. Marty McGaw is pleasing 
as Uie would-be wife. ^ does 
a nice evil job with the role, 
and makes the most of tie small 
amount of comedy in so doing. 
Tolqr Stephens pla}« Uie ^e| 
priest broadly mi gets much 
out of it. Eugene Ktoter adds 

ojnskleraUly to tiie aeccnd act 
Jewish deHcatessaii operi^* 
And Carol Sunders and David 
Lang flU the -east with l»iet 
appearances as the adfeitlilng 
firm head anl his bl<aide piesaOi 
of the wedsend. 

The real plaudits must go to 
Hank Mauro however, who ]^ys 
the inspector with all the nat- 
ural comedy and pathos the rola 
demands. His chara^erisatton 
and movement save thUt one, as 
he holds the pace omost to 
an even keel. While he Is on- 
stage, the action moves as it 

J^teiy fans witt enj<qr tMs 
jplay, and it does have a few 
chudcles in it, even though the 
comedy really plays second 
fiddle. With faster pacii^ the 
play is a pleas&nt evening. RJL 

Poet Set For Reading 

College Library 

A Peninsula poet will be pre- 
sented at Virginia Wesleyan 
College as ttie first activity of 
the college's new literary mag- 

David Smith bf Poquoson, 
Va. will give a reading of his 


Smith was editor of the Sou- 
Wester, a well known college 
literary review at Southern Ill- 
inois University where he re- 
ceived a graduate degree. He 
has publlslied a number of his 

The Lake Wright Dinner Playhouse in Norfolk wIllopenFriday^^^^^ 
with-AnniversaryWaltz'%adellghtful comedy by Je^fmeChodorou 
and Joseph Fields. June Garrison and Tim Jon^s w.llplaMh^^^^^ 
roles. Reservations may be obtained by calling the PlayTiouse. 

All for Project Friendship... 

works in the college library at ^orks in collegiate and educa- 
8 p.m. on Firday, Jan. 23. The tional journals, 
program is being presented in The program is open to the 
conjunction with the Virginia pubUc free of charge. 





Fif Tin MitoR Bath 
Stiid Calfn 

Now you can 

have the smart 

look for walls 

floors and counter 

topping. Wide 
ftariaty of colora 
^41ix4'A inch tiles. 

Pirable > easy 

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FIrat Inlity 

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ft adheslves in stock. 

Val^Alre Ozite 13^3 8(1. yd. 
12x12 tiles .59 ea. Umited quan. 


Per Ft. 

It was a chilly evening but 
the lie^ around the Galilee 
Eplscqtal Church on Pacific 
Avenue beamed with warmth as 
people ramtiled throu^ the 
doors Sunday. 

In the pews hunched, bespei^- 
acled septaugenarianssat 
quietly beside bell-bottomed 
and maxl-coated teenagers 
waiting for something to happen. 
Above the steady lull of casual 
conversation, they could hear 
^tte tis&ni peeting hAecomers 
ft Uie back -of the church. All 
of them had come to sing for 
Project Friendship. 

Finally, an unexpected voice 
echoed from the front of the 
churdi and a short, stocky min- 
ister stepped briskly to the 
center of the diancel. 

"Hey everybody— I'm Rev, 
John Jor(bn.M.Mwe're just here 


3 tab shingle is 
easy to a(^ty. 
Bright siirfaoBitf" 
t or a longer lasting 
Shingle- Wind 


Rev. Jordan began with an 
extemporaneous but appropri- 
ate prayer. 

"Oh Lord let our hearts not 
be filled with embarrassment 
but witti great noise and witti 
great joy." 

"Ye-e-e-a-ah-h," came a 
murmur of approval from the 
congregation and everyone 
moved around anxiously in their 

Then the choir from Mt. Olive 
Bi^ist Church assembled in 
one clump of harmony and 
rhythm at the altar rail stnd 
performed several hymns. 
After the last number, one-by- 
one the men began to file back 
to the pews. 

"That's gr^! Don't leave. 
Don't leave!" pleaded Chuck 
Oliver, music director at 

to^e rMfla nSli; Sta^e GaUlee rushing towar^ them. 
w iijii»« « jwjriu» uuw«! ouu ^jj^ ^^^ reassembled along 

the rail t(nd Oliver led the en- 


The Wind Won't Blow 
These Offll 

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BMt Tlili« to RMiiodoi to NOW! 

Remodel your kitchen and transform your home into new 
twauty. The skill and craftmansbip that malce Connor 
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cabinets. To begin with, Connor selects only the finest 
Northern hardwoods, from trees j^rown in their own 
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Elaetric - U.L. Litttd 
R«|. 47.95 30 Gallon 

a real good time,'* he annotmc- 
ed. And the community sing 
was iDstagUy underway. 

kV^xS^ ^e eveBt was con- 
fined within the walls of the 
dnirch, it was far from singu- 
lar. It at^cted young and old, 
black and white, even curious 
pttwen-by to come tof^ther In 
i Ittfltituil ^rt to help sblve 
probienos Hiai ebnfront theSea- 
tadc Community of Virginia 

"We're all envolved in Pro- 
ject Friendship," saldRev.Blll 
Blake, assistant rectw of the 
GalUee Clmrch. "The purpose 
of all this is simply to get 
together. And the best way we 
can think of for gettingtogetber 
Is to oome here and sing. Then 
we'll go into the diurch hall, 
have some refreshments and 

tire congregation in "Holy, 
Holy, Hofy^ Lord God Almlghtj^' 
The candles . along the 


flickered to the melodic vibra- 
tlotis that filled the church. 

"Hold it! Hold it!" OUver 
shouted after the first verse. 
He leaned over and conferred 
with someone sitting near the 
front of the church. An old man 
stood up and raised an amber- 
colored violin to his shoulder. 
Just beside him, a shaggy- 
headed youth rose with a cut- 
away guitar hanging from US 

"Does anyone else have an 
Instruinent?" Oliver asked. 
"Okay, then let's go!" He waved 
b(Ah hands over his head in 
staccato fashion and the people 
responded again with "Holy, 
holy, holy. Lord God Almi^ty." 

Anl tluit's the way it was the 
rest of the evening. A collection 
was made for Project Frlend- 
sh^, but that was not the im- 
portant part of the event. The 
people got leather, sang and 
enjoyed themselves. And then 
they telted......all for Project 


Gland Sustem I9 Topic 


"IHe Efidocrliw System - 
Centers of Coutrol In tte 
Human Body" will be the si*- 
ject of a lecture to be given 
at the Sunday Forum of the 
Association for Research and 
Enlii^d^Bnment, 67tb Stre^ and 
Atlantic Avenue on Jan. 25 at 
3 p.m. 

The lecturer will be Ray 
Hancbey of Richmond. Hanchey 
is by way of being an author- 
ity on the endocrine or duct- 
lesf^gland system and its little 
understood function. 

"The Road" to Self-Aware- 
ness" will be the subject of 
a l^ure to be glwMxOA Fci- 
day, Jan. 30th at 8 p.m. by 
J(4m Flcht. Mrs. Ficht is from 
Illinois, has a master's degree 
in clinicalpsychology from 
Purdue University and is ^ 
present instructor in the psy- 

diology department of Norfolk 
State CoUege. "The Christ - 
East, West Concepte" will be 
the subject of a panel discuss- 
ion to be held on Saturday, 
Jan. 31 at 8 p^m. 



Git - AGA Xpprivttf 
Ra{, 49.8i 30 GallM 



Coliseum Plans *Big Doings* 



KNps Caltf 
Mt and Kteps 

Htat in! 

3" Mick 
71 S4. ft. 



I" lliick 






4^x8' -3/8'' Gypsum^l 



You save 



Po(y«th«l«n« FHm - 4 mil 

6 X 100 ft. rails 
Rag. $4.0S 
Naw Only 

Cover windows - keep out cold. 
Protect furniture, equipment. 
Use as a vapor barrier. 

Congoteum Nairn Vinyl Inlaid 


Incredible cushioned vinyl 
door. The only floor with 
a "memory". The 
vinyl vraar-layer . 
and vinyl cushion 
"give-in" with 
impact but then 
bounce back to 

Cabana - Reg. 2.89 



sq. yd. 

Other patterns 
3.29 to 4.29 sq. yd. 

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% inch 

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4 Section 
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This extra heavy wooden garage door comes with 
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New Garage 
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Plastic Laminated 

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choose from 

Cantaet Camant (4t.}...1.99 

sq. ft. 
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ADD Louvered Accents to Your 
Home with 30" q Qg 
Cafe Doors .Oa99 


Door Unite. 


'5®! ^ 

Governor-Elect Llnwood B. 
Holton and the Virginia General 
Assembly bave been invited to 
attend 0ie opeoing and dedicat- 
ion of tte Hampton Roads Col- 
iseum on Saturday, Jan. 31 at 

3 pjD. 

Prior to the dedication cer- 
emonies the Governor and 
Assembly members will tour 
Laogley Research Center after 
which ttiey will be guest ther«* 
at a special luncheon. 

That evening Hampton Mayor 
Ann Kllgore and other Hampton 
officials will be hosts for the 
distinguished visitors at dinner 
and a concert with comedian 
Jack Benny, singer-film star 
Shani Willis and other enter- 
tainers. The dedication cere- 
monies that afternoon are free 

and open to the public. Tickets 
for the concert will go on sale 
in Hampton this week. 

Hampton officials will serve 
as guides throu^ut the fest- 

The concert will climax a 
week and a half of special 
events designed to introduce 
the Hampton Roads Coliseum 
and its facilities to the public. 

Concert tickets may be pur- 
chased at all Hub stores, WGH 
studios and the Coliseum box 

The Association, one of the 
country's most popular "show- 
rock" groups, and soul-singer 
Tony Joe White will be tlie 
featured attractions at the 
"first" concert to be given in 

the new coliseum on Wednesii^, 
January 28 at 7:30 p.m. 

Hiiss Giguere, Ted Bluechel, 
Brian Cole, Terry Kirkman, 
Larry Ramos and Jim Yestar 
form the Associatini'sdynandc 
composite and have kept con- 
stantly atop the best-seller 
charts witti ttieir million dollar 
kits of "Along Came Mary." 
"Cherish," •*Windy," and 
"Never My Love," Two As- 
socUtion albums have also been 
certified for gold records... 
"And Then...Along Comes The 
Association" and "Insight 

KeMiaHi. -CotcvH 

«.^««tii «.■«!« 




1234 MMHk Avt.. A. S43.3SI! 
^^ JmuJH. 7:19 A.a H I P.M. 
fiN., WtL, fNn. hULB. *NI StM P.M. 

•fa. iNdj. Va. iMih IM. Mms 3404m 
I tuk v. il Mmm Asm twn 

Mi MivnM A.«. 'm I r.a. 

SMlfWf t m 4 ^.a. 

Your Discount Center 
for Lumber, PJywood, & 



Are you properly inoired with a strong reliable in-, 
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W^ not spttd a few minutes with the hi^ily traio«i 
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tte vorrylag to us. 

Yov may iMU have o^r problems to solve, but ymi 
w»H Ittve to worry abma your insuraaee anymore. 

Sill ^Acmc AVi. nioitf t2t-f Ml 

HM-I nmCISS ANNI n. mom 42«-2«00 









RzeHMOND, VA. aiai9 

*ii J, 





DIAL^ 936-1212 


MbmIbIb ftiflA fas 

Serving and Promoting Our City'% Future 

Vol. 4. No. 4 

100 a copy 

Virginia Beach. Vrgifiia. January 29, 1970 


Scott Requests ^ id V ALCReportRais 

Fram Rep. Downing 

City Manager Roger M. Scott 
and Rep. Thomas N. Downing 
are interested in the possibility 
of using Oceana Naval Air Sta- 
tion as a joint civilian-military 
airport facility. 

Scott wants Downing to take 
the proposition to the Defense 
Department for further study. 

Scott said that the four Tide- 
water cities will soon lose con- 
siderable air service because of 
limited runway facilities at 
Norfolk Regional Airport. 

Larger and higher perfor- 
mance aircraft going into ser- 
vice currently will increase 
the airport's load. 

Scott said that the situation 
ieould be eased by increasing 
runway lengths at Norfolk Reg- 
ional, building a new airport s^ 
another site or using the exist- 
ing military facilities. 

Scott favors using the last 
solution by using Oceana. He 
also feels it would be beneficial 
to the military because it would 
help defray cost of operating 
the station. 

State Sen. Edward T. (Ned) 
Catton suggested the same idea 

to Downing two and a half years 
ago. At that time the Defense 
Department rejected the idea. 

Scott said that the Defense 
Dept. is now studying the joint 
use idea |or several' military 
installaticHis but Oceana is not 
„one of them. Fifty-seven mili- 
tary t>ases are now being used 
by civilian aircraft. 

Scott told Downing that, since 
the investigation was only in 
the data-gathering stage, no 
action would be initiated to bring 
about the use of Oceana. 

He also said that the request 
would ohly be to accomodate 
aircraft that Norfolk Regional 
could not handle. 

The subject of land donation 
by subdivision developers for 
schools and recreational pur- 
poses may not be settled yet, 
as far as Virginia Beaqh is 
concerned. On the same day 
that City Council officially 
passed a resolution seeking in- 
troduction of le^slation in the 
House of Delegates in Richmond 
that would accomplish this, a 
Virginia Advisory Legislative 
Council study was released 
which recommended against en-, 
actment of such a state law. 

Council adopted the resol- 
ution in order to put teeth in 
its subdivision code. Fairfax 
already requires such dona- 
tions, without enabling legisla- 
tion. But City Attorney Harry 
Marshall and planning director 
Patrick Standing said they felt 
statewide law would make it 

Norfolk Clings to Merger 


For CoUege 

Mosi likely it was the phras- 
ing of the SUN SURVEY quest- 
ton of ;la8t week that caused the 
almoAl wren qOit in the results. 

A (otel of 52 ^r cent said 
••No" to the question, "Slaom 

Virginia General Assecnlbty al- 
t«tt^ to have Iftoney appro- 
pritUfd during this session for 
a eommuBtty college inttUs city, 
reco0Bizing that the college was 
~ omltffiBd for monetary reasons 
and that re-inserting it in the 
budget could help raise taxes?" 
The btber 48 per cent said 

But it appeared to be the 
threat of increased taxes that 
caused many tax-shy and tax 
hike weary Virginia Beach re- 
sld«is from being in favor of 
figbttig for the coUege. Com- 
ments included with almost 
every answer in opposition fav- 
ored the college itself as soon 
as possible, arKl a large number 
cited the need. Their opposit- 
ion, for the most part, came 
with the recognition of those 
momftary i^oblems and the 
strong possiblity of a tax hike 
of sdme kind if the fight were 

Those in favor all the way said 
they recognized the possiblity of 
more taxes, but would rather 
pay them for education on a 
home-town level if possible. 
Several who replied were highly 
incensed that the college had 
be«i cut from the budget. 

W^le the public opinion poll 
does! not profess to represent 
the tuning of all residents of 
Virginia Beach, it does repre- 
sent the thinking of a cross 
sedim of tliose who took time 
to clip it and return it to us. 

Your attention is called also 
to ttis week's SUN SURVEY 
quMtton, which appears below 
in 4» bene at the lower left 
coroir of this page. The results 
vUl te pd^hed here next 

Each we^ a new, timely 
question will be asked, and 
yoa are Invited to participate. 
The nwre repU^ received, tiie 
flK)re responsible the opinion. 

Virginia Beach is out of all 
merger talks with Norfolk, 
Portsmouth and Chesapeake, at 
least for the present, and most 
likely for some time to come. 
Official action removing the 
resort city from the talks came 
last week in a letter to Norfolk 
Mayor Roy Martin from Vir- 
ginia Beach Mayor Frank 

But the word "merger" keeps 
cropping up again and again in 
serveral quarters. 

Following the lead of Virginia 
Beach, Portsmouth and Chesa- 
peake City Councils withdrew 
from talks of merger also. But 
both cities stated that coqter- 
ation among the four cities 
should continue to be pursued. 
They added that any future talks 
should be based oh areawlde 
cooperation, and thiU all talk 
of ^word "merger" should l)e 

Chesa|)eake did hot 8^ot>rt- 
ate the requested $1,000 for Its 
share of hiring a consultant to 
se cur e grants from the state and 
federal governments to study 
the matter further, as wasorg- 
inally set forth by the study 
committee. That committee was 
made up of top-level city ex- 
ecutives from the four dties. 
Portsmouth took no action on 
the ^propriation. 

Last week Virginia Beach 
aslo declined to appropriate the 
money aitf said that the South- 
eastern Virginia Planning Dis- 
trict Commission, already un- 
derway with some areawlde 
studies, could accomplish the 
same purposes. 

With the recent action by all 
three City Councils, the future 
of any talks by the earlier com- 
mittee is in doubt. The feeling 
in Virginia Beach was that Nor- 
folk officials were talking 
"merger" while everyone else 
was talkingabout "areawlde co- 
operation" and areas where 
efficiencey of government and 
economy of government might 
be accomplished by combining 
selected services and facilities. 

Vir^nia Beach City Council- 
men said they had received so 
much sentiment against contin- 
uation of the "merger" talis 
from citizens that they felt 
forced to withdraw. Even the 
city's representatives in the 
talks. Councilman Lawrence 
Marshall, Mayor Frank Dusch 
and City Manager Roger Scott 
had made It clear from the 
beginning that they were willing 
to talk, but "merger" was not 
their ultimate aim. 

The proposal for talks was 
originally set forth by Norfolk 
Mayor-Roy Martin. Norfolk has 
since appropriated its $1,000 
for the study, but now stands 
alone in this action. 

Virginia Beach residents who 

ger formed a concensus. The 
main reasons for opposition 
were: (1) Norfolk's need for 
expansion to hold down its taxes; 
(2) higher taxes already in the 
other cities; (3) financial prob- 
lems already faced in the other 
cities; (4) Norfolk's need to 
merge to add more white pop- 

Merger talk is far from dead. 
The , Norfolk newspaper, the 
a special edition devoted en- 
tirely to the subject oh March 
IS. An advertising brochure 
was sent to City Manager Roger 
Scott concerning the^itlon, 
apparantly with the reglnbt for 
an ad hi the edition by the 

Scott showed . the brodiure 
to City Council Monday. No 
vote was taken, but no ad will 
be taken by the city either. 

tut \K9fimm,9im IN Hhp* 



QUESTION: Should all efforts 
possible be made to secure 
Joint miiitary-commercial use 
of Oceana Naval Air Station so 
that Tidewater will have a Jet- 
port copobte of handling the new, 
large planes? 

Ywr ctBBiafi ni ti|Mi iettari vtiM U 
•pprtctotii ibf . 

Clip M< rHiri HiVWeiUM IIACI SIN, 

paper considers merger "ob- 
viously important". 

On another issue of areawlde 
cooperation, Norfolk has pushed 
for some time to have the 
Tidewater Recreation and Sta- 
dium Authority lease its land 
at Landsdale for a large foot- 
ball stadium, with the Authority 
building, maintaining and oper- 
ating it. Norfolk must have a 
new stadium by 1972 when the 
current contract with Foreman 
Field e]g)ires. 

A consultant's study re6om- 
mended this site and a site at 
Greenbriar Farms In Chesa- 
peake almost evenly, giving the 
isli^t edge to Greenbriar. Vir- 
ginia Beach, then Portsmouth 
and Chesapeake voted for the 
Greenbrier site. Norfolk ob- 
viously is for its own-site. 
Future ^ttcj^ion by Norfolk 
in bie woit^ of the Author- 
ity HUWiRIPB^ 

Stronger and more easily en- 

Similar legislation was intro- 
duced in the 1968 session of 
the Virginia General Assembly, 
but the bill was killed in com- 
mittee and never reach the 
debatable stage on the floor of 
either house. 

The VALC report called such 
donation "inequitable" and said 
it should be prohibited. It also 
caHs for the reservation of such 
land to be paid for at a fair 
price. This is alreatly being 
done in Virginia Beach by 
agreement of builders and tl^ 

The VALC ba^ed Its recom- 
mendation partly on thepremise 
that "...a developer of a large 
tract is often required to donate 
such a site when his smaller 
competitor who will benefit 
equally well from the proximity 
of the facility is not asked to 
donate because his lots would 
be too small to use." 

This objection would be over- 
come- In the proposed legisla- 
tion is recommended by Vir- 
ginia Beach. Theproposed bill 
would require donation for 
schools and recreational land 
in large subdivision develop- 
ments and the payment of pro- 
rated funds for the same pur- 
pose by smaller developments. 

Del. Richard Guy wrote Mar- 
shall after receiving the report 
that he would certainly support 
the city's proposals, but felt 
it would be difficult to obtain 
passage foUowine the VALC 
recommendations. Tradition- 
ally the VALC proposals are 
adopted with few changes. 

Council, although it voted 10- 
Monday to seek the legisla- 
tion, left the door open to other 
possible alternatives. Council- 
man Lawrence Marshall did not 
vote on the proposal, after say- 
hig he had serious reservations 
concerning it. 

During City Attorney Mar- 

such facilities, not on fte 
earlier residents of ttie dtf. 
They also add that the cost of 
land for schools is only a min- 
ute part of the evei^al cost 
of building, maintaining and 
operating them. 

While the builders say they 
are opp(%ing the l^islatio^ 
the only oipvltion jnMmtodata 
hearing a week ago before City 
Council was in the form of a 
letter delivered by attorney 
Norrts Halpent. The l»ttsr 
stated the builders of the Tide- 
water Association of Home- 
builders we^e "unalteraUy 
opposed" to th^ legishitioo. 

It is expected that if the bUl 
does reach a committee hearing 
in Richmond that builders from 
all over Virginia will i^end 
to oppose it. 

The position of the city will 
probably be cleared iq> after 
City Council meets hifornolly 

(See 'Report', p^ 2) 

shall's briefing of Council Mon- 
day he noted that he had al- 
ready sent the proposed legis- 
lation to Del. B. R. Mlddleton 
for introduction, following a 
concensus received from Coun- 
cil the wtek before. He said he 
felt that Guy would not want to 
introduce it for "obvious 

Uter he said the "obvious" 
reasons" were that Guy is 
married to the sister of Horace 
Cistola, a principal of the Terry 
Corp., one of the state's largest 
home builders. 

In his letter to Marshall, Guy 
said he stood ready to support 
the bill, but in light of the 
VALC report, urged Marshall 
and Council to review their 
position In the matter. 

Proponents of the measure 
say they feel that while the 
cost of such donated land will 
certainly be passed along to 
the new home Iniyer, this Is 
where the Inirden should fall for . 


Freight Service to Shore Added 


This sign for a political candidate gained 
legality Monday by action of City Council. 

Signs Get Go Ahead 

City Council madb it easier 
io put tq> a sign for candidates 
In the April 7 Democratic Pri- 
mary. And with the waiving of 
restrictions the city could be 
overflowing with sips for the 
34 candidates In the race for 
11 seats. 

Ordinarily approval for 
erection of a billboard or sign 
of any kind require a hearing 
before the planning commission 
and approval of City Council. 
This process takes 45-60 days, 
aiKl 60 days is all Vtat re- 
jnalns before the election. The 
waiver thus ntakes it posstt)le 
for tiie signs to go «q) in ap- 
proved places whenever the 
candidate wish. 

Most members of the pre- 
sent City CcMint^I are seddng- 
reelectlon. Th^ qui^y voted 
In favor of the waiver with 
accord ttiat "everytndy must 
be treated alike." 

Also included in tte resolut- 
ion, however, was the restrict- 
ion tint ttK»e sips most be 
down One days after Uie el- 
ection. R is prnomed the wln- 
nere may leave thein v$ for 
ttie Jtutt genenU electioi^ w^ 
ttie same time limits I4>^yhig 
then, bat tte cMiceisw vss 
mt ConmAl will hftTe td vote 
m ttM^ lAm the time comes, 

T%e acthm came aboiA as te 
r^tolt ol tte floodlit id &m 
city bfy sips of Robert ^n- 
daU, caodUate for the Beach 

Borough seat. Kendall had no 
permit to erect the signs in 
1nany places, and the zonUig 
enforcement officer, who could 
have ordered the signs down 
soug^ advice from the Ctty 
Manager and City Council be- 
fore creating a political Oat) 
and possible cries of "foul-" 

Scott pointed out, however, 
that candidates must stiU take 
care not to put up signs on 
ri^t-of-way. They will be re- 
moved or ordered removed, 
he said. 

Meanwhile as the campalp 
moves into the next to last" 
month, there Is little activity 
of any kind. Speculation has it 
that more alignments are fortti- 
comin^, but (here has been no 
actlvl^ politically in the past 



Virginia Beach City Council 
Monday appointed Arthur H. 
Jurg«)sen, of Princess Anne 
Boroi^ to the planning com- 
missim to fill the une}q)ired 
term of Russell Brown, who 
resiped recently. 

Brown resiped after beam- 
ing a <aaUdate for CityCouncU 
In tte April Democra^c Pri- 
mary, opposing incumbent 

(See 'V^ancl«i', p. 2) 

Arrangements were finalized 
Wednesday for thePennCentral 
Railway to provide barge ser- 
vice to transport necessary 
frel^t service between the 
Eastern Shore and Virginia 
Bea^ . 

Penn Central officials at 
Philadelphia, Pa. said service 
was being instigated throu^ 
the use of barges equipped to 
handle box cars and flat cars 
for the movement of food, med- 
icine, heathig supplies, gaso- 
line and other material re- 
quired tiy residents of the East- 
ern Shrare. "^:"~"::. — 

Items wlUbeshlppedfromthe 
Penn Central terminal at Little 
. Creek 

to be moved by railway box- 
dfars since the barges are not 
equipped for the proper hand- 
ling of tractor-trailer trudcs. 
The rail official pointed out 
however, that tiie barges would 
be able to transport trudc trail- 
er loads of supplies, If trucking 
conqjanles makesomearriange- 
ment to have trailer or cab 
equipment available at Cape 
Charles. - 

These shipments will be 
handled through facilities whidi 
have been in existence for the 
transporting of coml>ustIble ma- 
terial and simlliar Items which 
could not be transported over 
the Chesapeake Bay brldgetui- 
nel. The shipments will be 
moved under the tariff rates 
previously established for such 
frel^it shipments.- - > . . 

The P^nn Central spokesman 
told the SUN "We are doing 
everything to assist people on 
the peninsula to carry on a 
normal life as far as is pos- 

The Navy continues to assist 
persois whose employment re- 
quires their daily crossing oi 
Chesapeake Bay,, and is giving 
consideration to steps which 
could be tajcen to transport 
freight between Virginia Beach 
and the Eastern Shore. 

On Monday the Navy discon- 
tinued the use of a helicopter 
passenger shuttle service be- 
tween Little Creek Naval Am- 
phibious Base and the Eastern 
Shore and replaced It with the 
use of Navy LCU's. These were 
equipped with two buses to pro- 
tect passengers from the weath- 
er during the crossing. 

The LCU "ferry service" be- 
tween the Amphibious Base and 
C^>e Charles was instipted 
Tuesday morning with one run in 
each direction in the morning 
and afternoon. The "ferries", 
which operate at no cost- to 
those making use of them, pro- 
vide space for 90 persons In the 
buses on board. However, in- 
dications are that only 15 to 
25 persons were making the 
crossing on each run. 

The feelings of those who are 
making use of the shuttle ser- 
vice wert fleeted in the com- 
ments (rf Eastern Shore resi- 
dents as they boarded the LCU's 
at Little Creek Tuesday after- 
noon. As Mr. and Mrs. Bnx* 
Stevens <rf Cheritaa, Va., went 
on board Stevens said, "We 
have no complaii^. We Midc 
it is ex(%ll«)t the way it is. U 
It wasn't for the Navy we would- 
n't be able to make It". These 
sei^mMite i%re reflected in tile 
comment of Cl^e Small of 
Townsend, Va., wbo told the 
SUN "T1» tr^ vtt idee and 

smooth, I enjoyed it. The ser- 
vice is alright as far as I'm 
concerned. 1 work over here 
every day, so.l've pt to-get 

back and forth,"' -^ ^ 

J. Clyde Morris, Executive 
Director of Jhe Cbesape^jiBs^ 

Bridge-Tunnel Commisston, on 
Wednesday Indicated that March 
1 remained the earliest possible 
date for restoration of service 
of the 17.5 bridge-tunnel cross- 
ing of Chesapeake Bay. 
The span was put out of com- 

mission last Wednesday morn- 
ing when a Navy carp shi|^ 
the USS Yancey, was blown from 
its anchorage and smashed 
through the bridge rippli^ out 

(gee 'Service', p. 2) 


Several passengers who arrived on tiie first Navy ferry across 
Chesapeake Bay Tuesday morning appeared to be staying awhile. 
Only 14 persons came into Little Creek on the evening ferry. 
(Official U.S. Navy Photo) 

The signs at the toll booths tell the story. And the helicopter In the 
background tells part of the emergency operations problem. 

Workshop Set on Drug Classes 

A workshop to aid area tea- 
chers in presenting the pro- 
blems ol drug abuse to their 
studeirts wHl be held Friday 
at KempBviUe High School. 

TlM SttSloiK wUl fnture 
speakers knowledgable in ttie 
prcdsleme of dn^ abuse. Fea- 
tured speaker will be Dr. 
Charles Wiidck, director (tf the 
program hidn^d^tendenceuid 
alMise fd ttie American Sodal 
Health AsMCii^loii. 

Dr. Wlnick wiU work wUh 

instructors ftrom sixtt ttiroa^ 
tei^ grades in helping item 
understand the dn^ {otllem. 

Dr. Wlnick win also sp&k 
at 8 p.m. tonight, Thnraday, 
in a meeting ii Princess Aime 
Hi0i Sdnol opw to the public. 

VirglniaSM^ PiAdIc Sdiocte 
will twgin tMuMnf^ throng 
pineal tttoatlMi di^ts, « 
course caUed "EdncattMi hi 
Narcotics and Drug Abuse." 

A SdKKd Boani ftttaiMat 
said, "ft is not oiff tatai to 

ny ftat there is asln^eare 

for ftis prohteBM hnt* ttHm 

we attempt to pras^Hwll^ 

1^ teig«ES eamecAtdwl^^ 

w» td aaoMm uA drags. 

"...ft Is htileved that fto 

matttlal sivnU he 

bei^irfiB vtth ttM risn^ . 

tevd and eMttHi^ ttm^- 

ort tfii san^Hie ol o«r^^ 






Thursday, January 29, 1970 

^etti Strikes Blow ^^T^'*'* Gompany Is No More 

Wttt^ «H yrroKiBfiHil veto 
si tto A^^ ita^KKm tad 
WtUurt MlVOttt <dd tougaboo, 

icrlMS nfledton te mglaia 

d^M(rt Sugrt. E. E, Bridlu 
s«H tt wi@ Us istlniite^ 
tt« I9rt(^ of ttoB«i«d«rtifu}is 
« irfli'tat tedd as asowdeiBttt 
in ureis n^re federal iistall- 
aUons sdb^taiUaUy && to tbe 
s(ft60I inroUieiirM teke i^ 
estate (tf tbe tax rolls could 
raise taxes on pr<H>erty as much 
as SO <^ts per $100 assessed 
vsQue. (^tottOljr ^ mooey is 
used la tte education (^ fed- 
erally-^na^ed dependei^ 

Each ynorsehoolc^dal&and 
Vtrglflia iSmators and C(Uh> 
grusnieh !»ve imged an iqftiU 
b^le to i-etaln tbe full amount 
of tt^ Mi^« Eacti year the 
long bttttle tes hem suceeaaftil, 
and atpreseot tterels noreas(Hi 
to douM Qiat, even witb the 
i^to, min» oompromlse vill be 
niide I^ PresMei^ Nixon. 

The big problem In Virginia 
Beac% «Mdi was to hav« re- 
ceived $1.4 for this school year, 
is V^ ^ Amcte were already 
taken Into account in the budget 
suioi^»i last April, and loss ot 
the Tonds could seriously Impair 
current sdiool programs and 
cause deficit spending by Ci^ 
CoitaieU, ttiat loss to be passed 

Youth May 
Haire Died 

Virginia Beach poUce are 
contimiing their investigatiim 
into drcon^tances btMai the 
deatt of Ronald Eugene Keith 
whose partially decomposed 
body was found in a field off 
Soutti Lymdavoi Road last Sat<% 
urday afternoon. 

Keitii was a Portsmouth m- 
tive, wluxse last address was 
Usted as West 36fli Street in 
Norfolk. His ajge was placed 
at 18 or 1& years. The remains 
of the body were discovered 
liy , four b(^ playing in a field 
opposite Plaza Junior High 
Sditet V **■''"■•*• 

Capi, R. C, Davis, police 
Det^ive EMivision C. 0., said, 
"W% have ^X)d reason to hi- 
li&ve that the individual died 
as|a result of other tMn nat- 
util causes, and tha^ he was 

n(A lulled at thaHMMh^ -t 

"Alttwug^ we have made 
progress in the invci^gatton, 
wefve certiiio information ttat 
w^ can't release tA tMs time. 
Because of the omdliibn of ttie 
body ft would be reasonable to 
loihime that be died sometime 
durbif the latter monttis of 

al«% to the fitmni. piAlc to 
ttie way (tf a tax increase. 

iUi expected con^ramiso 
i^iould restore at le^ part 
of the f^nds, but tbe amouirt 
wiU wly be known followtag 
the hassle in Congress wltti 
the White Hotse. 

The other concern that Brick- 
etU has over the veto is the 
loss of $850,000 that had been 
64)ected as the federal share 
of the vocational - technical 
Tchool for tbe city. 

Officer F. R. Scar- 
borough models a new 
*Mke jacket" being 
issued to City police 
for morecomfort and 
protection in cold 


(Ccmt. torn p. 1) 

on M(H)day atCity Hall. At press 
time several d^ offi^als lud 
members of Council said they 
#iire still inVestigatlng die 
VALC report and evaluating 
Guy's letter. 

Several said they felt theclty 
should go ahead as planned on 
the basis of making it equit- 
able for all builders, large and 
p«ilU-^P^ls said the report 
had cast serious doubts, and that 
they felt the iwsition should be 

(Cont. flrom p. 1) 

a 375 foot section of the read- 

Morris «ided that as far as 
the making of repairs is con- 
cerned, "mobilization is pro- 
gressing very nicely. The con- 
tractors have people on tiie j()b, 
and equipment and material is 
coming in," 

Bridge-tunnel officials have 
said that divers have located 
the 75-foot spans of rtadbed 
which were sent to the bottom 
of Ch^apeake Bay in the ac- 
cident, and that their location 
may interfere with the placing 
of new piles which appear nec- 
essary as a foundation for re- 
placement of this section of the 

A floating Idle driver is en- 
route from New Orleans to 
handle ttje_. driving of the new 
Idles. The pile driver is ex- 
posed to arrive by th}s wedc- 
end or the early part of next 

Waters were olasslfted as 
off-]imits extending from South 
Island to the shoreline of Vir- 
ginia Beach and including reg- 
ion extending to 750 feet (a 
each side of the bridge be- 
cause <^ possible danger. Of- 
ficials point out tiiat boaters 
viotating the off -limit regu- 
lations could be subject to ar- 
rest under JJ. S. Coast Guard 


(Cont. from p. 1} 

Curtis Payne for the Process 
Anne Borough seat. He said his 
resignation was given in order 
to eliminate any question itf 
political motivation inany votes 
of the commission. 

Jurgensen, 69, is an archi- 
tecttffal desiper and estimator 
with C, L. Pinoffi It Co., con- 
tractors. He said he recognizes 
tile respoDBlblity the city has 
in proper planning for flie 
ftiture. His term will end on 
Dec. 31, 1970. 

Dr. J. Henry McCoy was 
appoinfed to the Tidewater 
Community College Board also 
Monday, filling the vacancy 
creeled when Del. Richard Gv^ 
resigned at the begliiiUngof this 
term in the Virginia General 
Assembly. i . T < . ^ . 

McCoy, Sl^kliM^^ISIkm^ 
tist, ii^Oso a member ^%|b 
Old DonUnton University Boanf * 
of Visitors. 

In otiier appointments Herbert 

The con^Ay authorized t^ 
City Council to install sewer 
lines in ^atack has been defui^ 
for ilmmi four years. 

l^orpaco Corp. was to install 
sewer lines along South Blrd- 
nedc Road from the Norfolk- 
Vir^nia Beach Expressway to 
General Booth Blvd., an area 
with a need too urgent to wait 
for city sewer lines. City Man- 
ager Roger M. S(»)tt signed die 
a^eement last week. 

A Spokesman for the State 
C r pb r a t i n Commtesion in 
Richmond said the company's 
charter "was revoked June 1, 
1966. Norpaco hasn't filed ttie 
required annual r^nrts since 

ft is a misdemeanor under 
Section l|.l-i35 of the Code 
of Virginif to transact business 
as a corporation without proper 
autiiorization said^ CoMinqh« 
weal&'s Atty. Andre Evans. 

The ^toraey's office idansto 
investigate the matter AiUy and 
take any action i^e^sary. 

The pr^ent owner of the 
corporati6n IsfraiAE. Sellers. 
He bought out C. D. Norton, 
tbe former owner, in 1906. Since 
then, he said, be has been oper- 
ating on the sssumidiolir that the 
corporation was good. 

Lau7er- Jobnp B. Jame& was 
the corporation's last listed 
registered agent, according to 
sec records. Sellers said he 
didn't know who was supposed 
to be registered agent after 
1966. He alsd said thatbedidnt 
know until recently that the 
company was deAinct. 

A strfi) of land next to Sea- 
tack Elementary School but sep- 
arated from other school pro- 
perty by a fence was donated 
to the City ^ jhe School Board 
last we^ as' a site for the pro- 
posed pun^ng station. 

DemUuie Is Sat, 

Friiay Jan. 30, Is tbe last 
day motorist of the resort city 
will be able to purchase ttie 
1970 Virginia Beach city Uce^se 
without making themselves sub- 
ject to a summons to appear in 
traffic court. 

The llcerees are are on sale 
at tbe City Treasurers office 
in tile Princess Anae Court- 
house complex, the City Hall 
Annex at 20th Street and Artie 
Avenue, Woodstock School on 
Providence Road, and 3rd Pre- 
ciuct on Independence Blvd. 
Those !«1h) have not as yrt 
purchased the llcen^ie may ob- 
tain them at any of th^e loc- 
ations between 9a,m.ind5p.m. 
A fee of $10 is charged for eadi 
license purdiaSed. 

In order to pordiase ttie lic- 
ense motorists must be able 
to sui^ynecessary iifornatloo ^ 
regarding the make, model, and 
serial number of flielr vdhlcle.^ 
Officials point but ft would 
tiiertfore be taelpftil to bring 
ttie vehicle registrattra (xcmo 

Repercussions of ttie '^fm^^^J^^^^J^, "i"v^* 
e reported also beingfeltln ?iSf S^^^J ^^^KS 

from the new district created 
wittiin ttie Princess Anne 

are reported also being 
Falrfox and the rest of Norttiern 
Virginia wh«:e the school sit- 
uatton is also critical as it is 
in Virginia Beach. 

An Oecana bassd saDat 
pleaded guilty in Circuit Court 
to rsydng an Ohio girl last July 
28 on ttie beach ht Steodbridge; 
J<dm G. TeBeest, 21, md found 
guilty of rape, rcHtibery md 
mallctous assault. SratencJng 
was delayed pending a badc- 
ground Imrestif^tton.. 

TeBeest, of Bismark, N.D., 
Is thesecondof threedefendints i 
to be tried in ttie case. Jack 
R., Loebe, 21, of Des Moines, 
Iowa, was convicted of ttie rape 
rhyiiBinnirt sentenced to 20 
yeai^m^ison. Hebasnotbeoi 
tried (m robbery and malicious 
assault. The ttiird man, James 
P, DrumnuHids, 22, of Norfh- 
ville N.Y., is awaiting trlaL 



Hugh Downs, Rowan & Martin, 
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ed McMahon^ 
Mel Allen, Gene Rayburn, 
George Garlin, Al Capp, 
Henry Morgan, Joe Garagiola, 
Bob Gonsidine and Elie Abel 
are regulars on 


Gan you imagine what the 
guest list is like? Weekends, on 



the office where the license is 
being purchased. 

There appears to be some 
question regarding the neces- 
sity of military personnel stat- 
ioned in Virginia Beach to have 
a city licensefor their vehicles. 
The City Treasurer's Office 
military personnel stationed in 
the city who list ttieir place of 
residence as another State ottier 
than Virginia are not required 
to purchase the' city license for 
ttielr vehicle. However, It is 
suggested tiiey may purchase 
a "miUbiry license" which 
would save l^m the inc(^nyiMce 
o! possibly being ston>ed by 
police to determine if they have 
simply failed to purchase a 
city license. However, mllitajty 
perscmnel stationed in the city 
who claim their place of re- 
sidence in the S^e of Vir- 
ginia are required to purchase 
a city license for thelrTelilele. 
Those 1^0 wish to purdiasea 
"military llcaose" may do so 
at any: offlcie where city licenses 
are m sale at a fee of $1.00. 
^ Midnig^ Saturday Jan. 31 is 
ttie deadline for displaying ttie 
1970 city license on motor 
vehicles in Virginia Beach. 

Turn to 

Virginia Beach residents and 
othei^ who often travel narrow, 
winding Great Neck Road h^ 
reason to cheer with news pre- 
sented to City Council Monday, 
but also cause to groan a few 
seconds later. 

Virginia Beach City Manager 
Roger ScottioldCoiincIl Monday 
that he had been notified by the 
State Highway Deiartment that 
the dejairtment was ready to 
begin work on plans for the 
widening of Great Nedc Road 
to a four-lane highway, with 
surveys to begin within two 

He said the federal and state 
governments would pay 85 per 
cent of the cost and requested 
a resolutidh from Council 
promising the other 15 per 
cent. It was passed. 

The sour note came in the 
announcement by Scott that while 
the project is still at the very 
top of the staters priority list 
of roads, Oie beginning of actual 
construction Is 2-21/2 years 
away. And that will only be ttie- 
first phase from Virginia Beach 
Blvd. to First Colonial Road. 
The rest, to Shore Drive,. Is 
not scheduled until sometime 
later. ^ 

The high volume of traffic oi\ 
the road, in conjunction witti 
a number of serious accidents, 
inclixling several fatalities, has 
caused grave concern to resi- 
dents along the road who must 
use it daily. Concern hasalso^ 
l)een noted each time a new 
housing project is planned along 
ttie r^A, Several are now in 
constructton or planning stages. 

Several Councilmen said they 
favored any steps' that could/ 
be teken to prod the State 
into speeihig up its s^hi^ule, 
but ho concrete moves were 
made. Road projects across 
Virgli^a are In serlcme troulde 
because of financial problems, 
which are getting k sharp lode 
at present in Ridimond during 
the meeting of ttie Virginia 
General Assembly. / 

Stronfer @ttn Law Urg«d 

state Sen. Mward T. Catwi, 
III, of Virginia Beach Is being 
urged to amewl ttie State Code 
of Virginia to provide stiver 
penalities for anyone who uses, 
attempte to use,oreven(arrI« 
a dangerous weapon in the com- 
mission, or attemjrted commis- 
sion of a felony. 

The new legislation would 
provide that anyone who makes 
such use of a weapon in relation 
to a felony, or attemi^ed felony, 
could be found guilty of an add- 
itional felony charge under laws 
covering use of carrying of a 
weapon. The additional charge 
could subject the offender to 
confinement in the state peni- 
tentiary for a period of not less 
than one nor more than five 

The urging for his sii^iport 
of {^tssage of such legislation 
in the current session of ttie 
Virginia General Assembly is 
coming from several officials 
of the Virginia Beach Police 

Capt. R. K. Halstead, CiOi-^ 
of the police Central Services 
Division, says he has written 
Caton referring to such legis- 
lation getting "down to ttie 
'nitty gritty' in placing the mon- 
key on Uie.back of the criminal 
where it rightly belongs...". 
Halstead points out, In his letter 
to Caton, that federal legisla- 
tion along this line in the form 
of bill S-849 is awaiting action. 
He added that such animend- 
ment to the State Code, und^ 
bill H,B.-34 now pendingbefore 
the Virginia General Assembly, 
would give law enforcement 
agencies and the courts to deal 
more stroi^ly wi^ tbe criminal 
element, ' 

Lt. Henry Cai^, police Juv- 
enile Division CO., has added 
his support to themovebyCapt. 
Halstead. Capps said he is also 
writing Sen. Caton urging his 
support of H.3.-34, Ct^pssaid, 
"When a man goes out to commit 
a felony^ and takes a conceled 
wea^xjh with him, as far as 
I'm concerned that means this 
man Intends to use this gun if 
the need arises." He added, 
"1 feel strongly that any time 

a felony is coBua^pid ttuA 
possession <rf a wMpBii should 
be a s^ianrte MMr <B ftself 
even ttwu^i tte weapon may 
not t» used in ttie commisston 
of ttie crime." 

Is Fatal 

A Navy man statioiied ^ ttie 
dceai^ Naval Air Stattoabe- 
cariie ttie second tralHc fataMty 
of t& yeaf In Virgittla Bwch 
early Monday morntag when ttie 
car he was driving carrewied 
off tlie roadway and snaked 
a VEPCO utility pole in asingle 
car accident on South Blrdnedc 

Investigators said Robert C. 
Penrod, 21, of Jacks<«, Mo., 
received fatal head and neck 
Injuries In itte^ accident near ttie 
Intersection of BeauUftil Street. 
According to police Penrod's 
^r went out of control while 
attemirtlng to negotiate a curve, 
skidded oft the roadway, cross- 
ed to tbe opposite side of ttie 
hlghw^, strudc a ditch and 
overturned before sn^phig ttw 
pole off about four feet above 
it's base. 

Two other Navy men, ajso 
stationed at Oceana' NAS, who 
were passengers in the car at 
tbe time were injured. 

According to officials Mack 
R, Cannon, 22, received rib in- 
juries and facial laceraticuis, 
while Elbert R. Uiasca, Jr., 
22, received facial abrastons 
and a fractured leg. 

The accident resulted in 
e^aUing ttie traffic fatality rate 
on the same date of last y ^u< ^ 

Gymnastics Is 
PTA Prospram 

W. T. Cooke School students 
will present a program on gym- 
nastics at ttie Monday, Fj^. 2 
meeting of the PTA. at the 
Schod. The business meeting 
will begin at 8 p.m. - 

Spong Discusses Inflation 



(Cont. from p. 1) 

staff have been working on ttie 
progrip since April of j^9. 
They tiave worked wittistwi^, 
police, patrons and ottier&ier- 
ested p^e. 

Hi^ discovered that.ttie 
problem in Virginia Beac^ n/as 
unique and, therefore^ no oQier 
plan ccHiId be topied. 

The worksb(q) to teach ttie 
teadiers is considered immed- 
iate and essential in ttie over- 
all program. 

Whan the actual scho(dinro- 
gram is introduced Mcmday, 
several metttods <^ teadiing 
will be used. The facts of diff- 
eroit drugs and narcotics will 
be presented through lecture. 

U. S. Sen. WUUam B. Spong, 

Jr. addressed ttie T I d e w a t e r 

film and DamohleL Association of Home buUders 

placed at e^chdlfferenr School '*®*^ '' ." --J' ' w' '.' ■ 'f i 


Sixtti grade students will 
study ttie effects of glue sniff- 
ing and using tranquilizers. 
Seventh traders stody mails^ 
juana and eighth graders learn 
about LSD and dttier hallucin- 
ogenic druss. 

Ninth and tenth graders cover 
ttie whole ^ectrum of drugs 
and narcotics. 

Importance will be given to 
the psychological, physiological 
and social Implications of drug 

nil ,.( //;. 

■"■y^-^ — 

< rHiU'tlv l)\ .Mar\ ( h;i>.. 
..\y 2. 3. 16. 17, 21 through 31 

hrrn 1 30 P.M. Show Time 3:00 P.M. 

^- SRMjft^aijeetfil^r of ^a 
Senatie Baddng and Cuirren^ 
Committee, discussed "The 
Imi»ct of Infiatton and Tight 
Money ou HontetHlilding."' 

The topic is of prime concern 
to bomebuilders because of the 
conflicting pressures of Arising 
demaiKl for hoiralng and the 
rising cost of money for home 

Spong told the 260 members 
of ttie TAHB ttiat ttie industry 
is facing a national recession 
and Uie country is facing a 
serious housing shortage. 

He saici that, to reverse ttie 
action, we must recognize the 
necessity of choosing between 
competing goals and re-order- 
ing our national priorities*. 

The Commission on Mortage 
Interest Rates last year urged 
that a larger share of our 
national outiwt be diverted to 
housing, Spong said. The Com- 
miss ton's estimate was that a 
shift of one per cent of Uie 
output would enable bousing goal 
to begin being met. 

^ ^ng commented that ttie 
. Nixon AdmfaiistrattoD could re- 
lieve the problem but isn't due 
Xo ttie overall fight against In*, 

Mayors ajldl}^ Managerssf 
all Um Southslde Hampton 
Roads cities were invited to the 
special program. 

Tidewater Association of 
Hom^^wllders \s composed of 
contractors, real estate firms, 
mortgage lenders and suppliers 
to ttie industry.ttis affiliated 
witti Natioial Association of 



Steve McQueen 
The Reivers" 

i'llKl«iKolH-ACii»flMC(nie<rilmi|i|WMMjMn ANniMlCMCnincwti 

Thursday, January 29, 1970 

Virginia Bec^jun 


Scorers Battle for iectd l^^l 

I, •■' 

The pastern District basket- 
ball staiidii^ are not expect- 
ed to change much, if any, 
this weekend where Vlrglida 
Be&ch schools are concerned. 
The big battle will be in scor- 

The state leader, Ridcy 
Michaelsep of Princess Anne 
is being seriously chadlenged 
by Booker T's 6-9 Roy Ebron. 
Ebron scored 52 points last 
weekend against Kellam, while 
Michaelsen had his worst game 
6f the season, with only 16 
points. ILess than two points 
separate the average of the 
two. And Cox's Keith Sudduth 
is third with an average of 
30.5, behind Ebron's 35.7 and 
Michaelsen's 37.3. Tom Couch 
of First Colonial was in eigth 
place statewide going into Wed- 
nesday's game with Kempsville. 

Booken T. is still undefeat- 
ed in Eastern District play and 
has only one loss overall. That 
loss came against Maury in 
December. Toy 1he third, year 
in a row the same pattern has 
Ibeen followed in meetings be- 
tween the two teams. In the 
past two years, Maury has met 
Booker T. for (he championship 
in the tournament, and Maury 
has won. 

Maury and Cox are tied for 
second place in the district 
standings. Friday night Maury 
looks for an easy win over 
Kempsville, while Cox looks 
for some trouble with 5th place 

' Princess Anne is in foui 
place, having two district loss- 
es to only one by Maury and 
Cox. Princess Anne takes on a 
determined Lake Taylor team 
: Fridlay, but should win handily. 



By J. L. Ogden 

Sute Game Warden 

J In the next few weeks the hunt- 
ing season will close. Here, 
; thou^, is something to Consider 
doing in the weeks when it is 
too late to hunt and too cold 
to fish. 

The next squirrel or rac- 
coon you kill, skin it in such 
a way that the hide will be 
suitable for tanning. 

Tanning is not a complicated 
procedure, but it does take 
time. First the animal is skin- 
ned by splitting the hide from 
each leg to the belly. Then split 
it from the tip of tall to ttie tip 
of the head. Scrape off all ex- 
cess fat. The skin is now ready. 

For a 10 gallon solution, dis- 
solve two pounds of alum in 
hot water. Put five pounds of 
salt in 10 gallons of water and 
add the alum. Mix the solution 
until dissolved. The salt pre- 
serves the hide and the alum 
shrinks and firmly anchors the 
hairs in the leather. 

Place the skin in the solution 
and place a weight on it to keep 
it submerged completely. It will 
take from three to six days for 
the tanning process, but it is 
impossible to over-tan with this 

Remove hide and rinse thor- 
oughly. Hang skin with hair 
side out in the shade and let 
dry for a day or two. Pull skin 
over sharp object like a dull 
ax or edge of a board, flesh 
side down. This will make the 
skin fairly flexible, but it will 
still be far from finished for use 
in clothing. 

Anyone interested in the com- 
plete process may write: Com- 
mission of Game & Inland Fish- 
eries, Box 11104, Richmond, Va, 
Request the pamphlet, "Tanning 
Hides and Furs." It will be sent 
at no ast except a self-ad- 
dressed envelope. 

In otiwr action Friday nl^t 
Bayside meets Kellam and First 
Colonial is at Oscar Smith. 

llien action next Tuesday 
should not affect the standings 
either. Kellam will be at Kemp- 
sville; Norview will visit Bay- 
side, Cox meets arch-rival 
First Cotonial; and Princess 
Anne does not play. The Cava- 
liers' open date was not so 
designed for, but may proye to 
be a good chance to rest be- 
fore meeting Booker T. next 
Friday, in what is considered 
by many the game that will 
decide tiie winner of the Dis- 
trict championship. 

Except for the single game 
Wednesday night, the teams 
were idle at mid-week during 
mid-semester e^^ms. 

Last week-end Booker Ti»^ime as Granby scored nine 
cl(Abered Kellam by the em- points to the Patriots' seven. 

23 shots from ^e floor and 
had two foul shots for a total 
of 16. 

Cox soundly defeated Kemps- 
ville 92-62, after leading by 
only three points at the hall. 
Sudduth came alive in the third 
quarter and sparked the second 
half romp. He scored 34 over- 
all in the game. . 

Bayside lost two over' the 
weekend-Friday night to Maury 
105-46, as the Commodores 
had five players in double fig- 
ures. Maury * reserves played 
most of the second half. Satur- 
day night Lake Taylor narrow- 
ly edged the Marlins 60-58. 

In the only other game Fri- 
day night Graijby just made it 
past First Colonial, 84-82 
and that came about in over- 

barassing score of 115-72. It 
was in that game that Ebron 
scored 52 0blnts. It was also 
the fourth time the Bocdcers 
scored more than 100 points 
this season. 

That same night Princess 
Anne had a difficult time with 
Norview, before winning 67-64. 
High scorer for the Cavaliers 
was reserve Don Maskall, who 
dropped in 22 pointe . Only one 
point separated the two teams 
with 30 seconds left. The scor- 
with 30 seconds left. The score 
was tied at the end of the third 
quarter. Cold shooting Mich- 
aelsen hit for only seven of 

First Colonial's Tom Couch 
was high man for the game with 
32 points, althbugbfive players 
on the two collective teams 

scored 20 points^>r morer ' 

The regular basketball sea- 
son still has a month to go 
before the Eastern District 
tournament, which maybe play- 
ed partly at Princess Anne 
High School and partly at Lake 
Taylor. The tourney had been 
set for Old Dominion Univer- 
sity's new gym, but financial 
and other problems have forced 
new delays in completion of that 
facility. The two tournament 
sites are only tentative so far. 


A suit has been filed contes- 
ting the City Council's denial 
of a use permit to construct a 
276 townhouse complex in 

The suit, filed on behalf of 
Designed Living, lire., asks the 
Circuit Court to grant the per- 
mit because"...No evidence 
was presented by any of the 
authorities...showing any valid 
or legal reason why Qie use 
permit applied for should not 
have been granted." 

The council turned down the 
request by unanimous vote on 
Nov. K). The Planning Com- 
mission had recommended de- 
nial of the request on Oct. 14 
because "multifamily develcfl)- 
ment is inconsistent with sur- 
rounding properties and would 
be detrimental to the property 
vUUl&." "^ 

Sancilio Chosen for Honor 

7 Signs Xeffam Stwr 

Kellam fullback Kelly MUlard 
has signed to a grant-in-aid with 
Virgil to finish the firstidiase 
of Cavalier recrultigp; In the 
Tidewater area. 

Virginia assistant coach Bill 
Clay^ commented that Virginia 
had been watching eight boys 
Jn the areaKnd Kelly was the 
fifth to sign. The rest cannot 
be considered for at least a 
month due to academic stand- 
Ings. ■-■"——■ ""■—-— — -- 

Millard has a fine academic 

record and is 30th in a class 
of over 400. -;- ^^ 

His athletic standings are 
Just as impressive. He was the 
leading rusher, scorer and pass 
receiver on the Knight team. 
He carried the ball 136 Umes 
for 601 yards and scored nine 
touchdowns and two extra points 
for 56 points, or ninth in the 

Virginia earlier signed All- 
Tidewater guard George Korte 
of First Colonial. 

JayceesEmoT Stanton 

Lawyer James M. PickreU, 
representing the developer, 
said the^area was zoned fc^r 
multlfamuy residences on 
April 12, 1965, and he claims 
there is no legal or actual ob- 
jections to the use permit. 

Thetownhouses were planned 
for a parcel of land, formerly 
known as the Yoder Farm, on 
Leesburg Drive in the Hunt- 
ington, Ridglea, and Point 0' 

— The suit names Bernard L. 
Llpman and Percy A. Brill, 
both of Virginia Beach, and 
Designed Living, Inc., as com- 
plaiQants. According to the suit 
Llpman and Brill own the land 
and Designed Living, Inc., has, 
an option to buy.~ "^: -^— ^ 

About 75 residents of the 
snbdivisiofis attended the coun- 
cil session. Sam Houston, Jr., 
president of the Rld^ea Civic 
League, spoke in opposition to 
the permit. 

The suit claims that the 
council action was arbitrary 
and a deprivation of the pro- 
perty ri^ts of the owner's. 

RobertM. Stanton, ai^^ssis- 
tant vice-president of Goodman- 
Segar-Hogan, and active in area 
civic aiffalrs, was presented 
the Distinguished Service Awsurd 
for 1969 by the Virginia Beadl 
Jaycees at their Jan. 27 dinner 
meeting at the Black Angus. 

Stanton, a native of Ports- 
mouth, resides in Broad Bay 
Colony with his wife, Frances, 
and daughter, Allison. He is 
a graduate of Old Dominion 
University with a B. A. degree 
in bankihg and finance. 

He is a past president of 
^the Virginia Beach Jaycees, an 
honorary life member of the 
Virginia Jaycees and has served 
on numerous committees with 
Jaycees. He most recently 
served as initial organization 
chairman for "Project Sea- 
tack", a continuing effort to 
upgrade tiie environment of that 
Virginia Beach subdivision. 
This project has received the 
attention of Governor Holton. 

Other civic activities include 
the Virginia Beach Chamber of 
Commerce, acting asadiredor 
for that organization, the Tide- 
water Council of the Boy Scouts 
of America, and fund raising 
chairman for the business div- 
ision of the Virginia Beach 
Cancer Society and the United 
Communities Fund, He has 
served as president of the 
Broad Bay Civic League and 
assisted the Steering Commit- 
tee for Local Option for Four 

The dinner meeting featured 
"Boss Night," honoring the em- 
ployers of ttie Jaycees. 

John B. Maguire, of the 
Massachusetts Mutual bisur- 
ance Co., was chosen Boss of 
the Year by the Virginia Beach 
Jaycees. lite dinner was given 
in ^preciation for all members' 
bosses who supported the 
group's activities during the 
past year. Pres. William L, 
Shepbeard Jr. said Mapire's 
contributions were particularly 

John Bernhardt, executive 
vice president of the Virginia 
National Bank in Norfolk was 

guest speaker^ Bernhardt dis- 
cussed programs sponsored by 
the National Alliance of Bus- 
inessmen (NAB) in providing 
job opportuniitles f9r the hard- 
core unemployed. He described 
the unemployment situation as 
"the most pressing domestic 
problem in the United States." 
He said business must ac- 
cept the responsibility for help- 
ing the unemployed not only 
because it is right but also 
because the government will 
be forced to dole out more aid 
if it does not and thus worsen 
the social welfare .situation. 

"To be out of work in our 
society is to be out of hope," 
he said. "We must help with a 
hand up instead of a handout. 
There Is no other way we as 
businessmen can help to reduce 
welfare rolls than to make 
people useful and gainfully em- 

H» said education, of bus- 
inessmen as well as job-severs 
is the key to achieving the NAB 

Doug McGarvey announced 
plans for POW-MIA Week, Feb. 
16-22, in the Tidewater area. 

Lawrence A. Sancilio, pres- 
ident and treasurer of Larasan 
Realty Corp. and Larasan Ins- 
urance Corp., has been named 
Realtor of the Year by the Vir- 
ginia Beach Board of Realtors. 
The award was presented to 
him Friday evening at the 
group's annual installation ban- 
quet at the White Sands Country 

Nelson P. Brock, an assoc-. 
iate of the Dave Miller Realty 
Corp., was named Salesman of 
the year at the l)anquet. 

In accepting his award, San- 
cilio said, "This is one of 
the most important honors I've 
ever received in my life". He 
said he was thankful for the 
"tremendous opportunities" for 
realtors in the Virginia Beach 
area and urged the members to 
promote their work as '*9R 
honorable profession". — 

Last year j Sancilio received 
a citation from the National 
Associi^n; of Home Builders 
for professional advancement 
and recognition of his partici- 
pation in tiie association's 
Land— Land Use— Design Sem- 
inar and theCommercial— 
Industrial— Institutional Build- 
ers' Seminar. Hew was also 
appointed as a member of the 
Institutional Committee for the 
association. Sancilio has also 
been active in local profession- 
al and civic organizations. 

Brock's award was for "his 
diaracter and integrity, service 
to clients and customers." He 
was also presented the Realt- 
ors' One Million Dollar Sales- 
man Award. 

After the awards. Porter 
Vaughn, of Richmond, president 
of the Virginia Association of •: 
Realtors, Installed the new (A- 
fleers. Hubert J. Bissett suc- 
ceeded AlfordW.Wells as pres- 
ident. Other officers installed 
Wjere Herbert Cooper, vice 
president; Robert Wilson, sec- 
retary, and Samuel Riggs,trea- 

In accepting the presidential 
gaVel, Bissett said 1970 was 
"potentiaally another great 
year", of ever-increasing 

He said his objectives for the 
local board would focus on: 

bicreasing services to mem- 
bers; increasing th#v.ohime of 
membership; creating a sound 
"Make America Better" Pro- 
gram; increasing local mem- 
bers' participation in educat- 
ional programs and thus in- 
crease service to the commun- 
ity; increasing participation in 
state and national phases of 
the organization; increasing 
emphasis on public relations 
and the prestiee of the title 


Outgoing president Wells 
lauded members for "con- 
stantly living up to tbe code of 
ethics." He said tbe organi- 
zation was a great source of 
pride and satisfaction for him. 

Wells also presented indiv- 
idual awards to salesmen and 
women who sold $250,(X)0 
$500,000 in real estate last 

Lawrence Sancilio, left, receives Realtor 
of the Year award from outgoing pres. 
Alford Wells. 

Mixed Beverages Reflect 
On ABC Yearly FiMWS 

The Virginia Alcoholic Bev- 
erage Control Board has re- 
leased its annual report for 
fiscal year ending June 30, 1969. 

This has been the first year 
when Virginia could sell liquor 
by the drink and restaurants 
with mixed beverage licenses 
added to the tax revenue taken 
in by the ABC Board. 

The ABC store at 2000 Atlan- 
tic Avenue collected the highest 

figure for mixed beverage bottle 
tax at $4437.00. The net store 
profit was $122,487 .95,- 

The highest net profit in the 
city was taken in at the 3114 
Pacific Ave. store - $188,239.35, 
Tax collected totaled $1205.00. 

The store at Princess Anne 
Plaza collected $362.65 in tax. 
Both the Indian River Road store 
and the store at Pembroke Mall 
took in no tax money. 


Marine Wives 
Plan Meeting 

The next meeting of the Tide- 
water Staff NCO Marine Wives 
Club will be held Tuesday Feb. 
3 at 8 p.m. at the staff NCO 
Club on Haompton Blvd. 

AH area wives of active or 
retired marines, E-6 and above, 
are Invited to attend. 







Now Attoclattd With 

Hogge Motor Service 

835 Va. B«ach Blvd. 
PHon* 428-4371 

Former Employee B«l-Alre Wston (Vollsws^n) 

aty Dnw 


Action was deferred MOoAqr 
by Virginia Beach City Coonca* 
on giving official staiw to ite 
Drug FocoB Com^ttee, mad« 
up of a cross seetiooirftaterflt- 
ed citizens and officials. 

The conunitte,wtiiclil)ailiML 
openUim; for aboirt ft y«tf» 
deals wltti ilie proUon of dnw 
abuse and has attempted to 
focus attention on tiieproUem 
in the city. 

Several otlier committes ire 
also working along ttils same 
line, including womens elal)i» 
the Jaycees and religioOBor- 
ganizations. The committee 
would be the clearing agency 
for all such programs, if made 
official at Council^s next meet- 

The delay in actira Mboday 
came when several CouncilOMO 
saKT they had heard crJSicism 
that the base of the committee 
was not broad enough. Tte 
Southeastern Virginia Fliflotlig 
District Commission has idao 
recommended that an official 
arm of the city study the drug 
problem. Virginia Beadi Com- 
monwealth's Attorney Andre 
Evans also asked that flie com- 
mittee-base be broader. 

City manager Roger Soott 
appointed his assistant, David 
Norman, as the city r^SMiit- 
atlve on the committee and 
accepted ttie delay until every- 
one OHild be satisfied vitti 
the makeup of sudi a com- 
mittee. In regular session Mrs. 
Kitty Hudgins also nrged City 
.Council to take all st^« pos- 
^tt)le to control the drug pro- 
blem in ttie city and to educate 
everyone to the dangers ofdTi^ 
and narcotics. 


The reception for St. Mary's 
Junior College alumnae lUcii 
was scheduled for Saturd^, 
Jan. 31 at the home of Mrs. 
William Overman hasboeacui- 

Alumnae will be notified idwn 
the next recepttwiJssdtojMgd. 

!'.1 iiE^' 


Because it takes them into 

more homes in our town and 

their ads are seen by more 

people who enjoy reading 

a good newspaper. 

Especially wli«n you save something reg- 
ularly and then add our big dividends, 
payable every six months like clockwork. 


Savings & Loan Association 

210 25th Street Phone 428-9331 
Virginia Beach, Va. 


Knowledgeable merchants know the most likely people to become 
customers are those who hove already decided to buy. They know that these 
people will read the ads before they decide "from whom" they will buy. By 
jodvertising in our newspaper, we guarantee you will reach those who are the 
most prospective customers in this area, and moke more soles. 


Tki risort city's ''hoMttfwa" ■twtpaptr 



MNiM^irf AMilv ISfMiBMI IfSS 

JtkaS. GriUlB. Gtatnd MtMgtr 

H. JMtyk Uventhal. Jr.. Mtntfinr Editor 
CimlyB McAUfii,4KM|M^Editor Dou^u Rtper, Production Poremin 
OlrftHTiiinrd*. Advcrtitinff Nftiiaff«r 

lAii $ m mi • NinriiY iy mail ani c|iMii • sin^ii con m 

MAIN OPiflCE S108 PjKifle A««!nue, Virfinit Beach. Virfinia 234S1 

Thursday, January 29, 1970 

nOM 4»-l4«l PM^Actf % llMcA PublUhIng CorponUion 


Oommuiiity College Delay 

One of the worst blows re- 
ceived by Virginia Beach in 
recent mennory is the lack of 
i»roposed funds in the mew state 
budget for a community college 
^rf^the feeort^lty.The mushf 
rooming growth of the city de- 
mands that Virginia Beach be 
ot\ the very top of the priority 
list for such a facility ond it 
was not. 

Plans for the two-year col lege 
appeared to be progressing well 
until former Gov. Mitrs Godwin 
presented his final budget. The 
site had been agreed on. Pre- 
liminary studies had been made 
and approved. And to all con- 
cerned, including the city' s rep- 
resoitatives in the Virginia 
General Assembfy it appeared 
to be a foregone conclusion that 
Vir^ia Beach would receive 
funding for Its college. 

Even when it became icnown 
IRot only three commwWy 
colleges would be recommend- 
ed statewide and the storm 
wornings were hoisted regard- 
ing the tight budget, there was 
still no real worry in Virginia 

Beach because of the dire need. 
Surprise and shoclc greeted all 
concerned when the budget was 
fi4ially unveiled. 

Far be it from an yone t h ese 
days to^recommend any <^Jd- 
itionai spending than must be 
done, especially since incrfl«is- 
ed spending oi)viously means 
increased taxes, but Virginia 
Beach needs that college as soon 
as possible. Of that there is no 
doubt. All studies show the need. 

Lacic of money will certainly 
play an Important roi§ In the 
coming years in the future of 
Godwin's excellent progress 
just beginning to come to fruit- 
ion. The community college 
system, especially in Virginia 
Beach and other fast-growth 
areas, cannot be left to back- 
slide. Some way must be found 
to make anjmmedtqte reap p ral- 
sal dfthe problenis involved. 
Virginia Beach is bound to 
suffer from any great delay in 
developing a city college, and 
so is higher education In the 

What's Good for the Water 

^ With little publicity or fan- 
l^ire the Norfolk watetroMls to 
111 its customers went upFThe 
increase was reflected on the 
hiost recent bills. No doubt the 
hike Is entirely justified, but 
it hits Virginia Beach residents 
hanHer than Norfolk customers^^ 
s ince customers outs ide the city 
of Norfolk are charged double 

rates. —^ 

And it came in spite of a 
provision In the joint wafer- 
garbage contract between Vir- 
ginia Beach and Norfolk to re- 
duce the garbage disposal rate 

lor Norfolk if that city reduced 
Ihe ^ater rjft^ Instead^ comf 
tfte Increase ® ^'^ 

That contract is up for re- 
newal soon, and the fine point 
must be worked out. Certainly 
as has already been suggested 
the garbage disposal rate char- 
ged by Virginia Beach should 
be increased accordingly. If in- 
flation hits water...then it must 
hit garbage too. And what's 
good for water and Norfolk 
must be good for Virginia Beach 
and garbage too. 

Bridging the Gap 

Since the accident that re- 
moved a 375-foot section of the 
Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel 
trestle last week and severely 
damaged other s6ptbns. every- 
one concerned hartR^ a mag- 
nificent job of meeting emer- 
gency requirements and trying 
to assess danger. ^■ 

If all goes well four to five 
weeks will see traffic moving 
smoothly across the span once 
again. And in the meantime 
temporary ferry service is 
being provided by the Navy, 
gratis. Ail that is fine, but 
the accident should never have 

This engineering wonder nas 
also been a white elephant. This 
is the fourth time ships have 
collided with the span. 

We do not prejudge, but in- 
vestigations of the other ac- 
cidents have proved human er- 
ror coupled with other clrcum- . 
stances. And certainly humans 

will continue to make errors. 
But this span deserves the most 
rigid safety regulations any- 
where nearby, especia4ly in 
poor weather. 

The real problem Is not in 
the knocking out of the bridge 
itself. It is tN problems that 
it oxiiM. The trestle can N 
rei^lr^ but the toss of bus- 

iness on the crossing and to 
the many business along the 
Eastern Shiore can mver be 
made up. Many have been forced 
to close until repairs are made, 
and many persons have been 

laid off as a result of the 

No matter what the cost, every 

possible precaution should be 
taken to keep this from hap- 
pening again. 

For Mrs. Sachon 

The Virginia Education As- 
sociation could have no better 
president than Virginia Beach's 
own Frances Sachon, nominated 
by the Virginia Beach Educa- 
tion Association. 

Mrs. Sachon has worked long 
and hard over the years to 
raise the standards of teaching 
and teachers. She is known as 
a dedicated teacher and lib- 
rarian, as well as one who has 
been exceptionally active in the 
Virginia Beach Education As- 
sociation. She served as pre- 
sident, of that professional or- 
ganization in the past. 

When the 48,000 VEA mem- 
bers . vote in April, we hope 
that the work of Mrs. Sachon 
will be recognized and that she 
will beconne the next presidmt 
of the statewide organization. 


Oceana Backed 


The VirgiDla Beach Develop- 
ment Council's plan to urge use 
of Oceana Naval Air Station as ' 
a Joint use civil-military air- 
port sbould be endorsed by the 
Virginia Beach City Council as 
soon asj^sflble. 

The Norfolk Airport is not 
suflident to meet Uie needs of 
the Tidewater area, and the 
Norfolk Port and Industrial 
Authority is doing little if any- 
thing to correct the sltutation. 

Hie terminal building which 
was designed to handle 800,000 
passengers yearly, now handles 
more than one million, one hun- 
dred thousand passengers an- 
nually. During peak hours of the 
day passengers have to stand, 
or wander aimlessly around the 
building due to inadequate seat- 
ing, restaurant, and ticketing 
facilities. If the present in- 
strument runway Is extended as" 
planned from 6,000 feet to 7,500 
feet, it is still unlikely Norfolk 
would have four engine jet ser- 
vice, yet this service has been 
available to Richmond area re- 
sidents for a considerable 
length of time. 

The Norfolk Airport has been 
allowed to become obsolete due 
to lack of foresight by officials 
of NPIA, PlanningCommlssion,f 
and other city officials who are 
already behind schedule with 
their Inadequate expansion 

The Development Council's 
plan should be adopted immed- 
iately to provide relief for Nor- 
folk Airport, and plans then be- 
gun to construct a new Region- 
al International airport in an 
area that would be safe and 
convenient for all concerned. 


Some foUcs think of intell- 
igence exclusively in terms of 
education, piato wrote of his 
teacher Socrates as saying, 
"Goodness Is the product of 
intelligence. Wickedness is the 
product of ignorance." Dwell 
on the ^ve statements for 

Intelli^nt people tend to set 
op worthy goals and aim to 
achieve those goals. Toadiieve 
a^otl n e c es sita tes a pHuullitf 
plan (alls for effort and often 
sacriflce bolstered \sy a power- 
ful d^ermination. 
"Come let's make p«iM," 

is a tMtment so commonly ex- 
pressed ttiat it seems to have 

lost its dynamics. This isprob- 
^ly because little thou^ is 
given to what peace entails. 
Free and lasting peace has 
to be established first in the 
mind, heart and soul of in- 
dividuals. From this point, 
peace spreads like an epidemic, 
a forest fire, or a musical 
masterpiece with its capping 

jcrescaido. ^ 

Now, right here is where 

"Environmental Education" can 

make ite-'great contribution. 

Let's try it out. 

,,., ... :„,EdI.^ie6?ite 

For Donation 


Since consolidation of city 
and county the original city 
has been stoorbing extra coste 
to construct support facilities 
at old county areas. The orig- 
inal city had ample schools, 
fire protection, streets, water 
and sewerage. Now the old city 
for some unknown reason pays 
a higher tax base and^^ceives 
nothihg in return. 

On this basis I voted for 
donation of land for new com- 
munities for school sites. De- 
velopers can and do pay reas- 
onable prices for land. Why 
compel the city to buy land at 
disadvantage in an area already 
publicly earmarked for expan- 

Admitted this May raise the 
cost of new community houses, 
but on a long run it will cost 
the city less and place the 
small additional burden where 
it properly belongs. 

I understood the old county 
not contributing to the old city 
bonding for boardwalks, yet the 
residents use them. Donation 
of land \s just and economic- 
ally sottiKi planning. 

Name withheld on request 

Rating System 


Because the nation-wide film 
rating system is of importance 
to movie-goers in your com- 
munity, I am anxious to des- 
cribe what it is and what it is 
not, what it tries to do and 
what it dees not do. 

The movie rating system has 
one objective: To inform, the 
public, especially parents, a- 
bout the suitability of movie 
content for viewing by their 
children. That is its only aim 
and purpose. 

The film rating system does 
not rate films for* adults. A 
film is not rated for artistic 
quality, or lack of it. The sy- 
stem does not recommend films 
or tan films or censor films. 
S provUes a public Informat- 
ion service, which the great 
majority of responsible film 
producers and distributors be- 
lieve is desired by parents. 

A recently completed nation- 
wide survey conducted by the 
Opinion Research Coiporation 
of Princeton, N. J., has re- 
vealed some significant find- 
ings djout tow the prtdic re- 
sponded to this new program 
in its first year of oper^on. 

Fifty-eifht per cent of the 
movie-foing ixiblic considers 
fl» ra^ system "very tse- 
M** ki heljrtng f^&is Kuide 

the movie-going of their child- 
ren. Only 16% dees not find it 
useful. ("No opinion" was the 
answer of the rest.) 
The survey also pohited out 

^the need for some revision. 
Because the "M" category 
(M: For Mature audiences, par- 
ental discretion advised) was 
contusing to a substantial por- 

4ion of the public, t hat cate- 
gory's description is being 
chafed to "GP: All Ages Ad- 
mitted, Parental Guidance Sug- 
gested."' MpR«>over,Jni«Hf*a' 
to strengthen the systeni even 
further, the age limit in f'^'' 
and "X" films is raised to 17. 

The following then are the 
revised rating symbols and 
admission policies: 


G - All Ages Admitted. Gen- 
eral Audiences. 

GP - All Ages Admitted. 
Parental Guidance Suggested. 

{Note tiat the ^o ve tw o c at* 
egories have an unrestricted 
admission policy.) 

R - Restricted. Under 17 
Requires Accompanying Paroit 
or Adult Guardian. 

X - No One Under 17 Admit-, 
ted. (This age limit may vary 
in certain areas.) 

How do these rating cate- 
gories translate into usuaUe 
guidance for parents? 

G. Films rated G include' 
those witti a broad range of 
theme and appeal to both the 
young and their eklers. These 
films, in the judgement of the 
rating board, contain no mat- 
eriai which parents would find 
objectionable for viewing by 
their youngsters. 

GP. While much like a G 
film, a GP film is more soidi- 
isticated in treatment. Because 
tastes and standards vary by 
geogr^hical area and even by 
neighborhood, some parents 
may want to givefguidance to, 
their children, but^both G and 
GP dims are open to all ages. 

R. These are films of adult 
themel or adult treatment, but 
a picture that persons under 17 
may see if they are acconqnn- 
ied by a parent or adult guard- 
bn, such as their teacher on an 
or^nized movie Outinb 

X. No one under ifwill be 
admitted. It should ix noted 
that many X films have not 
be^ submitted to the Code 
and Rating Administration. 
These non submitted films 
§elf-apply the X rating. No 
X film may carry the Seal 
of AK)roval of the Cgde and 
Rating Administration. 

This, in brief, is the movie 
rating system. Responsible 
leaders in the motion picbire 
industry are providing ttiese 
ratinp as a public service to 
parents and families. We try 
to make the ratinp as accurate 
as humans can, though we know 
there will always be disagree- 
ments with our judgment. Um^- 
while, we are continuiqg to 
urge responsible film-makers 
to command all their skUls to 
produce movies of good taste 
and creative excellence. 
Motion Picture Assodkioo oi 
America, Inc. 
Jack Valeitf , {aresktait 


Like it 

By H. Joseph uwenthol, Jr. 

Anyone who has se«i any of the so-called "niodem" movies 
they're making these days is no longer curious...«yellow or 

Tkk move toward nwre ahd roorerraUsiRhaftcertainly reach- 
ed about as for as it can go, that is, in a movie Ui«itee. Or at 
least I tope so. Us older folks who expr^s stock and disbelief 
at flie reaUsm and frankness abotA subjects our parents just 
whispered about, only have two cboi&fls. We can go to movies 
or stay at home, make odr own popcorn (whidi never tastes 
quite as good as it does at a movie th^tre) and watch the idiot 

tui>e where there'salways bound 
to be a movie more suited^ 
our up-bringing and memory, 
the new ratU^ system Is not 
all its csacked iqp tobe. Lagging 
box office sales are being in- 
creased by pictures rated "X" 
or for adults only. The age when 
one becomes an adult is still 
not clear, since the "X" some- 
times stands for anywhere from 
17 to 21. 

And the ads for these fficks 
Which sh(Wf lots of skin, botti 
male and female, are realiy 
the greatest. They let the imagination of ah ad Writer go wild. 
He Mn spice his copy with words like "darlng»*, "stocking'^ 
"emoUoial e)q)erience", "told" and the list goes on ad in- ■ 
finitum and ad nausea. 

The ads even advise those wto can't stand this kind of realism 
to stay tome, or surest that those easily embarassed stay 
away too. Now who's going to adroit these days he isn't really 
"with it*' or that he has a hangup of some Idnd? That kind of 
negative advertising draws crowds, just like the "X" rating. 
Of course if the movie is rated Just "M" (for mature kids) 
or "R", (for restricted Wds) the manager has a better ctonce 
of meeQng payroll. Hf can attract more people of all ages wito^- 
spicy come-ons, but b^tng sure not to offend and so the parents 
will bring the kids. 

I know one 18-year-old who won't go to movies with his 
parents because he's afraid he'll have to eiqplain some of the 
more intimate scenes to them. But I have news for him. They 
understand. They just aren't used to seeing it in the movies. 
That look on their foces is not stupidity, jfs disbelief. 

They remember not to many y«urs ago when Hollywood^ 
coulcbi't allow even a married couple in the^B©vle^tery to I 
seen in a double bed, and even in their twin beds they had to 
be Ailly dressed and covered by a full complement of bed 
clothing no matter what the weather outside. 
Those movies rated "G" (fbr general audioices or the whole 

family) are few and fan between. Excq)t for the cartoons, a i 
few Walt Disney stows and some second-rate movies no one is 
interested in to be^n with, there lust aren't many around these"^ 
days, even at tiie drive-ins, where it used to be that ttie only 
"X" rating was given to the car next to you. 

And even those "G** movies can be spiced up in toe ads. It 
hasn't happened y^ that I know of, but if the audiences don't 
come, these lines might be seen to an ad: 

"Daring expose' atout a young, innocent girl wto lives e 
willingly in a secluded sftit with seven older men. Frank, 
entirdy realistic scenes ol her atiending to their most 
personal needs. See the fear to her face when she first realizes 
her fantastic plight...tben the joy when she gives in to hc^r own : 
emottons and stays to accommodate them in every way. This 
is a true-to-life story of hato, unspoken desires and jealousy. 
Y<»e <caa*t)aflbrd to miss this drilling story of tto confideatiati>t( 
life of kin awakening yeimg ^U** !:;>>: i i.,' 

And in case you're interested, tiiat^ tte ad for '^now, u 
White and the Seven DwarlB." 





Try as they may, our "new left", "fifth eolunm", and super 
liberal "open heart bleeders" have not been srisle to discredit 
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Not that they haven't tried but 
so far toe grlAt mass of people throughout the country have 
just not listened to our revohitionary street peqple when toey 
pick on Mr. Hoover. ^ 

Each year Mr. Hoover makes a r^rt to toe nation. Just in 
case you did not read toe 1969 report I would like to brtog 
select parte to your attention. They are worto nottog. 

Mr. Hoover said: "The new left movemeirts continue to post 
a serious threat to toe nation's toternal security. During the 
last year, this extremist minority group, tocated primarily 
on college camiNises, was tovolved to considerable violence, „ 
satotage and revolutionary activities. Major disorders erupted 
on some 225 campuSes, causing over $3,000,000 in property 
damage and resulting to over 4,000 arresto. Almost Incredible 
situattons develt^ied whereby rebellious studei^ armed with 
shotguns and rifles seized academic buUdings and defied 
legitimate autoorities. Some 61 campus tombings and arson 

"The militant core of new left extremism is toe Studente for 
a Democratic Society (^). During toe last year, this group 
has reflected an ever-tocreasing Marxist-Leninst revolutionary 
postore. Several SDS leaders piAlicly identified toemselves 
as revoluntionary Cdmmunisto. The SDS openly espouses the 
overthrow of our institotions of free society (called the "estab- 
Itohment") torou^ violent revototionary action. Never before 
in American history has ttuere been such a strong revolutionary 
Marxist movement of young poeple so eager to tear down estab- 
ished autoority," 

"SDS has an estimated 250 chapters and claims some 40,000 
members, but in actuality it has been able to influence toe think- 
ing and actions of many addiUoi^ toousands of studento." 

"Boto black and new left extremists have traveled abroad 
extensively. Among counti-ies visited was Castro's Cuba." 

"The past year was marked l^ told attenytto on the part of 
toe Castro GovernmeiU to become a major fador la toe direction 
of new left and blade e^remist nK>vemente to toe United States, 
totelligence personnel at toe Cuban Wssiaa to the United 
Nations in New York City established close liaison wito selected 
leaders of toese dissedent movemento and participated in toe 
guidance of toe groiqis' di^-to-day activities." 

"Ilie Soviet Union, assisted by toe totelligence services of 
Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Csedioslovakla, Romania and'V 
Mongolia, all of which have official estabUshments to toe 
United States, oonsiders toe United Stotes as a major esptonage 
torget. As of June 30, 1969, toere were 957 Soviet and satellte- 
block personnel assigned to this coontry, uxon^a^ed by 1,376 
dq>«)dente. A high proportion of thrae offidals are also espion- 
age ageirts." 

Mr. Hoover made maqy adiUttoial remarks unfavorable to 
toe new left, SDS, Black Panther Party and toe Communist 
esidooage activities to toe United States. He seems to lump 
toem ail into (M» grou|>, all detrimortal to ttie rational security. 

It is hard to brieve toat- the people of tois country wouU 
reject toe amiual r^nrt of Mr. Roovm:. U his statemeato to 
his 1^9 report are u^^pUA as ^m, to^ bow can ^^36, 
BPP. sid tlie commmM eniomge activities be bratoed aside 
as sln^e "atotoit mre^?*' 

to view (tf Um facto Mr. Hoover {flMses betore us, tow (»n 
a unlvarstty or coUefe ^istU^ haviag fuulty advisor for SDS? 
tt would seem to me IW by reeosolttng Oe SDS and BPP, the 
acadui^ Offlumodty, $ua^ and admij^tnitors are to f^ 
oooOooing pjbversive adbtttos on campus. 

Thursday, ^tanuary 29, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 



Promothns Announced 

A formal garden was also added 
on Bousb Street and the parking 
lot expanded from Bute Uirougti 
to Freemason Street. 

Thompson, left, receives certificate from S.D. Booth. 

Station Manager Earns Title 

At the organizgAonal meeting 
of the Ixard of directors follow- 
ing ttie annual shareholder's 
meeting, lilutual Federal Sav- 
ings and Loan AsSodatioo 
named two new officers and pro- 
moted four others to higher 

Pres. C. Q.Nugent announced 
the ai^ntment of Willia.m P. 
Dodson, Jr. of the mortgage 
loan department s^d Alfred B. 
Bevan of the Little Creek office 
as assistant secretaries. 

WilUam H. Meissel, adminis- 
trative services officer, ard 
Samuel W. Hill, manager of the 
Little Creek office, were ad- 
vanced from assistant vice 
president to vice president. 

Robert P. Johnson, manager 
of the Virginia Bea<* office, 
and Paul N. Lesner ofthe mort- 
gage loan department were 
moved up from assistant secre- 
tary to assistant vice president. 
Lesner was also named a 
trusted of the associatio n. All 
other officers iwefe re-elected 
Board meml)er Richard F.Wood 
has been named to theexectrtive 

At the shareholder's meeting Frederick J. Napolltano, a 
preceding, Pres. C. Q. Nugent Virginia Beach builder and dev- 
reported that tjie association ^eloper aiKl an executive of Terry 
had paid $3,530,189 in interest Corporation of Virginia, was 

New Bank 
To Expand 

Palmer Heads Department 

H. T. Palmer Ins twm named 
manager of ttw air conWoidDg 
and relMgeratioo iepixtiaeti<d 
Virginia Chemicals Inc. of 
Portsmouth. A veteran of 27 
years widi the company, he was 
formerly sales manager of Oat 

In makii^ the announcement 




Having set a record believed 
to be unparalleled In state bank- 
ing history by showing net pro- 
fit and paying dividend at the 
end of Its first year, People's 

Bank of Virginia Beach is mov- a. K. Scrlbner, Jr., director of 
Ing to e}q?and its services. 

According to J, Burton Harr- 
ison, Jr., the bank's president. 
People's Bank has elected to 
become the wholly-owned sub- 
sidiary of a new one-b^ hold- 
ing company, People's Corpor- 

"This status will give us the 
corporate flexiblllity necessary 
for expansion into new type^ of 
services," Harrison stated. 

People's Bank wlU contlnuer ^ r>i'r%. a rmm* Mt 

Ir^T^^ST'sJ^. Appraiser Gets SR A Title 

ectors, officers, and personnel 

The Society of Real Estate 
Appraiser's board of Govern- 
orsHias^ awarded^^he^ Senior 
Residential Appraiser design- 
ation to a VFrglhia Beach man. 

commercial sales said, "The 
coitflnwHis growth of the re- 
frigeration and air condltiontog 
industries, including automo- 
tive, offer excellent opportuni- 
ties for Virginia Chemical 
which this reorganization will 
enable the company to more 
aggressively pursue." All 
changes are effective immed- 



Virgtaia Beaeh busln^sman, 
John C. Thpm^on, has com- 
pleted a three-week course In 
service station management at 

American Oil Company's Deal- 
er Development Center in Balt- 
imore, Md. H;^ operates the 
branded service statiob at 303Q 
Virginia Beach Blvd. 

The center, one of 12 conven- 
iently located throughout the 
nation. Is devoted exluslvely to 
teachinp! independent business- 

men the variety of specialskills 
necessary for the successful 
operation of a modern service 

ThToiieh his succ^fBI coih- 
pletlon of the training course, 

Thompson has earned the title 
of certified American Oil deal- 

to savers in 1969— the highest 
in Mutual Federal history. 
Mortgage loan demand, he said, 
continued high. Mutual Federal 
invested $9,731,042 in mortgage 
loans during 1969 Nugent re- 

The president also reported 
on two new additions to the 
assoc^on's home office build- 
ing during the year. One was the 
expansion of the Accounting De- 
partment, the other a new south 
wing fronting on Boush Street. 

Wheat & Co. Elects Pres. ^^^ ^»***® 

Course Set 

elected an area vice-president 
of the National Association of 
Home Builders at a recent con- 
vention in Houston. 

Stanley Waranch, Norfolk 
builder znA developer and pres- 
ident of Buxbaum & Waranch 
was promoted to vice-president 
and treasurer. He will assume 
the presidency in two years. 

An award for the t(H? Women's 
Auxiliary was given to the 
Ladles Auxiliary of the Tide- 
water Association of Home 


as before. As a subsidiary jsf 
People's Corporation, however, 
it wTirbe^tief able^o expand^ 
into such fields as equipment 
leasli^;, installment lending on 
a broader geographical basis, 
management consulting, Invest- 
ment advisory services, and 
other finance and service-re- 
lated activities. People's Cor- 
poration is owned and controll- 
ed by the present stockholders 
of People's Bank of Virginia 

To date, the new holding 
company has authorized capital 
of 500,000 shares of common 
stocl( — .parvalue$5pershare- 
and 50,000 shares of preferred 
"stock ~ par iralue $50 per 
share. People's Bank stock- 
holders will receive one share 
of commcMi stock In People's 
Corporation in exchange for one 
share of People's Bank stodc 

Theodore J. Economldis of 
Lakeview Shores area is an lo?^ 
dependent appraiser with office 
in the Tidewater Executive 
Center, Norfolk. 

The SRA deslgnatton Is a- 
warded to appraisers of re- 
cognized abttity who have at 
least five years of actual ex- 
perience in appraising resMen- 
tial property. 

The appraiser must also meet 
rigid requirements of the Soc- 
iety, have knowledge of fund- 
amentals and pass written 


This aAama of questions and 
Hswers on Federal tax matters 
is provided by the local office 
of the U. S. Internal Revenue 
Service and is published as a 
public service to taxpayers. 
The column answers questions 
most frequently asked by tax- 
payersk °rit 

Question: I kept 
my earnings and «)ti#)ldtoga - 
for the year and am all set 
to file my return. Do I have 
to wait until 1 get my W-2? 

Answer: Yes, one copy of all 
W-2's must be attached to your 
tax return when you send it In. 
Processing of the returns and 
Teftinds are delayed if this is 
not done. You should receive 
your W-2 no latei- than Feb- 
ruary 2. Note that this year, 
— the W-2 should be stapled to the 
back of Form 1040 rather than 
, the front. 

Question: Is there any change 
in who has to file a return for 

Answer: Filing requirements 
for 1969 Federal Income tax 
returns are unchanged from last 


To summarize them, a return 
must be filed by every person 
under 65 who had gross income 
of $600 or more for the year. 
For those 65 or older on the 
last day of tax year, a return 
does not have to be filed until 
gross income reaches $1,200. 

Also, anyone who has net 
earnings of $400 or more from 
self-employment, is required to 
file a return and pay self- 
employment tax. 

Filing requirements also 
apply to minors. A parent or 
guardian should file a return on 
behalf of a child who has gross 
income of $600 or more during 
the tax year. In every case, 
you must file a return to get 
any refimd due. 

Question: What taxes can 1 

AMwer: If you Itemize de- 
ductions, state and local in- 
come, sales, gasoline, i$rsonal 
property and real estate taxes 
may be deducted. These should 
be listed (xiSchedule A Itemized 
Deductions, and attached to your 
Form 1040. 

Those who itemize will tM 
that using the new Schectale A 
provides more room to list 
(tilings such as medical esqiwnses 
and charitable contributtons 
than ms ayailaUe on the back 
of ttie old Form 1040. 

The Board of Directors of 
Wheat & Co., Inc. member 
firm of the New York Stock 
Exchange and the American 
Stock Exchange, has electec^F. 
Carlyle Tiller president of the 

It was stated that Tiller's 
election came as a resuU of 
the rapid expansion of the firm 
which has nearly doubled its 
number of branch ofilces with- 
in the past 14 months. As ex- 
ecutive vice-president. Tiller 
has-been responsible for the 
f viola ?rlMnOp«ritIw: of .the)1}WwcbeftTa»i 
a rerordof the t9<pitettion^of fiew;ofliceSi 
James'C; Wheat, Js^; coAtUHieB 
as diairmaoi and chief executive 


A native Rlchmonder, Tiller 
attended Virginia Military lOr 
stitue and was graduated from , 
the University of Richmond 
whejre be was elected to Phi 
Beta Kanpa. He Is also a grad- 
uate of the Wharton School of 
Finance, University df Penn- 

TlUer joined Wheat & Co., 
Inc., In 1950 as research an- 
alyst and registered represent- 
ative when ttie firm was a 
partnership. He served suc- 
cesi^^ly as genersd partner for 
search tad has bieen^executive 
vice-president since 1966. 

Expanded F & M to Open 

New Dealership to Open 

Ground was broken Wednes-. 
day, on Laskin Road for a new 
ultra-modern automobile deal- 
ership to handle Porsdie, die 
high performance sportscar, 
and Audi, a medium priced 
luxury car, tnanufactured and 
previously sold only in Europe. 



Marketing plans for its 500 
pharmaceutical and medical- 
surgical products were outlin- 
ed by Parke, Davis ii Company 
executives at a two-day re^on- 
al sales conference at the Mar- 
riott Twin -Bridges Motel, Jan. 
16-17. . 

Nelson L. Yarbrough, dir- 
ector of U. S. Sales, said 337 
of the company's sales repre- 
sentatives from the Baltimore, 
Boston, New York, Philadelphia 
and Pittsburg branches were in 
attendance. Three . Virginia 
Beach residents attended. 

States represented at the con- 
ference included: Connectic^, 
Delaware, Maine, Mary lan^, 
Massachusetts, New Hamp- 
shire, New Jersey, New York, 
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Is- 
land, Vermont, Virginia, and 
West Virginia. 

The two-day sessions are de- 
siped to familiarize field re- 
presentatives with the latest 
developments in medicine and 
the product sales and promot- 
on plaos for Parke-Davis. 

Those from Virginia Beadi 
at the conference were: J. P. 
Clark, H. B. Ferer and J. L. 

The new business Is to be 
knomi as Hilltop Porsche, Audi, 
Inc., and is located adjacent to 
Hilltop Volkswagon, Inc. Fred 
Packer, now business manager 
for the VW agency wiU be 
general manager for the new 

The dealership here is being 
est^lished by the regional VW 
and Porsche Audi distributor, 
Volkswagon South Atlantic Dis- 
tributor, Inc. of Lanham, Md. 

Porsche Audi, Inc., Is ex- 
pected to open In June. There 
will be nearly 7,000 square feet 
of floor space, housing a new 
car showroom, service dq>art- 
ment and parts department^ 

Packer said the dealership 
represents an investment of 
more than $350,000 and he ex- 

The Distributive Education 
ServIce«of the city schools will " 
offer a course in preparatory 
real estate training beginning 
Feb. 9 and ending March U. 

The course will be conducted 
on Monday and Wednesday 
nights from 7 to 9:30 In room 
5-09, PrIncessAnne High 
school. Interested persons 
should contact C. H. Lewis, 
Distributive Education Service 
at 499-1261. After 5K)0 caU 
497t140U ' - 

the * I tetr u ctor win be BlU 
Glove r^.jresldenf ot ,Glqver 
Realty, Inc. in Norfolk. He has 
been very active as an Instruct- 
or for the famous Dale Carnegie 
courses in southeastern Vir- 
ginia and has taught several 
real estate classes In the past. 

The 30-hour course wIU pro- 
vide adequate Instruction to ob- 
tain a license for those meeting 
the educatioiud requirements. 
The cost of the course is $30 
which Includes all fees for In-_ 
stri^ctlonal materials. 

pects it to initially employ 13 

The building was designed by 
M. Spence &. Associates arch- 
itects, of Norfolk, The contrac- 
tor Is L. J. Hoy, Inc., of Nor- 

J. N. Jones, general manager 
for the distributor's Porsche 
Audi division was on hand with 
Packer and other business and 
governmental leaders at the 
ground-breaking ceremony. 

First and Merchants National 
Bank will havf a formal open- 
ing of their expanded courthouse 
office Monday at 9 a.m. 

1964, has been expanded 
roughly twice its si 
added a drive-ln window. 


Mayor Fraids Dusch will be 
on hand to cut the opening 
ribbon. Top members of the 
bank's management from Rich- 
mond wIU also be present,!! 

The c^ce, which has been 
operating' since Septendoer of 

Office hours on Monday 
throu^ Thursday are 9 a.m. 
to 2 p.m. Inside and 9 a.m. 
to 6 p.m.atthedrlve-ln window. 
On Friday the Inside office is 
open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
and 4 to 7 p.m. The drive-in 
window is open from 9 a.m. 
to 7 p.m. 

Wouiu You Like to Know 

More About Local 
and R^onal Companies? 

Our analysts are continually calling on Vir- ^ 
ginia, North Carolina and West Virginia 
firms. They strive for depth of information 
on industry trends and company develop- 
ments . . . vital information to potentially 
profitable investments. Give us a call. 

Wheat & Conine. 



(fU) U}-«1M 



Marion Opens Ad Agency 

A Virginia Beach man is 
opening a new advertising 
agency in Uie Golden Triangle. 
Ronald F, Marlon, presldnet 
of Marlon Advertislne Agency, 


Inc., IsU veteran of 20 years 
in the ^vertlsing field. 

"The agency will offer fUU 
advertising services on a local, 
regional and national level." 
Marion said. The office will be 
located in Suite 303. 



Frank D. 


City Council 








24 Hr. Wr«ck«r Service 

Phon« 428-6403 

NiUt AfUr 11 PM 420-2957 

Road Calls 
Wrackar Sarvica -- ^^^^^ q, ^^^^^ 

Tuna-Ups A Brali« Jobs 

Fraa Pick Up And Dalivary 

JManaffOf tarry tanghorna 

301 UtW« frMd Vlralnla Baach. Va. 

First & Merchants Ndtional Bank is pleased to 
announce the opening of its expanded Courthouse office. 

We have planned some festivities to celebrate 
this event and would Mice you to join us. 

The opening begins at 9:00 A.M., Monday, 
February 2. There will be refreshments for your enjoyment 
and the opportunity for you to tour the facilities which have 
been expanded to better serve you. 

Please join us. 



p^^^Bl ii^^pp;j^j||^j,|;^,y,.J.y^4^t JjU- M JM % » ^ 

gtf.aX'g-.^^^^ fV^M 

y_^^^.i^ i.T :_^«5 ?-?^jr-!^'j-=i; *" :-"i ■:.-->',:=%: ^y, _■;"= -'"'f: .'-t^J.^^ 


First Colonial 

18 paying 





now earn 

4 V2 % interest on average daily balance 

One year certificates 

now earn 5H % interest. 


..?.»•'.:> i.---^=-^'>»- 


Tiro i/ear certificates now earn 5 'z* % 
interest at First Colonial Bank. 

A The First iColonial Bank 

Mallbu Towers: 8:30-5:30 Monday; Friday 'til 7 
Pembroke: 9:30-6:00 Monday thru Tluirsday; Friday 'til 7 

Member F J}.I.C. 

i rryr 

iiinnii ' iiimnn Tm 

r iiiUHMiiiii^m 







Thursday, January 29, 1970 

L««>«.«« itttiflftftftPip«'>«>«««) i fl(iaaa . iiati > iiii8tiutiaii(i>ii«ttMBii«M»t«titiit<natiiti««n«t * <Mi*mMtaHMJ<ttitM» 

Boxes have personalities 

"A tree 1$ a tree is a tree..." 
A rose by any other nanfie smel Is 
just as sweet..." Butmatlboxes 
are something else again. Have 
you ever, stopped to look at them 
as you drive from place to 
place? The variety is endless. 

Ivy has almost taken over this box. 

An old hand pump was 
used to liold this mail- 
box, . . _ 

Not only are the styles dif- 
ferent, but their location is 
too, A good number of homes 
have mailboxes att«K:hed to^ 
posts along the street. But many 
other have boxes attached to 
their houses. This Is determin- 
ed by whether or not the houses 
are loddted in "walking" or 
"riding" routes. And this fact 
is determined by the closeness 
and number of houses in an 

areas where boxes on posts are 
used, the mail boxes often re- 
flect the style of tne house- 
modern streamlined boxes with 
modern houses or wrought iron, 
ivy-covered boxes with more 
traditional or colonial homes. 
There also seems to be more 
variety In colors along the re- 
sidential streets too. ^ v . ^ 

4"he boxes on posts come is 


something of a shock to many 
newcomers who are accustom- 
ed to city lifewithmaildellvery 
at the door. They may even 
envy their neighbors In more 
crowded sections of the city 
who do not have to hike out to 
the mailbox In cold (and wet) 
weather to check on the maU. 

A high-rise duplex box. 

Ambassador to speak 

^'The style selected seems to 
vary greatly. Along the more 
rural routes, the boxes are 
almost all the standard box on 
a post. However, in residential 

And Is there anything more 
frustrating than putting on a 
coast and boots to check the 
mailbox, then discovering it 
Is empty? 


Imagination made this 
box attractive. 


By Tammy Studebaker 

From the moment I saw him 
board the plane I knew he had 
to eltlv»r play Big Boys Football 
or be King Kong's stand>in. My 
first guess was right. 

Mike McCoy, AU-American 
defensive lineman for Notre 
Oame was coming to Norfolk 
from Chicago to address the 
^rts CoiA). And he was flying 
on Vb» same plane I was on- 
prfnrtwng ttat plane could lift 
ha extra wei^^t. Enormous 
doesn^ cover Mike M(£oy's 
sise. And to top it all, he sat 
down inext to me, ' or rather, 
pushed himself into the seat. 

At ttttt point I didn't know he 
was Mike McCoy, as such. My 
foottttll knowledge was equal to 
moat typical American woman's 
foottwil knowledge. I had here- 
tofore; sat diligently beside my 
busbaiid (m countless Saturdays 
and S^idayi oohing and aahing 
as gujni eraahed into one another 
all la (be lame of sport. 

Osmo^ must have worked 

iome becaiae 1 connected the 

nama iomtiiow with Cotton Bowl 

^ A|« Parsegian and number 

'raa draft choice, 

immediately I tried to think 
Ad aaiAfoottiaU questionrllkt 

• ."DMdriba the blockNo. 12 used 
igainat No. 36 in game No. 14 
tbat tanksd you No. 5." But 
how could I? Ui^ Uit stuoo 

• I tiioai^ a tight and was Bome- 

• ooa wtio iHd speot too much 
time at the bar. 

So, for a starter, "Man, low 
do you tm buy clotbas?." 

. Dr. Jerome Holland, presi- 
dent of Hampton Institute who 
was recantly named ambassa- 
dor to Sweden, will discuss the 
world population problem at 
the first fomily planning work- 
top to be bdd in Virginia 

The worksl^ will be from 
10'a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 
30 at Galilee Episcopal 
Church,, Pacific and 40th 
Streets. Dr. Holland, who is 
voluntary chairman oftbeboard 
of Planned Parentbood/World 
. Poptiibltioo, Witt be ttie lunch- 
eon ^waker at 12:30 p.m. It 
is not necessary to attend (be 

workshq? to have lunchandhear 
Dr. Holland. < i 

The workshop will cover tbe 
"Moral and Theological As- 
pects of Family Planning;" 
"Metbotte of Birth Control- 
Let^ Aspects" and "How to 
Reach tte Poor witti FamOy 
Planning." Following Dr. 
Holland's talk there wlU be 
films on family plamdog and a 
discussion <m bow to solve tbe 
world's number one problem. 
Workdiop speakers will be a 
physician, social woirkei. min- 
ister and professional ataft of 
tbe Virgnia League for Planmd, 

Either the tree i s 
talcing over the box- 
or vice versa. 

The **Fighting Lady's Ladies" recently honored their executive 
officer's wife, Mrs. Owen A. Kidd (center). IVIrs. Alvln Timm 
(left), hostess, and Mrs. F. B. DeGress (right), president of the 
club, presented a corsage to Mrs. Kidd. 

Lady^s Ladies face 
uncertain future 


Mika was tba firiwidly sort. 
(No, read«», ^aU AU-Amar- 
ieafi UoanaaaiUoy Jwrt era^ 
tOm and flra^mrii«dndla. Soma 
$m$*t woma'§ pai^wrlteraO 

He has to have all hlsclottm 
apeciaUy made to fit hia 6'4'*, 
^5 lb. frama. And be gainsd 
SO Iba. aince tiie Cott(m Bowl. 

ua» aaemad hapi^ to taUc 
ab(»rt ao!iMttiii4(^erttiajafooU 
baU. Ha la varyi»nea rn a d a bout 
ffiViroamMtti polMloi^ lovai 
nisbig dop aod drtds d»|- 
olria. Ha plana to fo to laar 
aeto(4 ^tavlnfofr-aaafon of pro- 

SpeakliH; of pro-i«ll, tin draft 
is comiiH( soon. 1%e pnnlraft 
doam't involve shootli^ and 
rice paddiea butitdoeapromtia 
jsme (tomaattc violmca. M&e 
is at the top of tba Ust of 
daalr«l pbiyan and alao tte 
t^ ^ Ito^ lottery -No. 6. 
"Obealty" may rwon Ito. 

tlM ntttb»g fedora pit 
0m.*UxCaf p. IB) 

It's the same old Navy story 
with a subtly different twist. 
Tbe men sail out to defend the 
country from alien offenders 
and the wives stay home to de- 
fend the house from termites 
and 24-bour flu bugs. But for 
the wives of the USS Yorktown 
the next time their men go out 
will be to say goodbye to the 
"Fighting Lady," as the York- 
town is fondly known. 

The Yorktown, an antisub- 
marine warfare carrier, is 
leaving next month for Boston 
where she will take her final 
harbor. She will be decommiss- 
ioned there in June. She's been 
in Norfolk a little less than one 
year from Long Beach, Calif. 

As the crew of the Yorktown 
la br(dcm up so will another 
"eraw" that is asaociated with 
ttia al^tiM dflcer wives club, 
or the'Tlghtlng Lady's Ladies." 

TlM el^ was organised be- 
fore any eurrtot members Jdn- 
ad, b^ tt^ teel they are a 
cloae-koit, toother gr(mp.Ttet 
^^MMman baa probably help- 
ed all <A ftam at one Uine or 
un^r iHien their, men ware 

llMy have a prMident (Mrs. 
QUrlay Da GrMS of Hermitate 

Koad) and a vice-president 
(Mrs. Maggie Timm of LoveH 
Drive) and charitable causM 
and a scrapbook ami a news- 
letter and all the other good 
thinp a good ladies club has. 
But they also have a comrad- 
ship that must be like an Alco- 
halics Anonymous for lonely 

Mrs. Barbara-'Kldd, top- 
ranking member as wife of the 
ship's executive officer, puts 
in this way. "Our main purpose 
is to dfer friendship outsble 
the house-even if it Is only one 
or two ni^ts a month. That's 
Important when your husband is 
out for four months at a time. 
R's pHxl to know everyone else 
hu the same pr(A)lems." (Mrs. 
Kidd uses words like "deploy" 
and "st^us" with con^eto 

The club offers luncheons,, 
pot-ludcs, game nigi^ eoatome 
partiea and Chriatmaa aucttona 
to its members, 35 currently 
l»it fluctoating aa craw mem- 
bera raoalva naw ordera. 

In tltt paat tte dub has been 
on band whan baUaa arrive 
before daddiaa got home, wban 
alefaiMi abrade or irtm uel- 
daota o<^urred. Moat racaotly 
a BMmbar'a hoBM bariMd wblte 

her husband was at sea and the 
Fitting Ladies were there to 

They have a "phone tree" 
for getting messages around and 
Just keeping in touch. Ibey are 
currently collecting suiq>Ues 
(as they move out) for the men- 
tal hospital in Peterslrarg. 

The newsletter tells of a 
planned Book Review, a Bus- 
iness Coffee aiMl an Upholstery 
sesston. The scrafAnok shorn 
fomi memories like the Ume 
the Yorttown h^ped recover 
Apolto 8 or the Qtptam that 
boUi "crews" have befrlMided. 

But the over-riding aware- 
ness is that they wiU all be 
on Uie move, a^dn. Only this 
time the dub, by-laws, buaineai 
meetings and all, wUl go, too. 
No mora Yorktom ao, (lulte 
obvioualy, so man Yorktown 
Wives Club. 

At^l^ lundieon, tab«ior 
of IfiSlKfiliPiMoUbaakUood- 
bya to tMmanbun ite woufal 
be |i4ncao(m, aodawrywbara 
from Bermwto to VMoam to 
Ftr aiu to dvuiaa oSi* eks 
womaa raartvad a alh^ebarm 
whidi wu a mfadatmra vantan 
(tf^ Yraktown. 



By Carolyn McAUon 

I'll pick up 
my placartL.* 

One of the &vorite indictmeirts of tbe yoodi of today aiatet 
toe {ff^ent society is "bureaucracy." Right now Vm almost 
ready to carry my own placard wito them. 

I don't have enough tokeepmebusy withj 
a home, five pupplra, a dog, tropical tti\ 
a Job, ao last &11 1 decld 
had planned to tal 
when I went to ri 

1 was advised to cl 
There I was advisi 
check for the f) 
continuing educat; 

So, I got 
records and 
out the map 
I had to see was 

\B0t noparnu^il 

offin. GatttDC 

,ee, birt fin woMtt 

Later, after r 
my andiei^n 
in a file with 

Part of the mix 
when I got toat 
profenor (» Dec. 1 
aaalac by Dae 3 

So, I called date 
body waa ovd to taoeh 
lag the pbbna. Ha 
said that muat have 
took doiro what I 
I beard DoMac i^a 


:(Mpt n^ 

I wu iBft^med ttirt 

and fcM Htn nlaliid 

too late (mlnabnii^ 



lo ooriaat d^a 1^00- 

', TMortumtaly at^ry* 



I did gMtlw8dmoiioffla«i«oatI«aaelftatead|i 
lor xH havlai an ID mt'4x wUfb tb^ dioMMftlMwa 
eoi^utor card 1^ IdnmetearlatoMilAkrtr 

Thara mwl ba aoea Bi»rtf to idl ^ bat I w^ MAik 
B^ IdoliMonaMi^-ttltHftial^Mtete 

Pott ii 

VIrginiq Btoclt Sun 

Thurt<taY, ^ICHTuqry 29, 


Home gmrdem may he answer 

mm^im like to r€ad a 
sto^^ book? tf so try «?aa- 
iDfl ms'* tiy wmUiB and Paul 
PadAoid^ tUs bode Iscoocov- 
^ 1^ flMteen«BiJkM8jproU«m 
of MetttqEfliesiqptallngix^mbA- 
ion <tf ^ world, and especially 
In 0^ under-developed loUoffi. 
b Im^ ttie mt]io» say it can- 
a(rt t» done, anlllat vtUiin tbe 
nod ten ymrs disastrous 
family wiU occur in many 

"CUs bo(& is not intended as a 
scarecan^itii^ It is sad xtsaX" 
Ism. The asrtbors emj^islw 
ttot «e are ai^roaching a turn- 
ing point in hunuu) affoirs which 
is so tanmense we <»nnot S4>- 
preciate its true signiflonce. 

Tte exploding populatioi 
seenns to be related more to 
a rapidly decreasing d^th rate, 
ttian to an increase in the birth 
rate. Tte effectiveness of mod- 
ern medcine has been eagerly 
acc^ed by people all over the 
world. As^ » result, the Ufe 
Sinn in turns countries has 
nearly doubled during recent 
de^des. (^ ^e other hand 
efforts to reduce the birth rate 
have met witti very little suc- 
cess in a few isolated situations 
such as in Japan. 

hi terns of the agricultural 
part ofthis problem, most peop- 
le are inclined to think some- 
thing will turn up to avert the 
famkies. The authors (^ thte 
iKiok believe this is not Q» 
cas6 They have talked with ex- 
perts in many fields and no 
easy solutions were suggested. 

Synthetic foods might help, 
but they areproducedprimarlly 

f^offi (^^ agrioiltaral pro- 
duds, orteaotptaasettietestt. 
Most of us accept new typ^ cA 
food qutte rductantly. 

Food from the oceans would 
seem to have promise, Im4 
here again, the experts say a 
big increase from this source 
is not likely. 

Lookii^ directly to agricult- 
we, Q» oKioFtunities tor large 
increases in food production are 
remote. Most farmers in the 
more developed countries are 
already using relatively good 
produdion metiu)ds. The intro- 
duction of such practices into 
undev)ih:f>ed countri^, and the 
breeding of new crops which 
are better adapted to their soil 
and climatic conditions, would 
be much too slow to provide the 
huge amouid of additicmal food 

The authors say that new and 
unique, develc^ments in re- 
search, fertilisers, or irrig- 
ation are not likely to have an 
important beneficial effect on 
the sihiation. A^o, most of the 
best agricultural land is al- 
ready in use. To bring unused 
land into production would be 
quite expensive, and low, un- 
profitable yields would be se- 

Hie auttiors review the im- 
portiint role that U. S.agricul- 
ture has played in ttie past in 
providing food for other nations. 
They include some interesting 
phllos(#ical and political ob- 
servations on the effecte of our 
on the effects of our distri- 
button of surplus food. They 


Explanation^-BuyOne Pair Ol 

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Including These Famous Brands 


• Naturalizer 

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poiirt wA however that wetiow 
have relatively small surplus- 
es and cannot possibly provide 
the food ttiat will be needed to 
preveirt famine in future yean. 

So, the home vegetable and 
fruit garden may be<»)me in- 
creasingly more important in 
ttie fiiture. Food production 
from such hobbies may be very 
he4}ful in Improving ttie mrt- 
ritional level of our diet. Sudi 
activities will not only provide 
beneficial exercise, but could 
provide esseiitial food in many 
parts of the world. 

New yogurt 
is fat-free 

If Christmas 1^ you vitti 
a few extra pouniis Seaitast 
Foods introduced a mw 99% 
fat-free yog«art in local ^(nr» 



(Cont from p. IB) 

Mrs. Dedress andMrs.Kidd, 
both veteran movers, do not 
seem too unhappy over the new 
move alttiough neittier knows 
where next or what next. 

Mrs. DeGress said, "It's ttie 
only way to travel. You move 
in and meet people. Youdevelt^ 
warm, lasting relationships and, 
even when you have to leave 
you know you'll meet ac^- 
even in the ramotest places." 

Mrs. Kidd remembers the day 
she moved into her home at 
Long Beach, Yorktown's last 
port. "A friend and her husband 
came in and said, 1)on'tuiVttdc 
anymore, we're leaving."' And 
in five months they were on ttjieir 
way to Norfolk. ' 

Her son, a senior in high 
school, has attended a differoit 
school every year since' junior 
high. "It doesn't hurt diildren 
if ttiQr are good in scbooU It's 
a great way to learn geognqilqr 
and history." Mrs. Kidd said. 

Most of ttie wives withschool 
age children will stay in the area 
unttl school is over in June. 
Ottiers will folloiv tjae ship to 
Boston. One member, who re- 
centty boui^t a home here idll 
stoy uidil her husband's re- 
tirem^it in two years. The only 
certain filing is that things are 
bnceirtalri for tiife-**Flgi«tth| 
Ladies Lady's"^ and they love 

It Ktmes plain or with any 
of five flavors of fruit and is 
Swiss style; i.e. Uie fruit Is 
mixed into ttie yqpurt ri^r 
than b^ag separate. It is called 
Li(^t N' Lively yogurt. Flavors 
are pineai^le, blueberry, 
strawberry, spiced apple and 
prune. ' 

Suggerted uses include as a 
snack, as a low-fat sauce for 
vegetables, <m salads or fruit 
and in or on pancakes. 

There are more than 300 
species of holly. It is found in 
almost all ctwn^ies of ttMWorld 
in the temperate and siA>- 
trqpical regions. The native 
American holly was ok of the 
first plants sU[hted by the Pil- 
grims who settled at Plymoutti 
in 1620. 

Holly should not be planted in 
an exposed idndy location. The 
plai^ vary in lutrdiness. The 
flower buds, which develop late 
in the summer, maybekiUedby 
cold in ttie winter and thus elim- 
inate ttie^ possibility of a berry 
crop ttie next summer. 

Are Wedding 

U yon are announcing an 
engagemoit or wedding, wiiy 
not do it in ttie VIRGIMIA 

Brides ar« asked to svb- 
mit ttieir pbotoerapbs (S^ or 
8x10 gk»sies)>y Monday of 
ttie wedc tbey want ttie an- 
notmcement to appear qii 
Thursda;^ Wedding and en*' 
gagement forms are available 
at ttie newspaper otflea, 3108: 
Padfic Avone. 

All weddings and engage 
moits received will bensed. 
be returM^iby mMl^lMftmaj 
be 1^^ up at the newspawr 
jofflcel'" ** 

The bride's dream of a heauH- 
ful weMing comf* true wttK our 

•electton of bridal and hr^Ml party fashUms. 

Cmne meet with our bridal consultant, soon. 

r)p»n MonJbiy 

Tin 9 P.M. 


Phone 340-3323 

!^iniabaidt, Ya. 

Sk^ for l/iff iMilin ami Th^r Dom^iti* 

Spices combine in Garibbean cooking 

cmce ttw crossroads of ttie 
iStti eevSmy search for sitft^, 
tte .ttlioids of ttie Caritibean, 
Sea todi^ reflect ttie seasoidng 
seerets of many cultures to 
tiielr awking. Not only ttie 
SiAnish^led by Columbus and 
Ponce de Leon, but Portuguese, 
Africans, Dutch, English, 
French, Danes and Italians dip- 
ped in their tasting spoons. 

Here ttie foods ol ttie Old 
World met ttiose ot the New. 
Anise, coriander, f^inel, sage, 
thyme, wsemary, mint, sweet 
marjoram and parsley, onions 
and ^rlic, all from the Med- 
iterranean, began mingling a- 
rom«5 four hundred yea» ago 
witti New World peniers and 
allspice and the fruits and veg- 
etables of ttie Caribbean, The 
Bqr (or laurel) tree, the nutmeg 
tree and the gii^r root soon 
found happy homes on ttiese 
tropical islafids as well. 

Fish, shellfish and seafood; 
diidran^ pork, rice and beans; 
native bruits and vegetables, 
espedalfy sveetpotatoes, ^orn, 
breadfruit, bananas and pine- 
s^le are basic. 

SofHto sauce is a character- 
istic pre^mixed flavoring for 
maiQr dl^^es. Red peppers, 
<»icms, garlic, oregano and cor- 
iander are used in sofrito with 
either afihiote seeds, sattronor ' 
p^ika supplying the desired 

Home economists of ttie 
American l^ce Trade Associ- 
atUm have selected these flavor- 
ful dishes as typical of Car- 
ibbean foods. 



' t pack. (1 1/2 oa.) spag- 
1^ dip Miiili flakes 

These savory whole fish are cooked Caribbean style, with a tan- 
talizing aroma of onion flakes, garlic salt and bay leaf. 

1 tbsp. capers 

1 tlsp. sliced stuffed olives 

1 tsp. vinegar 

1 small bay leaf 
1/2 ciq> flour 
1 1/2 tsp. ©rlic salt 

6 (1 lb. each) fre^ or 
frozen defrosted trout or 
froaen fish fillets, de-t 

6 tbsp. olive oil 

In a smaU saucepan combine 
sauce mix with ingredients list- 
ed on package, (Mdon flakes, 
capers, olives, vinegar and bay 
leaf. Bring to b<rfling points 

Finalist is from P.A. 

Princess Anne sentor Joanmi 
Commnder has been named a 
1970 Betty Crocker Homemaker 
of Tomorrow. The ai^urd was 
given 00 ttie basis of her score 
in tlie hoawffliddng Imoirled^ 
and attttDde test taken Iqrseidor 
girls last Decemlieri ' 

Sbe wlU receive a spwdally 
designed charm from General 
Mills, sponsor at ttie anmial 
homemaking education pro- 
gram. Sbe is also now elig&fle 
for one of 102 college scholar- 
ships totaUng $UO,000. 

From school winners in ttie 
stiAe, a State Homemaker of 
Tomorrow and runner-igi will 
be chosoi wittiin the next few 
weeks. The state winner wUl 
be awarded a $1,500 scholarr 
ship and the runner-iqp a $500 
educational grant. 

MissXommander will attend 
ttie University of NorttiCarolina 
at Greiensboro next fall. She 
plans to major in sociology. 


Ul iMlM^ ftrmili ttop tt. 

Zmbo apeedi aoodrinc nUrf to «• 
lenUly auMd HcUap of ecacma. 
poiMNiow kMCt bHw. DeMisitim 

ltaetmaidilin)ii«. '*De*ilcfa" 
Quicfcwiit<; or your Bwogy beck! 

Miss Commander 

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papers, type faces and workmanship 
you could wish for! It features genuine 
hand-crafted Copperplate Engraving 
and Heliograving - rich raised lettering - 
dei^t as the finest craftsmanship -yet 
costing so little! Cwne see our unusual 
•election-one perfect for you! 

Call 428-2401 

Reduce heat and simmer 10 
minutes, stirring occastonally. 
Meanwhile, mix ficmr with gar- 
lic salt. Dredge fish with flour 
mixture; shake ott excess, hi a 
large skiUet heat oil. Add fish 
aiKl saute about 5 minutes on 
each side. Serve fish with sauce 
spooned over all. Yield: 6 por- 


2 tbsp. butter or margarine 
1 cup raw regular co(Mng 

1 can (10 1/2 oz.) chick^ 
1/2 tsp. groimd ginger 
1/16 tsp. ground Idack penper 

In i medium sidllet melt 
butter. Add rice aA toown 
well, sttirrhig constantly.Grad- 
ually add brotti and 1 civ^ar. 
Stir m ginger and blackpepper^ 
Bring to boiling point. Reduce 
heat, cover and simmer 20 to 
25 minutes or unttil rice is tra- 
der. Yield: 4 to 6 portions. 

Shrubs are useful to hide an 
unattractive foundation. A 
continuous planting will reduce 
the 'iM^parent height of a tall 
house. A low house, without an 
exp(»ed founclUition, will lode 
larger and more Impressive if 
the shnib planting is not 
continuous, and the lawn extends 
to the building in the center 
front. ^ 

The height of shrubs is very 
in^nrtaitf along the front of the 
house. ReU^vely tall (hicr 
should be located at ttie cor- 
ners and shorter ones on either 
side of the front door. This 
will liave the effect of ftmneling 
attention on ttie entrance. 

.jNcKce, thf ^epj^iasiB on. air 
poUuttm in magazines; sml ttie 
local papers. The average cit- 
izen is convince that steps 
need to be taken at once to 
curtail the source of polliA- 
ion. We know that the primary 
blame is plac^ on industrial 
plants, planes, cars and trucks. 

There is one way, however, 
ttiat eadi of us may be at 
fault wittiout even realizing it. 
Leaf burning adds greatly to 
local air pollution. The Beaid- 

i£lQitiQoJ:«amissloii urges a^i 
prcverty owMrs to refridsfrom ; 
burning leaves at any tlmeevoii 
though it is legal in our city, 
bistead, make a compost^ pile, 
in your garden and save your 
leaves to make valuaMe mulch 
for your plants. Let's hopa^ 
garden dubs, civic <^^db and 
all other organizations wlUjoin 
in this effort to help omtrol 
air pollution. Let's start the 
fight against impure air in our 
own back yards. 


5th Naval Dutriet 

The FifUi Naval District Of- 
ficers' Wives Cla^ will hoUl a 
luncheon on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 
at the Norfolk Naval Station 
Officers' Club. Hostesses will 
be the SuK>Iy Corps Officers' 
Wives Club. Mrs. Mark Green- 
span wUl speak (hi "The Art of 
Making Bead Flowers". 

Social hour will be at 11:30 

and the luncheon will begin ^ 
noon. All wives and ^widows <tf 
active duty and retired officers 
in the Armed Forces in ttw 
Tidewater area are invited to 
attend. There will be registrat- 
ion for membership aA ttie 

Reservations and cancellat- 
ions may be made by calling 
Mrs. R. E. Batterson, 423-8315 
or Mrs. W. G. NormUe, 393-1471 
by Friday, Jan. 30. 

ira A JOB? 

Fr«p«r9 QvfcMy 


Jj5»^»Lsn MOWOll WUKE 

f •'* Ti\# ^eV* t» w. ziM at _ 




Vf. ■Mfc 

Approved ForTlM Tra^g ol 
Veterans, War Ori^ians ind War Widows 


For thstnik«N«w" Look 





V Thurscieiy, Jemuary 29, I9m 

«'——*'—'■—»—— , r ' III" 

Virginia Beacli Sun 



Halfthe sport is fashion — from WestPoint 
Peppereli's 1970 Spring/Summer fabric 
^nrflect i on.~SiTe^atts tn^arrravr * V i- e v i ^^-^ot^— - 
ton jacl<et stitciied in wliite, red clacron- . 
ancHotton sliirt, and wliite cotton gabardine 
pants. He's in a navy surfer jacl<et of nylon 
tafWta, over a r^i knit Alamac shirt, and* 
red, white and blue striped wash and wear 


.«■ ■■ - ■ , - _ -,-^---^ ..- , ■ 

Prevention is best Gure 

(Conl. from p. m) 
number one cboice and Mike 
expressed a cautious desire to 
be that number (we. He is a 
Pennsylvania boy (Erie). 

The draft Is an "au(^loit 
block" as he called it. If Mike 
. doesn't choose to go with who 
chooses him he can either stay 
out a year or go to Canada and 

But back to more important 
things about football flayers. 
Mike used to spread asphalt in 
the summer. He likes to ice 
skate but isn't very good at it. 
He separated his shoulder water 
skiing and likes to watch people 
in airports. 

"Sometimes people won't talk 
to me. I think they're afraid." 
They shouldnH be afraid because 
Mike is a perfect gentlemsui. 

TV distracted Mike the first 
time he was confronted with 
the cameras. Georgia fans 
threw full cans of coke at Notre 
Dame players when they played 
there . 

Mike is obviously proud of 
Notre Dame and he just beams 
when he shows off his class 
ring. He majored in economics 
and had to work overtime to 
keep up withcl^asfs and football. 



Oub News 

Old seeds may be good 

Lyimhaven AMean Violet Shore Drive Inn. 

Mrs. C. W. DIggs gaveapro- , 
gram on grooming plants for 
shows at the January meetincrof 
the Lynnhaven African Violet 
Society. The meeting was at the 
home of Mrs. Carl Lindblad. 

Blue ribbons for plants were 
won by Mrs. C L.Hershberger 
(2), Mrs. ^arl Salland (2) and 
Mrs. Nelson Charlton (2). Blue 
ribbons for arrangements went 
to Mrs. Charlton and Mrs. 

"* Lake Joyce 

Lake Joyce Garden Club 
honored four of its members at 
the January meeting held at 

Life memberships in the Nat- 
ional Council of State Garden 
Clubs Permanent Home In St. 
Louis, Mo. were presented to 
Mrs. A. C. Gardner and Dr. 
Ann Lee. The names of Mrs, 
Robert L. Mott and Mrs. E. P. . 
Seay will be placed on the Honor 
R^jll of the Norfolk Federation 
of GardenCoubs EducationCen- 
ter. _. „ . 

It was announced that the 
club placed second in the sale 
of tickets for the Norfolk Fed- 
eration Christmas flower show. 
In addition the club's annual 
greens sale was a success and 
a contribution was made to Hope 
Hoflse for retarded children. 

(Editor's Note: Here "Is an- 
other in the series on liome 
horticulture by Wesley P. Jud- 
kins, extension horticulturist at 
Virginia Tech.) 

Are those seeds mi good 
which you had left over after 
planting your garden last 
spring? Most packets now cost 
25 cents or more, compared to 
a dime only a few years ago. 
So, it would be a nice saving 
if you could plant this spring 
those which you did nbt use last 

Many kings of garden seeds 
remain viable for several 
years. Therefore, check your 
supply carefully before you 
make out your new order. 

The germination percentage 
you secure from old seeds de- ' 
pends in part on the conditions 
under which they are stored. 
The'best way to keep most seeds 
from your to year is in a tight 
jar in your home refrigerator. 

We a{q;)reciate ttiat such space 
usually is not available. 

The second choice is to store 
your seeds in a tight container 
in a cool basement. Seeds may 
loose viability quite rapidly in 
the warm temperatures of the 
average home. 

In general, garden seeds may 
l)e divided into three groups, 
in terms of their longevity. 
Short life span seeds should 
give satisfactory germination 
for one or two years. Medium 
life span seeds usually will 
remain viable for three or four 
years. Long life seeds should 
grow after storage of five to 

Pleases ___ 

six yean, 

and somietiiiies 

Co\ton Army duck is the 
most rugged and durable of 
tenting materials. 

Mrs. Frances Sachon said she 
-fe "very pleased" to have been 
nominated for the Virginia Ed- 
ucation Association presidency. 

Church Silver to Be Displayed 

Mike is sort of a big teddy 
bear if you don't have to face 
him on thct playing field. And 
he certainly has a new fan. 

Incidentally, the plane landed 
safely^ ^ 

Use Check 

With the wet weather of win- 
ter, the usual floor and rug 
cleaning can get to be a ted- 
ious job. 

"But homemakers can spare 
themselves much of the mess 
and fatigue l^ taking two main 
steps," said Miss Janice Wood- 
ward, extension specialist in 
borne management at Virginia 
Tech, "They can do everything 
possible to prevent dirt from 
getting into the house and keep 
cleaning tools in top working 

to review her own situation as 
to how best to" cope with wet 
pets and get family members 
to help prevent dirt from get- 
ting Into the house, said Miss 
,_ Woodard. 

A boot rack or plastic tray 
for wet footwear near the out- 
side^ doors is a basic prevent- 
ive measure. Using waterproof 
mats or runners outside and 
inside the doors leading out- 
side also help stop dirt from 
entering your home. 

Another helpful practice is 
to plean snow and mud off 
sidewalks, porch steps and 
other walkways, she added. If 
there is a way to enter the 
house to avoid tracking onto 
clean floats and rugs, it is 
wise to make use of that sec- 
t>nd entrance, 

"Provide a place to liang 
coats and other outdoor play- 
wear near the t?fltra«ce to elim- 
inate the necessity for trooping 
over floors," said the home 
economist, "Keep abox of paper 
hankies, extra mittens and 
scarves and a waste basket 
near the door so cliildren can 
reach these ofteu-neoded items 

She also suggested keeping a 
sponge or cleaning cloth handy 
in a plastic bag to wipe up 
puddles that accidentally get 
nnto the foor or rugs and teach- 
ing children to help mop them 
up before they smear around. 

"You can easily get tired 
of cleaning tools that make you 
work twice as hard to get the 
job done," said Mi^ Woodard. 
"The aaprit may be a worn- 
down sponge on the mop— it may 
■be too worn to perform well, 
so replace it," 

A dolly pUUform underneath 

vour pail can save you from 

/H^rying it everywhere. Ti*e 


a look at the brush and belt 
on your upright vacuum cleaner. 
If either is worn, you may have 
to work e xtra hard to jgt fli e 
job done. 

Questions you can ask your- 
self include, should you begin 
using a combination floor clean- 
er and wax to aid in cleaning 
resilient floors? Are yo^ using 
the vacuum cleaner or attach- 
ments instead of a dry mop or 
broom to get up dirt from floors 
as well as rugs? 

JWt i^i^Qur piecing tpQjr 

iiJiiBcaJ: Ji6k, . isAjmJmt 

see others that can stand re- 
placing or fixing. Miss Woodard 

For Taxes 

Use a check or money order 
to pay your 1969 Federal income 
tax James P. Boyle, District 
PLrfctor of Internal Revenue 
for Virginia, said today. 

Unlike a cash payment, a 
check or money order gives 
you a record of payment in 
case of loss or misdelivery, 

Boyle pointed out that pay- 
ment can be stopped on a mis- 
placed check or money order 
and new payment made. 

Checks or money orders 
should be made payable to the 
Internal Revenue Service, Write 
your social security pmjser on 
the c^ck. or money order and 
state the exact purpose of the 
payment to help oKure your 
payment is properly credited. 

Church Silver of Colonial 
Virginia, a major exhibition of 
some 120 pieces, will open in 
the newly-remodieled and ex-, 
panded Virginia Museum Feb. 3, 

The exhibition will be the first 
to be installed in the Museum's 
new $3 J million South Wing, 
and the opening date coincides 
'with the date on which that 
facility will be open to the 
public on a normal basis. The 
Museum closed its doors on 
Dec. 24 to allow for completion 
of the construction and the re- 
orgalnzation of the entire 
gallery syste m, - -^ — 1,7 =^=1^ 

Church Silver of Colonial 
Virginia is the most complete 
exhibition of silver from the 
State's Colonial period ever 
assembled. There have been 
other, more selective showings, 
but none with the scope of this 
showing. The peices that will 
be on display include nearly 
all the silver of this type still 
in existence. 

The Museum exhibition will 
be the first ti|^ that >9aa^|o^ 
the pieces have been dlsplay#d'^^ 
publicly., The sliver is ejdtire- 
mely valuable and most of it is 
kept carefully guarded (some 

even in bank vaults) and is 
brought out only on special 
church occasions. 

Because of the significance 
of the exhibition and because 
the silver is so highly respected 
by parishioners, the aid of the 
two Episcopal bishops in whose 
Diocese the churches are locat- 
ed was enlisted. Most of the 
silver has come from churches 
east of Staunton, Va., in an area 
extending from Falls Church 
ill the northern section of the 
State, to the Tidewater and 
Eastern Shore areas. 

Irs. Kathryn Buhler, former 
Assistant Curator of Decora- 
tive Arts and Fellow for Re- 
search in American Silver at 
the Museum of Fine Arts in 
Boston, served as advisor for 

Cmdr,R*P,Nystedt (right), Naval Air Station Oceana public worlcs 
officer, congratulates two of his employees for their outstanding 
contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign. Jack Wiggins 
(left) donated one per cent of his gross annual Income. And, Doris 
WaJllngton received a fair share award. 










SAVirK^ upto15% 

Effective tfirough Feixucwy 16.19 70 

Tempi* of Music 

the exhibition. Mrs. William 
T. Reed, III, former Assistant 
Curator at the Virginia Museum, 
coordinated the collection of the 
silver and is serving as guest, 
director for the exhibition, ■''" 

To commemorate the collec- 
tion, the Museum has prepared 
9f\ extensive catalogue with in- 
troductions and articles by Mrs. 
Buhler^ and Mrs. Reed and one 
by Parke Rouse, Jr., executive 
director of the Jamestown 

The catalogue is fully Illus- 
trated with|ihotographs of each 
piece of silver in the exhibition. 

Church Silver of Colonial 
Virginia will remain on display 
in the Museum's new loan gall- 
ery through March 8, . ~- ,a ^^„. 

Mrs. Sachon, a librarian at 
Bayside High School, has been 
a VEA member for all of the 
15 years she has been in ed- 
ucation. She has been a librarian 
for two years and was a class- 
room teacher for 13 years be- 
fore that. She is a past president 
of the Virginia Beach Education 
Association. Til 

"I know I have a hard Job 
ahead with three such qualifi^ 
candidates running against me," 
she commenced. 

^^ The 48,000 VEA members 
^iil vote on the candidates in 
April. The winner will take 
office in 1972. Other candidates 
■ are Miss Barbara Tipsley of 
Richmond, John R. GrayblU of 
Roanoke and F. Carroll Alex- 
ander of Hopewell. 

AccunUe inforDUitioii on ttM 
longevity of flower seeds istard 
to find. Based (m limited <te^- 
vations, ttie following stodd 
be considered as short life span 
seeds: astor, candytaft, deome, 
columbine, bonestj, tedria, 
phlox, salvia, strawfloWer 9sA 

Some of the more commoo 
flowers with long life seeds 
are alyssum, calendula, cent- 
aurea, coreopsis, cosmos, 
marigold, nasturtium, oigella, 
petunia, salpiglossis, scaUosa, 
schizanthus, sweet pea, ver- 
bena, viola and zinnia. 

Most vegetable seeds have 
rather long life, but ttiere an 
a few important exc^pt^^)s.F<nr 
example, corn, leek, onion and 
^Tarsnip seeds have short life 
i|^ns. Those with medlumitNig* 
fvity include beans, beet, 
earrot, Swiss chard, mustard, 
pepper, {Himpkin and tomato. 
The seeds of other commonly 
grown veget£di>les will usually 
grow quite well even when five 
or more years old. 

You may test the germina- 
tion of your seeds by placing 
a definite number on moi^ 
blotter paper in a dish or pan 
covered with plasitc or g^ass 
to maintain a high humidity. 
Place your seed containers in 
a warm location aiKl count ttiose 
which germinate in 10 to 14 
days. From thses figures yon 
can easily determine the per- 
centage germination, and adjust 
the thickness of plai^g 

Plant your old seeds more 
thickly than you do fresh ones. 
If the seeds are at or beytmd 
the above suggested ages, pUuit 
them about twice as thldk as 
usual. Scatter them in 'a band 
,in the row rather than in a 
narrow dense line, ^ 


We offer COMPLETf rental service 


"S^fftOBt LIGHTS' 





Talephone .703499 -0041 

ssence of Springtime, 
ensembles distilled 


. from youn^ Jove and 
romance airol-beauty. 

Frank R. ford colNa 

Jeuidm cmd Sitvmmithi 

229 Granby Street 
Norfolk MA2-5354 

3301 Atlantic Avenue 
Virginia Beach 428-0477 

Ndrtk WiBt PMrtffDke aMmtac Ceal« 


kiir nn :rT. ^/i >-^- -^ m .-> n jfra ^ n ^>r ^ r* 


CALL 428 ■2401 FOR HOME 011191 



Virginia BMch Sun 

Price to Be Speaker 

VlBeut mce viU speak at 
Pr&M^ss Ame Hi|^ Sdioo^ 
'^tmHsf, F*. 3rd, oaTlieVlr- 
ffl^ B^A Forum, Re faDom 
Mififf &un Tortf <tf Loe An- 
lel^ lite aif)^ffed in S^st- 
eobw wUttlal iveaker^ fb» 
fint 3«ar (tf ttie Ylrgi^B«u^ 
F(»rua, qx»sored ^ 0» Vlr- 
glito B^idi Rotury Cldt). 

Price is not axij a cdMnrat- 
ed star (rf stage, scre«i, radio 
and televtadmi, iMrt is fkmoui; 
as an art ^uodtaat, critic and 
«rflectw. Re has started in 
lOore ttan 100 fUms, anoog tbe 
1)est known (tf irtdch are "Song 
<tf Bemadette'*, "Laura", I^> 
goiwydc", "Hmise of Seven 
Gables*', "Ten Command" 
meitfs" and "Story of Man- 
kind". He has SKwured on hun- 
dreds (tf t.v. and radio shows. 

Vb^«t Price is lurfrtnMy re- 
membered most exdttngly for 
his ^ipMran^ on the t.v. 
show, **84,000 Question" dis- 
pli^fi^ hiB tentastie knowledge 
as an expert on Art. Also, he 
was featured jts a guest on 
Edward R. Murrow's program, 
"Person-to-Person" when a 
nationwide audtatce was given 
tiie opportunity to view Price's 
extensive art coUeetl(m in his 
Beverly HlUs Home. He has 
estaldlsiKd a rqMitatlon as a 
Gourmet Cook, and he wlUi bis 
wife Mary, have written abool^ 
♦Treffiury of Great Redpes". 
He has written five books, in- 
dodlng file visual aut<4>lo- 
grapfay, "I Uke What I Know" 
and "The Book of Joe". 

Price's program for the Vir- 
ginia Betdi Forum will be 
**Three Amerlon Voices", a 
rich and varied dramaMc en- 
tertalnrnqit from the works of 
three poA American artists; 
Widt Whitman, poet, selections 
ftom "Leaves of Grass"; 
James A. McNeill Whistler, 
painter, excerpte from "The 
Ger^e Artof Makli^Enemles"; 
and Temessee Williams, play- 
wright, "The Last of My Solid 
Cold Watches". 

Dr. John J. Krueger, pr«- 
Ident of Virginia Beach Rotary 
Club, In anwHmdng the speak- 
ers for^ttie first year of the 
Virginia Beach Forum, stated, . 
"We are fortunate in securing 
VUicoit Price, for be makes 
only t«i person^ ai^warance 
spokUng engagemeirts a year." 
As a VIrglaU Beach Rotaryi#.~ 
Chib prolecli U» Fcarum, in 
fddltioo to being a cultural 
ecM^biMon to the community, 
wlU serve to raise ftmds for 
Rotary's worthy programs. ' 

Rldanl H. Kline is Forum 
committee chairman and R. 
Dean Lee Is ticket chairman. 
Kline explained that those with 
season tickets can t>e sulmltted 
wia their tickete, two persons 
per ticket. For the Vincent 
Price pr(^am, two types of 
tickets are available: Patron 
Tldffits, at $15 for two persons, 
entitle h^ders to' ttie better 
seats for the performnncp »nl 

In adttttai, patrons may attend 
the cocktail rec^tlon and meet 
Price. Regular ttckets atlSfor 
two i^rsoiffi are available for 
advance sale, waA cover the 
speaking engagement only with 
se^l^S "as available" and do 
not Ibdude ttie'codEtall recept- 
ion. Tlcketa "are (» sale at 
Fireside News Shop,2M Laskln 
Rd., and at Virginia Beach 
Chamber of Commerce, Padflc 
Ave. and 25th St. Ticket^ may 
be ordered by mall ftom'Vlr- 
ginla Beach Chamber (rf Com? „. . , „ 
merce, P. 0. Box 190, Vlrglnta\y/'^8*?^ ,^!f 
Beach. Va. Ma]c« checks navable ^MitCR 7, 1370. 

The program will include 

suggestions for viewing this 

On Eclipses 


The February pwgram <rf 
the vlrglnlaBeachPlaitfetarium 
at Plaxa Junior Hi|^ SclKwl 
will be^ "The Eclipse Year." 
It deals with the elementa that 
produce solar andTunar eclip- 

Concencratlon will center a- 

round the total eclipse of the 

sun that will be visible from 

Beach on Saturday, 

Tiwrsiiay, Jqniwry 29, 1970 

Heart Fund Aims for $30,000 

Beach, Va. Make checks pc^le 
to VlrginU Beach Rotary Club. 
Lee stated, "If any seats re- 
main the night of the perfor- 
mance, they will be sold at the 
door at $3 per person." 

Kline announced that the 
cocktail reception featuring 
Price will be at the. Princess 
Anne Inn, Oceaif Front & 25th 
Street, Tuesday, Feb, 3rd. 5 to 
6:30 p.m. prior to Price's per- 
formance at Princess Anne High 

School at aas. 



A lecture on "Ettilcs, Met- 
aphysics and the Edgar Cayce 
Readings" ^U be given at the 
Sunday Forum on Fd>. 1st at 
3 p.m. at the Association for 
Research aid Enlightenment, 
e7th Street and Atlantic Avenue. 

Profc I#«i^ 4v:f°?*®^'!^ 
of m^TiBll'^t^^'^'i!^*'®'^ ' 
Qt tli^TCoUege of Wffllam and 
Mary will be the lecturer. 

On Friday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. 
a lectare on "Karma - the 
Shadow of the Soul" wlU be 
given at the Association by 
Mrs. Shirley Winston. On Sat- 
urdi^, F*. 7th at 8 p.m. Robert 
Kraienke will lecture, the sub- 
jed of hi;5 lecture being "Stand 
Like Stars." These lectures 
are open to the public and will 
offer opportunity for audience 
participation in aquestlon-aiKl- 
answer and discussion period 
following each lecture. 

phenomenon which is truly a 
rare experioicelnanyone'tlife. 
The Intent Is to prepare people 
In advance so they will l>e In- 
formed 'of this fascinating cel- 
estial evoit. / 

The Planetarlttm is c^n to 
the public on Sundays from 
3-4 p.m. and on Tuesday 
from 7:30 - 8^:30 p.m. 

Graphic Art 

The talents of 23 of Vir- 
ginia's gr^hlc designers are 
featured in an eidilbition cur- 
rently on display In the Vir- 
ginia Museum's Theatre Gal- 

The exhibition, Virginia Des- 
igners 1970, offers a wide var- 
iety of designs for the printed 
page, including posters, maga- 
zine advertlsemente, C h r 1 s t- 
mas cards, books, annual re- 
ports, exhibit! oninvitationSj 
dlred mall advertisements and 

The works in the show were 
seleded by world-tonous de- 
signer Paul Rand, who served 
as sole juror. The competition 
was 4^en to r^ld«ate of i^e 
State and to ttiose who were 
born In Vlrglnta, or resided 
here for at least five years, 
and now reside elsewhere. 
From 191 entries submitted by 
35 persons, Raod seleded 36 
designs for the exhlbltlm by 
the 23 designers. 

U addition, he seleded 16 
of the winning ^rles to be 
Included In a traveling exhibit- 
ion which will be circulated 

By Don Beckstrom 

How does that, saying, go^^ 
"Something borrowed..^6me- 
thlng old..3omething mw". 
Let's add, "sometttli^ great". 
As Gene Pitney sings lUs brand 
new recording, "Singing the 
Ptatters, Golden Platters". 
This unique rendition by Gene 
of the top ten gold record all- 
time hita ImnH^rtalized by the 
"Platteis" at the apex of their 
career, will provide athrlllii^, 
once In a lifetime experience 
for the vast multitude of Pitaej' 
and Pliers fans. , 

The flatters have been im- 
itated, stylized. Idolized and 
criticized, but never have they 

been ^iftuted in the manner 
Gene Wtaey records their 
work. They're the hits of a 
bygone rock-and-roll era, 
"Only You", "My Prayer", 
"The Magic Touch", and 
"Sm<*e jGets in Your Eyes", 
amongst others. They are 
great tunes In a fitting tribute 
to the premier vocal group of 
all time. 

"This is Gene Pitney Sing- 
ing the Platters Golden Ptat- 
ters" will some day become 
a collectors' item. Several of 
the cuts will be featured on the 
Jim-Lawrence Show today 
(1:30-5:15 p.m.) as Gene will 
be our artist of the dayi, (Musi- 
cor ms 3183). 

J. W. NevOM, Vlrglda B^a» 
chalrjnan for Tkiewater Heart 
Association 1970 Fund Drive 
saidj "In February Vlrglnta 
Beach volunteers must raise 
$30,M0 for ttie Tidewater Heart 
Association, A city wide con- 
centrated drive begins Feb. 1." 

Kevins said last year the city 
raised $24,622.28 but the $5,000 
increase in 1970 would merely 
tend to offset our monetary 

inflation^ rath^ ttan provide 
any new fund cvportmlftas. 

"You kww the OMney rais^ 
here in Virginia ^ch goes 
to three basic Heart Sundneeds. 
These are research, the com- 
munity ami educ^on," he a«M- 
ed. He said he felt the tarpt 
of $30,000 this year was a 
minimum citizens ^uld con- 
tribute to fi^t the stat^ num- 
ber one killer, cardiovascular 

*mitz' Misses Beat 

Despite some outatanding in- 
dividual acting jobs hf a few 
members of the cast, "Anni- 
versary Waltz", Xiy Jerome 
Chodorov ai^ Joseph F|llds, 
is not as sparkling ff cdmedy 
in the current production at 
Lake Wright Ptayhouse as Ute 
prograd says. 

Actually thfe tired old sto^ 
ta rather dull, contrived and 
only mildly fonny. There are 
many good gag l^es, but they 
are lost In the complicated 
plot. Some of the tault may 
lie ta the heaviness of tiie 
prodiietlon, and the diffloiUy 
diredor Tim Jones ai^p^trs 
to have found in keeping it l^iht 

Tbe action revolves around a 
married couple celebrating 
their 150) anniversary. He is 
still as loving as she, but bis 
temper, which can be turned 
<Mi too easily, often gete Mn 
into trouble. It is this tenq^ 
whi(^ causes him to kick the 
tubes out of two separate tele- 
vision sets given as anniversary 

He d^ores TV aiqrinay, jUCt^ 
the preoccupationivltti the '%Ig 
Eye" suggesta how old tte ptay 
adualfy is. Today taeTV lines 
do nd transcend so weU* 

Also he gets a little druidc 
at the party and tells his ta- 

mm while his assistant, Rob 
Atcasld, looks on and says little. 
David Dexter shows great 
promise as the son, and carries 
off his role, .especially after 
supposedly downing too much 
champagne, ranter well. The 
teenage daughter Beckie 
Crocker, is a shade too mechan^ 
leal, and delivers he lines with 
little interpretation. 

The four-time loser, played 
by Maureen Casey almost comes 
off, but not quite. Miss Casey 
has ptayeddumbblondes before, 
but this time has some diff- 
iculty with the wontan who cries 
at her pli^ and finds so much 
joy in tbe "marital bliss". 

Miduiel Hunter handles the 
straight role of the business 
partner well enough, but is tar 
too young to be t>elievable. 

Jane Garrison presenta the 
j^lt of the wife ^jud^, in tact, 
miaj^ just a shade too evenly. 
Hta pace rarely changes, and 
this ptay needs some pace 

Jooes ptays the lead role 
far too heavily, finding great 
'pathos in the angry scones as 
weU as the love scenes. He 
does nd ptay the comedy lines 
at~dM)i|^enou|^ ■—■'- 

The set appears unfinished. 
Designed by Joe Swemiey, it is 

throughout the^State by tte taws ol ^frmarital Jdivl^ 
'4Ma^'StM MVic^lS-^^^tft^effeughtei^thi^ 

piartment,,* -'X 

t)esigners liafve formkly 
been rec(^zed by the Muse- 
um through the biennial eidiiblt- 
ion, ArcMteds, Designers, 
Photograph<)C3* Beglnolng with 
V ir gini9:.^b|ptographers 1969, 
which was exhibited at the 
Museum in this fall, these three 
areas of creativity wereseper- 
ated tato individual competit- 
ions. The Vlrglnta Architects 
competition will be conducted 
next season. 

The exhibition will remataon 
dkqptay thrragh Feb. 8. 

^ns into a::i>tg fl%>«^c 
overheard by two ei 
teenagers, one of whom takes 
her problem to a network TV 
show and telta all. Obviously 
all eventaalty works out all 
rig^, but It takes a Id of 
twisting and bending 4 o do it. 
The in-laws are aptly pb^ed 
by Alice DuBois and Jim Rankin, 
both of whom gd as much 
comedy as extate out of ttieir 
roles. Anne Pennington is de- 
llghtfol as the nosey maid, and 
Bob Hlser adds a colorftal vig- 
nette as tae televtaion repair- 

"^Ili^^r^t, Wocitar^lorl 
adorning the walta of ieparatf 
' s And « titajor til^cai 
flaw compldely detracte from 
the pertornwnce. The two TV 
seta (Obviously only one is used 
for boHi} are so ptaeed-tiiat the 
audience can see that Jones 
does not really kick od any- 
thii«. And since no light ta 
fortiicoming from the set any- 
way, <me -even iioubte wheQier 
It is on. This important piece 
of busings could have been 
better stagnL 

It is unfortunate that thepro- 
dudion does not come ott, and . 
prbbd)ly as the run ccmtinues, 
at least some of the pacing 
and acting flaws can be cor- 
roded. HJL 

J. W. Nevlns, Virgin i a Beach chairman 
1970 Heart Fund Campaign presients l\^rs, 
C. Braintwafn, off i ce manager of Public 
Relations Associates with a certificate of 
appreciation for being the first commercial 

donor this year. 




Four of tidewaters leading 
realistic artists W'lll be feat- 
ured in The Village Gallery's 
next exhibition. Bob Burnell, 
Ed Carson, Wayne Fulcher and 
C. W. Kello. Jr^, ^ ^^ 

tf\e ' exliibtf jcjn op^. vo^"^ 
Jan. 2^ aj^ y QI show tinrbpii 
Feb. ti,MepmU: to inyl^ 

The Village Gallery is with- 
in the College Parklnformatfon 
Center, Indian River Road and 
Providence Road intersectton. 
The Gallery is open daily from 
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday hours 
are U a.m. to 6 p.m. There is 
no admtasion charge. 

Airman Pder V.Storey, hus- 
band of the former Miss Amanda 
L. Smith of Cardinal Road, re- 
turned to the United States a- 
board the aircraft carrier USS 
Sardoga following a seven 
month cruise in ttie Mediter- 
ranean with tbe U. S. Sixth 

KefXcuH, -C^SXcH 

I • ** «• 

'C>«ttt^4.«fl «' 

with our 

ME Y60 k 

when you open an account witfi $50 
or more, or add $50 to your present 

Thisvaluable205page book will help 
you to get more for your money when 
you buy. It sells for $1.00 on news- 
stands. Mutual Federal will give 
you a free copy when you open an 
account for $50 or add $50 to an 
existing account. 


Bttsuess exeotflves and professional men are good 
tarfeta for persmial liability judgementa and claintt 
ttiat Involve himdreds of thouswds of dollars. Call us 
and ask ti)OUt the Rectal Coverage policy on Prof essiMttta 
uA Etteitives which provides $1,000,000 addittonal 
Udiility protedloo over your existing personal Auto- 
DoUl^ Borne and Yacht policies for a few dollars a 
yetr. Too w|U be glad you did. 

3111 MOfK AVI. niOI|{42|.mi 

2404-1 NMCI^ ANNE II. nHMi 42«.2M0 




Oils Everything 
Praveirts Rust 



Fr«iii tibie Virgfaii«B«cll 

For thi ladles tlds time, and 
espedally those who cook for 
family memoers wiui special 
diets, the libraries have several 
co(dcbodEB which suggest re- 
cipes and menus. The first is 
by Carol G. Emerling.Publtah- 
ed by Doubleday & Company in 
1969, tte price is $5.95.taclud- 
ed in this book are redpes 
eliminating those items, such as 
milk and eggs, to which many 
are allergic The recipes nm 
from soups and salads to noodle 
and flsh dtahes, calces and pies 
and meat ideas. 

AND RECIPES ta by Betty M. 
West and was publtahed in 1959. 
The price ta $S.50. Mrs. West 
herself is a diabetic and has 
tested these recipes on her own 
tamlly. Some of the many items 
you will find are: tomato aspic, 
stuffed green pen>er, meat loaf, 
okra savory, diabetic chili 
sauce, egg souffle, straitterry 
ice cream and shrlnip cocktail, 
ta additton there are sample 
breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Another special cookbook - 
this for all chocolate lovers - 
ta entiUed A SALUTE TO 
CHOCOLATE. The author ta 
Sylvta Bataer Hlrsch. Publtah- 
ed by Hawthorn Books ta 1968, 
the price $5.95. Chocolate 
drinks, sauces, souffles, 
breads, ptas, cakes, candies 
^nd coc^ies are featured. 

jrtjfff^i^ or so oftm 
dtaeuMS br m often 
h^rt (tti^use. 

W. A. Df<deM£Kin Jr., M. D« 
a Vlrglnta Bea«A r^tdax pfy- 
sldUm, ta fl» immediate past 
presiitantQf tae l^dem^^Heari 
AssoetaA}U and Is one m seviu 
dlrectois of ttita ass<teri^(» 

Dr. DldEeffion explained, 
"TWs Tidewater area ta div- 
ided tafo tbe followl^ Heart 
Assodati^i divtafons: Cbe8%' 
peake, FraDklih, NoHbllt, 
Porismouta, SmittiSeld, Suffolk 
aal Vlrglnta Beach which makes 
It easier to communicate prom- 
ulgate and regulate Heart Asso- 
ciation information." 

Dickenson said heart dli^ase 
ta Virgil Bieach ta still ttie 
area's most l^hal. Four raa^ 
causes of death in Vicgliita 
B»eh ta 1968 ('69 ngures not 
yet availaA>le) were diseases 
ofcardi^^isaitarsystems^^caii- ^ 
cer, acddeols, and pneumcmta - 
Influfflza in that order. He said 
the heirtdtaease rate in Vlr- 
glnta Beach ta 46% cofiqared 
with the perceitfage for the 
state as 52% .^^ 

Nevlns said' he will Isitae i 
Itat of citizens who will be 
chairman for the various ftaid 
activities ta the next several 

"I am delighted to report 
however that my , first com- 
mercial contact in Vlrglnta 
B«ich has already started ttie 
1970 fond campaign ahead of 
schedule. I'm confident we can 
ratae the $30,000 needed. All 
those donating $100 or more „ 
thta year may receive a certif- 
icate of appreciation for the 
association", he said. 

Contributions to the drive 
should be made to the Tidewater 
Heart AssoctatlQD. Nevin; said ^ 
J. Burton Harrison, prudent 
of the People's Bank of Vlr- 
j^nta Beach, would be treasurer 
for ttita year's drive. 

"Any contrilHitlons prior to^ 
Feb. 1 official openi^ date 
can be mailed to Uie Heart 
Association c/o Peoples Bank 
1605 Laskta Road, Vlrglnta 
Beach, Vlrglnta 23451," said 

He peopled, out^aU oCOcjals 
are' ^ ndii-paid " vdldiiteers ' hnd 
almost all the motaey rataed 
tatiallyfe te^ IbcaUy.. 

"The Tidewater Heart Asso- 
ctation ta affiliated with the 
Virginia and American Heart 
As^9cl^ions, but ftacal poli^ 
provides for local use of funds, 
provides for local use of 
ftm^," he added. Harrtam also 
reminded contributors that 
Heart' Fund chedcs are tax de- 

For Eclipse 

A special committee has been 
appealed by Vlrglnta Beach 
' City Manager Roger Scott to 
coordinate allarrangementefoir 
the large crowds expected to 
come to Vlrglnta Beach for tte 
March 7 eclipse of the sun. 

Theexact center of theeclipie 
path WlU pass over Sandtaidge 
at 1:36 p.m. on thtf day, and 
day will completely turn to 
ni^t. Amateur andprofesstoi^ 
astrraomers will come to Vir- 
ginia Beach and Saodbrldge 
because of ttie relative opai- 
ness of the area. 

George Ttaness, admintatra- 
tive asftatant to ttie City Man- 
ager, will r^resei^ ttie city on 
tae committee. Ottiers taclude 
Sam Scott, director (rf ttieCliic 
Center, Charles Gardner, pres- 
ident of the Innkeepers Assod- 
atl«i; AlUn Mailhes, ocecutive 
vice prefddei^ of the Virgta^ 
Beach Chandwr of Commerbe 
awl Mrs. Lamra Lambe, wta) 
will handle press relations. 

The committee wll be ta- 
volved in arranging for accom- 
ods^ons for vtaitors, who itfe 
e}Q>ect«l to o>me to VIrgilta 
Beach jbroniallover ttM I 









^ -r. 


for miunmm <xmiwt W^ FOR INFORMATtON CALL 

tndefficmney during •« seasons. n„jj„j, 41, Cesiittaatai, JiiM»lljii I fl»ct»l«l 

ri.Mce66 Aiiii€ 

§m^^MM&\ ■■•■ 

TJiMrt<tay, Jauwry 29, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

>cme Si 



They Never Know What to Expect 

Exams Fill Cox Schedule Patriota to Go on Air 

By Frank Magiera 

Everett "Bta" B«iu»ttneyer 
Imom wbat to expect irhen he 
goes to mrk In tbe morning. 
Stome<»e nay have left an iin- 
tnnted pet en his dooret^, 
Uijbe fbsf want torqiortalost 
dog« or (Ae that's been found. 
Whoever tt IS| Bennett knows 
he has to Dod a home, food or 
aid for all of them. He works 
for 0ie Virginia Beach SPCA 
aiid It's just palrt of Ms J(^. 

Bennett spends seven days 
near^ every ve«k amidst ttie 
hark^, meows, ;.growls and 
screeclKs of some 40 dogs, cats 
and (^er animals, that arepre^ 
sei^y accomodated at the SPCA 
Animal shelter on Farm Road. 
Needless to ^ay, he's a man 
who likes animals. 

Beimett however, is oidy one 
Gi the pelade wtM) has helpedg^t 
the SPCA off tte ground. In the 
words of Mrs. Elizal>etb Sills, 
president of the. organization, 
"We'ye come a long way in just 
one year." And the way has not 
been an easy one. 

After two years of soliciting 
contributions and generating 
local interest in the project the 
SPCA building finally opened its 
dpoi^ on Jan. 6, 1969. 

"So many people were going 
to help," said Mrs. Sills, "but 
for some reason a lot of them 
didn't stay with us." She said 
the difficulty of the work and 
the long hours involved were the 
primary disccwragements. The 
limited amount of fUnds forced 
the organization to depend, 
almost totally, on volunteer 
services. All the money for the 

SlPCA is provided exclusively 

by contributions. 

The greatest crisis for the 
arganization occured last 
summer. According to most 
officials this was the worst 
period in several years for var- 
ious pet diseases. Not only were 
ttie SPCA's facilities and man- 
power inadequate to meet de- 
^ mands, but the bad weather add- 
ed still another dimension to Uie 
^m problems. Heavy summer rain- 
fall turned the SPCA grounds 
into a marsh because of im- 
proper drainage on the area. 

"It was just horrible," ex- 
claimed Mrs. Sills. "There was 
nothing we could do about it." 

In July one of the staff mem- 
^rs who worked at ttie animal 
^ehtec alinc^t full Ume, re- 
siigned. Mrs. StUs ,de£q;>erately 
looked for a' replacement. She 
had known Bennett casually, 
l)ecause of his interest in 
animals, so she asked him If 
he wanted to work for the SPp A. 
Bennett has recently retired 
from the Navy and was on a 
civilian job for only several 
days when Mrs. Sills contacted 

"I felt I had to help." he 
saU. "1 told her I coifld work 
at the center for a ooople of 
days unUl she found sonMone 
permanently. I've be«i here 
ever since". 

Bennett was a First. Class 
Aviation B<»tswain's Mate in 
ttie Navy, who won ttie Purple 
Heart as a River Patrol Boat 
SkU)per in Vietnam. His work 
at the animal center has kept 
him so busy, he's been un^le 
to pick up the bronze star 
medal being held for him by 
ttie Commanding Officer of 
Oceana Naval Air Station, 

Mrs. Juanita Pierce came to 
the animal center in S^ember 
with her husbSUid to look for a 
dog. WhUe her husband wander- 
ed through ttie kenhel area, she 
went to ttie personnel office 
and volunteered her services. 
The only other regular help 
at ttie center is a seci^etary 
who also works nearly every 

Durging the past year, more 
than 7,000 animals have pass- 
ed through the SPCA animal 
center. In December alone, 250 
dogs and cats were taken in. 
Two nundred and one Of these 
animals were placed in homes. 

When a lost dog arrives at 
the Animal Center he is held 
for five days. This gives the 
owner ttme to claim him. After 
this period, the animal goes up 
for adoption by anyone who 
wants to provide an adequate 
home for the animal. 

The only time an animal is 
destroyed is when it is ser- 
iously ill. 

"I'm the one who has to put 
them to sle^," saiys Bennett," 
and I don't like to do it. I just 
get attached to them.'' 

"We get personal about the 
animals we take in," said Mrs. 
Sills. "We feel that no dog is 

By Ronald Todd 
Cox High Schod 

The first three days of this 
week have been filled with two 
exams each, as school is half 
over for this year. 

Although there is fto school 
Thursday and Friday, the Cox 
Inter-Club Council will meet 
Friday at school at 10 a.m. 
Club projects for the second 
semester are brought up for 
consideration to the 
club vice-presidents 
projects and prevent conflicts 
of date, etc. 

Camera day is scheduled for 
Feb. 3. On this day students 
will be encouraged to bring a 
camera to school and take pic- 
tures for the SCA scrapbook, 
with an award for the best shot. 

Also on Feb. 3, ten C<»c stu- 
dents will vistt Maury High 
School in Norfolk on a KIA 
sponsored exchange. Maury 
will return the exchange on the 

lii sports, ttie Falcons will 
meet Granby tomorrow ni^ 
in basketball at Cox, and the 
Cox Grapplers will taoigle with 
First Colonial away; also tom- 
orrow night. 

By Carol Veltman 

Ist Colonial H. S. 

Two disc jockeya from WGH 
were si First Colonial to re- 
cord about 25 students. The 
recordings were used when 
WGH saluted ttie Patriots on 
the hi^ school hall of fame. 

Class presidents, SCX offlc* 
ers, cheerleaders, team capt". 
ains and editors were all in- 
dividually recorded, thanking 

WGH for Ite 8dcaowl«lfen^ 
Then euSi groiv ande vp WiV 
own reoordfngs sadias "We'd 
like to thaidc KeUam for mUm 
our foottaU stwm asiu^ess." 
Sttrivii^ for a elnner sehool, 
the Town Crier staff has called 
ttie first wedc in FetNruary 
Trash Clean-iq) Wedu Kunes 
of opponent sctools in sporia 
will be placed on the trash csffls 
ttirou^uut the school. Tte 
school receiving the largoct 
coUectfoo will receive a free 

r^tof ttie ClaSSeS^-ReinSter -at ClDU 8«tecrll«tonJoJttieT0in^rI« 
to screen ^***'^"*"^ «wr*^o«w«r^« -mmv -m^^rn^-^ for the rest of the year. 


Sometimes the SPCA's i>er- 
petually-opened door policy has 
made for crowded conditions on 
the inside. 

"Oh, occasionally we get fill- 
ed up," Bennett e}q)lained." 
Then we use the bathroom aiid 
some other storage areas to 
house the* animals — anything 
ttiat wUl hold them. We even 
try to get volunteers to run 
them home overnight." 

inHii 'fltftffitfffli^tfiittiiiMi 

when ttey are brought in, if tt 

is necessary. Usually they j^^^t^gpCA also needs Vteterinarian 

Ben Bennet gets acquainted with 
comer to the SPCA headquarters, 
unteers. We can always use 

People have->made contribut- 
ions from as far away as Nortti 
Carolina, Hampton and Suffolk. 

"They want to back humane 
work, wherever it is." she said. 
Mrs. Sills and her staff are 
cohstantty exploring new chan- 
nels for fimds. Her request to 
place the SPCA within the city 
budget has already been turned 
down once but she has applied 

There are many areas where 
Mrs. Sills ffeels the Animal 
Shelter can be improved. She 
describes the physical plant as 
already being "most inadequi- 
ate". Further eig;)ansion, how- 
ever, is not feasible until 
immediate debts are paid off. 

She also would like to have a 
permanent humane officer to 
investigate cases of cruelty to 
animals. Although the ctty pro- 
vided an old tri|ck, for SPCA 
^e, it is bar% operable now 
and a new one is needed. The 

a new- 

Patricia Jensen of Kings 
Grant Road is taking advantage 
of a special interim studies 
program offered by St. Olaf 
College, Northfield, Minn. 

She is one of 19 students 
who haive chosen to travel to 
Rome to study Christian civ- 
ilization there. Readings and 
lectures are combined with a 
study of the sites, monuments, 
art and artifacts related to the 
development of the church in 
the city of Rome. 

The interim is a one- month 
period during which St. Olaf 
students, take only one course. 

The Division of Continuing 
Education of Old Dominion Uni- 
versity is holding registratton 
for the spring semester through 
Thursday, Jan. 29 from 6 to 
9 p.m. in the gymnasium of the 
Administratton Building. 

Vocational courses to be of- 
fered are : Air Condittoning 
& Refrigeration 702-705, Draft- 
ing 302 and 308, Electricity 
102 and 103, Electronics 602, 
603, and 605, Color Television 
Servicing, and Arc Acetylene 

Public servic courses are: 
Reading Improvement, Begin- 
ning Algebra, Commercial Art, 
Conversational Spanish, Engin- 
eers Refresher Course, Home 
Gardening, Introduction toCom- 
puter Programming, and Read- 
ing Courses in French, German, 
Russian, & Spanish. 

Most classes will begin Feb. 
2. Further information may be 
obtained by calling 627-2931, 
Ext. 243. 

Donna Marie Farris and Jo 
Stallard Woolllng, two Long- 
wood College seniors from Vir- 
ginia Beach will serve as class- 
room teachers for eight weeks 
beginning Feb, 2. 

Miss Farris, the daughter of 
Mrs. Donna M.. Farris of S. 
Wolfsnare Drive, is majoring in 
English at Longwood. She is as- 
signed to teach at Linkhorne 
Jr. High School in Lynchburg. 

Assigned to teach art at 
Woodrow Wilson High School 
and Patrick Henry High School, 
Miss Woolling is the daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Wooll- 
ing of 25th Street, Virginia 
Beach. She is working towards 
the bachelor of arts degree. 

Is Speaker 

Newly-appointed ambassador 
to Sweden, Dr. , Jerome H,i 
Holland will be luncheon speak- 
er Jan. 30 at a meting <»i 
planned parenthood at Galilee 
Episcopal Church. 

The all-day meeting wiH cen- 
ter on religious and legal 
aspects of planned pareirthood 
and wlU begin at 10 a.m. 

The luncheon begins at 12:30 
p.m. and Dr. Holland will speak 
at 1 p.m. A film will follow 
the luncheon. 

Dr. Holland, rettring prwi- 
dent of Hampton Institute, was 
recently named ambassador to 
Sweden by President Nixon. ^ 

Holland, 54, is chairman of 
the Board of Planned Parent- 
hood World Population. 

not know what shots or attention 
an animal has had. Once an 
animal is adopted, The SpCA 
requires the hew owner to take 
their pet to a veterinarian. 
Mrs, Sills thinks the SPCA 
is in "pretty good shape" with 
one year under its belt. "Ex- 
cept for contributions and vol- 

servlces and a humane educat- 
ion program in the school 
systems to make people more 
aware of animals' needs. 

The Animal Shelter is open 
seven days a week from 9 a.m. 
to 6 p.m.. Contributions and 
volunteer work are sorely need- 


GEO. FERRELL— 428-2401 


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Virginia Beacii $un 

Tluirsday, January 29, 1970 

* Legal Notices 

Woodstock Elementary School. 
(Woodstock Elementary School 

V. Application of James B, 
Nelson and Jessica G. Nelson 
by Thomas C .Broy les; Attorney, 
•for a Use Permit to construct 
a stable on certain propert}' 
located on the South side of 
Elbow Road beginning at a point 
926 ^eet East of Indian River 
Road, running a distance of 989 
feet along the South side of 
Elbow Road and running a dis- 
tance _oL 1363 ieetalong^ihe 

* Legal Notices 

side of Americus Avenue, runn- 
ing a distance of 197.9^ feet 
along the Western prop§rt>' line, 
running a distance of 3 19.88 feet 
along the Northern property 
line aqd running a distance of 
193.14 feet along the Eastern 
property line. (Seatack Elemen- 
tary School Area), 

XIII. Application of Cardova 
Enterprises, Inc. for a change 
of zoning from Residence Sub- 
urban District 4 (R-S4)to 

Capt. W. A. Schroeder, Jr., skipper at Naval Air Station Oceana, 
presents retirement QertjficatestKat represent over iOO years of 
federal service. Retirees are (i to r) Will J. Lee with 22 years 
service, Alberta V, Bal<er witli"28 years service, Lee R. Twiford 
wlth25 years service and Wilford J. Young with 30 years service. 

Smart Ship Is Selected 

The USNS Range Recoverer 
was named the 1969 "Smart 
Ship" of the Navy's Military 
Sea Transportation Service At- 
lantic Fleet. 

The shipwillyfceiveabronzfr* 
plaque and the "E" Pennant for 
Excellence OB Friday, Jan. 30 
at 10:30 a.m. at the Naval 
Amphibious Base, Little Creek, 
'from R.Adm. Walter F .Schlech, 
Jr., USN, Military Sea Trans- 
portation Service Atlantic Com- 
mander. She also will display 
^e Navy's "E" for Excellence 
on her bridge through the end 
of Fiscal Year 1970. 

The MSTS "Smart Ship" A- 
ward was achieved by scoring 
the highest grade among the 
Special Projects Ships of the 
MSTS Atlantic Fleet In all 
phases of operations and main- 
tenance during the past year. 

The Range Repov«rer was 
runner up in her class a year 
ago. Among the elements enter- 
ing into the score are economy 
and efficiency of operations, 
safety, appearance of ship and 
crew and reliability. Announce- 

U. S. Air, f^ce Tech. Sgt. 
Saul H. Jacob, son of Mrs. 
Eva Jacd) of 12th Street, is 
on drty at Tan Son Nhut AB, 
Vietnam. Sgt. Jacob is an elec- 
tronic systems technician as- 
signed to the 460th Tactical 
Reconnafesance Wing, a unit 

' of the Pacific Air Forces, head- 
quarters for air operations in 
Southeast Asia, the Far East 
and the Pacific area. Before 
his arrival in Vietnam, he 

* ^erved at Bergstrop AFB,TeK» 

Navy P. 0. 2.C. William 0. 
Herzke, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
WilUam J. Herzke of Red Tide 
Road, is serving aboard the 
guided missile cruiser VSS 
Columbus in the Mediterranean. 

Marine Sgt. Larry D.Rhodes, 
husband of the former Miss 
Wanda K. Jefferson of Kneeders 
Lanes, is serving at the Mar- 
ine Corps Airt Station, New 
River in Jacksonville, N. G. 

Marine L/Cpl. Robert Brun- 
skill, of S. West Grove Road, 
is serving with the First Mar- 
iqe Division in V^nan^'. 




Virginia Beach Municipal Court 

Convictions Jan. 16 to 222 

Donnie L. Gustafson, Finch Avenue, Virginia Beach, convicted 
of reckless driving, fined $50 and costs, drivers license sus- 
pended for three months. 

Clyde K. Short, Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, convicted 
of driving under the influence, fined $200 and costs, drivers 
license suspended for one year. 

Goerge A. Shaff, Brian Avenue, Virginia Beach, convicted 
of reckless driving, fined $75 and costs, drivers license sus- 
pended for 10 days, 

Charles T. Wootlington, Jr., Salem Road, Virginia Beach, 
convicted of driving on a suspended license, fined $100 and 
costs, drivers license suspended for 10 days, given a two days 
jail" sentence. 

^ufus R. Belle, Ft. Story, cnnvirted of driving under the 
influence, fined $200 ami costs, drivers license suspended for 
one year. 

Stevens T. McDaniels, Southern Blvd., Virginia Beach, con- 
victed of reckless driving, fined STG and costs, drivers license 
suspended for 10 days. 

James J. Riley, Bayview Blvd., Norfolk, convicted of reckless 
driving, fined $75 and costs. 

Virginia Beach Circuit Court 

Decisions Jan. 16 to 22 

Raymond E, Arnold, Sandalwood Road, Virginia Beach-, appealed 
a chaige of reckless driving, discharged of the charge. 

Glenn E. Miller, Hannibal Street, Virginia Beach, mdicted 
on a charge of possession of narcotics, found guilty of possession 
of dangerous drugs, fined $250 and costs, given a suspended 
12 months jail sentence, placed on probation for three years. 

Frederick J. Peterson, Atlantic City, N..J., indicted on- a 
charge of grand larcency, found guilty, given a suspended 
sentence of three years in the state penitentiary, placed on 
probation for three years. 

Thomas J. Cook, Columbus, Ga., indicted on a charge of 
possession of narcotics, found guilty, givenasuspendedsentence 
of three years in the state penitentiary, placed on probation 

for three years. 

Donald E. Teague, Dalton, Ga., indicted an a charge of forgery, 
given a suspended sentence of six months in jail, placed on 
probation for two years. 

John Hicks, Mahone Avenue, Norfolk, indicted on a charge 
of grand larceny, found guilty, sentenced to 12 months in jail, 
sentence to run concurrent with previous sentence now being 
served In the state penitentiary. 

Virginia Beach Juvenile Court 
Case Summation Jan. 16 to 22 

the court had hearings on 147 juvenile petitions which con- 
cerned persons accused of vlol^ng state laws or city ordinances, 
Utdwled In these hearings were 53 cases involving felonies, 
torn <a wMch toded in perioite of prolMition, two were continued 
^mriAy, 4t were contlmied to future dates and the remaining 
mt wa ndle itfoi»ed. 

Otter 31^ wbldi the court settled involved 14 on traffic 
tew ^MtaB ifid 20 <ffifamllr domestic problems. There were 
g0^ CMJM (tf t^lttii nMi-suM>ort during the above caleular 

ment of the 1969 winners com- 
pletes the 18th Annual MSTS 
"Smart Ship" competition. 

Since 1945 the Range Re- 
coverer has been operated by 
MSTS Atlantic Headquarters in 
support of the Missile Experi- 
ment Station of the National 
Aeronautics and Space Admin- 
istration at Wallops Island, Va, 
Her Master, Capt,R.W.Broom, 
officers and seamen are civil 
service emidoyees of the U.S. 

* Legal Notices 

The Virginia Beach Planning 
Commission will hold a Public 
Hearing on Tuesday, ^ruary 
10, 1970, at 1:00 P.-Kl. in the 
Council Chambers of the Ad- 
ministralon Building, Princess 
Anne Courthouse, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia. The following 
applications will appear on the 

I. Application of Viking Mar- , 
ine, Inci for a change of zon- 
ing from Residence Duplex Dis- 
trict 2 (R-C)2) to Limited Com- 
■ mencial District 3 (C-L 3) and 
a Use Permit formaline plea- 
' sure craft sales and service on 
certain property located on the 
North side of ^ore Drive ind 
the South side of West Strat- 
ford Road beglnnlag at a point 
148 feet West of Roanoke Ave- 
nue, running a distance of 122 
feet alwig the North side of 
Shore Drive and running a dis- 
tanee of 133 feet along the 
South side of West Stratford 
Road. Said parcel is designated 
and 9, Block 

as Lots 4, 5, 8, 
33, Plat of Ocean Park, Section 
B. (Ocean Park Area), 

II. Application of Carolanne 
East Corporation for a Use 
Permit to construct a sewage 
pumping station on certain pro- 
perty located on the South side 
of Alice Road beginning at a 
point 100.9 feet West of Carol 
Drive, running a distance of 
15 feet along the South side 
of Alice Road, running a dis- 
tance of 114 feet along the East- 
ern property line, running adis- 
tance of 35 feet along the South- 
ern property line, running a dis- 
tance of 112 feet along the West- 
ern property line. (Lark Downs- 
Bellamy Manor Area). 

lU. Application of Thomas B. 
Payne for a Use Permit for 
trailer rental and repairs on 
certain property located on the 
West side of Military Highway 
beginning at a point 639 feet 
North of Providence Road, run- 
ning a distance of 100 feet along 
the West side of Military High- 
way, running a distance of 210 
feet alongthe Northern property 
line, running a distance of 100 
feet along the Western property 
line and running a distance of 
210 feet along the Southern pro- 
perty line. (Queen City Area). 

IV. Application of G. J. Gul- 
branson by O^m B. Pickett, 
Attorney, for a mge of zoning 
from Residence Suburban Dis- 
trict 3 (R-5 3) and Limited 
Commercial District 2 (C-L2) 
to Multiple Family Residence 
District (R-M) and a Use Per- 
mit to construct 272 apartment 
units and a Use Permit to con- 
struct a sewage pumping station 
on certain property bcated on 
the North side of Providence 
Road and the West side of Wood- 
stock Elementary School, runn- 
ing a distance of 848 feet along 
the North side of Providence 
Road, running adistanceof 1150 
foet al(»g the West si(te of 
Woodstock Elementary School, 
running a distance of 558 feet 
along the Northern property 
line, ,and running a distance of 
1115 feet along the Western 
property line; sewage pumping 
station to be located 30 feet 
North of Providence Road along 
tte W^^tera boundary Itae (tf 

Eastern property line, running 
a distance of 1005 feet along 
the Southern property line, ami 
running a distance of 1203 feet 
along the Western property line. 
(Stumpy Lake Area), 

VI. Application of HumbleOll 
and Refining Co. for a chang? 
of zoning from Limited Comm- 
ercial District 1 (C-L 1) to 
General Commercial District 1 
(C-G l)and a Use Permit to con- 
struct a gasoline supply station 
on certain property located on 
the Northeast corner of Military 
Hi^iway khd Providence Road, 
running a dlstance.of 230 feet 
on the North side of Providence 
Road, running a distance of 195 
feet along the East side of 
Military Highway and running a 
distancg oi, 245 feet along the 
Northern property line. Said 
parcel being triangular In 
shape. (College Park. Area). 

Vn. Application of Humble Oil 
and Refining Co. for a change 
of zoning from Limited Comm- 
ercial District 1(C-L 1) to Gen- 
eral Commercial District 1 (C- 
G 1) and a Use Permit to con?; 
struct a gasoline supply station 
on certain property located on 
the Southwest cornerof Military 
Hlj^way and Indian River Road, 
running a distance of 250 Te^ 
along the West side of Military 
Highway, running a distance of 
248 feet along the South side of 
Indian Mver Road, running a 
distance of 160 feet along the 
Western proper fy line and runn- 
ing a distance of 20d feet along 
tiie Southern property line. (In- 
dian River Garilens Area). 
I Vm, Application of Mrs. E. 
V . Smith by W. Edward Hadi^, 
Attorney, for a change of zming 
from Residence Suburban Dis- 
trict 3 (R-S 3) with a Motd 
and Tourist and Restainrant 
(T-2) Supplement to UnUted 
Commercial District 2 (C-L 2) 
on certain property located on 
the Southwest cornei' 'd Wi^h 
Road and Orlbie Drive^' running 
a distance of 97 feet along the 
South side of Laskin Road, runn- 
ing a distance of 190 feet along 
the West side of Oriole Drive, 
running a distance of 142 feet 
along the Southern property line 
and running a distance of 196 
feet along the Western property 
line (Blrdneck Point Area). 

IX. Applio^ion Of London 
Bridge Properties, Inc. for a 
change of zoning from Resi- 
dence Suburlmi District 4 (R- 
S 4) and Multiple Family Resi- 
dence District (R-M) to Limited 
Commercial District 1 (C-L 1) 
on certain property located on 
the North side of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard t>eglnnlng at a point 
105 feet East of Caren Drive 
and ruhnlng a distance of 921 
feet along the North side of 
Virginia Beach Boulevard and 
running a distance of 2006 feet 
along the Eastern property line, 
running a distance of 1190 feet 
along the Northern property 
line and running a distance of 
1898 feet along the Western 
property line. (Birchwood Gar- 
dens Area). 

X. Application of Hado De- 
velopment Corporation for a 
Use Permit to construct 40 
apartment units on certain pro- 
perty located North and South 
of Maryland Avenue beginning at 
a point 300 feet more or less 
West of Rudee Avenye, running 
a distance of 373 feet along the 
Southern property line, running 
a distance of 237 feet along the 
Western property line,. running 
a distance of 336 feet along the 
Northern property line, running 
a distance of 315 feet more or 
less along the Eastern property 
line. Said parcel Is known as 
a portion of Lots UBl and 
11B2, Subdivision of Stark 
Farm. (Shadowlawn Heights and 
Stark Farm Area). 

XI. Application of Baillio Sand 
Company by Thomas C. Broyles, 
Attorney, for a Use Permit to 
excavate a borrow pit on cer- 
tain property located 3160 feet 
East of Oceana Boulevard and 
262 feet South of Culver Lane, 
running a distance of 1181 feet 
along the Western property line, 
running a distance of 2161 feet 
along the Southern property line, 
running a distance of 404 feet 
along the Eastern property line 
and running a distance of 2363 
feet along the Northern property 
line.(Woodhouse Corner Area). 

XII. Application of C. M. Mor- 
gan for a Use Permit to con- 
struct 24 apartment units on 
certain property located on the 
North side of Americus Ave- 
nue beginning at a poiirt 415 
feet more or less West of Blrd- 
neck Circle, running a distance 
of 316.99 feet on the Nortt 

Multiple Family Residence Dis- 
trict (R-M) on certain property 
located 376 feet South of Club 
House Road at the Southern 
extremity of Barcelona Lane 
and running a distance of 681 
feet along the Northern property 
line, running a distance of 397 
feet along the Eastern property 
line, ruhnlng a distance of 700 
feet along the Southern property 
line, running a distance of 557 
feet along the Westernproperty 
line, (Princess Ai^ne Plaza 

XIV, Application ot Ray. E, 
Newman by Owen B, Pickett, 
Attorney, for a change of zoning 
from Agricultural District (A- 
R) to Multiple Family Residence 
District (R-M) and a Use Permit 
to construct 192 apartment units 
and 220 townhouses totaling 4 12 
i^nits anA a Use Permit to con- 
struct a sewage pumping station 
on certain property located on 
the East side of South Lymihaven 
Road across from Ole Towne 
Lane and running a distance of 
3045 feet along the . Northern 
property line and running a 
distance of 554 feet along the 
Eastern property line, running 
a distance of 2398 feet along 
tiie Soufliem property line, run- 
ning a dlsbuice of 450feet along 
the East side of South Lynn- 
haven Road. Said pumping sta- 
tion is located 1745 !eet East 
of sbuth Lynnbaven Road along 
the prapoaeA Virginia Beach 
B:n»^* ^'nnreasAhne Piassa*^ 

XV. Application of Surfside 
Campgrounds fbr a Use Permit 
to construct a 4'Bfoot by 8-foot 
sipboard on ceraln prcq;>erty 
located mi tiie South sUe of 
Ssmdtnridge Road beginning at a 

* Legal Notices 

150 feet along the N(urtb side 
of 27th Street, rumilng a dis- 
tance of 140 feeit along the 
Eastern property line, running 
a distance of 150 fe^ along ttie 
Northern property line, and 
running a distance of 140 feet 
along the Westert^ property line. 

n. Application of Mr. and 
Mrs. Shelby R. Pallette for a 
change of zoning from Two- 
Family Residence District (R-2) 
to Multiple Family Residence 
District (R-3) and a Use Permit 
toconstruct U apartment units 
on certain property located on 
the East side of Cypress Avenue 
beginning at a point 55 feet 
North of 13th Street, running a 
distance of 100 feet along the 
East side of Cypress Avenue, 
running a distance of 125 feet 
along the Northern property line 
and running a distance of 100 
feet along the Eastern property 
line and running a distance of 
125 feet along the Southern 
property Une. VIRGINIA BEACH 

ni, Anilicatlon of Virginia 
Beach Aviation Sales, Ltd, fbr 
a Use Permit for the extension 
of runway on certain prq^erty 
located' on !he East side of 
Vaughan Road, beginning at a 
point 5830 feet North of Prin- 
cess Anne Road, running a dis- 
tance of 355 feet along the 
East side of Vau^ian Road, 
running a distance of 2000 feet 
along the Northern property 
line, running a distance of 959 
feet along the Eastern property 
line, running a distance of 1810 
feet along tiie Southern property 

IV. plication of John E. 
Slrlne and Associates for Carlo 
Corporation for a Use Permit 
to coMtaruct a sewage pumping 
station on certain property lo- 
cated ontheSouthsideof Bonney 
Road and 28 feet East of Rubber 
Lane. (Holland Terrace Area). 

V. Application of Atlantic 
Displays, Inc. for a Use Permit 
to construct a 46-foot by 14-foot 
signboard on certain property 
locs^ed on Qie North side of 
Virginia Beach Boulevard be- 
ginning at a point 2420 feet East 
of Davis Street, (Boulevard 
Manor - Clear Acres Area). 

point 2640 feet East of Entrada BAYSIDE BOROUGH 
Drive. (Lagomar Area), 

XVI, Application of airfeide 
Campgrounds fbr a Use Permit 
to construct a 4-fbot by 8-foot 
s^iibard on tbi^ property 
located on the sdul&^t cbruer 
of SatidbridgeRoad ioA Prinetes 

XVn, AKdication of Yew Co. 
for a c!iu%e of zoning from 
Agricultural District (Ar-R) to 
Residence Suburban District 4 
i (R-S 4), Multiple FamUy Resi- 
dence District (R-M), Limited 
Commercial District 2 (C-L 2) 
and General Industrial District 
3 (»M 3) and a Use Permit 
to construct a marina with gaso- 
line su^dy and a Use Permit 
for automobile sales and auto- 
mobile wrecking oncertainpro- 
perty located on tiie South side 
of Indian River Road beginning 
at a pdi4 2820 feet East of 
North Landing Road, running a 
distance of 998 feet along the 
ijouth side of Indian River Road, 
running in a Southeasterly dir- 
ection to North Landing River. 
Plats with more detailed in- 
formation are available In Qie 
Office of the Department of City 
Planning. (North Landing Area). 

XVni. Application of George 
and Sara C. Furr for a Use 
Permit to construct fourapart- 
meat units on certain property 
located on the North side of 23rl 
«reet beginning al a point 100 
feet East of Baltic Avenue, 
ruaniig a distance of 55 feet 
along the North side of 23rd 
Street, ru:ning adistanceof 130 
feet along the Eastern property 
Une, running a distance of 55 
.♦eet along the Northern property 
line, and running a distance of 
130 feet along the Western pro- 
perty line. Said parcel is deslg- 
ns-led as Lots 2a and the West- 
ern 25 feet of Lot 23, Block 59, 
Plat of Virginia Beach Develop- 
ment Co. #6. 

All Interested person'; ire 
invited to attend. 
Director of Planning 

VI. Application of James V. 
Bickford for a Use Permit to 
fill an existing borrow pit on 
certain pr<^rty locate* 160 
feet North „ df ' Nortliampt*j|t 
Boulevard and 766 feet West 
of Baker Road^ running a dis- 
tance of 1338 feet along ttte 
Southern property line, running 
a distance of 1538 feet along 
the Eastern property line aoA 
running a distance of 1354 feet 
along the Western prq;>erty line. 
(Burton Station Area). BAY- 

vn. Application of A. C. De- 
Souza for a Use Permit to 
operate a used car sates on 
Certain property located on the 
South side of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard beglmlng at a point 
750 feet West of Wltchduck 
Road, running a distance of 104 
feet along the South side of 
Virginia Beach Boulevard, run- 
ning a distance of 412 feet 
along the Eastern property line, 
running a distance of 104 feet 
along the Southern property line 
and running a distance of 412 
feet along the Westernproperty 
line. (Chinese Corner Area). 

vm. Application of E. V. 
Williams Comapny and Associ- 
ates for a change of zoning 
from Residence Suburban Dis- 
trict 3 (R-S 3) to Multiple 
Family Residence District 
(R-M) and General Commercial 
District \ (C-G 1) on certain 
property located on the East 
side of Baker Road North ai^ 
South of Moore's Pond Road. 
Parcel A to be Multiple Fam- 
ily Residence District (R-M): 
Beginning at a point on the 
East side of Baker Road 348 
feet South of Moore's Pcmd 
Road and running a distance 

• Le^rNortce 

Northern propertjr line,nuii4ag 
a distance of 200 feet ali»g the 
Eastern jnroperty line and run- 
ning a distance of 110 feet aloi^ 
the Southern property line. 

Parcel D to be GeneralCom- 
merclal District 1 (C-G I): 
Begiiming at a point on the 
East side of Baker Rcmd 995 
feet North of Moore's VocA 
Road, running a dlstUice of 
140 feet along the East side 
of Biker Road, running a dis- 
tance of 295 feet al(ffig the 
Northern property line, run- 
ning a distance of 240feetalong 
the Eastern property line and 
running a distance ol 330 feet 
along the Southern prq?erty line. 
(Diamond Lake Estates and 
Lawson Forest Area). BAY- 

DC. Application of James C. 
Wright and Ronald R. Relter 
for a Use Permit to construct 
64 apartment units on certain 
property located on the North 
side of Shore Drive beginning 
at a point 375 feet East of 
Greenwell ROad and running a 
distance of 2S0 feet along the 
Southern property line of which 
30 feel Is the Northern prop- 
erty line of Shore Drive, run- 
ning a distance of 400 feet 
along the Western property line, 
running a distance of 250 feet 
along the Northern property 
line, aq^ running a distance 
of 420 feet along the Eastern 
property line, (Chesapeake 
Beach and BayvlUe I^arkArea). 

X, Aw)lication of Clyde L, 
Collier for a Use Permit to 
construct a gasolineaupply sta- 
tion on certain property located 
on the Southwest corner of In- 
dependence Boulevard and Tulip 
Drive, running a distance of 178 
feet al<mg the West side of 
Independence Boulevard, run- 
ning a distance of 134 feet along 
the Southern property line, 
running a distauice of 200 feet 
along the Western prq?erty line, 
runntng a distance of 119 feet 
along the Soii^ side of Tulip 
Drive. (Robbins Corner Area). 

Xi, ^plication of James C, 
Wri0it, Ronald R. Relter, Ster- 
ling Decker, and H. Garriscm 
for a change of zoning from 
Residence Suburban, District 3 
(R-S 3) to Multiple Fartlly Res- ' 
Idence District (R-M) and a 
Use Permit to construct 30 
apartment units on certain pr(^ 
eT%}op0i^ S^ ge IfDrtb# 
of ,2^ Street twginning at. a 
poijwt. 405,teet^ast of Barber- 
ton I^^^ 'ruiuUng a distance 
of 244 fe^ along) the North 
side of 24th Street, running a 
distance pf 255 feet along the 
Western property line, rtnning 
a distance of 215 feet along the 
Northern property line and run- 
ning a distance of 252 feet along 
the Eastern property line. 
(Woodland Area). LYNNHAVEN 

xn. Amplication of Abby's 
Oceana Restaurant, Inc. T/A 
Abby's by H. Calvin Spain, 
Attorney, for a Use Permit 
for dancing and live entertain- 
ment on certainproperty located 
oi^the Southwest corner ofVlr- 
glnla Beach Boulevard and First 
Colonial Road, running a dis- 
tance of 67 feet along the South, 
side of Virginia Beach Boule- 
vard and running a distance of 
126 feet along the West Side 
of First Colonial Road, running 
a distance of 100 feet, along 
the Southern property line, run- 
ning a distance of 126 feet along 
the Western property line. 
(Oceaiia Area), LYNNHAVEN 
Richard J. Webbon 
City Clerk 



In the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, this 
15th day of January, 1970, 

Chesapeake Bay Bridge - 
Tunnel District Commission, 
Governing Body of the Chesa- 
peake Bay Bridge- Tunnel Dis- 



The regular meeting of the 
Council of the City of Virginia 
Beach will be held in the Coun- 
cil Chambers of the Admini- 
stration Building, City Hall, 
Princess Anne Station, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, on Monday, 
February 9, 1970, at 2:00 P.M. 
at which time the following 
change of zoning, use permits, 
etc. will be heard: 

I. Application of Powell and 
Huntley, hie, for a change of 
zoning from Multiple Family 
Residence District (R-3) to 
Motel Hotel District (M-H) and 
a Use Permit to construct a 
37-unit motel on certain prop- 
erty locked on the North side 
of 27tt Street beginning at a 
point im feet East ol Arctic 
4ve^, ruuUw a tfstaAr<> t^ 

Koao ana ruiuiiHg a u««n« trlct, a Political Subdivision of 
of 403 feet along the East side the Commonwealth of Virginia, 
of Baker Road, runjlng a dis- Petitioner, 
tance of 2757 feet along the v. 
Southern property line, run- 
ning a distance of 434 feet 
along the Eastern property 
line and running a distance of 
2839 feet along the Northern 
property line. 

Parcel B to be Multiple Fam- 
ily Residence District (R-M): 
Beginning at a point on the 
Northeast corner of Baker Road 
and Moore's Pond Road and 
running a distance of 715 feet 

Road, running a 
1432 feet along the North side 
of Moore's PoikI Road and run- 
ning a distance of 1494 feet 
along the Eastern property lii% 
an) running a distance ot 458 
feet along the Northernprqjerty 

parcel C to be General Com- 
mercial District 1 (C-G l): 
Beginning at. a pol^ on the 
East side of Baker Road 715 
feet Nortt of Moore's Pond 
Rotti, miming a distance of 
200 feet al(^ the 

Peter G, Decker, Jr., Re- 
ceiver of Norfolk Lot Corp- 
oration, a Defunct Virginia 
Corpon^on, Plaza One Build- 
ing, Norfolk, Virginia; and T. 
C ecll Baum, Qranvllle M. Baum, 
Edward M. Baum, Jr., A. Gar- 
land Baum and Herman D. 
Baum, and their respective 
spouses, If married, and if they 
or any of them be dead, their 

surviving spouses, heirs at law, 

the East" side' of" Baker: devisees and assigns, and tiie 
running a distance of »en creditors of said parties. 

If any there be, and all otter 
persons having an interest in 
the property to be condemned 
in this proceeding, said parties 
b^ng unknown to thepetltt(»er, 
aiMl are her^y proceeded a- 
gainst as "Partis Unknown", 

LAW NO. 13,028 
The (^ject of ttiis ioit Js for 
the p^tiraer to ac^ired l>y 

condemra^cm the fee simple 

East sUe ^i^le to the fdlowb^ (voporty: 
of Baker Road, running a dls- AU those certelnlote, pieces 
taafe of 200 feet along flie <» P««^ <rf ^nd, situate to 


Bai^e Boreu^ of the City d 
VirgiMa Beach, Virginia, and 
known and des^ttWI at UHs 
9 and 10, Bkick It, » i^^ 
on the Plat of "Chesapeake 
Park", whi«A plat is reotffded 
in the Cleric's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virgtaia Beach, Virginia, to 
Map Book 4, page 47. 

The above parties arel»reby 
notified that me Chesapeake 
Bay Bridge - Tuimel District 
Commission will on the 13th 
day (rf February, 1»70, at 10:00 , 
o'ctodc A,M., or as soon ttiere- 
after as ccnmsel may be heard., 
move the Judge of the Circuit 
Court of the City of Vhrgtato 
Beach, at Qie Courttiouse there- . 
of, for the ^qpoiotment of com- 
missioners to ascertato whidi 
wUl constitute just compm- 
sation for the lands above- 
described belonging to you, 
which the Ches^eake !^y 
Bridge -Tunnel District Com- 
mission prc^inses to condman . 
for the south 84>proacb road to ^ 
the Chesap^ike Bay Bridge- 
Tunnel, to ttie City of Virgtaia . 
Beadi, Vlrglnlaj said parcel 
beipg as shown on pton sheets . 
attached to the petition this . 
day filed to the above styled . 
cause; and to award damages, , 
if any, resulttag to Qie adjaceid 
and other property of the 
owners, beyond the enhancement 
in value which may accrue to 
said property as a result of 
the taking and construction of 
the work mentlon«l. The owner- . 
shlp^ location and description . 
of the prc^erty to be condemned 
and the location of the roadway . 
will fully appear by referehee 
to said petition and exhibits on 
file to the Clerk's Office of 
the said Circuit Court of tte 
City of Vir^nia Beach. 

Affidavit having been made 
that T, Cecil Baum, Granville . 
M. Baum, Edward M. Baum, , 
Jr., A.lsarland Baum and Her- 
man D. Baiim are not believed 
to be residents of the State 
of Virgtoia, amd thirt if Bi e f , 
be dead, their respective 
spouses, if any, heirs at law, ; 
devisees and assigns, if any, 
of the said parties, and their 
respective Hen creditors and jfs 
all other parties toterested to 
these proceedtogs being un- 
known to the petitioner who 
has been unable to determine 
their names and addresses after 
due diligence upon its part to 
do so, all of said parties are 
proceeded against imder the. 
general description of ''Par^es^^ * 
Unknown". , . ' v! 

It Is accordtogly ORDERED 
that the above named persons 
who are or may be toterested 
to toe property to be condemned 
in tills proceedtogs an}ear wito- 
In ten (10) days after due piA- 
Ucatton of tois order and do 
what is necessary to protect 
their toter&t. 

It Is torther ORDERED that 
this order be published ooce 
a week for two successive wedcs 
In toe Virginia Beach Sun, a 
newspaper published to theCify» 
of Virginia Beach, Virglnto; and : ; 
that a cqpy of this order be • 
posted on the bulletin bcraurd at 
the . Courtoouse of the Circuit 
Court of toe City of Virgida 
Beach, Virginia. 

A Copy-Teste: 

Billy W.Ballou, D. C. 
Kellam, Plckrell, Lawler, Hod- 
ges &. Kellam, pq. 
First & Merchants National 
Baak Building ^ 

Norfolk, Virginia, 



to the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of toe City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 9to day 
of January, 1970. 

Brenda Carroll Dixon, Plain- 

William H. Dixon, Jr. Defen- 

The object of ttUs suit Is 
for toe said platotiff to ob- 
tato a divorce a mensa et thoro 
to be later merged toto a div- 
orce a vinculo matrlmcHiUfrom 
the said defendant, up(»i toe : 
grounds of desertton. 

And an affidavit havtog been - 
made and filed that toe defend- 
ant Is not a r^ldent d toe 
State of Virgtoia, toe Isist known 
post office address beln^ c/o 
General Delivery, Newberi^^ 
Norto Carolina. 

It is ordered that he do i^ ' 
pear here witbto 10 (ten) da|« 
after due {xtblicatlonherectf, and 
do what may be necessary tp I 
prefect his Merest to this«iit. '^ 
A copy-T^te: ^ 

PhlUls N. Styron,D.C. 
Mr. Jam^ R. McKenry, At^. 
1369 Laskto Road, 
Vtrgliria Beach, Virglnto 


to the Clerk's C^ce (tf the 

Clrciit Court of the City of 

Vlrgiida Beadi, on toe Mto (&y 

of Jaa^MTi W^O. . 
BUUe Lee WMtinai9h,Plah> 


Thur$<tay, Jamwry 29, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 


* Legal Notice 

Dovie Cbristlne Whitraarsh, 

The (il)ject of this suit is 
for ttie said plaintiff to obtain 
a divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defmxlant, upon 
the grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat the def end- 
vA is not a resident of the 
l^e of Virginia, the last known 
post fMc6 address being, Gen- 
eral Delivery, Daiseny, Okla- 

tt is ordered that she do 
appear here vdthin (10 (ten) days 
after due pid>Ucation hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

PhyUlsN.Styron, D.C. 
Mr. L. B. Cox, Jr., Atty, 
7510'Granby Street, 
Norfolk, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 16th 
d^y of January, 1970. 

Joanne M. Dreymann, Plain- 

Hans Erik Dreymann, Defen- 

The object of this suit is 
for the said plaintiff to obtain 
a divorce A Mensa Et Thoro 
to be later merged into a div- 
orce A Vinculo Matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address Jetof Tuae- „^^^..^,^^ ,^,,„.^, „, 
fades, 5960 Manstal, Denmark, ^.^j^,^ ^j q^^ estate of 
^ttlsorderedttothejloappear w. Williams, Deceased 

here wittito 10 (ten) days after '"""^ — 

due piA>lication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in this suit. 
Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Messrs. Fine, Fine, Legupi & 
720 Law Building, 
Norfolk, Virginia 23&10 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the^ City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd day 
of January, 1970. 

Jefferson D. Gibson, Plain- 

Nancy M. Ryan Gibson, De- 


TIw object of this suit Is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant^ upon 
tile grounds that complainant 
and defendant have lived sep- 
arate and a^art without any 
cohabitation and without inter- 
ruption for 2 years. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that due dili- 
gence hks been used by or in 
behalf of the said complainant 
to ascertain in which county or 
corporation is, without effect, 
tiie last known post office ^d- 
ress being 3260 ' Deer Park 
Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) days 

* Legal Notices 

A cqpy-Teste: 


Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 

Messrs. Brydges, Broyles & 

M(^enry, Attys. 

1369 Laskin Road 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 14th 
day of January, 1970. 

Oddis Etherldge, Plaintiff, 

Joyce Woodhouse Etherldge, 

The (A>Ject of thte suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrinumli 
from the saSd defendant, upon 
the grounds of two years sep- 

And an afiidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being. Route 
4, Box 4042, Virginia B«u:h, 

It* is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication 
hereof, and do what may be 
necessary to protect her int- 
erest in this suit. 
A copy-Testee: 

Phyllis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. Frederick H. Creekmore, 
At^: __ , 

101 Mt. Pleasant Road 
Chessgpeake, Virginia 23320 



In the Circuit Court of the 
city of Virginia Beach, on the 
20th day of January, 1970. 
Merchants National Bank, Exe- 

IT APPEARING that a report 
of tiie accounts of First & 
Merchants National Bank, per- 
sonal rebresentative of the 
Estate of Charles W. WiUiams, 
deceased, and of the debts and 
demands*agabist his Estate^ has 
beei 'tiled In the Clerk's Wfldfe' 
and that six (6) mmiths have 
clasped since the qualifications 
on motion of the said FltA 
& Merdiants National Bank, the 
persraal representft^ve, it is 
ordered that the creditors of 
and all others interested in the 
Estate to show cause, if any 
they can, on the 6th day of 
February, 1970, befotre this 
Court at its Courtroom against 
the payment and delivery of the 
Estate of Charles W. WiUiams, 
deceased, to the distributees, 
devisees and legatees without 
requfting fUr^er bond. 

It is fUrtiier ordered tiiat 
this Show Cause Order be pub- 
lished once a week for two 
(2) successive weeks in the 
Virginia Beach Sun, a news- 
paper havinggeneral circulation 
in the City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia. - 

I ask for fliis: 
Bruce G. Murphy 
Murphy, Bennet & Gorry 
301 25th Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
A copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron, D. C. 


* Legol Notices 


The Virginia Beach Zoning 
Board of i^^peals will conduct 
a Public Hearl^ on Wetbiesday 
February 4, 1970, at 8 P.M. 
in the new Municipal Court 
BuibUng, upstairs court room. 
City Hall, Virginia Beach, Vlr- 
gUila. The following applicat- 
ions will appear on the agenda. 

T. S. C. Higgins requests 
a variance of 4 feet from re- 
qufred 6 feet to 2 feet side 
yard setback of Lot 55, Bay- 
ville Park, Section 1,4441 Bow- 
den Avenue, Bayslde Borough. 

n. Gulf Oil Company re<p;ests 
a variance of 5 feet froHi re- 
quired 10 feet to 5 feet side 
corner setl»ck and a variance 
of 10 feet from required 15 
feet to 5 feet front setback of 
a parcel a^ 5161 Prbicess Anne 
Road. Kempsville Borough. 

W. L. Tqwers 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
circuit Court of the City of 
Vfrglnla Beach,onthe2nddayof 
January, 1970. 

Douglas E. Ball, Plaintfff, 
Lena Hayte 6all, Defendant. 
The objed of ttls s\ilt is for 
the said plalnOtf to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrihionlL 
from the said defendant, upon 
ttie grounds of two-year seper- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
l^ not a resident of the State of 
Virginia,, the last known post 
office address being. Box 1058r 
Jamaica, N. Y. '' 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication here- 
of , and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N. Styron, D.C. 
Messrs. Caton & Wrlg^ 
2008 Pacific Ave,, ,..,;,, 
.. Virginia Beach, VJrgirta., . . 

Legal Notices 

after due publication hereof, and COMMONWEALTH of VIRGINIA 

do what may be necessary to 

protect her interest inthissiilt. 

A copy-Teste; 


Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 

Mr. Robert L. Simpson, Atty. 

404 Malibu Towers, 

3500 Vfrglnla Beach Blvd., 

Vfrglnia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virgiida Beach, on the 14th 
day of January, 1970. 

Forestine T. ColenMm,Plain- 
Uff, against 

•sJerfer W. Coleman, Defend- 

The daject of this suit is 
for the Slid plaintiff to obtain 
a divorce A Vln^oMafrimonii 
from tbt said def«i&nt, vqpoa 
tiie growds of two years sq>er- 

And an affUavit laving been 
made and filfdflisdtbedefendant 
is not a reside of tiie State of 
Viri^nia, Oe last kiwwn post 
office address being. Cherry 
Sfreet, DebrlDt, Michigan. 

Ris oniipd out b« do i4>- 
pear here irttUn 10 ( tan) da|s 
alter due pAUi^to tore^^ 
lad A} 1^^ may bt oecesnry 
to prote<^ Us iitf «r«st la mi 


In 0» Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of tiie City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day of January, 1970. 

Cynttiia G. Stata, Plaintiff, 
against ' 

Hal N. Stata. Defendant. 

The object of this suit is 
for the said plaintiff to obtain 
a divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 
from ttie said defendant, upon 
the grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed tiiat the defen- 
dant is not a resident of ttie 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being. Motor 
Transport School Company, 
Marine Corps, Service Support 
School, Marine Corps Base, 
Camp LeJeune, N.C. 28542. 

It is ordered ttiat he do appear 
here witiiln 10 (ten) days after 
du^ publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his Interest in this suit. 
PhyUis N. Styron D.C. 
Messrs; Brydges, Broyles & 
McKenry, Attys. 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

. 1-29-4T 

Legal Notices 

to tije Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach on ttie 2nd day Of 
January, 1970. 

Thomasina Glenn Foreman, 
Plaintiff, ^ 


David Lee ForemaM}efendant. 
The object of tills suit Is for 
isaid plaintiff to obtain a divorce 
A Vinculo Matrimonii from tiie 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
is not a resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known post 
office address being. New York, 
New York. 

It Is ordered that he do ^pear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Phyliss N. Styron, D. C. 
Mr. William E. Culverhouse 
P. O. Box 5533 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
-\ 1-8-4T 




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60 InitructioBal CoorMt 

In ttie Clerk*'s Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Vfrglnla B6ach, on the 23rd day 
of January, 1970. 

Eunice Hlnes Carter, infant 
who sued by Llllle Hewitt Hlnes, 
mother and next friend. Plaintlfl; 

Danny Gene Carter, Defen- 


The (^ject of ttils suit is for 
ttie said plaintiff to obtain adiv- 
orce a vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon the 
grounds of Wilful desertion on 
the part of tiie defend^ for one 
year wittioirt Interruptton. 

AiKi an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat ttie defen- 
dant is let a resident of ttie 
State of Virginia, tiie last known 
post office aiklress being, 9^0 
Nortii EsBt Glteon Street, Port- 
land Oregmi 97236, 

It Is ordered that he do ajwear 
here wittiin 10 (ten) days after 
due pidtliaitton Iwreof, and do 
what may be jiec«ssary to pro- 
tect his iitfer«it In ttds suit. 
Phyllis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr, William E. Fulford, Atty. 
A eopf Teste: 

Plqrllls N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. wmiam E. Fultord, Atty. 
712 Dvfca ^t*^, Room 2Mt, 
Norfblk, VlrgtaOa 23510 


In file Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the city of 
Vfrginia Beach, on tiie 12th 
day of January, 1970. 

Dale Anthony Griffith, 

V. — .■•: : •■■"J 

Olga Y. Griffith Andrews, 
Box 96. Albrook Air Force 
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ment Corporation of Norfolk, 
215 E. Plume Street, Norfolk, 
Virginia 23510, Defendants. 
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Yearly rei^ Pacific Air«iiie. 
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1968 Volkswagen fastiOack. 2 door, 4 cylinder, 4-speed radio, 
heater. $1610. Call 486-2717. Beach Ford. 


m ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Cfrcuit Court of ttie City of Vir- 
ginia Beach, on tiie 7tii day of 
January, 1970. 

Nelson L. Smitii, Plaintiff, 

^Ivia B. Smitii, Defendant. 

The object of tills suit is for 
tii« said plaintiff toobtahiadiv- 
orce A mensa et thoro to be 
later merged into a divorce A 
Vinculo Matrimonii from ttie 
said defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a residei^ of ttie 
State of Virginia, tiie last known 
post office addr^s being, 1541 
N. E. lltii Stieet, Homestead, 
Florida 33030. 

It is ordered ttiat she do 
appear here within 10 (tea) 
days after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be nec- 
essary to protect here Interest 
in tills suit. 

Phyliss N. Styron, D. C. 
Messrs. Murphy, Bennett & 
Gorry, Attys. 
301-25tti Sfreet 
Virginia Beach, Vfrginia 



In ttie Clerk's Office of Uie 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 9th day of 
January, 1970. 

Anne Sawyer Evans, Plaintiff, 

Brink Cuppia Evans, Defend- 

The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a mensa et thoro to \x 
later merged into an absolute 
divorce, from ttie said defend- 
ant, upon the grounds of de- 

Awl an affidavit having been 
made and filed that ttie defend- 
ant is not a resident of ^e 
State of Virginia, the last kmwn 
post (tffice address being, 3422 
Waverly Drive, Los Angeles 27, 

ft is ordered tiiat he do ap- 
pear here wifiifai 10 (ten) days 
after (hie jMfi>Ucs^n here^, 
and do what n^iybe necessary 
to pnAe(A Us interest la this 

A cqpy-Tesfce: 

P^Uss N. ^r«i, D. C. 
J. Peter HoUand, HI 
2604 Pacific Ave., 
Vfrginia Beach, Vfr^nia 


m CHAHCERY^""^^ 
The object of the above styled 
suit is to effect partition among 
the owners by sale or other- 
wise of the real property in 
the city ofVfrginlaBeachknown 
as 1665 Wright Lane, Vfrginia 
Beach, Virginia, ttie said prop- 
erty furttier known as LOT 100, 
and the Western Five (5) feet of 
LOT 101, as shown on that cer- 
' taln,..|^r entitled "La^ire]^ 
' ' MaiK^', whidi plat is duly re- , 
corded in ttie Clerk's Ctfftcet 
of ttie Cfrcuit Court of ttie City 
of Vfrginia Beach, Virginia, in 
Msf) Book 34, at Page 53A. And 
it appearing hy affidavit filed 
according to law that Olga Y. 
Griffith Andrews, the above- 
named defendant, is not a re- 
sident of this state, tt is there- 
fore ordered that tiie said Olga 
Y. Griffith Andrews do appear 
within ten days after due pul>- 
UcaUon of ttUs order, In tiie 
Clerk's Office of our Circuit 
Court, and do what is necessary 
to protect Us interest. And it 
is further ordered tiiat this 
order be published once a week 
for four successive weeks in the 
V ir ginia Beach Sun, a news- 
paper printed in the City of 
Virginia Beach. 

A. copy-Teste: ^ 

PhyUIs N. Styron, D.C. 
Robert Simpson, atty. 
404 Malibu Towers 
Virginia Beach, Va. 



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